If you have Eastern Township family info on your own personal homepage, send it in to me! This is another way we can all meet new found "cousins", looking for that one little "link". The only requirement is that the family did live within one of the 11 counties covered by this site: Brome, Compton, Missisquoi, Shefford, Stanstead, Sherbrooke, Richmond, Megantic, Drummond, Arthabaska or Wolfe. Most formats will be accepted (family journal, ahnentafel, pedigree, etc.) but please let me know in your e-mail what ET family names are covered, and what counties.

ABERCROMBIE of Drummond Co.

ALLEN of Missisquoi Co.

BAILEY, MacIVER, MURRAY, and WARD of Compton Co.

BANFILL and HALL of Compton Co.

BEATTIE, MCKELVEY and SHERRER of Brome and Missisquoi Cos.

BLAIR of Missisquoi Co.

BLAMPIN of Shefford Co

BRINDLE of Richmond Co

BROOKS, SANBORN, LAWRENCE (and others) of Sherbrooke Co.

BUCKLAND of Stanstead Co.

BUSH of Missisquoi Co.

CAMBER of Stanstead Co.

CASTLE, HAWLEY, SEARS of Missisquoi Co

CLARK of Missisquoi & Brome Cos.

COCHRANE of Compton Co.

COOK and TAYLOR families of Compton Co.

COVEY, of Missisquoi , Brome, Stanstead & Sherbrooke Cos.

CRELLER, of Missisquoi Co.

DAVIS of Missisquoi Co.

DEAL, of Missisquoi Co.

DERICK of Missisquoi Co.

DOAK of Compton Co.

DODGE of Missisquoi Co.

DRESSER of Stanstead Co.

FARLEY of Stanstead Co.

FELCH  of Brome Co.

FRENCH of Compton Co.

GAGE of Missisquoi Co.

GARLICK, SAVAGE and TODD, Shefford & Brome Cos.

GROAT, BAKER, MARSH, STARR, SORNBERGER of Missisquoi, Brome & Stanstead Cos.

HAMILTON, Missisquoi Co.

HAWLEY, Missisquoi Co.

HOGEL/HOGLE, Missisquoi Co

HOGEL of Missisquoi Co.

HOLT of Brome & Missisquoi Cos.

HOVEY of Stanstead Co.

HUNTER, Missisquoi Co.

JENKINS of Missisquoi Co.

JOHNSON and SUTTON families of Stanstead Co.

KEMP, of Missisquoi Co.

KERR of Richmond & Sherbrooke Cos.

KERR of Compton & Stanstead Cos.

KING of Missisquoi Co.

LONGEWAY, of Missisquoi , Brome Cos.

LONGEWAY, of Missisquoi & Brome Cos


MACDONALD, MACLEOD, MURRAY (and others), of Compton Co.

MACE, COUCHMAN and WARD, Richmond Co.

MACFIE , of Missisquoi Co.

McCLINTOCK of Stanstead Co.

McCOURT of Richmond & Compton Cos.

MITCHELL of Missisquoi Co.

MOCK of Missisquoi Co.

MORTIMER of Missisquoi Co.

NAYLOR, of Missisquoi Co.

NICHOLSON-WELLS, of Richmond Co.

NORTON of Missisquoi Co.

NUTBROWN, of Megantic Co.

PATTERSON, of Missisquoi Co.

PHILLIPS of Shefford Co.

PHILLIPS of Missisquoi Co.

ROBERTSON of Arthabaska Co

SALLS, of Missisquoi Co.

SCOTT, of Missisquoi Co.


SMITH, of Richmond Co.

SOMERS, GILKERSON (and others) of Sherbrooke Co.

SUTTON (and others) of Stanstead Co.

SUTTON, of Stanstead and Drummond Cos.

TALLMAN of Missiquoi Co

THOMPSON of Megantic Co.

TOUGH, of Missisquoi Co.

TOWNSEND, of Missisquoi Co.

TRUAX of Missisquoi Co.

TRYON of Missisquoi & Stanstead Cos.

VAUGHAN, of Missisquoi Co.

WEIR, of Sherbrooke & Richmond Cos.

WAIT of Missisquoi, Stanstead and Compton Cos.

WATTS and WILKINS of Missisquoi Co.

WHEELER of Missisquoi Co.

YOUNG, of Missisquoi Co.