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John,4 SARRATT (c1765-c1830)
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John,4 SARRATT, c1765-c1830 65yrs "Plantation Owner"

Fourth Generation!
4. JOHN, 4 SARRATT; [SFA-FG 2906,7] [SFA #]
(1st s/o Allen, 1 & Kesiah (Sucree) Sarratt, [SFA-FG 2548]
(Gs/o....SAMUEL,1 & 1st Wife ANNA SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(GGs/o...JOSEPH,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!"
b. about c1765, on his fathers "Bridgewater Plantation", Prince George's Co., MD; Removed with his parents, at the age of 9 yrs. (1774) to Rowan Co., NC (Now reformed into Davidson Co..prs); d. prior to August, 1830, (Probate of Will..prs) at the age of 65 years, in Davidson Co., NC; Remained on Beaverdam Creek, in Davidson Co., when his father removed to Lincoln Co., NC. in 1798; Buried: Tom's Creek, Primitive Baptist Church, Davidson Co., NC. [W&T 1830] Married twice first a28y before 1793, Old Rowan Co., to [REF: #90 pg48, 1st Wife Unknown; b. abt 1765; Unknown Co., d. bfr 1814, a49y Davidson Co., NC.(Based on birth of 11th. Child..prs) Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) They had 11 Children born to this first Marriage; [REF: #90 pg48, At 61 years of age he married a second time on 05 Sep. 1826 [REF: #90 pg48, (Witness by brother of Polly, JOHN DAVIS, who later married his sister RACHEL SARRATT ..prs) Davidson Co., NC. to the 41 year old "Widow" Mrs. MARY "Polly" (DAVIS) PORTER; b. c1785, old Rowan, present-day Davidson Co., IL. d. Unknow, Davidson Co., NC. One Issue to this second marriage.
  FIRST MARRIAGE: John,4 SARRATT & Wife Unknown, 11Ch. (3 Sons & 8 Dau's)
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 1. 1st Dau:  Margaret Rachel SURRATT,  NC. *1793-1814 a20yrs NC.  Not in W&T 1830  
 2. 2nd Dau:  Elizabeth SURRATT,  NC. *1795-18?? a??yrs IL.  m. *1815 NC. William LAX,   1Ch.
 3. 3rd Dau:  Nancy SURRATT,  NC. *1797-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. c1820 NC. Mr. BOLTON,   ?Ch.
 4. 4th Dau:  Phebe SURRATT,  NC. *1799-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1821 NC. 1st Elisha ROGERS,   ?Ch.
 "  "  "  m. *1829 NC. 2nd Nomrod STILLWELL,   ?Ch.
 5. 5th Dau:  Mary "Polly" SURRATT,  NC. *1801-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1824 NC. Washington KIDD,   ?Ch.
 6. 1st Son:  Greenberry SURRATT,  NC. *1803-1860 a56yrs IL.  m. c1828 NC. Frankey Unknown,   7Ch.
 "  "  "  m. c1853 2) Keziah MORRIS   0Ch.
 7. 6th Dau:  Tempy SURRATT,  NC. *1806-1830 a23yrs NC.  Not in W&T 1830  
 8. 2nd Son:  Allen,5 SURRATT,  NC. *1807-1873 a65yrs KY.  m. c1836 NC. Elizabeth. BOLTON,   7Ch.
 9. 7th Dau:  Rhoda SURRATT,  NC. *1810-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1831 NC. Ezekile HERRING,   ?Ch.
 10. 3rd Son:  John,12 SURRATT,  NC. *1812-1864 a51yrs IL.  m. c1839 IL. Juliann CRAIN,  10Ch.
 11. 8th Dau:  Rachel SURRATT,  NC. *1814-1830 a15yrs NC.  Not in W&T 1830  
  SECOND MARRIAGE: *1826 John,4 SARRATT & 2nd Wife Mrs. M. Polly (DAVIS) PORTER
 12. 1st Dau:  MarthaAnn SURRATT,  NC. c1828-1840 a12yrs NC.  Not in 1840 Census  
  FIRST MARRIAGE: of Mrs. Mary Polly (Davis) PORTER
 13. Step-Son:  Lorence PORTER,  NC. c1810-18?? a??yrs ??.  Not Traced!  
 14. Step-Son:  Ensley A. PORTER,  NC. c1815-18?? a??yrs ??.  Not Traced!  
  25 Known Grandchildren! 
[REF: #90 pg36]
lists that these births were taken from a Bible still in existence and ownership of MILDRED AHREND, a descendant of 2nd Daughter Mrs. ELIZABETH (SARRATT) LAX. Neither JOHN or his 1st Wife are named. The surname is spelled "SURAT". For reason of consistency they have taken the liberty to change the spelling to conform to the majority of records at that time...prs
Major Record Problem!
In the South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. 1-20
SCMAR, Volume XIX Number 1, Winter, 1991 Pg. 56
Was a Query from Mrs. Hazel (Surrett) Ciccio, (02 Apr 1915 - 27 Aug 1999, a83y)
(1715 Old Daytona Road, DeLand, FL 32724)
(She claims she has a Bible with these same children, but she claims they are the children of Allen,2 SARRETT. This is not true ..prs)
I have a Bible of Allen Surrat, published 1858, pages torn, missing, born 11 Dec 1763, NC, lived Spartanburg, SC 1799, 1800, 1818, moved about 1828 to Tennessee with probable brothers John and Samuel in 1790 Spartanburg, SC, all died in Tenn. Children of Allen Surrat readable in Bible:
1. Farley, 2. Phillip, 3. Nancy, 4. Green, 5. Tempy, 6. Allen, 7. Rhoda, 8. John and 9. Rachel, b. 1793-1814. He had two sons, one dau. in 1790 census. Allen Surrat, b. 20 Nov 1807, son of Allen, m. Elizabeth Bolton, b 5 Mar 1814, moved to Symsonia, Graves Co., KY, before 1860. Would like to hear from Surratt, Surrett families of Allen Surrat, John or Samuel Surrat.

See Kentucky Queries Hazel (Surrett) CICCIO
1790 Census
  John,4 SURRATT, a25y can be idendified, living with his parents in the 1790 Census for Rowan Co., NC.
     (See Fathers FGS 1790 Census)
1790 - Land Purchase
The state granted 640 acres of land lying on "Beaverdam Creek", Davidson Co., NC. to a LEWIS BEARD. In 1790 JOHN,4 SARRATT, a25y bought 440 acres of that tract. His land was directly below the land of his father a50y ALLEN,1 SARRATT'S land and can be located on map prepared by BERT M. LANIER of Denton, Davidson Co., North Carolina, and is on display in the Denton Library.) [REF: #90 pg36]
Correction: This was in the old Rowan Co., Davidson wasn't formed untill 1822. ..prs
From Tax Records which start in 1796 and continued up to the prior year of JOHN, 4 SARRATT death in 1830, it is shown that he remained on this property and raised his family there. [REF: #90 pg36] 1800 Census Rowan Co., NC. [1800 Census, M-032, Reel 033, Page 382, Line 001) H/H John,4 SARATT, a35y b. 1765 MD. (26 to 45) 1st Wife, a35y b. 1765 NC. (26 to 45) 1. 1st Dau: Margaret, a 7y b. 1793 NC. (05 to 10) 2. 2nd Dau: Elizabeth, a 5y b. 1795 NC. (05 to 10) 3. 3rd Dau: Nancy, a 3y b. 1797 NC. (05 Under) 4. 4th Dau: Phebe, a 1y b. 1799 NC. (05 Under) 1810 Census Rowan Co., NC. [1810 Census, M-252, Reel 043, Page NdRcd, Line ???) H/H John,4 SARATT, a45y b. 1765 MD. (45 Over) 1st Wife, a45y b. 1765 NC. (45 Over) 1. 1st Dau: Margaret, a17y b. 1793 NC. (15 to 20) 2. 2nd Dau: Elizabeth, a15y b. 1795 NC. (15 to 20) 3. 3rd Dau: Nancy, a13y b. 1797 NC. (10 to 15) 4. 4th Dau: Phebe, a11y b. 1799 NC. (10 to 15) 5. 5th Dau: Polly, a 9y b. 1801 NC. (05 to 10) 6. 1st Son: Greenberry a 7y b. 1803 NC. (05 to 10) 7. 6th Dau: Tempy, a 4y b. 1806 NC. (05 Under) 8. 2nd Son: Allen,5 a 3y b. 1807 NC. (05 Under) 1820 Census Rowan Co., NC. [1820 Census, M-033, Reel 083, Page NdRcd, Line ???) H/H John,4 SARATT, a55y b. 1765 MD. (45 Over) 1st Wife, a55y b. 1765 NC. (45 Over) 4. 4th Dau: Phebe, a21y b. 1799 NC. (20 to 25) 5. 5th Dau: Polly, a19y b. 1801 NC. (15 to 20) 6. 1st Son: Greenberry a17y b. 1803 NC. (15 to 20) 7. 6th Dau: Tempy, a14y b. 1806 NC. (10 to 15) 8. 2nd Son: Allen,5 a13y b. 1807 NC. (10 to 15) 9. 7th Dau: Rhoda, a10y b. 1810 NC. (05 to 10) 10 3rd Son: John,12 a 8y b. 1812 NC. (05 to 10) 11 8th Dau: Rachel,2 a 6y b. 1814 NC. (05 to 10) (Not Living with the 1820 Family Unit!) 1. 1st Dau: Margaret, a27y b. 1793 NC. Not Traced! 2. 2nd Dau: Elizabeth, a25y b. 1795 NC. m. *1815 Wm. LAX, 3. 3rd Dau: Nancy, a23y b. 1797 NC. m. c1820 Mr. BOULTON,
John,4 Will & Testament -1830
JOHN, 4 SARRATT wrote his Will on 03 Apr. 1830, and it is interesting to note the children he did NOT mention: [REF: #90 pg36]
Firstly, I leave my land to my wife "Polly" to have as her own, to raise my little daughter "Marthann" until she becomes her own woman.
Secondly, after "Marthann" becomes of age, the land shall be equally divided between my two sons Allen and John, equal acres.
Thirdly, I leave my dwelling house, spring, and orchards to my son "John"
Fourthly, both "Allen and John", shall have the privilege to clear and till on said lands, but not for none of my children to prohibit anything my wife that I have above named.
Fifthly, I will to my son "Allen", a young gray Horse, one Sow and Pig.
Sixtly, I will my son "John" a gray Mare, one Sow and Pig.
Seventhly, I will my Wife one Sow and Pig.
Eightly, I will my daughter "Nancy (Sarratt) Boulton", one bed where the boys lay on.
Thereafter, I will my executor to sell my remaining property and pay all debts, and with the balance to be equally divided among my children that I have not yet willed anything to.
I also will to my son "John" certain household property after he becomes of the age of 21 years, and that Preacher Jesse SOWEL of the Tom's Creek, Primitive Baptist Church, preach at my funeral.
     LS\ John Sarrett
     Executor JERE COGGAN
     Witness: LS\ J. W. DANIEL
Children at the time of John,4 SURRATT's death!
 No  #1. 1st Dau  Margaret Rachel    d. a20y c1814, Not in W&T 1830
 No  #2. 2nd Dau  Elizabeth  a35y  m. *1815 Willam LAX, moved Brown Co., IL.
 Yes  #3. 3rd Dau  Nancy  a33y  m. c1820 Mr. BOLTON, Not Traced!
 No  #4. 4th Dau  Phebe  a31y  m. 1st *1821 ROGERS, 2nd *1829 STILLWELL
 No  #5. 5th Dau  M. Polly  a29y  m. *1824 Washington KIDD,
 No  #6. 1st Son  Greenberry  a27y  m. 1st c1828 Frankey 2nd c1853 K. MORRIS, moved to IL.
 No  #7. 6th Dau  Tempy  a24y  Not Traced!
 Yes  #8. 2nd Son  Allen,5  a23y  m. c1836 Elizabeth BOLTON, moved to KY.
 No  #9. 7th Dau  Rody  a20y  m. *1831 Ezekile HERRING,
 Yes  #10 3rd Son  John,12  a18y  m. c1839 Juliann A. CRAIN, moved to IL.
 No  #11 8th Dau  Rachel  a16y  Not Traced!
 Yes  #12 1st Dau  Marthann  a02y  d. a12y bfr 1840 Census
 No  Step-Son  Lorence PORTER  a20y  Not Traced!
 No  Step-Son  Ensley PORTER  a15y  Not Traced!
SELL John,4 SARRATT, dec'd Property -1830
On 09 Aug. 1830 Green SARRATT, a27y (1st son)
Allen,5 SARRATT, a23y (2nd Son)
along with William TAYLOR (Not in 1830 Census?)
and Lewis SNIDER (On Pg 202 Lewis, Sr. & Lewis Jr.)
were appointed by the Court Executors of their father John,4 SARRATT's Estate. Green SARRATT thereafter sold all the property which was not specificall named in the Will. [REF: #90 pg37]
Click on Thumbnail for Larger Doc. Th 2nd time "Widow" Mrs. Mary Polly (DAVIS) PORTER, SURRATT can be found in the 1830 Census for Davidson Co., NC. (was created in 1822 from the larger Rowan Co. NC.) so this family is listed in Davidson Co. with out moving.
1830 Census, Davidson Co., NC.
Fed. #, M-019 Reel: 120 Page: 195
 Pg.  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  b.Yr.  b.St.  Remarks
 195   22  Mary  (DAVIS) PORTER  SURRALL   45  1785  MD  2 time "Widow"
 #14  2ndSon  Ensley    PORTER   15  1815  NC  Not Traced!
 #12  1stDau  Marthann    SURRATT   2  1828  NC  d. a12y bfr 1840 Census
(Not Living with the 1830 Family Unit!) 4. 4th Dau: Phebe, a31y b. 1799 NC. m. Nimrod STILLWELL, Pg 199 5. 5th Dau: Polly, a29y b. 1801 NC. m. Wash. KIDD, moved to IL 6. 1st Son: Greenberry a27y b. 1803 NC. m. Frankey Liv Pg 198 7. 6th Dau: Tempy, a24y b. 1806 NC. Not Traced! 8. 2nd Son: Allen,5 a23y b. 1807 NC. H/H Liv. Pg 193, L 14 9. 7th Dau: Rhoda, a20y b. 1810 NC. m. *1831 Ezekile HERRING 10 3rd Son: John,12 a18y b. 1812 NC. Liv w/Br. Allen,5 Pg193 11 8th Dau: Rachel,2 a16y b. 1814 NC. Not Traced! 13 1st Son: Lorence PORTER, a20y b. 1810 NC. 1840 Census Davidson Co., NC. [1840 Census, M-704, Reel 359, Page 284, Line: 008 H/H Mary (DAVIS) PORTER, SURRATTE, a55y b. 1785 NC. 2. 2nd Son: Emsley A. PORTER, a25y b. 1815 NC. (Not Listed in the 1840 Family Unit!) 14 1st Dau: Marthann SURRATT, a12y b. 1828 NC.
A Deed exist showing where the Widow M. Polly (DAVIS) PORTER SURRATT sold property to her neighbors and finally she deeded all her remaining land to her 2nd son by her first marriage, Emsley A. PORTER, in 1845. The little daughter MarthAnn SURRATT, who was listed in the 1830 Census (05 Under) was NOT listed in the 1840 Census a12y, so it is presumed she died. [REF: #90 pg97]
The Widow M. Polly (DAVIS) PORTER SURRATT, a65y is NOT listed in the 1850 Census, for Davidson Co., NC., nor with any of her children.
It is presumed she had died, but no Cemetery Headston has been found! [REF: #90 pg97]
Fifth Generation! 1. Margaret Rachel? SURRATT; (1d/o John,4 SARRATT & 1st Wife Unknown) b. 19 May 1793, old Rowan Co., NC. d. bfr 1814, a20yrs in old Rowan Co., NC. [REF: #90 pg97] Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) Was a 7y living with Parents in 1800 Census, Rowan Co. Was a17y living with Parents in 1810 Census, Rowan Co.. Was NOT listed in father's W. & T. of 1830 2. Elizabeth SURRATT; (2d/o John,4 SARRATT & 1st Wife Unknown) b. 09 Nov 1795, old Rowan Co., NC. [REF: #90 pg97] d. Unknown Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) in IL. Was a 5y living with Parents in 1800 Census, Rowan Co. Was a15y living with Parents in 1810 Census, Rowan Co.. At a20y she married on 26 Mar 1815, old Rowan Co., NC. to [REF: #90 pg97] (Marriage Not in IDX ..prs) William LAX; (s/o M/M LAX Parents) b. c 1793, Unknown Co., d. Unknown Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) in IL. Reported to have 1 Child born. [REF: #90 pg97] Was NOT listed in father's W. & T. of 1830 Reported to have moved to IL. [REF: #90 pg97] End of File!

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