Some 1880 Catawba Census
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Some Catawba 1880 Census, York Co., SC.
Native American Catawba Nation
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1880 Census for Catawba Twp., York Co., SC.

The first census of the Catawbas giving the name of every member 
of the band was the general federal or dicennial census in 1880; 
a point never before brought out in print, I believe. 
From 1790 to 1870 the federal census of the United States as a 
whole never went on the Catawba Reservation at all, considering 
the people there as "Indians not taxed".  

The 1880 census for Catawba township of York county, South Carolina, 
llisted 60 of the people there as Indians; (ages corrected in some cases)
   Page 38, family no. 288: 
   Lonzo Cantey,  age 22, b. c1858 a farmer.  
   Wife: Harriet, age 23, b. c1857 keeping house. 
   1. 1st Dau: Nettie H.,      age 7, b. c1873 
   2. 1st Son: William W.,     age 4, b. c1876 
   3. 2nd Dau: Lottie Elberta, age 2, b. c1878
   4. 2nd Son: James J., 1.

   Next door (page 39, family no. 289): 
   H/H Allan A. Harris,      age 22, b. c1858 a farmer.  
   His mother Rhody Harris,  age 53, (50 b. 1830) keeping house; 
   His sister Betsey Harris, age 23, b. c1857  
   His aunt Nancy George,    age 57, (55 b. 1825), a widow.

   Next door (family no. 290): 
   H/H Nancy Harris, age 30, b. c1850 keeping house.  
   1. 1st Dau: Hillery Harris, age 10, b. c1870 (Twin)
   2. 2nd Dau: Agnes Harris,   age 10, b. c1870 (Twin)
   3. 3rd Dau: Lillie Harris,  age  7, b. c1873

   Next door (family no. 291): 
   H/H James Harris,     age 22, b. c1858 a farmer.  
   Wife Fannie Harris,   age 20, b. c1860 keeping house, 
   Mother Sarah Harris,  age 40, (49 b. 1831)  
   Sister Martha Harris, age 20, b. c1860  
   Brother Toad Harris,  age  7, (8 b. 1872).

   Next door (family no. 292): 
   H/H George Canty*, 30, a farmhand. (*George Washington Canty) 
   Wife Betsy Canty, 23, keeping house
   1. 1st Son: Franklin Canty, 5, 
   2. 2nd Son: Robert Canty, 2.

   Next door (family no. 293): 
   H/H Sampson Owl, 27, a farmer (and a Cherokee from Qualla
                                  Boundary, the large federal 
                                  reservation of the Cherokee 
                                  tribe in western North Carolina, 
                                  as I have it from other sources).  
   Wife Susanna Owl, 33, keeping house (a Catawba --maiden name Harris).  
   His stepson George Owl, 18 (idiotic) 
   Dau Camy Owl, 2. -- 
   (NOTE: 7 years later, in 1886, this family removed to Cherokee and 
   never came back.)
  Next door (family no. 294): 
   H/H Nancy White, 18 (20), a washerwoman.  
   Dau:  Peggy Jane White, 2.

   Next door (family no. 295): 
   Billy George, 60 (64), a farmer.  
   Wife Margaret George, 34, keeping house, 
   Dau: Mary E. George, 19, 
   Son: John N. George, 10. 
   Margaret's brother 
   John Gandy, 25, a farmhand. (Gandy=Kennedy)

   Page 40, family no. 302: 
   H/H Peter Harris, 49 (43), a farmer.  
   Wife: Elizabeth Harris, 46, keeping house.  
   Son: Edward Harris, 17.
   Son: David Harris, 6; 
   Son: Butler Harris, 2; 

   Page 41, family no. 309: 
   H/H Taylor George, 30, a farmhand.  
   Wife Emily George, 35, keeping house.  
   Dau: Alice George, 14; 
   Dau: Minnie H. George, 8; 
   Son: Willie W. George, 7; 
   Dau: Dove C. George, 4 (3); 
   Dau: Margaret D. George, six months.
   Sis: Mary J. George, 20;
   Bro: Epperson George 19; 

   Next door (family no. 310): 
   William Harris, 22 (24), a farmer (Called Bow).  
   Brother: Johnny Harris, 17.

    Next door (family no. 311): 
    H/H Sarah Head, a widow, 37, farming; 
    Son: Pinckney Head, 18

    Next door (family no. 312): 
    H/H Alec Tims, 40, a farmhand.  
    Wife: Ann Tims, 35, 
    Dau: Rachel Tims, 14, 
    Dau: Harry Tims, 12 
    Margaret Brown, 50 (49), a washerwoman, 
    Her Dau: Emily Brown, 17; 
    Her Son: John Brown, 13; 
    Her Son:  Sam T. Brown, 9 (Sam Blue)7.  
    Two white men living with them -- 
    General Wylie, 40, 
    Samuel P. Brady, 41, both farmhands.

Total, 60 Indians in 13 houses, June 1st, 1880, all Catawbas except 
for one Cherokke married in.
(That was 1880 The record low in point of numbers came nine years later, 
judging frow what James Mooney had to say on page 74 of "The Siouian Tribes 
of the East" (Bulletin 22, Bureau of American Ethnology, 1894): 
   "In 1889 there were only about 50 individuals remaining on the
    reservation, but of this small remnant the women still retain 
    their old reputation as expert potters. They were under the 
    supervision of an agent appointed by the state."  
    Mooney in The American Anthropologist, Vol 2 (1880) ____)

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