History 1, Catawba
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Some Catawba Deeds 1795
Native American Catawba Nation
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(January 29th 1795) 
This Indenture made 17 Sept. 1788 By Catawba Nation 

Received from Sam Powell, 21257 Leitersburg Pike, 
Hagerstown, Maryland 21742-1467 8/8/97
		       DEEDS    B    (OLD)
			 1788   -   1797
		       NATIONAL NO. 393275
     MRS.  B.  H.  ROSSON,  JR.,   GENEALOGIST,   S.C.D.A.R.
			  1953   - 1954
			 Peyton George, 
			  Gage & Tucker
		  1200 G Street, NW, Suite 800
		      Washington, DC 20005 
	 (Address from which Sam Powell rcd info2/14/94)
975.745               GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY
R . d                     (Illegible)
Vol. 2                       50807
01 May 1795                                
Henry Massey of Lancaster County, South Carolina of one part and 
Thomas Thower of said County and State of other part WITNESSETH 
that said Joseph White and Henry Massey for sum of 28 pounds sterling 
to them paid have sold said Thomas Thower, his heirs, etc. forever 
one certain tract of land and being in  county aforesaid on North 
side of Waxhaw Creek beginning Post Oak on  Moses Whites line thence 
etc. ...to a black oak on Robert Harts line; etc... 
containing 80 acres with all Woods, etc.  To have and hold said land 
and premises with every of its appurtenances to said Thower his heirs etc. 
Teste   James Massey                    Joseph WHITE { Seal }
	William Massey                  Henry MASSY  { Seal }

South Carolina Lancaster County . Personally appeared James before me 
and being duly sworn declareth he saw Joseph White and Henry Massey 
sign seal and deliver the within to Thomas Thower for the Purposes 
therein contained.  Sworn to this 1 May 1795.
Isaac Donnom J.P.      2/c   Paid       JAMES MASSEY

   Pages 285 and 286
   (January 29th 1795) 
   This Indenture made 17 Sept. 1788 By and between Genl. New River, 
   Col. Ears and other head men of the Catawba Nation in York County,
   South Carolina of one part and James GREER of Mecklenburg County 
   North Carolina of other part WITNESSETH that whereas in and [297]
   Grant made unto our Nation of a tract of land containing 15 miles 
   Square We the said head men have found it advisable with the consent 
   of the trustees now acting for our Nation Do make and give unto the
   said James GREER his  heirs and assigns a good sure and Indisputable 
   Lease to and for a certain tract ofland within our said claim of 320 
   acres lying and being on both sides of the Charleston Road known by
   the name of the "Steel Creek" road beginning on Climes branch on 
   Knoxes line running up the old Indian line between the Catawbas and 
   North Carolina line, from thence joining Mr. William Potte land and
   running thence with his line to the lower end of it leading to 
   Charleston, Thence cross the "Great Road" and runs along Mr. Millers 
   line and from thence joining Mr. Knox's line, etc.  We said headmen for
   ourselves and our Nation, and their and our heirs do Warrant and defend 
   unto said James GREER his heirs, etc. in a clear Lease for and during 
   full term and to the  end of ninety nine years to commence from day of 
   date of these presents Provided nevertheless that said James GREER his 
   heirs, etc. do pay yearly and every year on first day of November during 
   said term unto our said Nation of Indians or their heirs five Spanish 
   Mill's Dollars or the value thereof and if James GREER, his heirs, etc. 
   shall fail or neglect to pay the above rent for the space of 3 months 
   after it shall become due, if the same shall be lawfully demanded and 
   no sufficient Distress may be found upon the premises then it shall and 
   may be lawful for the Nation of Indians or their acting chief in behalf 
   of the Nation to Re-enter upon the premises and repossess and enjoy the 
   same as their lawful Right and claim everything herein contained
   Notwithstanding: We the Trustees for the Catawba Nation of Indians whose 
   names are underwritten do certify that the above instrument of Writing
   was perfected in Our presence and our approbation.[298]
			      GENL. NEW RIVER'S N5 Mark (LS)
     Charles Miller           COL JOHN EARS' C MARK X (LS)
     Thomas Spratt            MAJ. JOHN RE BROWN'S c MARK (LS)
     Andw. Foster             PETER   y   GEORGE'S    Mark (LS)
     Rec'd this 25th Feby. 1788 seven Dollars of the within Rents for 
     the use of the Catawba Nation. Charles Miller Rec'd this 17th 
     day of Sept. 1788 for the use of the Catawba Nation the sum of 
     73 Dollars of the within Rents.          
     Charles Miller
     Rec'd this 24 day of June 1789 5 Dollats of the within Rent 
     Rec'd of the within Rent five Dolars this 31st day of May 1794. 
     Jany, 26 1795 Rec'd 25 dollars of the within Rents --- 
     I assign Seal Transfer and deliver all my Rights Title and
     Interest of within Lease of 99 years unto John Keliah and 
     Robert Varner it being for Value Rec'd Witness my hand this 
     17th October 1790.
     JAMES GREER ( L. S. )
     James West    Agness Culp's x Mark
     State of South Carolina personally appeared James West before me  
     Andrew Foster a Justice assigned to keep peace in county aforesaid 
     and being duly sworn made oath that he did see James GREER sign 
     seal and deliver the above transference of the within lease to 
     John Keilak and Robert Vernor and did see Agness Culp sign as 
     concurring witness with him.  Sworn and subscribed this 25 July 
     1795 Before me.
     James West
     Andw. Foster J.P.             Fees 4/ 11
     Page 286                 (OCTOBER 7th 1795)
     This Indenture made Between John Shepherd in Lancaster County South 
     Carolina Yeoman of one part and John McMurray of County and State 
     aforesaid Cruper (Cropper) of the other part WITNESSETH that the 
     said John Shepherd for sum of 21 pounds sterling to him paid by 
     said John McMurray hath sold unto
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