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"Hertfordshire" (or Herts), an inland County in Southeast of England, bounded on the North by Cambridgeshire, East by Essex, Ssouth by Middlesex, West by Bucks, and Northwest by Bedfordshire Co.; greatest length, Northeast and Southwest, 35 miles; greatest breadth, Eeast and West, 26 miles: 465,141 acres, population 203,069. [REF:#001]
In appearance the county is hilly, but interspersed with fine pasture lands, arable farms, and picturesque parks and woods. The Lea, the Colne, and the Ivel are the principal rivers; the Grand Junction Canal likewise passes through a part of the county. A large number of the inhabitants are employed in husbandry, and in addition to grain of choice quality, hay, vegetables, and numerous fruits and flowers are extensively cultivated, especially for the London market.

The greater portion of the commerce of the county is supported by the trade in corn and malt. Manufactures are few; paper-making silk-weaving, and straw-plaiting being the principal industries. Railways penetrate to all parts of the county; no place is at a greater distance than 5 miles from a station. [REF:#001]

Geologically the greater part of Herts consists, of Lower, Middle, and Upper Chalk; in the South is the London clay. The minerals are of no commercial importance. Herts. comprises 8 hundreds, 138 parishes, and parts of 3 others, and the municipal boroughs of Hertford and St Albans. It is almost entirely in the diocese of St Albans. For parliamentary purposes it is divided into 4 divisions, viz., Northern or Hitchin, Eastern or Hertford, Mid or St Albans, and Western or Watford, 1 member for each. It sent 3 members till 1885."[REF:#001]

The Hertfordshire Surnames List can be viewed at: http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~hughw/hertford.html

  • Sarratt Parish, was 1st. known as Syret Parish in the 10th Century,
  • Syreth Parish in the 11th and 12th Centuries,
  • Seret Parish in the 13th Century, and after that SARET Parish
  • and finally Sarratt Parish.

The Sarratt Village and Parish is of ancient origin (the Church is Saxon). It was abandoned after a plague and a new village was built on the Green where it is located today. The country slopes down to the River Chess where the "SARRATT BOTTOM FARM" is located in the valley. [REF:#002]

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View of Sarratt Bottom (About 1 mile from Sarratt Village) This Photo from the personal collection of Anthony Cook, ([email protected] Jan. 01, 2001 ..prs

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View of Chess Valley (Part of Sarratt Bottom) This Photo from the personal collection of Anthony Cook, ([email protected] Jan. 01, 2001 ..prs

The "Church of SARATT" belonged to the Abby of St. Albans by the 11th Century. Roman antiquities have been found near the Church. [REF:#002]

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View of Sarratt cHURCH (In the movie "4 Weddings and a Funeral", the Church and reception scene at the beginning of the film are in the Sarratt Church) This Photo from the personal collection of Anthony Cook, ([email protected] Jan. 01, 2001 ..prs

The "Manor of Rosehall" is also in SARRATT PARISH, Geoffrey de Siret, who was one of the "Knights of St. Albans", was a tenant of Rosehall in 1166. [REF:#002]

The "Manor of Sarratt" was granted by KING OFFA to the Abby of St. Albans and was confirmed to them in 1199 by KING JOHN. Not long after this record's show where it was rented to PETER de SYRET. [REF:#002]

Parish Sarratt - Church Records
The Parish Registers for the periods:-

are deposited at Hertfordshire Record Office, County Hall, Hertford, SG13 8DE. [D/P97]

Entries from the Marriage Registers for the period 1560-1837 are included in The Allen Index at Hertfordshire Record Office.

The period 1560-1885 is covered by the IGI. Transcripts of the parish registers for the period 1560-1970 are deposited at the Society of Genealogists, 14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, LONDON, EC1M 7BA.

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"Greatest asset is its green. Cratered by former ponds, girdled by detached or grouped half-timber and brick villas, its tussocked and hummocky length dips and rises for a third of a mile. A live duck-pond, an odd well and the cheerful Boot Inn add something. "On the corner (1/2m. SW) by Gothick-windowed almshouses of 1821 stands Holy Cross church, several times remarkable. Its size - it is tiny. Its shape - a cross plan. Materials used - flint plus a generous helping of magical pudding-stone for foundations; smaller hunks are used elsewhere; and Tudor bricks for gables and windows of the saddle-back tower, the only one in Hertfordshire. The interior has a dingy nave, short and cramped, with Norman arches, while the equal-length chancel has a sanctuary panelled and furnished like a miniature Edwardian drawing-room. Jacobean monument to William Kingley and wife is in agreeabkly faded colous, but for how long? Fragment of wall painting shows panoply of medievalia, including crowd, sheep and man playing ?shawm. At Commonwood Common is a rambling freak of a Victorian House. Other 'Englishman's castles' in the parish suggest that wooded, sequestered Sarratt, so accessible by Underground or main line, is a greater favourite with stockbrokers and bankers than Moor Park of Chorleywood. "In 1852 Thomas Uwins, a watercolourist and Londoner, exulted in the Chess Valley: '... Such woods, such meadows, such brooks!' he wrote home." [REF:#003]

Source & Reference Notes! [REF:#001]
Transcribed from Bartholomew's
Gazetteer of the British Isles, 1887. -C.H.)
Parish of SARRATT, Hertfordshire, England

The "Gealogical Atlas of England and Wales"
by GARDNER and Others,
Republished by Stevenson's Genealogical Center, Provo, Utah, in 1974,

From Hertfordshire (a Shell Guide), R. M. Healey , Faber & Faber, London, 1982

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