1854 Catawba Census
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Some Catawba 1854 Census
Native American Catawba Nation
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A.D. 1854, the 91 Catawbas in North and South Carolina 
(84 in South Carolina).  

Old Nancy George     a80y  
Little Nancy George  a29y with 3 children.  
Billy George         a38y with a wife and 2 children.  
Old Patsey George    a58y  
Little Patsey George a25y with a child.  
Sally George         a40y with 3 children.  
Anthony George       a55y  
Rebecca George       a41y with 4 children.
Allen Harris         a40y with his wife Rhoda 24 and 2 children.  
Lucinda Harris       a14y  
Jesse Harris         a22y with his wife and 2 children.  
John Harris          a23y with his wife Jinn.  
Abselem Harris.      a ?y
Sally Harris         a48y  
Nancy Harris.        a ?y
Jimm Harris          a21y with his wife 22 and child.  
Peter Harris         a19y 
Davy Harris          a45y and his wife.

(One Catawba family living off-reservation does show on the 1870 
census (York County, S.C., stamped page 416, the 185 house & 182nd 
family listed in Fort Mill township): 
William Whitesides, 26, a farmhand, white, 
Peggy Whitesides,   40, Indian 
Jane Whiteside,     14, b. 1856 Indian, 
Nancy Whitesides    10, b. 1860 Indian.  
Benjamin Whitesides, 5, b. 1865 Female [& this is probably not a mistake] 
Rachel Brown, 40 and her son, John Brown 17.  
Betsey Brown with children.  
William Brown 25, 
Mary Brown 23 with 2 children. 
?__er Brown 33 with 3 children.
Robert Marsh 24 with his wife and 3 children.  
Lucy Marsh with 4 children.  
Betsy Marsh 23.  
Eliza Canty 28 with 3 children. 
X Rachel Tims 35 with 3 children. 
X Nancy Sanders with 3 children. 
?__ Joe 55,  
Joseph Joe.  
Jefferson Ayers 14?.  
Polly Ayers 40.  
John Scott 28.  
Total, 15 men, 29 women and 47 children, A.D. 1854.

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