American Revolutionary War
Samuel,3 SARRETT

NNMS, Revolutionary War Pension Records M-804, Reel 2122, File W-5981 

(1st s/o Joseph,3 & Mary (Unknown) SARRATT, of Person Co., NC.)
(1Gs/o Samuel,1 & Anna (Unknown) SARRATT), of Prince George's Co., MD.
(2Gs/o Joseph,1 & Katherine (Unknown) SARRAT)The American Progenitor
He was born  about 1754 on his fathers South Hyco Plantation, what 
now is Person Co., at that time was part of the larger Caswell Co., NC. 
died 01 April 1821, at the age of 66 years, at Bedford Co, Tennessee; 
The County has honored him by placing his name, with other patriots who 
fought in the Revolutionary War on a plaque in the lobby of the Court 
House at Shelbyville, Tennessee; 
At the age of 38 years, he was married on 24 May 1792, near the line 
of Person and Caswell Counties, North Carolina, by the Justice of the 
Peace JOHN WOMACK to the 21 year old Miss NANCY JOHNSTON;
born about 1771, Location Unknown, NC.; 
(this is based on a 1852 application for SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT's 
pension which she swore she was 81 years old...prs) Is 
believed, that after the death of her husband, she relocated to 
Habenshame Co., GA., to live with her son SAMUEL G. SARRETT, 
until she died 03 Jan. 1853 in Habenshame County, Georgia; 
Burial Location Unknown; She was the Daughter of Unknown Parents; 
All the Children are Unknown, but at least they had Four children 
born to this Union: 

See Biography Profile: Samuel,3 SARRETT for Continuation!

SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, on 07th. Sep. 1818, at the age of 64 years, stated 
he was living in Bedford County, in the "West Tennessee Division". 
He appeared before the District Judge JOHN McNAIRY, and signed an 
"Affidavit" that in the "Fall of 1777", (when he was 23 yrs. old) 
he was a Private in the "North Carolina Continental" (Regular Army NOT 
the Militia) Regiment Commanded by Colonel SAMUEL SHEPERD, 
for the term of 3 years, (which he stated he was a prisoner until 
the end of the war). 

SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, also stated the he had a wife and "two Children  
he had to support". His "Nephew" WILSON SARRETT from Davidson 
County, was a "Character Witness", as well as a Major HOWARD 
JOHNSTON/JATONA? (can't read name..prs), of Davidson County. [REF:#1.]

When SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, prepared his Pension Application, at the 
age of 64, he seems very laconic about his military service, but a 
study of troop movement during the Revolution have helped to analyze 
his service.

He seemed to think he had enlisted in "fall of 1777", but 
records at the National Archives give 12 May 1777 the proper date. 
He enlisted as a Private in the 6th North Carolina Regiment, for 
Three years in the Continental Army. The 6th NC Regiment was under 
Command of Colonel GIDEON LAMB which served in the Brigade Commanded 
by General FRANCIS NASH, which was in Major General Lord STIRLING'S 
Division, of General GEORGE WASHINGTON'S Army. Pvt. SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, 
probably fought at the Battle of "Brandywine Creek", near 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 11 September 1777 and at the Battle 
of "Germantown" on 04 October, 1777 where General FRANCIS 
NASH was killed.
(See NARS, Compiled Record Service, M-881, NC 6th Regt. Reel #784)

SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, was then attached to the 10th North Carolina 
Regiment under Command of Colonel ABRAHAM SHEPARD and was in Captain 
JAMES WILSON'S Company. SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, wintered at Valley Forge 
during those terrible cold days of 1777-1778 which are well documented 
by Historians. In the Spring of 1778 the North Carolina Line was reorganized 
and all the men were put into the first three Regiments to bring them 
up to strength and the other Regiments were disbanded. (See NARS, 
Compiled Record Service, M-881, NC 10th Regt. Reel #784, Card #251)

SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, was then taken into the 1st North Carolina 
Regiment where he was noted on the Roll of Major JOHN BAPTIST ASHE'S 
 Company on 08 Sep. 1778. This Regiment was Commanded by Colonel 
THOMAS CLARK. His Card list Mister Roll date Sep. 8, 1778 - May 
12, 1777 3 years; In the Remarks list "Sick in Camp" 
(See NARS, Compiled Record Service, M-881, NC 1st Regt. Reel 
#781, Card #638)

SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT'S Pension papers tersely state he was taken Prisoner 
by the British and remained a Prisoner until the end of the War when 
he was released and returned home on his own. They do not tell us 
where he was taken prisoner, or where he was confined, but we can 
assume he went with the Continental Line into South Carolina when 
General GEORGE WASHINGTON ordered the Virginians and North Carolinians 
to march to the defense of Charleston, VA. The troops arrived by 06 
April 1780 but by the 14th of April the British, under Command of 
Colonel BANASTRE TARLETON and Major PATRICK FERGUSON had encircled 
Charleston, VA. and no doubt Pvt. SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT was among them.

SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, age 64 was inscribed on the Rolls of West Tennessee 
(District), at the rate of $ 8.00 Dollars per month, to Commence the 
7t. of September, 1818. The "Certificate of Pension" was issued 
the 20th. of Oct. 1819, and sent to JOHN McNAIRY, Esq., Nashville, 
Tennessee, District Judge 1.
   Appears to the. Sep. 1819      $90.93
   Semi-anl. all'ce ending 1820   $48.
(NNMS Document #15.320, Memo 11/30) [REF:#1.]

In the District of West Tennessee, the following is the first "Application" 
found of SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, this Affidavit was prepared on 07 Sep. 1818. 

SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, aged 74 (b. 1744), a citizen of Bedford 
County, in the State of Tennessee, appeared before me and claimed 
to be placed on the Pension list of the United States, in concurrence 
of his service as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and after being 
duly sworn, reports and said that he enlisted in the fall of 1777, 
as a soldier in the "Continental" service, under the command 
of Captain WILLIAM LYTTE in the 6th. North Carolina Continental 
Regiment. Commanded by Capt. GORDEN LAMB, Brigade commanded by General 
FRANCIS NASH. That he enlisted as aforesaid for three years and faithfully 
served the said term. He was taken prisoner before his term lapsed, 
and continued as prisoner until the end of the war, so that he never 
received a discharge, but then released to return home.
That he is a very fine man, not worth more than One hundred 
dollars, circumstances so reduced as to stated much in need of the 
pension from the Government, that he is very deformed and unable to 
labor, for his back had damaged, and having a wife and two children 
very small to support.
   Samuel Sarrett
Sworn to and Submitted, before me this 07th. day of Sep. 1818:  
   LS/ JOHN McNAIRY, District Judge.

Nephew WILSON SARRETT, age 26, was the son of JOHN, 2 SARRETT, 
1760-1834 bother of SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, came forward with 
a Character Affidavit for his Uncle.

I, WILSON SARRETT,  of Davidson County, of said state, 
of Tennessee, a "Nephew" of the applicant, makes oath that 
he is with agreement with him that he is a very poor man, scarcity 
worth Fifty dollars, that he is very deformed and unable to labor. [REF:#3.]
   L/S Wilson Sarret
Sworn to and Submitted before me this 07th. day of September, 1818.
   John McNairy, District Judge.

I, Major HOWARD JOHNSTON?, of Davidson County, in the said 
State, made oath that the applicant has given him a much remembered 
and for-conclusion account of the Army and the movements, ____ so 
that Army with whom he has approved so that he has no doubt, but 
that his statements in the forgoing application but are true. 4
   L/S H. Johnston, Major, Wash., 5th. Div. 6th. Reg.
Sworn to and Submitted before me this 07th. day of September, 1818.
   John McNairy, District Judge.

Brother JOHN,3 SARRETT, 1760-1834 who also served in the 
Militia North Carolina, in the Revolutionary War, also provided 
SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, a Character Affidavit.

In addition to what was formerly done, I requested JOHN SARRETT to come 
before me and he made oath that he is well acquainted with SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, 
that he is a very poor man, and very much needs the aid of his country, and 
further states that he was in Service of his country for several years as a 
Continental Soldier during the revolutionary War.
   LS/ John Sarrett
Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 29th. day, Sept. 1819.
   John McNairy, District Judge.

SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, received this "Pension" money of $ 138.93 per year 
only from Sep. 1819 till his death 3 years later on 01 Apr. 1821, at 67 
years of age. 

Widow NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT filed for different times for her 
husband Widow Pension. When she was 81 years old, (there 
was 17 years age difference between their ages) on 8th. of March 
1852, she filed for the "Widows Pension" based on the Acts 
of Congress of Jul. 07, 1838, Mar. 03 1843, Jun. 17, 1844, and Feb. 20 1848.

Based on the 7th. July 1838, Act of Congress, NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT, 
received $ 80.00 per year, commencing on March 04, 1836. Issued 
06 Oct. 1852, 169Certificate of Pension" sent to Smith & 
Jones, Nashville, TN. [REF:#5.]

Based on the 4th. March 1843, and June 17, 1844, Acts of Congress, 
NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT, received $ 80.00 per year, commencing 
on March 04, 1836. Issued 06 Oct. 1852, 6 "Certificate of 
Pension" sent to Smith & Jones, Nashville, TN.

Based on the 4th. March 1848, Act of Congress, NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT, 
received $ 80.00 per year, commencing on March 04, 1836. Issued 
06 Oct. 1852, 7 "Certificate of Pension" sent to Smith & 
Jones, Nashville, TN.

DECLARATION UNDER ACTS, July 07, 1838, March 3, 1843, June 17, 1844, 
and Feb. 2, 1848, State of Georgia, Habensham County, dated March 08, 1852
On this 8th. day of November (should be March) 1852 personally 
appeared before me a Justice of the Peace in and for said County and 
State NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT, a resident of Habensham County, 
State of Georgia, (b. 1771) age eighty one years, who being sworn 
according to law, doth on her oath make the following Declaration 
in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the Act of 
Congress, Dated July 7, 1838, March 3rd. 1843, June 17, 1844, and 
Feb. 2, 1848. That she is the widow of SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, who was 
a Pensioner of the United States under Act of March 18th. 1818 on 
the Rolls of the Nashville, Tennessee Agency at the rate of Ninety 
Six Dollars ($96.00) per annum. That he lived in Bedford County, State 
of Tennessee in which County and State he died on or about the first 
day of April in the year Eighteen Hundred and Twenty One. (1821)
She further declares that she was married to the said SAMUEL, 
3 SARRETT, on the 24th. day of May in the year Seventeen Hundred 
and Ninety Two (1792) on the line of Person and Caswell Counties in 
the State of North Carolina, by one JOHN WOMACK a Justice of the 
Peace, that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service, 
but the marriage took place previous to the first day of January Seventeen 
Hundred and Ninety Four (1794) where as at the time above stated.
That she has not again intermarried, but remains the widow 
of the said SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, that her name before her marriage 
was NANCY JOHNSTON, and that she has in her possession no other 
record or documentary evidence in support of her claim or in proof 
of her marriage than that hereto annexed, and which is the genuine 
original family record, kept by her husband during his life time. 
   L/S Nancy (X Her Mark) Sarrett
   Named, before me this 8th. day of March 1882 
   William C. King 
   Witness: H. M Harper
I hereby certify that I am personally acquainted  with NANCY 
SARRETT, the above named declaiment, that she is a woman of honesty 
and that by reason of old age and body informity, she is unable to 
attend Court in order to make her declaration. I set my hand this 
8 day of March, 1852, 
   L/S William C. King
Known all men by these presents that I NANCY SARRETT, of 
Habensham County, State of Georgia do hereby Consent and appoint "SMITH 
& JONES" of Nashville, Tennessee my true and lawful Attorneys 
for me and in my name to present and prosecute my claim against the 
United States, for Revolutionary Pensions as widow of SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT, 
deceased, late of the pensioner of the United States, hereby certify 
and conforming all time lawful act in the pension. 8.
Witness my name ordered this 8th. day of March, 1852  Signed, 
Sealed & Delivered in person of
   L/S M. M. Harper
   L/S H. L. Harper
Acknowledge before me this 8th. day of March, 1952
   L/S William C. King

State of Georgia, Habensham County, March 19, 1852
I JAMES E. GREGGS, Clerk of the before mention Court of 
said County, do hereby Certify that W. C. KING whose name appears 
to the forgoing known Attorney, was at the date hereof an- acting 
Justice of the Peace for said County. Duty qualifies and Commissioned 
according to the laws said state and that his signature aforesaid 
is genuine. 8.
Witness my name and seal of Office this the 19th. day of March, 1852
   L/S James E. Greggs, Clerk

To: District of Columbia, County of Washington
Sep. 15, 1852
The Attorneys "SMITH & JONES", must have been requested 
to verify the marriage of SAMUEL, 3 and NANCY (JOHNSTON) SARRETT, 
because on the 15th. Sep. 1852, the Attorney WILLIAM H. SMITH, of 
Nashville, Tenn., appeared before the Justice of the Peace in the 
Washington County, District of Columbia, the he sent a letter to the 
County Clerk of Caswell, North Carolina, for records of marriage in 
that county on 24th. May 1792, as her affidavit above, "and no 
answer of any kind has been received, from the County Clerk." 

The following is a Affidavit of GEORGE and FANNY (Unknown) BROCK, 
which was filed at the Superior Court of Gilmer Co., Georgia, on Sep. 
09, 1852, by RAMSON B. PERRY, Clerk. It lists the name of SAMUEL, 
3 SARRETT's as father and his children, four sons. [REF:#10.]

State of Georgia, Gilmer County, Sep. 8th. 1852
On this 8th day of September, A.D. 1852, personally appeared 
GEORGE BROCK of Gilmer County, State of Georgia, age 83 years and 
FANNY BROCK, of the same place, age 84 years, and after being 
duly sworn as terms of law. Saith on oath that they been 
intimately acquainted with SAMUEL SARRETT, of North Carolina, 
Caswell County and know that he was a Soldier in the 
Revolutionary War, from this fact, they were acquainted with his 
father JOSEPH SARRETT and the family generally and remember when 
he was absent from home, in Service and that he has said SAMUEL, 
3 SARRETT and NANCY JOHNSTON were married, some nine teen years, 
after the close of the War in the said state of North Carolina 
and lived together as man and wife from that time and from said 
marriage were born to them the following children:
HOSEN SARRETT, in North Carolina
after which he then saw SAMUEL, 3 SARRETT migrate to the 
state of Tennessee and died there. They think in the year 1821, leaving 
the said NANCY JOHNSTON (Now SARRETT), his widow and she is still 
his widow. Sworn to and subscribed this day and year written before.
   George Brock
   L/S Fanny (Her Mark) Brock
   L/S Joshia Summer, Justice of the Peace
I hereby certify that the above names affiants GEORGE BROCK 
and FANNY BROCK may be relied on for truth and honesty.
   L/S Joshia Summer, J.P.

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