Dr. Norman H. SARRATT (1913-1997)
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Dr. Norman Harris SARRATT (1913-1997 age 84yrs)

 Authors of: "Some Surratt-SARRATT families in the United States, 1715-1980"
By: Dr. Norman Harris SARRATT (1913-1997) and wife Laura Caroline "Billy" YOUNG (1917-1991) Co-Authors'
The first 500 copies were plublished in 1980 by the Pioneer Publishing Co. of Fresno, Califorina. This book has 236 pages; w/ill.; 26 cm. NOTES: Includes index. Bibliography: p. 192-193. It is deposited in the Genealogical Publications: A List of 50,000 Sources from the Library of Congress "Family Histories"
LC CALL NO.: CS71.S96251980; LCCN: 80-146760
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Mike Irwin is the grandson of Dr. Norman Sarratt, co-author of the book, "Sarratt/Surratt Families; 1715-1980". As executor of his grandfather's estate, he came across a limited number of undistributed copies. Descendants or researchers of the Joseph Sarratt family may be interested in obtaining a copy of this book for your library. You may contact mike at: mike@relgyro.Stanford.EDU  "Not a Working Address!" for terms of purchase. All proceeds go to the estate of Dr. Norman Sarratt.

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The executor of Dr. Norman Sarratt's estate is Michael Irwin, his grandson. Eighteen months ago I talked to him while he was going through his effects, and was able to send me a copy of the Sarratts' book. At that time he had a few copies left found in Norman Sarratt's house. He may know of any genealogical research surviving.
My last contact was through his e-mail address, mike@relgyro.Stanford.edu
 "Not a Working Address!" ..prs

Eight Generation!
Norman Harris SARRATT, [This is: [REF:#90, Pg. 131] [SFA-ID#]
(2nd s/o Claude Duval (C.D) & Carrie (Harris) SARRATT) of Hebron, NE. to Santa Anna, CA.
(Gs/o Amos B. & 2nd w Anna A. (ROBERTSON) WILLIAMS, SARRATT, of Brown Co., IL)
(1Gs/o Jeremiah & Martha (BELL) SARRATT, of Brown Co., IL.)
(2Gs/o Absalom & Wife Unknown SARRATT, of Roan/Davidson Co., NC
(3Gs/o Thomas,1 & Wife Unknown SARRATT, of Orange/Caswell Co's NC.
(4Gs/o Samuel,1 & 1st w Anna SARRATT, Prince George's Co., MD.
(5Gs/o Joseph,1 & Katherian SARRATT, of France, The American Progenitor
b. 28 May 1913 in Belvedere, Thayer Co., NE. [SSD# 571-28-8909 CA.]
d. 12 Jul 1997, age 84yrs Capitola, Santa Cruz Co., Calif.
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
At age 27yrs he married on 27 Dec. 1940 in Saratoga, CA. to
the 23 year old Miss Laura Caroline "Billy" YOUNG;
(d/o Bert Van Ness YOUNG and Esther NERELL)
b. 10 Aug 1917 in Saratoga, Santa Clara Co., Calif. [No SSD# Found!]
d. __ ___ 1991, age 74yrs Capitola, Santa Cruz Co., Calif.
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
Norman graduated from Stanford University with a "Doctorate in Education".
He was a retired assistant superintendent of schools and a business manager, Santa Clara Co., CA.
Billy is a retired teacher. They both sail and ski. (1980)
  They had 2 Children born to this Union:
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 1. Only Dau:  Sheryl Anne SARRATT,  CA. *1941-Living CA.  m. 1st Donald NELSON, (Div.)   0Ch.
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. 2nd Afgred S. IRWIN,   1Ch.
 2. Only Son:  Michael Norman SARRATT,  CA. *1946-Living CA.  m. c1971 CA. Mary E. WAKEFIELD,   2Ch.
  3 Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 

 Dr. Norman Harris SARRATT - Obituary
 San Jose Mercury News *Obituaries* Friday Jul 25 1997 Page 5B Norman SARRATT, activist in Monterey area, educator.
 He left Midwest in Depression! By Mack LUNDSTROM, Mercury Staff Writer
  • *Born: May 28, 1913, Belvedere, Neb.
  • *Died: Jul 12, 1997, Capitola, Calif.
  • *Survived by:
  • *Dau: Anne Irwin of Freedom, Calif.;
  • *Son, Michael SARRATT of Seattle, Wash;
  • *Grandchildren:
  • Michael Irwin of Menlo Park, Calif.
  • Marca SARRATT of Seattle, Wash.
  • Julie SARRATT of Capitola, Calif.
  • Sara Robertson of Cupertino, Calif.
  • *Services: None at Dr. SARRATT request.
Teenage farm-hand Norman SARRATT knew the Great Plains version of following the crops, in his case, the Depression-era combines, that moved with the wheat harvest from Texas to North Dakota every Summer.
"I asked him once why he left the Middle West" said his son, Michael, and he said, "I never left anything behind. just a lot of heat and dust and tornadoes and blizzards."
From a wide spot in the road named Belvedere on the Little Blue River in southeastern Nebraska, Norman SARRATT, also followed his instincts. They led to California. And before he died July 12 at age 84 in Capitola, Mr. SARRATT had found opportunity and success as an educator in San Jose and a political activist in the Monterey Bay region.
"He really was a self-made man." Said Grandson Michael SARRATT. Norman H. SARRATT started all that in a family country store that couldn't afford to pay any worker and forced to strapping 6-foot-2 lad to shock wheat to make his own money. Finally he took $20 and hitch-hiked to San Jose. His size made him perfect for a grave yard-shift job as an orderly at Agnew State Hospital, and the wee morning hours was a perfect time to study for his classes at San Jose State College.
He met Laura "Billy" YOUNG, after she earned her education degree and he his business degree in 1939, she began teaching, and he went to work for Kaiser Permanente. They married on Dec. 27 1940. He moved up to branch manager before World War II enlisted his abilities as a statistician to establish success-failure guidelines for potential Army Air Forces pilots.
After the war, a promising job with the makers of Anacin at Whitehall Laboratories put him at career crossroads. The pharmaceutical company wanted him to move east to take a management-track position, He said no.
With "Billy" SARRATT teaching to support a growing family of son, Michael and daughter, Anne, Mr. SARRATT's Master a degree from San Jose State came in 1951 and his Doctorate form Stanford in 1956. Along the way he worked as a teacher and principal in several school districts, including the Lake Tahoe area. where he began a passion for sailing.
Because of his business back-ground, Mr. SARRATT started as business manager for the Alum Rock School District and supervised the building of 20 schools as San Jose boomed. He moved up to assistant superintendent, and "Billie" SARRATT continued to teach, mostly in the San Jose Unified School District, until both retired in the 1970's.
When they established their permanent. home in Capitola, there wasn't much retirement in it. Both were active Democrats; "Billie" SARRATT was a detail-oriented organizer, and Mr. SARRATT was a fundraiser.
Laon Panetta counted the SARRATT's as loyal back-room workers in his Central Coast congressional races, as did Rep. Sam Farr. "They were an incredible team" Farr said Thursday. "One of the most charming couple anybody could now."
"Billie" SARRATT contacted an aggressive form of apvotrophic? lateral sclerosis and died in 1991. but Mr. SARRATT kept assisting campaigns. Three times he helped formed Capitola Mayor Stephanie Harlan win election to the city council, as he did for Robert Garcia "He was important in Capitola History" Harlan said, He served on the city's last mobile-home rent review board and represented the SARRATT Depot Hill Neighborhood Association.
Dr. SARRATT was active until a back injury flared up and signaled a progressive decline in his health. He died at home.
"He was my role model." said his son, who taught for a time and then he chose to become a "Rail-Road Engineer." He fostered independence, always insisted on integrity and strength ... he made a big impression, had a big personality. He came a long way from a farm boy.

Ninth Generation!
9.1 Sheryl Anne SARRATT, [SFA-ID#]
(Only Dau of: Dr. Norman H. SARRATT & Mother: & Laura C. "Billie" YOUNG)
b. 30 Dec 1941, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA.
She married twice, First age age 21yrs in June 1962, San Jose, CA. to:
Donald NELSON; (Divorced prior 1868)
At age 27yrs she married 2nd on 12 Oct 1968, San Jose, CA. to
30 year old Alfred Scott IRWIN,
(s/o Conrad Philip Irwin, Jr. & Mother: Margaret Cardinal,
b. 18 Dec. 1938.
Scott is a retired Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army and mechanical engineer.
She is (1980) an employee of Manpower, likes to paint and swim, and holds the Red Cross Merit of Honor for saving a drowning mother and son. Scott is a former U.S. Naval Hospital Corpsman and a practicing L.V.N. His interests are sharp-shooting, hunting and crafts.
     10.1 Only Son: *Michael Douglas Nelson IRWIN, b. 10 Sep 1963, Chicago, IL.

      *Michael D.N. IRWIN, age 34yrs, was the "Executor" of his Grandfather Norman H. SARRATT Estate!

Ninth Generation!
9.2 Michael Norman SARRATT, [SFA-ID#]
(Only Son of: Dr. Norman H. SARRATT & Mother: & Laura C. "Billie" YOUNG)
b. 17 Feb 1946, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA.
At the age 25yrs he married 11 Sep 1971, Santa Cruz Co., CA. to
24 year old Mrs Mary Elizabeth (Wakefield) ROBERTSON
(d/o Guy-Jaques WAKEFIELD & Mother: Cressie Unknown)
b. 04 Feb 1947 in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., CA.
Michael Norman is (1980) an engineer with Southern Pacific Railroad and they all like to ski and sail and are interested in music.
Michael graduated from San Jose State University with honors and served in the U.S.Navy.
In 1997 Michael lived in Sunnyvale, CA. ..prs
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 9.2.1. Only Dau:  Sarah Hope ROBERTSON,  b. 24 Mar 1970,  Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., CA.  
  SECOND MARRIAGE: *1971 Michael N. SARRATT & Mrs. Mary (Wakefield) ROBERTSON, 2Dau.
 9.2.2. 1st Dau:  Juliet Aime'e SARRATT,  b. 26 Jun 1971,  Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., CA.  
 9.2.3. 3nd Dau:  Marcq St. Hilaire SARRATT,  b. 28 Feb 1980,  Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., CA.  
  3 Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 


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