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John,2 SARRATT c1759-1830
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John,2 SARRATT c1759-1830, age 71yrs
 Fourth Generation!
Need Photo! of John,2 SARRATT John,2 SARRATT; [SFA-ID#] "The ARW Loyalist to England"
(1st s/o Samuel,2 & Elizabeth (Unknown) SARRATT,
(Gs/o Samuel,1 & 1st Wife Anna SARRATT)
(GGs/o Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRAT, "The American Progenitor"
b. c1759 on the "Double Creek" Plantion South of the Hyco River, in the old Granville, Orange,
(present-day Person Co., NC.)
He died on 12 Sep., 1830, age 71 years in the Spartanburg Dist., SC.
He is buried in the "Samuel Sarratt Family" Cemetery
(See Map 10, Site "L" No Headstone) in present-day Cherokee Co., SC.
At the age of 17yrs he married before 1776 in Spartanburg Dist., SC. to the
16 year old Miss Nancy "Nannie" MORGAN,
(1st d/o Anthony,3 & Mary (WILSON) MORGAN, of Westmorland Co., VA. [FG 98] "The ARW Patriot to America"
(Gd/o Anthony,2 & Ann (DUNCAN) MORGAN, of Farnham Parish, VA. FG 595]
(GGd/o Anthony,1 & Elizabeth (TAYLOR) MORGAN, of Bristol, VA. [FG593]
b. c1760 Brunswick Co., VA.
d. 13 Sep. 1854, a70y in Spartanburg Dist., present-day Cherokee Co., SC.,
she is buried along side her husband (Map 10l,No Headstone.)
 They had at least 7 Children born to this Union, (3 Sons & 4 Dau's) Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source  [REF:#90, Pg159]
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.  FG. 1st Dau:  Rhoda SARRATT,  NC. c1776-1854 a78yrs SC.  m. c1796 1st James GILMORE, Jr.   4Ch.  23
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. c1805 2nd Reddick ARENDELL,   3Ch.  24 1st Son:  Anthony,1 SARRATT,  NC. *1777-1861 a84yrs SC.  m. c1800 Letitia ELLIS,   9Ch.  27 2nd Dau:  Edith Jane SARRATT,  NC. c1778-1844 a66yrs SC.  m. c1797 Elijah, Sr. TURNER,  11Ch.  28 3rd Dau:  Nancy,2 SARRATT,  SC. c1780-1832 a52yrs SC.  m. c1802 Johnthan HOPPER,   4Ch.  40 2nd Son:  John,6 SARRATT, Jr.  SC. *1785-1854 a69yrs SC.  m. c1806 1st Barbara? "Jane" ELLIS,   8Ch.  101
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. c1833 2nd Miss? Elender Unknown,   0Ch.  2061 4th Dau:  Barbara/Barbary SARRATT,  SC. c1788-1863 a75yrs SC.  m. c1810 Charles HOPPER Sr.  10Ch.  41 3rd Son:  Samuel,7 SARRATT,  NC. c1790-1851 a61yrs SC.  m. c1809 Marg "Peggy" QUINN,   6Ch.  76
55 Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 

Nobel J. Sarratts' Book 1897  John,2 SARRATT's Family was first recorded & published in 1897,
 (No Documentation)
 Spartanburg Co., SC. See my comments below. ..prs

Laura & Normans' 1980 book - Click on Thumbnail for more Info. on this Source  John,2 SARRATT's Family was recorded (No Documentation)
 in Laura & Norman's 1980 Book,
 Page 157, Chapter V., South Carolina
 See my Comments below..prs

Source REF:#prs Click on Thumbnail for Source Reference  Union Co., South Carolina Heritage, book of 1981
  John,2 SARRATT's family was written in (Not Doucmented) "Union Co., SC Heritage" book of 1981. [146]
the information was supplied by Mrs. Laurens GARLINGTON;
[REF:#145] Mra. Ann I. (Drain) GILLIAM,
[REF:#145] Martha S. Whitener.
which consists of pages 243 to 246.
They provided Family Group information on:
     Annie Pacolette SARRATT, FG 532, by Ann D. Gilliam
     Clara Hoey SARRATT, FG 533, by Ann D. Gilliam
     Edwin Oliver SARRATT, FG 534, by Ann D. Gilliam
     Ethel Wilson SARRATT, FG 535, by Ann D. Gilliam
     Evelina SARRATT, FG 536, by Martha S. Whitener
     The SARRATT Family, FG 537, by Martha S. Whitener
     James Anthony SARRATT, FG 538, by Ann D. Gilliam
     Lucretia Inez SARRATT, FG 539, by Mary Eleanor Grantham Wood
     Sidney Gilbert SARRATT, FG 540, by Martha S. Whitener
     Vivian Irvine SARRATT, FG 541, by Ann D. Gilliam

 Possible Record Problem #1
In Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source  [REF:#146 Pg244] Martha S. Whitner, 1981 states:
"The Sarratt Family left Toulouse, France at the time of the Huguenot persecution and settled in England. The earliest known member of the family to arrive in the United States was John SARRATT, who landed in Massachusetts."
Note: No record has been found (by me) to support the "Massachusetts" story.????
John SARRATT, was b. c1759 on the "Double Creek Plantation" South Hyco River, Caswell Co., NC (Now present-day Person Co., NC.) No Source Record ever been found that he was born in "Massachusetts"

 Possible Record Problem #2
In Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source  [REF:#146 Pg244] Martha S. Whitner, 1981 states:
He (John,2 SARRATT) and other members moved South and lived along the Yadkin River in North Carolina. Between 1765 and 1775 the group, consisting of: John SARRATT, his brothers Samuel & Lemuel, and sisters, Kissie & Mirna SARRATT, moved to the South side of the Broad River, near the mouth of Sarratt Creek in South Carolina."
 Note! John,2 SARRATT, age 6yrs 1st relocated to the East Yadkin River" area of Rowan Co, NC. (See Catt's Bounty, 1765) in 1765.
At the age of 12yrs (c1771) he relocated, a 2nd time with his parents prior to 1771 the old Tryon Co., of NC, which later became part of SC.
He was raised along with his brothers in the Spartanburg area, of the then 96th District of South Carolina. per [REF:#90]
REF:#146, above is missing brother's
2. 2nd Son: Allen,2 SARRATT, b. *1764
3. 3rd Son: James,1 SARRATT, b. c1764
6. 6th Son: William, SARRATT, b. c1767
7. 7th Son: Thomas, 2 SARRATT, b. c1768

 A record in 1771 shows John,2 SARRATT, age 12yrs and brother Leonard SARRATT age 6 were "Chain Bearers" for a survey on their father Samuel,2 SARRATT, Sr., age 29yrs, Land Grant #54 for 200 acres on the West side of the Broad River Tryon Co., NC. (Tryon Co., Book 20, Page 699)

 The Up-Country of the Carolinas was under control of the British (a.k.a. "Tory") from 1778 to 1781.  Our subject John,2 SARRATT, was a "Loyalist" to the King of England.
Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source - South Carolina Archives, Columbia, SC.  See: John,2 SARRATT, age 24yrs in listed in the list for South Carolina Colony.
Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source - SFA© ARW Roster, SC.  See: John,2 SARRATT, age 24yrs in SFA© ARW Roster for South Carolina Colony.
England/British Loyalist/Troy Soldiers
Nobel J. Sarratts' Book 1897 Grandson NOBEL SARRATT, Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source REF:#155, Pg13  [REF:#155, Pg.13] wrote in his Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source Nobel J. Sarratt, Sarratt Family Book, 1897, Pg13  "The Sarratt Family, Book 1897," that his Grandfather John,2 SARRATT Was a Loyalist!
"I have not mentioned the fact that JOHN SARRATT, my grandfather, sympathized with KING GEORGE in the Revolution of 1776, and remained loyal to the mother country. This subjected himself and my grandmother to very sever trials. A party of American soldiers raided his home one night, to capture my grandfather; but my grandmother shut the door and stood guard of her house on the door steps and forbade the soldiers to enter. They parlayed a little and said, they could not further annoy as brave a women as that, and they went away."

   Major Record Problem #143
In [REF:#90 pg159] they state:
John, SARRATT, was a Lieutenant in Colonel BENJAMIN ROEBUCK'S Regiment of the South during the Revolution as revealed by pat vouchers and other records in the State Archives at Columba, South Carolina."
This Lt. John SARRATT, is not the above subject, but is a Cousin. See: John,3 SARRETT, for Continuation! ..prs

 Marriage Mr SARRATTR & Miss MORGAN
Nobel J. SARRATT, reports: Click on RedBall for More Info. on this Source  [The SARRATT Family 1897, Pg.4] JOHN SARRATT, my grandfather, previous to the Revolution, married Nannie MORGAN, a sister to CHARLES MORGAN, who lived east of the Broad River in York County.

 South Carolina, 220 acres - Land Grant, c1784
John,2 SARRATT, Sr., age 25 received a Land Grant from the State of South Carolina, for 220 acres. This land was located adjoining his brothers ALLEN,2 SARRATT and father SAMUEL,2 SARRATT, Sr. along the West side of the Broad River, Spartanburg area of the 96th District, South Carolina. (State Plat, Vol 10 Page 513)
220 acres of land lying on the banks of the Broad River, County of Spartanburg, Ninety-Six District, South Carolina; adjoining the property of ALLEN,2 SARRATT on one line; with SAMUEL SARRATT on the other; and connecting a corner with Mike's Creek.

 South Carolina, Land Gift from Father, 15 Sep 1785
SAMUEL,2 SARRATT, age 43yrs conveyed some land as a Gift to oldest Son John,2 SARRATT, Sr, age 26yrs (Deed Book "Q-5", Pages 449-450, Spartanburg Co., South Carolina, Records in the office of RMC Charleston Co., SC). [REF:#143]
I SAMUEL SARRATT Sr., of the State of South Carolina and the 96th District, Planter, do for and in consideration of good causes, together with the affection and love which I have to my son John,2 SARRATT and under consideration of many services doen hereto unto me, moving me, I do freely give, grant by a free open and absolute DEED of GIFT and do presents, give grant constitute and conform unto my well beloved son John SARRATT. ..Part of my land which I now live upon, which was originally granted to me by JOSIAH MARTIN, Governor of North Carolina, letter patent bearing date the 14th day of November, one thousand seven hundred and seventy one (1771). Prepared 15 Sep., 1785, Recorded 06 May 1786
Samuel,2 Sarratt
In the present said witness:
John Morgan --John2 SARRATT's Father-In-Law
Samuel, 4 Sarratt, --John2 Brother (age 21)
William, 1 Sarratt, --John2 Brother (age 19)

In the 1790 Census for Spartanburg Co., SC.
John,2 SARRATT, Sr age 31 and Wife Nannie (MORGAN) SARRATT,
age 30 can be identified living adjoining his brother's
ALLEN,2 SURRATT property, his father SAMUEL 2, SURRATT,
next to him. It's interesting to note this record
list 4 "Free White Females" and 3 Males Under 16 years of
age, which match the following children.
   (M-637, State Reel 11, Page 88, line 1)
   H/H JOHN SURRAT,                 b. 1759, age 31
   Wife: Nannie (MORGAN) SURRAT,    b. 1760, age 30
   1. 1st. Dau: RHODA SARRATT;      b. 1776, age 14
   2. 1st. Son: ANTHONY, 1 SARRATT; b. 1777, age 13
   3. 2nd. Dau: EDITH SARRATT;      b. 1778, age 12
   4. 3rd. Dau: NANCY SARRATT;      b. 1780, age 10
   5. 2nd. Son: JOHN, 6 SARRATT;    b. 1785, age  5
   6. 4th. Dau: BARBARA SARRATT;    b. 1786, age  4
   7. 3rd. Son: SAMUEL, 7 SARRATT;  b. 1790,   6/12

03 Apr. 1792 (Pickney District Common Pleas Minute Bk 1792-1794)pg 1; (Union & York Co., were formed from Pickney Dist.) [REF:#143] JOHN,2 SARRATT, age 33y was
    Ordered that the names of thirty persons who were summoned to serve as "Common Pleas Jurors" be entered on the Minutes of the Court. Number 4. John SARRATT <--Our Subject!
[REF:#143] A Dead record dated 18 Aug. 1794, John,2 SARRATT, [Sr.] sold some the lower half 100 acres of his fathers 1771 Grant property to JOHN BYARS all except the one acre "Sarratt Family Cemetery." (Spartanburg Co., Deed Bk. G, Pages 123-4) JOHN SARRATT of Spartanburg Co., SC convey to JOHN BYARS (same) for consideration of 30 pounds sterling, some 100 acres more or less of land lying on the "West" side of the Broad River the aforesaid lower half of a Grant dated 14 Nov. 1771 by Gov. JOSIAH MARTIN of North Carolina to SAMUEL SARRATT, [Sr.] with one acre reserved for "the grave".... Witness: James Byars <--See 1790 Census, Pg. 088 F.G. 1-90 John Byars <--Not listed Until 1830 Census? John Grist <--See 1790 Census, Pg 087, F.G. 1-83 Signed by John SARRATT Wit. oath 23 Apr. 1796 by John BYARS to H. McCRAY Recorded: 18 Nov. 1800 [REF:#143] On 14th Sep. 1798, a record shows John,2 SARRATT, Sr., age 39 asurvey was provided of some 381 acres in the old 96 District of SC. (Commission of Locations 96th Dist. 1786-1803 Spartanburg, SC; Page 447) Survey for JOHN SARRATT, Sr of Spartanburg Co., SC., 381 acres of land lying on the Wagon Road leading to Cherokee Ford on the Broad River; and to Tate's Ferry, and road to Grindel Shoals, bounded by CHARLES MORGAN, <--This is in York Co See 1790 Census Pg 29 JOHN COOPER, <--See 1790 Census, Pg. 088, F.G. 2-30 THOMAS COLE, <--See 1790 Census, Pg. 088, F.G. 1-70 THOMAS PHILLIPS, <--See 1790 Census, Pg. 088, F.G. 2-34 JOHN GIBSON. <--See 1790 Census, Pg. 088, F.G. 2-66 [REF:#143] On 04th Feb. 1799, this same record was recorded or granted to OHN,2 SARRATT, Sr., age 40 as per Patent Land Survey: Index of Land Acquisitions 1770-1820, compiled by Smith & Owens, A Press Greenville, SC; Page 120 & 447 and can be found on the 1798 State Plat Vol. 37, Page 203 JOHN SARRATT, Sr of Spartanburg Co., SC., granted 381 acres more or less, of land in the Pinckney District, lying on "Peoples Creek" of the Broad River; known as "Little Meadows", including the fork of "Cherokee Ford" and "Tate's Ferry Road", granted this 4th day of Feb. 1799, by Gov. EDWARD RUTLEDGE. [REF:#2] In the 1800 Census for Spartanburg Co., SC. (M-32, State Reel 50, Page 169, line 3) John,2 & Nannie (MORGAN) SURRATT, and family can be identified living close to his brother ALLEN,2 SURRATT (Pg168) property, his father SAMUEL 2, SURRATT, next to John,2 SURRATT, who listed as owning One Slave; 3 of the Daughters were NOT living with this family. H/H JOHN SURRAT, b. 1759, age 41 (45 Over) Wife: Nannie (MORGAN) SURRAT, b. 1760, age 40 (45 Over) 2. 1st. Son: ANTHONY, 1 SARRATT; b. 1777, age 23 (16 to 26) 5. 2nd. Son: JOHN, 6 SARRATT; b. 1785, age 15 (10 to 16) 6. 4th. Dau: BARBARA SARRATT; b. 1786, age 14 (10 to 16) 7. 3rd. Son: SAMUEL, 7 SARRATT; b. 1790, age 10 (10 to 16) Unknown Female <---Note! (09 Under) One Slave Children NOT listed in the 1800 Family Unit! 1. 1st. Dau: RHODA, b. c1776, age 24 m. c1796 1) James, Jr. GILMORE; [See 1800 Census, Spartanburg, M-32, Reel 50, Pg 211 3. 2nd. Dau: EDY, b. c1778, age 22 m. c1797 Elijah TURNER, Sr. 4. 3rd. Dau: NANCY, b. c1780, age 20 m. c1800 John HOPPER [REF:#143] A Deed record dated 06 Oct., 1800 Shows Brother-in-Law Charles MORGAN (Brother of Wife Nancy, son of Anthony, 1 & Mary (WILSON) MORGAN) [Spartanburg Co., Deed Book "G", pg 219-220] Charles MORGAN of Spartanburg convey to John SARRATT, Sr. of (same) for consideration of $120 some 424 acres of land lying; on the West side of the Broad River; border of "old Rights" land of HARRIS, SARRATT; which was granted 05 Mar. 1798 Gov. Charles Pinckney to Charles MORGAN. Witness: John PHILLIPS Anthony SARRATT <----age 23 1st Son of John, Sr. ..prs Wm. CARTER Signed by Charles ( X ) MORGAN HIS MARK Wit. oath 16 Oct. 1800 by John PHILLIPS to H. McCRAY Recorded: 17 Apr. 1801 [REF:#143] Deed record dated 28 Feb. 1801 [Spartanburg Co., SC., Deed Bk. H, page 17-18] Peter PETTERSON, of Spartanburg Co., SC., conveys to James WILKINS of (same) for consideration of $200 some 80 acres of land lying (omitted) Witness: John SARRATT, <--- Our Subject s/b [Sr.] Jesse FONDREN <--- Bro Richard Mar: Sarah COLE Signed by Peter PETTERSON Wit. oath 28 Feb. 1801 by John SARRATT to John LIPSCOMB Recorded: 09 Dec. 1801
 South Carolina, Deed
 Deed Book "I", pg 054-056]
 Recorded: 28 Jul. 1803
John SARRATT of Spartanburg Co., SC convey to John McKEE of York Co., SC., for consideration of $250 some 805 acres in two tracts:
1st. 424 acres where John LEFEVER fromerly lived and granted 04 Mar. 1798 to Charles MORGAN who sold it 16 Oct. 1800 to John SARRATT.
2nd. 381 acres granted 04 Feb. 1799 to John SARRATT, with improvements, where John LEFEVER now lives.
Richard QUINN
Signed by John SARRATT <--- Our Subject s/b [Sr.]
Wit. oath 27 Jun. 1803 by Thomas KITCHEN to John RICHMAN
February 12, 1803
 John Sarratt (of Spartanburgh County, SC) to John McKee (of York District) for $250 sold 805 acres in two tracts:
(1) 424 ac where John Lefever formerly lived and granted Mar. 5 1798 to Charles Morgan who sold October 16, 1800 to John Sarratt; and (2) 381 ac granted Feb. 4, 1799 to John Sarratt; includes improvements where John Lefever now lives.
February 12, 1803 John Sarratt (Spartanburgh) and John McKee (York District) an agreement: John Sarratt sold John MCKee two tracts whererJohn Lefever formerly lived and Richard Fondren now lives and tract where John Lefever now lives at crossroads called Little Meadows-805 acres in all.

 Source: Deed record dated 12 Feb., 1803 [REF:#143]
[REF:#143] On 20 Jan., 1804, (Spartanburg Co., Deed Book "I", pg 331-333) Records show a Deed was prepared: John McKEE of Spartanburg Co. convey to M.(ichael) GAFFNEY of York Co., SC. some 381 acres of land lying on "Peoples Creek" of Broad River; known as "Little Meadows"; including fork of Cherokee Ford and Tate's Ferry Road; This land was Granted on 04 Feb. 1799 by Gov. Edward RUTLEDGE to John SARRATT; and sold 424 acres; borders of John SARRATT and <--- Our Subject s/b [Sr.] HARRIS; Granted 05 Mar. 1798 by Gov. Charles PINCKNEY to Charles MORGAN who sold to John SARRATT, who sold 12 Feb. 1803 to John McKIE [REF:#2] On 03 Oct., 1804, (Spartanburg Co., Deed Book "M", pg 222) Records show a Deed was prepared, a year before the elder SAMUEL,2 SARRETT died, that shows that he sold his favorite Fishing spot to his Granddaughter RHODA (SARRATT) GILMORE ARENDELL'S husband REDDICK ARENDELL, this was not recorded until the 7th Apr. 1810, five years after his death. [REF:#143] SAMUEL,2 SARRETT, Sr., of Spartanburg, South Carolina, convey to REDDICK ARENDELL, of Spartanburg Co., South Carolina; "a certain fishing place on the Big Broad River", beginning at the said REDDICK ARENDELL'S corner to the head of McLaron's Island, then turns square with the Little Island; thence to JOHN SARRATT'S land; In consideration of $10.00. LS/ Samuel Sarrett, Sr. Witness: William Sarratt <--Brother of John Sr. John Williams [REF:#143] In 1805, before the elder father died, SAMUEL, 2 SARRATT conveyed the "Sarratt Plantation" land to his oldest Son John,2 SARRATT, age 40. (Need Copy of Deed Book "Q-7", Page 449, Spartanburg Co., SC...prs) [REF:#2] In the 1810 Census for Spartanburg Co., SC. (M-252, State Reel 61, Page 202, line 31) John,2 & Nannie (MORGAN) SARRATT, and family can be identified living close to his brother WILLIAM, 1 SARRATT (Pg 203, Lin 27) JOHN SURRAT, b. 1759 age 51 (45 Over) Wife: Nannie (MORGAN), b. 1760 age 50 (45 Over) Unknown Female <--Note! (16 to 26) 8 Slaves [REF:#143] Deed Record dated 11 May, 1811, (Spartanburg Co., Deed Book "N", pg 059-060) Joseph DAFFRON and wife Nancy DAFFRON, convey to John SARRATT for $40.25 some 14 acres and 7 chains of land lying on the Broad River. Witness: John OLD HANCE Joseph CAMP Signed by Joseph DAFFRON Signed by Nancy ( X ) DAFFRON HER MARK Wit. oath 13 Jul. 1811 by Joseph CAMP to Joshua RICHARDS Recorded: 12 Nov. 1811 [REF:#2] In the 1820 Census for Spartanburg Co., SC., John, Sr. & Wife Nancy "NANNIE" (MORGAN) SARRATT, were living by themselves, all their children had left the "Plantation". [Spartanburg Co., SC., M33, Reel 120, page 281, Line 003] H/H John SARRATT, [Sr.] age 61, b. c1759 (45 Over) Wife: Nannie (MORGAN), age 60, b. c1760 (45 Over) 1 Slave Female, (25 to 45) On 01 Aug. 1826, John,2 SARRATT, and his son JOHN, 6 SARRATT were Witness on the Will and Testament of son-in- law READICK/REDDICK ARENDELL/ARENDELL, husband of Daughter and Sister RHODA (SARRATT) GILMORE ARENDELL, This Will was Proved by John,2 SARRATT, on 01 Sep. 1834 (Probate Judge Office, Spartanburg, Box 1, Pack 11, Will Book C, Pg. 52 - 55..prs [REF:#2] In the 1830 Census, for Spartanburg Co., SC. the elder John,2 SARRATT, was Widowed, 71 years old, and living alone on the "Sarratt Plantation", that was Granted to his Grandfather SAMUEL,2 SARRATT in 1770. 3rd. Son SAMUEL, 7 SARRATT was living 2 farms away (Pg 317, Lin. 23). 1st. Son ANTHONY SARRATT was living close by (Pg. 317, Lin 1). 2nd. Son JOHN 6, SARRATT was living (Pg 316, Lin. 14). This 1830 Census listed 12 Slaves, belonging to the elder John,2 SARRATT. (M-19, State Reel 171, Page 317, F.G. 25) JOHN SARRATT, age 71 (70 to 80) 1 Female Slave (36 to 55) 2 Male Slaves (24 to 36) 2 Female Slaves (24 to 36) 3 Male Salves (10 to 24) 3 Female Salves (10 to 24) 2 Female Slaves (10 Under) [REF:#2] The 1830 Census and a 26th Aug. 1830 Deed is the last record found of John,2, SARRATT, no Testate or Intestate papers have been found. I is believed his estate was disposed of by a Deed Settlement. It is believed his burial location (No headstone marker) is surely located in the small family cemetery, located West bank of the Broad River, (See Map 10, Cemetery L 147 pg109) in Cherokee Co., SC. where he resided the remainder of his life. [REF:#143] This last Deed lists all of the legatees of John,2 SARRATT, Sr. and the property he owned and the One acre Cemetery: (Spartanburg Co., D. Bk. U, Pages 497-8, Dated 26 Aug. 1830) [REF:#143] Legatees: Wife: Nannie (MORGAN) SARRATT, b. c1760 1. 1st. Dau: RHODA SARRATT; b. 1776, m. 1)J. Jr GILMORE,2)R. ARENDELL 2. 1st. Son: ANTHONY, 1 SARRATT; b. 1777, m. Letitia ELLIS 3. 2nd. Dau: EDITH SARRATT; b. 1778, m. Elijah, Sr. TURNER 4. 3rd. Dau: NANCY SARRATT; b. 1780, m. John HOPPER 5. 2nd. Son: JOHN, 6 SARRATT; b. 1785, m. 1) Sarah ELLIS,2) Elender 6. 4th. Dau: BARBARA SARRATT; b. 1786, m. Charles, Sr. HOPPER 7. 3rd. Son: SAMUEL, 7 SARRATT; b. 1790, m. M. Peggy QUINN Situated in the State & District aforesaid, on the Main Broad River, adjoining lands patented by SAMUEL SARRATT, Sr, the one tract containing 220 acres more or less, patented by JOHN SARRATT, Sr bearing date 5th Jun. 1786.... the other adjoining the former containing 14 acres & 7 chains more or less; conveyed to JOHN SARRATT, Sr. by JOSEPH DAFFRON and NANCY DAFFRON, his wife by deed bearing date 11th May 1811.... except One acre of land designed as a "Burying Ground" [REF:#4] BUFFALO BAPTIST CHURCH RECORDS: Found in the Baptist Historical Collection at Furnman University and there are records in the secured vault at the C & S Bank, in Gaffney, Cherokee Co., SC. BBC located abt one mile South of the North Carolina state line, that show John Sarratt was a member, Deacon, and a delegate to the Broad River Baptist Association for many years. He also served as "Judge of Temporary Disputes" in the BBC. Source & Reference Notes! [REF:#143] Source: Helen B. Smith,2736 Henry St. Augusta GA. 30909; Letter to this writer Mar. 13, 1991. prs [REF:#4] Source: Helen B. Smith,2736 Henry St. Augusta GA. 30909; Letter to this writer Jul. 20, 1991. prs

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