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American Revolutionary War ~ Pvt Allen SARRETT

  NNMS: Revolutionary War Pension File
Records M-804, Reel 2112, File S-4661
Allen,2 SARRETT;
(2nd Son of:          Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Samuel,2 & Elizabeth SARRATT) of Prince George's Co., MD. to Mecklenburg Dist., NC.
(GrandSon of:      Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Samuel,1 & Anna SARRATT) of Prince George's Co., MD. to old Tryon Co., NC.
(Gr-GrandSon of: Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRAT) of France to Prince George's Co., MD. "The American Progenitor
His father Samuel,2 SARRATT'S Survey and Grant was issued in 1771, his property was then in the jurisdiction of the Colony North Carolina. In the boundary dispute between the two Carolina Colonies in 1772, which was called the "New Acquisition" and residents of this area were forced to re-register their property with the new Colony South Carolina.

Our Subject Allen,2 SARRETT, entered the American Revolutionary War 4 different times, a total of 12 months; Was drafted at the age of 16 years, while living in the Spartanburg (Old Ninety Six) District, South Carolina, during May of 1779;

 1st From:
 May, 1779 to Aug 1779,
 Age 15 yrs for 3 Months, in Captain DANIEL McCLARY'S Company; and Colonel BRANDON'S Regiment of South Carolina. Where he marched with the Regiment from Spartanburg, toward Fort Ninety-Six and was station at different place, in order to protect the inhabitants from the ravages of the British & Tories (With out any engagement). His friends were WILLIAM BYARS and WILLIAM RICHMAN
 2nd From:
 Sep. 1780 to Dec. 1780
 Age 16 yrs for 3 Months, in Captain ABSALOM TINNING'S Company; Colonel BRANDON'S, Regiment; Adjutant General RICHARD MONTGOMERY, of South Carolina, with Commander General Daniel MORGAN. Where he marched from Spartanburg, south and crossed the Tiger River at Blackstocks Ford and marched by way of Musgrove's Mill on the Enoree River and was stationed near Island Ford which he was in various skirmishes with the Tories. His friends were JOHN BYARS and "Cousin" Click on Redball for More Info.<--- John,3 SARRETT (1760-1834)
See King's Mountain Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Battle 07 Oct 1780
See King's Mountain Click on Redball for More Info.<--- See Roster
 3rd From:
 Mar. 1781 to Jun. 1781
 Age 17 yrs for 3 Months, in Captain GEORGE TAYLOR'S Company with General NATHANIEL GREENE Commander of the American Army of the South. Where he marched from Spartanburg and marched to Fort Ninety-Six and joined General GREEN'S Army in the siege of Fort Ninety-Six in South Carolina.
 4th From:
 Nov. 1781 to Jan. 1782
 Age 17 yrs for 3 Months, in Captain ELISA LANGUM'S Company; Colonel ROEBUCK'S Regiment, of Salisbury, [Rowan Co.] North Carolina. Where he marched to Salisbury, North Carolina (without a Officer) for the purpose of reloading "Magazine's" and made "Cartridge" for the use of the United States Army.
His friends were Wm. & LEWIS EVETT, and JOHN & BENJAMIN GRICE (or BRICE) all of Rowan Co., NC.
 See Record Source, Stub Entries for Revolutionary Claims
 South Carolina Archives, Columbia, SC. Book "X", Claim #3697;
 and (Audited Acct., A.A. 7323 and Stub Entries Z124)  in the South Carolina Archives, Columbia, SC.

                                                   } SS. Allen SARRETT
In Sep. of 1788, some 450 acres was Surveyed for Allen,2 SARRETT, age 24, in which he received a Land Grant from the State of South Carolina, in 1792, for his Military service. This land was located adjoining his brothers John,3 SARRATT and Samuel,4 SARRATT along the West side of the Broad River, near the mouth of the "Sarratt's Creek", in the Northeast Section of Spartanburg Co., South Carolina.
.....450 acres of land lying on the banks of the Broad River, County of Spartanburg, Ninety-Six District, South Carolina; adjoining the property of JOHN SARRATT on one line; with SAMUEL SARRATT on the other; and connecting a corner with Micks Creek......

 Other Grants for men in this area are on file in the State Archives, Columbia, SC. In addition, their early deed and land dealings are recorded in Spartanburg County, SC. and can be seen in the County Court House..prs)

Congress passed the "Revolutionary Pension Act" on 7th. June, 1832, this Act provided a "Semi-Annual" allowance for all soldiers who fought for the Colonies. ALLEN, 2 SARRETT on 27 May, 1833 filed the following Declaration, while residing in Cocke Co., TN.
On 7th of June, 1832, Congress passed an Act, that declared ..any Soldier in the American Revolutionary War was entitled to a Government Pension.... On the May 27, 1833, Allen,2 SARRETT at 70 years of age appeared before the Cocke County Court of Pleas and Quarter Session and made several statements of value to this Family History, and the connection to Sevier County, Tenn.:

                                               } SS.
 COUNTY of COCKE     }
     Declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the Act of Congress, passed June 7th. 1832; On this 27th day of May, 1833, personally appeared in open court, before the justice of the court of Pleas and Quarter session now setting, ALLEN SARRETT age 70 years old, a resident of the County of Cocke and State of Tennessee, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the act of Congress, passed June 7th 1832. That he entered the service of the United States, under the following named officers and served as hereinafter states. That he was born in the State of North Carolina on the 11th day of December in the year 1763 as appears from records of which he is now in possession, from whence he was removed by his parents into now Spartanburg, District S. Carolina where he resided when he was drafted into service under Captain DANIEL McCLARY, in the month of May, as he believes, in the year 1779, being then 16 years of age and served with McCLARY and a Col. BRANDON, but the Regiment of Militia he does not recollect.

     That he marched from Spartanburg, toward Ninty-Six in the State and was stationed at different places in order to guard the inhabitants from the ravages of the British and Tories and often having served a term of three months in this way without coming to any engagement, he was honorable discharged by his Captain at a point on Little River near Ninty-Six, but the day and month he cannot recollect, during this time he messed with WILLIAM BYARS, WILLIAM RICHMAN and others. Declarent further states that some time in the month of September, in the year 1780, he again entered the service as a drafted militia man under Captain ABSALOM TINNING and Col. BRANNON and marched from Spartanburg, SC where he then resided and crossed the Tiger River at Blackstocks Ford and marched byway of Musgrove's Mill on the Enoree River to the Saulda River and stationed near the Island Ford from which place they made various excursions and routed the Tories, who were then lying in the woods, and after serving three months he was honorable discharged by his Captain and traveled several miles from the encampment lodge on which night, a Company of the Outlying? visited this old encampment and butchered some soldiers, who had not yet left the camp. That during this campaign he messed with JOHN BYARS and JOHN SARRETT.

     That after being so discharged he again entered the service of the United States, as a drafted militia man under Captain GEORGE TAYLOR and marched from Spartanburg, SC where he still resided, some time in March, 1781 as near he can recollect and marched to Ninty-Six where he joined General NATHANIEL GREEN'S Army whilst besieging that town, but shortly after this arrival intelligence was received that Lord RAWDEN was reinforced from Ireland and was marching to its relief, upon which General GREEN made an attack, but was defeated and one hundred and fifty, or thereabouts of the Americans were killed, and after marching some distance with General GREEN, Captain GEORGE TAYLOR turned home, his time having nearly expired, for he had been called out for only 3 months, which term he had severed and which he was honorable discharged, about the first of June 1781 as near as he can recollect.

     That afterwards he entered the service of the United States, as a Volunteer under Captain ELIAS LANGUM and marched from Spartanburg, SC as aforesaid his state residence, without any officer, sometime in November 1781 and joined Captain LANGUM at Salisbury, [Rowan Co.] in the State of North Carolina, where he was stationed for the term of three months, for the purpose of reloading the Magazine and was also employed in making Cartridge and both for the use of the United States Army and after serving three months he was honorable discharged, sometime in February 1782, by Col. LOPLEL? of the Militia. During this campaign he messed with JOHN GRICE, WILLIAM EVETT, LEWIS EVETT and BENJAMIN GRICE citizens of Roan County, North Carolina. Amounting in all twelve months service.

     Declarent states that from each of all terms of service, he received Discharges, but thinking them as no importances, he took no care of them and has lost them long since. Nor does he now know of any person being who can testify as to his service whose testimony he can provide.
     He states that he resided in South Carolina from conclusion of his service, until the year 1818, (or 1828?) when he removed to Tennessee, where he has since resided, that he now lives in Cocke County in that State. He states that THOMAS HILL a Minister and SAMUEL HOSKINS a citizen are acquainted with him in his present neighborhood and can testify as to his character for veracity. sworn and subscribed in open court, this day and year aforementioned.
L/S Allen Sarrett

     He states his name is not on the pension roll of any the agency of any State and he hereby relinquishes every claim to any pension, except the present and prays that his name may be placed on the pension list.
     Allen Sarrett
      Sworn to in open court,
      G. M. Porter, Clerk

 Sworn Affidavit
a Clergyman residing the County of Sevier and State of Tennessee and SAMUEL HOSKINS/HASKINS residing in the county of Cocke and State aforesaid. Hereby certify that we are well acquainted with ALLEN SARRETT, who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration, that we believe him to be Seventy years of age as he states; that he is reputed and believe in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a Soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion. Sworn to in open Court.
     L/S Thomas Hill
      Saml. Haskins

      Sworn and subscribed to day and year aforesaid,
      G. M. Porter, Clerk

And the said Court do hereby declare their opinion after the investigating the matter and after putting the interrogations present by the department,; That the above names applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and served as he states. And the said Court further certify that it appears to them that THOMAS HILL, who has signed the preceding certification is a Clergy man, resident in the County of Sevier and State of Tennessee. And that SAMUEL HASKINS who has also signed the same is a citizen resident in Newport, Cocke County, and is a creditable person and that their statements are acceptable to the Court.
      Wm. Robinson
      Wm. Kelley
      Wm. I. Haney

 I GEORGE M. PORTER, Clerk of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the opinion providing in the matter of the application of ALLEN SARRETT for a Pension. Given under my hand, aforesaid, this 27th day of May, A.D. 1833.
      George M. Porter, Clerk { Seal }

 I Certify that the foregoing certificate of GEORGE M. PORTER, Esq. is genuine, that the authenticity by power of said Seal as to them being one Public Seal of office.
      May 27th, 1833
     L/S John Blain

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