Rachel Dora SARRETT, 1885-1972, age 87yrs
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Rachel Dora SARRETT, 1885-1972, age 87yrs
Dora (Sarrett) SMITH Eighth Generation!
Rachel "Dora" SARRETT, [SFA-ID#] [SFA-FG# 346]
(1/8 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Father's side
Record have listed "Medora, Dora and or Della"; [REF:#141]
(4th Dau/o Samuel H. SARREYY & Mother: Martha A. ATCHLEY, of Sevier Co., TN.
(1Gd/o.... James D. SARRETT & Mrs. Fannie (WATERS) HAGGARD SARRETT ATCHLEY, of Sevier Co.
(2Gd/o.... Tyre SARRETT & Mother: Sus-An-Ah MILLER of Cherokee Nation East
(3Gd/o.... Allen,2 SARRETT & ELIZABETH (Unknown) ARW Soldier!
(4Gd/o.... Samuel,2 SARRATT & ELIZABETH Unknown, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(5Gd/o.... Samuel,1 SARRATT & ANNA Unknown, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(6Gd/o.... Joseph,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!"
b. 15 May 1885, Friday, on Sarrett Homeplace, Adler Branch, Sevier Co., TN. [REF:#134]
d. 19 Dec 1972, Tuesday, age 87yrs, 7mths & 4 days in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.
Buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, Hwy 540, Carroll Co., KY; [REF:#141] [See HStone]
She was 29 years old when she married on the 25th Jun. 1914, in Knoxville, TN. to (As his 3rd Wife) [REF:#58] [See: m. rec]
Albert B. SMITH, Sr. 36 year old Albert Ballard SMITH, Sr. of Louisville, KY;
(s/o Albert,1 SMITH & Mother: Aana (Unknown)
(Div 1, Widow of 2nd Wife: Nelie W. WARD, 1Ch.
b. 19 Jul 1875, in Goshen, Oldham Co., Kentucky; [REF:#134]
d. 12 Mar 1952, [REF:#141] or d. 10 Mar 1952 [REF:#134] age 76yrs, 7mths & 23 days, in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY;
Buried on the 14th of March, 1952, in Cave Hill Cemetery, Hwy 540, Carroll Co., KY; [See HStone]
They had at 2 Children born to this Third Union: [REF:#134]
 FIRST MARRIAGE: Albert B. SMITH, Sr. & 1st Wife?
 They had at least 1 Son born to this 1st Union:
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch. 1st Son:  Alan W. SMITH,  c19??-19?? a??yrs  Not Traced!  
 SECOND MARRIAGE: Albert B. SMITH, Sr. & 2nd Wife Miss Nellie W. WARD, 1Ch
 They had at least 1 Dau born to this 2nd Union: 1st Dau:  Mary Frances SMITH,  KY. c1911-19?? a??yrs  Not Traced!  
 THIRD MARRIAGE: Albert B. SMITH, Sr. & 3rd Wife Miss R. "Dora" SARRETT,
 They had 2 Children born to this 3rd Union: Only Dau:  Martha Dora SMITH,  KY. *1915-2004 a89yrs KY.  m. LeRoy BUCK,   9Ch. Only Son:  Albert D. SMITH, Jr.  KY. *1917-1997 a79yrs FL.  m. *1941 IN. Betty D. WYMOND,   1Ch.
  10 Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 

   Possible Record Problem!
  It was reported in his obituary that he was:
a "Levi & Slack Salesman", also in 1920 & 1930 Census listed his "Occupation" Owner of Levi Store!!!
but Son A. B. SMITH, Jr. [REF:#141] states;
     "My father was in business at the Bourbon Stock Yards, as a Broker for 55 years"
 Was living at 128 Waverly Court, Louisville, KY. in 1920 & 1930 Census
 Was living at 214 W. Adair St., Louisville, KY. when he died;
 Wife DORA (SARRETT) SMITH was "Informant" on his Death Certificate 12 Mar. 1952;

The Sarrett - Cherokee Connection
Cherokee Nation, East - Smoky Mountains Appalachians, Sevier Co., TN.
Deer Clan
 This SARRETT Family tradition states that they are part of the "Ah-ni-(k)a-wi" or Deer Clan"
Those belonging to this Clan were the keepers of the deer, deer hunters and trackers, tanners and seamers, as well as keepers of the deer medicines. They were known to be fast runners and foot messengers. The color for the "Anikawi" Clan is Brown and their wood is Oak.
This origanates from Aunt Dora (Sarrett) SMITH, Gr-Grandfather Tyre SARRETT and her Gr-Grandmother: Sus-An-Ah MILLER, a "Full Blood" Cherokee of the Deer Clan.
Gr-Grandpa & Gr-Grandma had at least 7 "Half-Breed" Children, but only 4 of them has been traced.
The 1st Half-Breed John,15 SARRETT, (1810-1865, a55yrs) m. twice, 15 Children, went on to Crawford Co., AK., on to Sequoyah Co., OK
The 2nd Half-Breed Mrs. Salena A. (Sarrett) JAMES, (1815-1893, a78yrs) m. 7 Children, went on to Walker Co., GA., to Cedar Co., MO.
The 3rd Half-Breed James D. SARRETT, (1819-1864, a45yrs) died in GA. Prison, family remained in Sevier Co., TN. (Dora's Grandfather)
The 4th Half-Breed George M. SARRETT, (1831-1859, a28yrs) m. 1 Child, went on to Hamilton Co., TN., to Bartow Co., GA.
By the Act of Congress approved June 30, 1906, in accordance with the decrees of the Court of Claims of May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906, in favor of the Eastern Cherokees. The DAWES COMMISSION established the "Final Rolls" and required any one to make application for such shares as may be due them of the fund appropriated.
These final rolls were the basis for allotment. Under the "Curtis Act", subsequent acts, and resulting agreements negotiated with each tribe, the DAWES COMMISSION received applications for membership covering more than 250,000 people and enrolled more than 101,000. The tribal membership rolls were closed on Mar. 05, 1907. Although an additional 312 persons were enrolled under an act approved Aug. 01, 1914. An "Enrollment card", sometimes referred to by the DAWES COMMISSION as a "Indian Census card", records the information provided by the individual applications submitted by members of the same family group or household.
Only one of our branch, "John,15 SARRETT" submitted 1907 Applications. There were 18 applications made and all were "Rejected" for reasons that applicant did not show proof that ancestor was ever on a previous Indian Roll. (1817 to 1898 rolls)

  Dora SARRETT, Early Census Records & Source Notes!
 Discription  Source in Civil Dist. #7, Sevier Co., TN.
 1885 May 15th, born home at "Adler Branch 1885 Sarrett Homeplace!
 1887 Mar 3rd age 2yrs Sister: Anna L. SARRETT, died age 4yrs 1887 death bd Alder Branch Cem.
 1890 May 1st, was age 5yrs when Father Samuel H., died in 1890 Death
 1890 May 26th was age 5yrs when Brother J. Crockett filed Minor Heirs 26 May 1890 Application
 1893 Jan 16th age 8yrs when Mother files 1893 Guardian Bond
 1893 Sep 27th age 8yrs when received $23.97 1st. Settlement 1893 1st Settlement
 1894 Jan 1st age 9yrs when received $ 9.22 2nd. Settlement 1894 2nd Settlement
 1895 Aug 22nd age 10yrs when Andrew J. KYKER, filed 1895 Minor Heirs
 1896 Aug 1st age 11yrs was NOT Listed 1896 Guardian Bond
 1897 Aug 1st age 12yrs 9.22 $78.21 6th. Settlement 1897 6th Settlement
 1899 Mar 23rd age 13yrs Brother: Johnny H. SARRETT, killed 1899 Accident Atlanta, GA.
 1900 Jan 1st age 15yrs Sister Bettie (Sarrett) DOUGLASS filed 1900 Guardian Bond
 1900 Jun 1st age 15yrs l/w H/H Brother & Mother & 1 Sibling 1900 Census Attended School 7 Mths
 1901 Jun 4th age 16yrs Graduated Carson - Newman College 1901 Grad.Knoxville, Jefferson Co., TN; [REF:#141]
 1901 Sep 17th age 17yrs Brother: Samuel G. SARRETT, died age 13yrs 1901 death bd Alder Branch Cem.
 1910 Apr 26th age 25yrs [age 23yrs] relocated to Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. 1910 Census Stenographer, Railroad & [REF:#141]
 1910 Later she was a Legal Secratery for the Trabue, Duel & Cox Law Firm [REF:#141] Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY;

  Chronological Time Line
 Aunt Dora (Sarrett) SMITH
 Type  Date  Age  Remarks  (Click on Date for more Info.)  Liv'g in Co.
 Married 1914   29yrs  on Jun 25th, in the home of her brother J. Crockett  2123 Laurel Ave., Knoxville,  Knox Co., TN.
 Census 1920   35yrs   on Jan 15th, with Husb. & 2 Ch. & 1 Step-Dau  128 Waverly Court, Louisville "Owner Comm. Levi Store"  Jefferson Co., KY.
 Census 1930   45yrs   on Apr 2nd, with Husb. & 2 Ch. & 1 Step-Dau  128 Waverly Court, Louisville "Owner Comm. Levi Store"  Jefferson Co., KY.
 Death 1931   46yrs   on Dec 15th Mother: Martha A. (Atchley) SARRETT, d. age 83yrs  bd Alder Branch Cemetery,  Sevier Co., TN.
 Death 1932   47yrs   on Dec 11th Brother: J. Crockett, killed in Auto Accident, age 64yrs  bd Lynhurst-Resthaven Cemetery,  Knox Co., TN.
 Death 1949   64yrs   on Feb 17th Sister: Bettie (Sarrett) DOUGLASS., died age 71yrs  bd Adler Branch Cemetery,  Sevier Co., TN.
 Death 1952   67yrs  on Mar 12th, Husb. Albert D., dies, age 76yrs  bd Cove Hill Cemetery,  Carroll Co., KY.
 Death 1952   67yrs  on Aug 24th Brother: Peter W., died age 82yrs  bd Adler Branch Cemetery,  Sevier Co., TN.
 Death 1954   69yrs  on Dec 20th Brother: Hugh E., died age 79yrs  bd Mt Washington Cemetery,  Kansas City, MO.
 Death 1957   72yrs  on Dec 19th Brother: I. Enoch, died age 78yrs  bd Adler Branch Cemetery,  Sevier Co., TN.
 Death 1972   87yrs  on Dec 19th, she dies,  bd Cove Hill Cemetery,  Carroll Co., KY.

Guardian Bond - Filed: 1st December 1900,
                                              } SS.
COUNTY of SEVIER          }

  Robert M. DOUGLASS & B.R. (Bettie Sarrett) DOUGLASS, .....filed for a Guardian Bond in the amount of $800 for 15 year old Dora SARRETT, minor heir of Samuel H. SARRETT, dec'd
     LS/ R. M. DOUGLASS, { Seal }
     LS/ B. R. DOUGLASS, { Seal }
     LS/ J. B. DOUGLASS, { Seal }

 This Bond was filed in the Sevier County "Guardian Bond Book" page 99,  No record approved in open Court.....prs

Albert  B.  SMITH can be found with Family.
1910 Census, Jefferson Co., KY.
Louisville, Ward #1
Fed. #, Reel# T624-0483 E.D.41  Page,013b  F.Visit: 292
 Pg  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Race  Remarks  F.M.b.St
  Louisville, Ward #1 -  Dated: 29 Apr 1910, Liv'g at: 128 Kennedy Ct., 8th Pre -  SFA-ID#
 013b   292  Albert  B.   SMITH   34   KY  1876  W   H/H Own, Brasher., Store Clerk   F-b. KY M-b. KY
 013b   292  Nell W.  (WARD)   SMITH   23   KY  1887  W   m. 0yr Albert B., 1910 0Ch.   F-b. KY M-b. KY
 013b   292  William  R.   WARD   83   KY  1827  W   F-I-Law, Wid.   F-b. MD M-b. NC
 013b   292  D.  Colin   WARD   26   KY  1884  W   B-I-Law, Single, BkKeeper, Carpet House   F-b. KY M-b. KY
 013b   292  Lowry  W.   LEWIS   25   KY  1885  W   Boarder, BkKeeper, Dept. Str.   F-b. KY M-b. KY
  Louisville, Ward #6 -  Dated: 26 Apr 1910, Liv'g at: 829 S. Ououd? St., 34th  -  SFA-ID#
 009b   195  Richard  J.   CHAPMAN   52   NC  1858  W   H/H Salesman, NC Hosp. Inc.   F-b. NC M-b. NC
 009b   195  Annie Lee  (Unk)   CHAPMAN   47   KY  1863  W   m.22yrs Richard J. 1888 1Ch 1Liv   F-b. KY M-b. PA
 009b   195  Harrie  Lee   CHAPMAN   19   KY  1891  W   Only Son, No Occup.   F-b. NC M-b. KY
 009b   195  Dora  D.   SARRETT   23   TN  1887  W   Boarder, Stenographer, ____? Office   F-b. FRA French M-b. TN
 009b   195  William  N.   BENRY   24   KY  1886  W   Boarder, Clerk RailRoad   F-b. KY M-b. KY
 009b   195  William  F.   KENNEDY   22   KY  1888  W   Boarder, Clerk Fence Whol.   F-b. KY M-b. KY
 Aunt Dora SARRETT, listed her Father was "French, born in France"?

Marriage Mr. SMITH & Miss SARRETT
Mr. Albert B. SMITH, age 36yrs son of Albert & Anna SMITH and
Miss R. Dora SARRETT, age 29yrs Daughter of Samuel H. SARRETT, (dec'd) and Martha A. (Atchley) SARRETT, of Sevier Co., were married at home of brother 2123 Laurel Ave., Knoxville, Knox Co., TN., on 25 June 1914.
[Aunt Dora listed age 26, on the marriage Certificate..prs]]
The attractive home of Mr. & Mrs. JAMES CROCKETT & ANNIE L. (BALLARD) SARRETT, at 2123 Laurel Ave., Knoxville, TN. was the scene of a very pretty wedding last night [Thursday. 25 June 1914], at which time Miss DELLA SARRETT, a sister of Mr. JAMES CROCKETT SARRETT, became the bride of Mr. ALBERT BALLARD SMITH. The Bride and Groom are both from Louisville, Kentucky, and the ceremony was performed by Rev. A. P. LYON, of that city. [Louisville, KY] The home was beautifully decorated with smilax and cut flowers. The alter was made of palms and cut flowers. Mr. JOHN LOWE played the wedding march and the bride entered the room on the arm of her brother, Mr. J. CROCKETT SARRETT, and was by him given away. Mrs. ANNIE (BALLARD) SARRETT was matron of honor and Miss LUCY SHAW, of Louisville, KY. was the bride's maid.
Mr. ENOCH SARRETT, brother of the best man, while little Misses ANNIE LOU SARRETT and sister MARY B. SARRETT, daughters of Mr. & Mrs. J. CROCKETT & ANNIE (BALLARD) SARRETT were flower girls and ring bearer respectively. The bride carried a shower bouquet of valley lilies and bride's roses. Both she and her attendants were gowned in crepe- de-chine, and the attendants carried pink bouquets. Only relatives of the bride and groom and close friends witnessed the ceremony. At the conclusion of the ceremony, which was performed at 8 o'clock a wedding supper was served, and Mr. & Mrs. ALBERT B. & DELLA (SARRETT) SMITH left last night on the 10:55 p.m. Louisville & Nashville passenger train on a wedding trip which they will visit several northern cities.

Chris   F.  BUCK can be found with Family.
1920 Census, Jefferson Co., KY.
Louisville, Wd #1
Fed. #, Reel# T625-0578 E.D.41  Page,001a  F.Visit: 4
 Pg  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Race  Remarks  F.M.b.St
  Louisville, Wd #1 -  Dated: 03 Jan 1920, Liv'g at: 1509 Quency St., -  SFA-ID#
 001a   4  Chris  F.   BUCK   44   KY  1876  W   H/H Rent, Wid., Presser, Muskrat Taylors   F-b. KY M-b. KY
 001a   4  Authur  P.   BUCK   19   KY  1901  W   Son, Butcher Wholesale   F-b. KY M-b. KY
 001a   4  LeRoy     BUCK   11   KY  1909  W   Son   F-b. KY M-b. KY
 001a   4  Irene F.  (BUCK)   FOX   21   KY  1899  W   Dau m. Otis C.,   F-b. KY M-b. KY
 001a   4  Otis  C.   FOX   24   KY  1896  W   Son-I-L, Butcher Wholesale   F-b. KY M-b. KY
  Louisville, Wd #1 -  Dated: 15 Jan 1920, Liv'g at: 128 Waverly Court  -  SFA-ID#
 012b   278  A.B.     SMITH   44   KY  1876  W   H/H Own, Owner, Commission Levi Store,   F-b. KY M-b. KY
 012b   278  Dora  (SARRETT)   SMITH   32   KY  1888  W   m. 6yrs Albert B., *1914 2Ch.   F-b. TN M-b. TN
 012b   278  Mary  Frances   SMITH    KY  1911  W   Dau 1st, 2w Not Traced!   F-b. KY M-b. TN
 012b   278  Martha  Dora   SMITH    KY  1916  W   Only Dau 3w m. LeRoy BUCK   F-b. KY M-b. TN
 012b   278  A.B.  Jr.   SMITH  2.5   KY  1918  W   Only Son 3w, m. B.D. WYMOND   F-b. KY M-b. TN

John   G.  BECK can be found with Family!
1930 Census, Jefferson Co. , KY
Louisville, Wd. #1 Blk 30  P.O.
Fed. #, Reel# T626-0753E.D. 12Page, 013b F.Visit:190
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Race  Remarks  F.&M.b.St,
  Louisville, Wd. #1 Blk 30  -  Dated: 09 Apr 1930, Liv'g at: 1531 Quency St., Mag. Dist. #5 -  SFA-ID#
 013b   190  John  G.  BECK   58   KY  1872  W   H/H Own $1,000, Wid.,
  Mopper, Tobaco Factory
 F-b. US M-b. US
 013b   190  LeRoy    BUCK   22   KY  1908  W   Nephew, Lineman, Telephone Co.  F-b. KY M-b. KY
 013b   190  Edward    HUMPHERY   27   KY  1903  W   Border, m.a27y, Leather Dealer  F-b. KY M-b. KY
 013b   190  Ruth  (Unk)  HUMPHERY   37   KY  1893  W   Border, m.a39y Edmond 1930  F-b. KY M-b. KY
  Louisville, Wd. #1 -  Dated: 02 Apr 1930, Liv'g at: 128 Waverly Court. -  SFA-ID#
 002a  24  Albert  B.  SMITH   54   KY  1876  W   H/H Own $3,500;  F-b. KY M-b. KY
 002a  24  Dora S.  (SARRETT)  SMITH   40   TN  1890  W   m.a25yrs Albert B. 1915  F-b. TN M-b. TN
 002a  24  Mary  F.  SMITH   19   KY  1911  W   Dau 1st/2w Not Traced!  F-b. KY M-b. TN
 002a  24  Marthadora    SMITH   14   KY  1916  W   Dau 1st/3w m. LeRoy BUCK  F-b. KY M-b. TN
 002a  24  Albert  B. Jr.  SMITH   12   KY  1918  W   Only Son m. Betty WYMOND  F-b. KY M-b. TN

  Cove Hill Cemetery, Hwy 540, Carroll Co., Kentucky
Albert B. SMITH, Sr. age 76yrs
Jul 19, 1875 - Mar 12, 1952

(Need Photo of Headstone)
R. Dora (Sarrett) SMITH, age 87yrs
May 15, 1885- Dec 19, 1972
  See: FAGrave.com Map!

The Following are the Children of Aunt Dora (SARRETT) and Uncle Albert B. SMITH, Sr.

Need Photo Martha D. SMITH! Martha Dora SMITH;
(Only Dau of Dora (Sarrett) & Albert B. Smith, Sr.)
(1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.)
b. 13 Oct 1915, Louiseville, Ward #1, Jefferson Co., KY. [SSD# 404-60-6036 KY.]
d. 27 Aug 2004, age 89yrs, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. [REF:#141.b]
Buried: Cave hill Cemetery, Hwy 540, Carroll Co., KY. [REF:#141.b]
Schooling Unknown; Occupation Unknown;
At age __yrs she married (Date Unknown) Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. to
LeRoy BUCK, Need Photo! __ years old LeRoy BUCK;
(s/o M/M Chris F. BUCK & Wife Unknown (to me)
b. __ ___ 1908, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.
d. Unknown,
(1990 Last known Address: 245 Grandsted, G3, Louisville, KY; Phone 502/454-5486)
Reported to have had at least 9 Children born to this Union: [REF:#141] Son: BUBA BUCK; Unk.; Son: WILLIAM BUCK; Unk.; Son: PAUL E. BUCK Unk.; Son: WESTLEY BUCK; Unk.; Son: JOHN BUCK Unk.; Son: SAMUEL BUCK Unk.; Dau: MARTHA ANN BUCK Unk.; Dau: SHARON BUCK Unk.; Dau: REBECCA BUCK Unk.;

   Possible Record Problem!
 PAUL E. BUCK, who lived at 2200 Villege Dr, Louisville, KY 40205 in 1990. This writer has sent several letters, to him, regarding his Family branch but never received any response from Mr. Buck. ..prs

Need Photo Albert Ballard SMITH, Sr. Albert Ballard SMITH, Jr. [SFA-FG 348]
(Only Son of Dora (Sarrett) & Albert B. Smith, Sr.)
(1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.)
b. 15 Aug 1917, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY;
d. 03 May 1997, age 79yrs, Avon Park, Highlands Co., FL.
Buried: Cemeterl Location Unknown (to me)
School Unknown; was a Letter Carrier for the Post Office;
At 23 years of age he married on the 7th of Jun. 1941, at Jeffersonville, (Clark Co.) IN. to
the 25 year old Miss BETTY WYMOND;
b. 04 Dec 1915 at Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co. IN.;
d. 27 Feb 2000, age 84yrs, Avon Park, Highlands Co., FL.
Buried: Cemeterl Location Unknown (to me)
School Unknown; Occupation Unknown;
Last known address, retired, live in a Mobel Home in Southwest Villiage, 338 So. Winds, East Maples, FL 33942: (1990)
  They had One Son born to this Union:
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 1. Only Son:  Albert B. SMITH, Jr. III,  LA. *1943-Living  m. 1st Sarah J. SPINGOLA,   2Ch.
 "     "  "     "  "     "  m. 2nd Wife Unknown,  
  2 Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 
REF:#prs   A.B. SMITH, Jr. is our [SFA-REF:#134] from letter's 11 May 1990: Albert Ballard SMITH, III
(Only Son of Albert B. Jr. & Betty (Wymond) Smith)
(1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.)
b. 10 Mar. 1943, Bosier City, LA.;
Graduated from Asbury College & Siminary, is a Methodist Minister;
Married twice, first 30 May 1965, Washington Co., PA. to REF:#141
b. Not traced!, died of Cancer;
They had Two Sons born to this Union:
He has remarried, info. Unknown; in 1990 lived in Corbin, KY. Daniel Albert SMITH,
(1st Son of Albert B. III SMITH & Mother: Sarah J. SPINGOLA)
(1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.)
b. about 1967, Corbin, KY;
Completed 4 years of the U.S. Air Force in Feb. 1990, and is waiting to attend the FAA Academy on 21st Jun. 1990, to be Certified as a Air Traffic Controller. Andrew Dean SMITH,
(2nd Son of Albert B. III SMITH & Mother: Sarah J. SPINGOLA)
(1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.)
b. about 1970, Corbin, KY; is attending Berea College at Berea, Kentucky. 1990
End of Mrs. Rachel "Dora" (SARRETT) SMITH, Chapter

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