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Wilson M. SARRETT, MD 1792-1860 a67y

Fifth Generation!
Wilson MCMurry SARRETT
[SFA-FG 1685, 86] [SFA#]
(2nd s/o John,3 & Mary (McMurry) Sarrett)
(1Gs/o JOSEPH,3 & Mary (Unknown) SARRATT of Person Co., NC.
(2Gs/o Samuel,1 & Anna (Unknown) SARRATT) of Prince George's Co., MD.
(3Gs/o Joseph,1 & Katherine (Unknown) SARRAT)The American Progenitor
b. 20 Oct 1792, in Caswell Co., NC; [REF: # 1 & 4] 
d. 01 Mar 1860, at the age of 67y, 4m, 11 days, in Benton County, TN.
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
Was 27 years of age (1819) when his parents removed to Humphreys 
Co., Tenn.; He was in War of 1812; Was a Medical Doctor; 
He married twice, first at 32 years old on 07 Oct. 1824, in Carroll Co., TN. 
(later, part of reformed into Benton County), [REF: # 1]
by his Uncle the Rev. JACOB BROWNING to the 
(Was she a Widow?, a ROBERT STEVENSON, who died 05 Aug. 1843, was he 
a Son of the first Marriage? 
(See Sister [REF: #10]
 6th. Dau: ELIZA SARRETT [REF: #131]
b. 01 AUG. 1793, Location Unknown; [REF: # 1] 
d. 18 JUL. 1847, at the age of 53y, 8m, 17days, in Benton Co., TN.;  
They had four children born to this 1st. union; 
He  married a second time on 20 Sep. 1848 [REF: #16] & [REF: # 1 list 24th.]
by the Justice of the Peace SAMUEL TATE, at Dickson County, Tennessee, 
to the (26 year his junior) "Widow" Mrs. CATHARINE (Unknown) MILLER; 
b. about 1818, (Census info.) in Virginia; 
she had one son born to her first marriage; Name of her first 
husband is Unknown.
  FIRST MARRIAGE! Oct 7, 1824, Isabella STEVENSON, 4Ch
 1. 1st. Son:  WASH. L. SARRETT;  *1825-1872 a47y  m. *1847 1st Susan SARRATT,   4Ch
   m. c1852 2nd Louisa HOLLINGSWORTH,   8Ch.
 2. 1st. Dau:  ELIZA C. SARRETT;  *1827-1828 a04m  d. Infant! be Chalk Hill Cem.?  
 3. 2nd. Dau:  R.B.D. SARRETT;  *1828-1866 a37y   No Marriage!  
 4. 3rd. Dau:  MARY L. SARRETT;  *1831-1891 a60y  m. *1849 Harvy G. HOLLINGSWORTH,  10Ch
  FIRST MARRIAGE! ___ __, 1840, Mr. MILLER, 1Ch
 5. 1st Son:  WILLIAM MILLER;  1840-   Not Traced!  
  SECOND MARRIAGE! Sep 20, 1848, Mrs. Catherine MILLER, 0Ch
        No Issue  
  Possible Record Problem. # One
In [REF: #90 pg152-3] only had one son born to Wilson M. & Isabella (Stevenson) SARRETT: Washington L. Sarrett..prs
  Possible Record Problem. # Two
In [REF: #2 pg350] WILSON M. SARRETT was listed on pg. 350 "Rosters of Soldiers & Patriots", 1974, but birth as 20 Oct. 1790. but in [REF: #1] "Family Bible" has b. 20 Oct. 1792.
Chronological Order of Events
Dr. Wilson M. SARRETT
 Itam  Date  Age  Source   Living in Co..
 Born  1792       Caswell Co., NC.
 Census  1800   9yrs  Living with Parents in See: Fathers 1800 Census)   Person Co., NC.
 TaxRoll  1800  18yrs  Living with Parents in See: Fathers 1810 Tax Roll)   Rutherford Co., NC.
 Census  1820  28yrs  Living with Parents in See: Fathers 1820 Census)   Humpheries Co., NC.
 Married  1824  32yrs   Miss Isabella STEVENSON, age 41yrs See: Oct. 07, 1824 Marriage)   Carroll Co., TN.
 Married  1848  56yrs   Mrs Catherine MILLER, age 30yrs See: Seo. 20, 1848 Marriage)   Dickson Co., TN.
Dr. Wilson M. SARRETT, a32yrs son of John,3 & Mary W. (McMurry) SARRETT and Miss Esebeller SYEVENSON, a31yrs Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. STEVEBSON Parents were married in Carroll Co., Tennessee on October 7, 1824. per [REF: #1] "Family Bible"
Dr. Wilson M. SARRETT, a56yrs son of John,3 & Mary W. (McMurry) SARRETT and Mrs. Catherine MILLER, a30yrs Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Unknown Parents were married in Dickson Co., Tennessee on September 20, 1848. per [REF: Sistler Marriage Records]
Wilson M. SARRETT,a38 yrs can be found with his own family in the: [REF: #11]
1830 Census, Carroll Co., TN. M-019, Reel 174, Page 149, Line 3
Page Line FName MName LName Age Born b. Remarks
 149  003 Wilson  M. SARRETT  38 yrs  1792  NC  (30 to 40)
   Wife: Isabella  (STEVENSON?) SARRETT  37  1793  NC  (30 to 40)
 1.  1st Son: Washington  L. SARRETT  05  1825  TN  (05 Under)
 3.  2nd Dau: R.B.D.   SARRETT  02  1828  TN  (05 Under)
 Not Listed in the 1830 Census Family Unit!
 2.  1st Dau: Eliza  C. SARRETT  01  1827  TN  d. 01 Jul. 1828 a1y 4m 20d
  Grand Jury - Apr. 1836
In [REF: #18 pg835 & 56] On 11 Apr. 1836, JAMES McMURRY was the "Attorney- General".
The "Grand Jury" which was "impaneled" were the following:
     ROBERT RUSHING, Foreman
     WILLIS _______?,
     C. C. POE,
     JOHN MERRITT, <---(Our John,3 SARRETT?)
     HOSEA D. BROWNING, <--- Gr-Son of John,3 SARRETT and Cousin to
     WILSON M. SARRETT (Surratt). <--Our Subject!
Wilson M. SARRETT, a48y can be found with his own family in the [REF: #14]
1840 Census, Benton Co., TN. M-704, Reel 521, Page 011, Line 12
Page Line FName MName LName Age Born b. Remarks
 011  012 Wilson  M. SARRETT  48 yrs  1792  NC  (40 to 50)
   Wife: Isabella  (STEVENSON?) SARRETT  47  1793  NC  (40 to 50)
 1.  1st Son: Washington  L. SARRETT  15  1825  TN  (15 to 20)
 3.  2nd Dau: R.B.D.   SARRETT  12  1828  TN  (10 to 15)
 4.  3rd Dau: Mary  L. SARRETT  09  1831  TN  (05 to 10)
Wilson M. SARRETT, a58y can be found with his own family. Occupation was "M. D. (Medical Doctor) and a STEAMER" His "Real Estate" value was listed at $400. He was living with his second wife CATHARINE (Unknown), age 32; They were living 1 farm away from son WASHINGTON L. & SUSAN (SARRETT) SARRETT (Visitation # 653) who was liveing next to his Uncle JOSEPH H. SARRETT (Visitation #652). [REF: #15]
1850 Census, Benton Co., TN. M-432, Reel 670, Page 895, F.G. 652
Page F.V. FName MName LName Age Born b. Remarks
 895  652 Wilson  M. SARRETT  48 yrs  1792  NC  2nd s/o John,3 SARRETT
   2ndWife: Catharina  (Unk) MILLER SARRETT  32  1818  VA  Widow of Mr. MILLER
 3.  2nd Dau: R.B.D.   SARRETT  21  1828  TN  
   StepSon: William   MILLER  09  1841  TN  Not Traced!
Not Living in the 1850 Census Family Unit!
 1.  1st Son: Washington  L. SARRETT  25  1825  TN  m. *1847 Susan SARRETT
 4.  3rd Dau: Mary  L. SARRETT  19  1831  TN  m. 1849 H.G. HOLLINGSWORTH
  Will & Testament - 1860
In [REF: #90 pg153] WILSON M. SARRETT left a "Will", Benton County Will Book "I", page 327; Which named his Beneficiaries as his 2nd. Wife CATHARINE (Unknown) MILLER SARRETT; his Children:
     1st. Son: WASHINGTON L. SARRETT and
      3rd. Dau: R. B. D. SARRETT;
      his Grandsons
He also listed his Medical Books, the SARRETT Family Bible, Wesley's "Notes", and a history of the Revolution. ..prs
Chalk Hill Cemetery, Benton Co., TN. (No Marker?)
Isabella (Stevenson) SARRETT,
age 53yrs
Aug 01, 1793 - Jul 18, 1847
(Need Headstone Photo)
age 67yrs
Oct 20, 1792 - Mar 01, 1860
(Need Headstone Photo)
aged __yrs
c1818 - 18__
(Need Headstone Photo)
Widow Mrs. Catharine SARRETT, a58y can be found with family. WILSON M. SARRETT had died on 01 March 1860, and his widow CHATHERINE (Unknown) MILLER SARRETT was living with her Son WILLIAM MILLER, age 20 yrs. [REF: #17]
1860 Census, Benton Co., TN.
M-653, State Reel #1240, Page 017, F.G. 827
Page F.V. FName MName LName Age Born b. Remarks
 017  827 Catharina  MILLER SARRETT  42  1818  VA  Wid/o 1)MILLER, 2)SARRETT
   StepSon: William   MILLER  09  1841  TN  Not Traced!
This is the last record found!
The Following are the Children of WILSON M. and 1st. Wife ISABELLA (STEVENSON) SARRETT: Sixth Generation! 1. WASHINGTON LAFAYETTE SARRETT; [SFA-FG 1873, 74] (1st Son of Wilson M. & 1st Wife: Isabella (Stevenson) Sarrett) of Benton Co., TN. (1Gs/o John,3 & Mary (McMurry) Sarrett) [ARW-Soldier] (2Gs/o JOSEPH,3 & Mary (Unknown) SARRATT of Person Co., NC. (3Gs/o Samuel,1 & Anna (Unknown) SARRATT) of Prince George's Co., MD. (4Gs/o Joseph,1 & Katherine (Unknown) SARRAT)The American Progenitor b. 04 AUG. 1825, in Carroll Co., TN. (Reformed to Benton County; [REF: # 1] d. 18 AUG. 1872, a47ys, 0m, 14 days, in Carroll Co., TN. [REF: # 1] d. 26 Apr. 1889, a64y based on [[REF: #90 pg153) Buried: Chalk Hill Cemetery, Benton Co., TN. (See: Single Marker #295) At age 05 yrs., living with parents, in the 1830 Census Carroll Co., TN. At age 15 yrs., living with parents, in the 1840 Census Benton Co., TN; He married twice, first a22 yrs, on the 25th Apr. 1847, in Benton Co., TN, to his Cousin? 15 year old Miss SUSAN ANNA SARRETT; (a.k.a "Suzanne, Suzen") (Dau of Unknown (to me) SARRETT Parents) b. about 1832, based on 1850 & 1860 Census b. about 1822, in Dickson County TN.; d. befor 1853, nr Camden, Benton Co., TN. [REF:1873.002] Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) [No Marker in Chalk Hill Cem.] They had 2 children born to this 1st Union: [REF:1873.002] After the death of his 1st wife, he (a29y) married 2nd on 16 Feb 1854, in Henry Co., TN. [m.rec 1851-1900] to 23 year old Miss Louisa HOLLINGSWORTH; (d/o George W. HOLLINGSWORTH & Susan HARVEY (sister of Harvey G. HOLLINGSWORTH) [REF:1873.002] b. 10 Jan 1831, Henry Co., TN. d. __ ___ 1907, a75y nr Davidson, Tillman Co., OK. Buried: (See: Davidson Cemetery, Tillman Co., OK. They had 8 children born to this 2nd Union: [REF:1873.002]

See Biographical Profile: Washington L. SARRETT;
for Continuation.
2. ELIZA CAROLINE SARRETT; (1st Dau of Wilson M. & Isabella (Stevenson) Sarrett) b. 11 FEB. 1827, in Carroll Co., (Later part reformed to Benton Co., TN; [REF: # 1 d. 01 JUL. 1828, a1y, 4m, 20days., in Carroll Co., (Benton Co.), TN. (No listing of this child in [REF: #90pg153. 3. R.B.D. SARRETT; (2nd Dau. of Wilson M. & Isabella (Stevenson) Sarrett) b. 29 DEC 1828, in Humphreys Co., (Now Benton County) TN.; [REF: # 1 d. 24 NOV. 1866, at the age of 37 years, 10 months, and 25 days, Benton County, TN.; She was NOT listed at 12 years of age living with her parents in the 1840 Census for Benton County; She WAS listed at 21 years, living with her father and Step-mother in the 1850 Census for Benton Co., Tn.; She was NOT living with her step-mother in the 1860 Census for Benton Co., Tn.; She was living by herself as "Head of Household", in the 1860 Census, 29 yrs. old, Occupation NOT listed; She had $500 value Real Estate and $100 of Personal value. Her Visitation Number was 528, her brother WASHINGTON L. SARRETT was F.G. #526, her sister Mary L. (SARRETT) HOLLINGSWORTH was #527, and THO. HOLLINGSWORTH was #529. 21 ; She was listed in her fathers Will, 1860 4. Mary "LOUISA" SARRETT; (3rd Dau. of Wilson M. & Isabella (Stevenson) Sarrett) b. 18 JAN. 1831 in Humphreys County, TN.; [REF: # 1 d. 11 SEP. 1891 a60y, 7m, 23days; She was 9 yrs. old living with her parents in the 1840 Census for Benton Co. Mary LOUISA SARRETT at 18 years of age married on 21 NOV. 1849, (Benton Co. Marriage list License issued) the young 24 years of age man, from Benton County, TN. Mr. HARVEY GEROME HOLLINGSWORTH; [REF: #1 b. 27 DEC 1825, in Humphreys Co., TN; [REF: #1 d. 05 MAR 1896 at the age of 70 years, 2 months, and 8 days; He was the son of George Washington & Wife Unknown. The had 10 children born to this union all born in Benton County, TN: [REF: # 1 4.3.1 Dau: Mary ISABELLA HOLLINGSWORTH; b. 1849 4.3.2 Dau: ANNA ELIZA HOLLINGSWORTH; b. 1851 4.3.3 Dau: ELIZABETH EVELENE HOLLINGSWORTH; b. 1853 4.3.4 Son: CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS HOLLINGSWORTH;b. 1856 4.3.5 Dau: WILLARD GEROME HOLLINGSWORTH; b. 1858 4.3.6 Dau: IVA NORA HOLLINGSWORTH; b. 1861 4.3.7 Dau: CORDELA HOLLINGSWORTH; b. 1863 4.3.8 Son: JOSEPH PORTER HOLLINGSWORTH; b. 1866 4.3.9 Dau: LOUISA ELMER HOLLINGSWORTH; b. 1868 4.3.10 Son: DAVID McKIZZIE HOLLINGSWORTH; b. 1873 Dau: Mary LOUISA (SARRETT) HOLLINGSWORTH was NOT listed in her fathers Will of 1860...prs See Biography Profile Harvey G. HOLLINGSWORTH for Continuation! 5. WILLIAM MILLER (Step-Son of Wilson M. & Catharine (Miller) Sarrett) b. 11 Oct. 1840, Benton County, Tenn. ; [REF:#1] died Unknown; No more information.
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 [REF:#002]   Ron Humphrey   [email protected]
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