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Peter Wilson SARRETT, 1870-1952
Eighth Generation!
Photo of Pter W. SARRETT - Click Peter Wilson SARRETT; 1/8 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) [SFA-ID#]
 7th Gen: (3rd s/o Samuel H. SARRETT & Martha Ann ATCHLEY of Sevier Co., TN., "Civil War Soldier, USA"
 6th Gen: (1Gs/o...JAMES D. SARRETT & Mrs. Fannie (WATERS) HAGGARD, "Poor Tobacco Farmer"
 5th Gen: (2Gs/o...TYRE SARRETT & Sus-An-Ah (MILLER) SARRETT of Cherokee Nation East
 4th Gen: (3Gs/o...ALLEN,2 SARRETT & ELIZABETH (Unknown) "The American Revolution Soldier"
 3rd Gen: (4Gs/o...SAMUEL,2 SARRATT & ELIZABETH Unk., of Prince George's Co., MD. "Large Plantion Owner"
 2nd Gen: (5Gs/o...SAMUEL,1 SARRATT & ANNA Unknown, of Prince George's Co., MD., "Large Plantion Owner"
 1st Gen: (6Gs/o...Joseph,1 SARRATT & Katherine Unknown, of France, "The American Progenitor!"
born on his fathers farm on Sunday, the 13 Feb. 1870, Sevier Co., TN,. [REF:#58]
died on Sunday, the 24 Aug. 1952, at 82 Years, 6 Months and 11 days in Bradley County, Tenn. [REF:#58];
Buried in the Alder Branch Cemetery, Sevier Co., Tn.,
[Headstone spelled SARRETTE] At the age 24 years, he married on 18 Dec. 1898, Sevier Co., TN. [REF:#58]
Officialated by F. F. HALE, MG. to his 25 year old cousin
(ENOCH ATCHLEY was the brother of Peter's Mother MARTHA ANN (ATCHLEY) SARRETT...prs)
She was born on Wednesday, the 13 Jan. 1869, Sevier Co., TN;
died on Friday, the 24 Apr. 1942, at the age of 73 years, Sevier Co., TN;
Buried along side her husband in the Alder Cemetery, Sevier Co., TN.
 They had 5 Children born to this Union: 3 Sons & 2 Dau's (Only 1 Dau grew up to maturity)
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 1. 1st Dau:   Inez T. SARRETT,  *1900-1911 a11yrs TN.  bd Adler Branch Cemetery,  
 2. 1st Son:   Samuel Hale SARRETT, III  *1902-1919 a17yrs TN.  bd Adler Branch Cemetery,  
 3. 2nd Son:   Paul Wayne SARRETT,  *1904-1920 a15yrs TN.  bd Adler Branch Cemetery,  
 4. 2nd Dau:   Anna Elizab. SARRETT,  *1906-1978 a71yrs TN.  m. *1932 Rev. Herman G. MATTHEWS,   2Ch.
 5. 3rd Son:   Lester Eugene SARRETT,  *1912-1923 a 3yrs TN.  bd Adler Branch Cemetery,  
  2 Grandchildren No 1st Cousins 

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 Enoch,3 ATCHLEY, of Sevier Co., Tennessee
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PETER WILSON SARRETT, was listed at 6 months in the 1870 Census, for the First Civil District, Sevier Co., TN, with his parents; He was 8 years old when his Great-Uncle NOAH ATCHLEY ( Only Son of JOSHUA & ELIZABETH (HARDIN) ATCHLEY, who was the Brother of ISSAC ATCHLEY..prs) sold 214 acres of land for $4,500 on 16 Feb. 1878, South of the French Broad River, along Millican Creek, to his father SAMUEL H. SARRETT. This property is still known today as "Sarrett's Home-Place"; He was listed at 10 years of age, living with his parents in the 1880 Census for Sevier Co., TN. and attending the one room school called the Midway School House, located South of their home, across Douglas Dam Road, about 1/2 Mile; PETER W. SARRETT was 16 years old when his older brother JAMES C. SARRETT; His 44 year old father SAMUEL H. SARRETT died in the spring of 1890 ( 13 May 1890), PETER W., was just 20 years of age. the remaining brothers & sisters were all minors.

The Chancery Court, of Sevier Co., TN., being that SAMUEL H. SARRETT, died Intestate (No will), appointed the oldest son 22 year old J. CROCKETT SARRETT as Estate Administrator in which he collected and paid off all indebtedness of the Estate, and the Court assigned Mr. ANDREW J. KYKER as Regular Guardian over the minor children, age 15; "Bettie", age 13; ISAAC E., age 11; "Dora", age 5; SAMUEL G., age 3. The Court also assigned a Homestead & Dower, for the Widow MARTHA A. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, and the children with 1/8th interest as Tenants in Common.

On 27 Sep. 1890, their was an Estate Sale, of SAMUEL H. SARRETT's personal property, and PETER W. SARRETT, bought a Oliver Chilled Plow, Model No. 20 for $3.25 and a 6 months old Mare Colt for $28.50. His mother MARTHA A. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, bought her favorite Yearling Bay Colt for $62.50.

In Oct. of 1897, PETER W. SARRETT, purchased his brother JOHN H. SARRETT, 1/8th interest in the "Sarrett Home-Place", also by this time, his brother HUGH EZEKIEL SARRETT, had left home and nobody new where he went. On 12 Nov. 1897, his brother JAMES C. SARRETT, filed a suit in the Chancery Court, to propose to the Court, that a House Tract of 50 acres, be prepared, so his mother can continue to live in her home, but he wanted the remainder of his fathers estate some 164 acres, to be split up and sold at a Public Auction, so the children Tenants in Common could receive cash, for their 1/8th interest. This was done and on the 18 Jul. 1898, PETER W. SARRETT, was the highest bidder at $1,265 and he retained possession of all the "Sarrett Home-Place".

The real value did not decrease, from what Samuel H. paid in 1878 of $21.03 per acre, to what Peter W. paid 20 years later of $7.71 per acre. It is quite common when these types of force sells, come along, nobody will bid against the person, who has lived and worked the property all his life...prs

On 17th of Dec. 1898, PETER W. SARRETT and JOHN ELDER, filed a $1,200 Bond "on condition that there be no lawful cause to prevent a MARRIAGE from being solemnized in the County of Sevier" [Mar. Bk., Pg215] The marriage License was issued and PETER W. SARRETT was married by the Minister of the Gospel J. F. HALE, MG to his Cousin M. FRANCIS ATCHLEY, and they started to raise their family on the "Sarrett Home- Place" along with his mother and younger brother SAMUEL GEORGE and his two sisters BETTIE, and DORA SARRETT.

His brother JOHN H. SARRETT, died at the age of 26 years on 23 March 1899.

The next year, his younger sister, BETTIE SARRETT who he was very closed to, was married 18th of March 1900, to ROBERT MILTON DOUGLASS, of Sevier Co., Tennessee, where they remained close friends the rest of their lives. In the 27 01 Jun. 1900 Census, for Sevier County, TN, PETER W. SARRETT was listed as "Head of Household" and was farming the "Sarrett Home-Place". The neighbors to the north were JAMES & MARTHA S. BROWN and to the south were LUTHER L. & MARGARET L THOMAS; His Mother, Sister RACHEL and brother SAMUEL were helping him run the farm. He also had a "Boarder" WILLIAM B. FLINN?, a "White" 17 year old, which he used as "Farm Labor". Listed in 1900 Census:
PETER SARRETT, age 30, Head Household
INEZ L. SARRETT, age 0/12, Dau,
RACHEL D. SARRETT, age 15, Sister
SAMUEL G. SARRETT, age 12, Brother
WILLIAM B. FLISS?, age 17, Boarder

Later that same year his Grandmother died on 29th. of Nov. 1900, at the age of 79 years "Fannie" (WATERS) HAGGARD SARRETT ATCHLEY, and the buried her across the road from the "Sarrett Home-Place" in the Adlerbranch Cemetery.

The next year PETER W. SARRETT, received a great shock when his youngest brother SAMUEL GEORGE SARRETT, died at the age of 14 years, on 17 Sep. 1901.

For the next 10 years, things were prosperous for PETER W. SARRETT, and family, they had 4 children now, the crops which he worked so hard on were plentiful and his baby daughter "Esther" was the apple of his eye.

M. FRANCIS (ATCHLEY) SARRETT'S father ENOCH ATCHLEY, died on 07 March 1910, at the age of 66 years, and was buried in the Adlerbranch Cemetery.

The next month on the 30 21st of April, 1910 the Census taker visited the "Sarrett Home-Place", in 7th. Civil District, Sevier County, TN. and listed PETER W. SARRETT, age 40, "Head of Household", "Owning" Farm, with his wife FRANCIS MARY (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, 41 yrs. "Keeping House" both could "Read and Write", with the following children with them:
Dau: INEZ L. SARRETT, age 9
Son: PAUL W. SARRETT, age 5
Dau: ANNA E. SARRETT, age 3
(His Mother the Widowed MARTHA A. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, was NOT living with this household, believed to be living in Knoxville, TN.)

Tragedy continues to strike the PETER W. & FRANCIS M. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT family. Their oldest daughter, little INEZ TRUAL SARRETT, at 11 years of age, died on 18 Jun. 1911. A bright spot was the birth 9 months later of their 5th child and 3rd son LESTER EUGENE SARRETT, was born on the 20th March 1912. 1st Son SAMUEL HALE SARRETT, died at the young age of 17 years on 29 Oct. 1919, to be followed with their 2nd son PAUL WAYNE SARRETT, who died at the age of 15 years on 25 Feb. 1920. This was followed by their 5th. child and only son left LESTER EUGENE SARRETT, who died at the age of 3 years, on 27 Jun. 1923. Thus leaving the only child who was raised to maturity ANNA ELIZABETH "Esther" SARRETT.

FRANCIS MARY (ATCHLEY) SARRETT'S, Mother "Esther" (MAPLES) ATCHLEY, died at the age of 77 years on 23 Nov. 1925, and was layed to rest in the Adlerbranch Cemetery.

PETER W. SARRETT'S Mother MARTHA A. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, died at the age of 83 years, on 15 Dec. 1931, while living with her daughter Bettie/Malisa (SARRETT) DOUGLASS. She made a Will on 25 Nov. 1927, Probated on 29 Dec. 1931, where she appointed PETER W. SARRETT, as her Executor of her Estate and that these two children Bettie (SARRETT) DOUGLASS and PETER W. SARRETT, shall receive all her Estate and Personal Property of every kind and character. She did this for "consideration of the care an nursing and comfort they have given me for a considerable time in my old age and sickness". It is apparent by this writer, that after 11 children, Six dying before her, she should have had Five children to support and comfort her, but alas she only had Two.

PETER W. SARRETT'S wife of some 44 years, FRANCIS MARY (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, died at the age of 73 years on 24 April, 1942 and she was buried in the Adler Branch Cemetery

Three years later, on the 24th of May, 1945, PETER W. SARRETT, at 75 years of age, prepared his Last Will and Testament, [REF:#93] in which he appointed the Cashier of Sevier County Bank, Mr. S. L. ATCHLEY as his Executor. In remembering, I'm sure of the trouble with his fathers Estate, PETER W. SARRETT prepared to make his final wishes and desires as complete as possible. He left his entire Estate to his only remaining daughter ANNA "Esther" (SARRETT) MATTHEWS, during her natural life, and at her death, to her two daughters ANNA RUTH MATTHEWS and NANNIE "Marie" (MATTHEWS) OTTINGER. It is apparent that PETER W. wanted to keep the Sarrett Home-Place in tact, he also provide in his Will that if his daughter desired NOT to keep up the Taxes, the Executor was authorized to "Rent and Cultivate" and to pay the Taxes with this revenue. He also provide a Trust, to maintain the Adler Branch Cemetery.

Tennessee State Seal  Last Will & Testament, Prepared: August 30, 1952
 Peter Wilson SARRETT, Probated: May 24, 1945
I P. W. SARRETT of Sevierville, Sevier County, Tennessee, being of sound mind and disposing memory do hereby make and publish this my last Will and Testament.
      ARTICLE. 1)   It is my will that so soon after my decease as my Executor, in his judgment thinks practical, shall pay my just debts, including my funeral expenses.
      ARTICLE. 2)   I own a farm situated in the 7th. Civil District of Sevier County, Tenn. Consisting of Three Tracts, described towit:
Land Grant of Octomber 16, 1851  Original Land Grant of Octomber 16, 1851 - 150 acres
<---Click on Thumbnail for Larger Map!
     FIRST TRACT: 10 Acres
Being woodland tract purchased from NAPOLEON A. ATCHLEY, and adjoined by lands of Pike Road, MACK KYKER, CHARLIE HARDIN, WALTER ATCHLEY, and CLIFFORD ATCHLEY Containing 8 or 10 acres.
     SECOND TRACT: 50 Acres
Being a portion of my father's estate, adjoined by the French Broad River, CHARLIE HARDIN, Alder Branch Church lot, JAMES CATTLETT and TOM CONNATSER, containing 50 acres more or less.
     THIRD TRACT: 75 Acres
  Being another portion of my father's Estate, together with some small tracts of land purchased by me. Adjoined by the lands of JIM CATTLET, TOM CONNATSER, PLEAS H. HILL, Dr. A. W. ROBERTS, MACK ATCHLEY, MACK KYKER and the Public Road, containing 75 Acres more or less.

  These Three Tracts of land I give, devise and bequeath, to my daughter, ANNA ESTHER (SARRETT) MATTHEWS for and during her natural life, and at her death to her children, towit: ANNA RUTH MATTHEWS and NANNIE MARIE MATTHEWS for during their natural life; and upon the death of ANNA RUTH MATTHEWS and NANNIE MARIE MATTHEWS, the fee shall be vested in their issue.
      ARTICLE. 3)   It is further my will that my Executor pay out of my personal Estate the sum of $250.00 to the Trustees of Alder Branch Church or their successors, to be applied to the present Building Fund, the purpose of which is to construct a Parsonage; then said sum shall be applied by my Executor for the use and benefit of Alder Branch Church. But the payment of this amount shall not be collected from any of my property save the personal Estate.
      ARTICLE. 4)   It is further my will that my Executor, out of my personal Estate which I may leave at my death, shall pay into the hands of the Trustees of Alder Branch Church or their successors the sum of $200.00. The Trustees will accept the same under the following restrictions: that is to say, that upon the acceptance of this sum of $200.00 it shall be loaned by them and the interest applied to the upkeep of the Adler Branch Cemetery, but they shall not be permitted to encroach upon the Corpus of said fund.
      ARTICLE. 5)   It is further my will that my just debts have been paid and the bequeaths above set out shall be paid from my personal Estate, that the remainder of my personal property shall be converted into cash and paid over to my daughter or to her representatives, except the horse stock, if my daughter desires, shall remain upon the farm for the purpose of cultivating the same.
      ARTICLE. 6)   It is my further will that in the event my daughter or her children should fail or refuse to keep up the taxes paid on said land, I hereby empower my Executor to take possession of said land, to rent and cultivate the same or have it cultivated and apply the said rents upon the taxes of said farm, or so much as is necessary.
      ARTICLE. 7)   I hereby nominate and appoint the Cashier of Sevier County Bank, Mr. S. L. ATCHLEY the present Cashier, as Executor of my Last Will, and in event he should die or resign, then his successor in Office of Cashier of said Bank shall succeed to the Executorship of this my Last Will and carry the same out in accordance with the terms herein stipulated.
      The undersigned, at the request of PETER W. SARRETT, were called to witness this his Last Will and Testament and he signed the same in our presence and we, the undersigned as Witness in his presence. This 24th. day of May, 1945.
      Witness: LS\ OLA HATCHER
      Witness: LS\ R. B. ROBERTSON

Tennessee State Seal  State of TENNESSEE }
                                          }  PROBATE
 County of Sevier           }
August 30, 1952
Probated by the County Court of Sevier County, Tennessee, this 30th. day of August, 1952.
     LS\ RAY MILLER, County Court Clerk

The following are the children of:
Ninth Generation!
Headstone of Inez Trual SARRETT -Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! 1. Inez Trual SARRETT;
(1st Dau of: Peter W. Sarrett & Mother: Francis "Frank" M. Atchley) (1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.)
born May 11, 1900, Sarrett Homeplace, Alder Branch, Sevier Co., TN.; [REF:#058]
little Inez died young on 18 June 1911 , at the age of 11 yr., 1 Month and 7 days;
She is buried in Alder Branch Cemetery. She died of a "Pendictes", at the Sarrett Homeplace,
Doctor ROBERTS, attended; Service was arranged by WALKER & McCOWN;
(Sevier County Death Certificate SEM, Pg 256)

Headstone of Samuel Hale  SARRETT -Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! 2. Samuel Hale SARRETT;
(1st Son of Peter W. Sarrett & Mother: Francis "Frank" M. Atchley) (1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.)
born 24 May 1902, Sarrett Homeplace, Alder Branch, Sevier Co., TN.; [REF:#058]
died 29 October 1919 at the age of 17 years, 5 Months & 5 days; buried in Alder Branch Cemetery;
He died of Eplipsy "Died in Fit" Attended by Dr. A. W. ROBERTS, MD;
(Sevier County Death Certificate 17-5-6, SEM, Pg 262 - 180, File No. 21, Reg. 17)

Headstone of Samuel Hale  SARRETT -Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! 3. Paul Wayne SARRETT;
(2nd Son of Peter W. Sarrett & Mother: Francis "Frank" M. Atchley) (1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.)
born 19 Apr 1904, Sarrett Homeplace, Alder Branch, Sevier Co., TN.; [REF:#058]
died 25 Feb 1920 at the age of 15 yrs., 10 Months & 4 days; Sarrett Homeplace, Alder Branch, Sevier Co., TN.
Buried in Alder Branch Cemetery; He died of Enfluziza, followed by "Pneumonia, left lung;"
Attended by Dr. A. W. ROBERTS, MD; Services by JAMES H. ATCHLEY of ATCHLEY & REED;
(Sevier County Death Certificate 15-10-7, SEM, Pg 263)

4. Anna Elizab SARRETT;
(2nd Dau of Peter W. Sarrett & Mother: Francis "Frank" M. Atchley)
(1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Called "Esther", by her father;
born on Christmas Day 25 Dec. 1906, Sarrett Homeplace, Alder Branch, Sevier Co., TN.; [REF:#058]
died on 19 May 1978, at the age of 71 years, 4 months, 24 days, in Knox Co., Tenn.;
Was listed living with parents at age three years in the 1910 Census for Sevier County, Tenn.;
At 26 years of age she married (11 year her senior) on the 07 May 1932, Sevier County, TN.
Officalated by L. W. CLARK, MG., to
37 year old "Widower" Rev. HERMAN GRACY MATTHEWS; [REF:#29]
b. 13 Apr. 1895, Costner?, Sevier Co., TN.;
d. 02 Apr. 1984, at the age of 88yrs, 11m, & 19 days, in Middlesboro, (Bell County) KY.
Buried in the Adler Branch Cemetery, Sevier Co., TN;
His 1st. Wife OLIVE DIXIE (MURRELL) MATTHEWS; b. 29 Jul. 1900, Sevier Co., TN;
died after giving birth to her son, on 03 May 1930, at the age of 29 years;
They had two daughters born to this 2nd. union:
 FIRST MARRIAGE: C1930 Rev. Herman G. MATTHEWS & Olive D. MURRELL, 1Ch.
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 4.1. 1st Son:  Herman G., Jr. MATTHEWS,  TN. c1930-Living?  Not Traced!  
 SECOND MARRIAGE: *1932 Rev. Herman G. MATTHEWS & Anna E. SARRETT, 2Ch.
 4.2. 1st Dau:  Anna R. MATTHEWS,  TN. c1933-Living?  Never Married!  
 4.2. 2nd Dau:  Nana "Marie" MATTHEWS,  TN. c1936-Living? FL.  m. Charlie OTTINGER,   3Ch.
  3 Grandchildren/1st Cousins 

Goto FOPC© Ref. & Source Notes  Mrs. Nana "Marie" (Matthews) OTTINGER; Our [REF:#58]
Goto FOPC© Two Matthews Sisters -Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! Reseacher and Descendant of James D. SARRETT; In Oct. 28, 1989 she lived at 4916 Macmont Circle, Powell (Knox Co.) Tenn. 37849, has supplied this writer with copies of several Deeds, Court Records, Will, Pictures etc. of the James D. SARRETT family. She is now the owner of the "Sarrett Home-Place" at Adler Branch, Sevier Co., TN. the old Grandmother Martha A. (Atchley) Sarrett's "Dower Tract"...prs

Headstone of Lester Eugene  SARRETT -Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! 5. Lester Eugene SARRETT;
(3rd Son of Peter W. & Francis M. (Atchley) Sarrett) (1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.)
born 20 March 1912, Sarrett Homeplace, Alder Branch, Sevier Co., TN.; [REF:#058]
([REF:#58] List Feb.) Sevier Co., TN.;
died young on 27 June 1923 at the age 3 yrs., 3 months & 7 Days; Buried in Alder Branch Cemetery;
He died of Typhoid Feaver; Attended by Dr. A. W. ROBERTS, MD; Services by JAMES H. ATCHLEY, of ATCHLEY & REED;
(Sevier County Death Certificate 11-3-7, SEM, Pg 266, File No. 35, Reg. 2)

 End of PETER W. SARRETT Chapter.

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