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Thomas,1 SARRATT, 1750-1824
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Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America, (SFA)©
Thomas,1 SARRATT, 1750-1824, age 74yrs

Third Generation! THOMAS, 1 SARRATT; [SFA-ID# 1.2.5] [SFA-FG# 540] 5th s/o Samuel, 1 & 2nd. Wife Honour Sarratt; Gs/o....Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRAT; The American Progenitor! b. __ ___ 1750, South Hyco SARRETT Plantation", Orange Co., NC. [REF: #90 pg49] (Later formed to 1777 Caswell Co., then 1791 Person Co) North Caroline; d. __ Sep. 1824, a74yrs, in Davidson County, NC; [See d. rec.] Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) At the age of 19 years, he married, date c1769, (Based on birth of first known child...prs) Rowan Co. (Now Davidson Co.) NC. to Miss Unknown Wife; b. c1750, Location Unknown; d. prior to 1820, at the age of 70 years, Rowan Co., NC.; Buried Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) In [REF: #90 pg49] states he had Three Sons, (The various Census list at least 10 Children, 4 Daughter and 6 Sons..prs:)
  They had at least 10 Children born to this Union:
Rank Click on Name for more Info. b. - d. to County to County
 1. 1st Son:  Absalom,1 SARRATT  c1770-1842 a72yrs IL.  to Rowan/Davidson Co., NC.  to Brown Co., IL.
 2. 1st Dau:  1st Daughter SARRATT  c1773-18?? a??yrs IL.?  Not Traced!  Not Traced!
 3. 2nd Dau:  2nd Daughter SARRATT  c1774-18?? a??yrs IL.?  Not Traced!  Not Traced!
 4. 3rd Dau:  3rd Daughter SARRATT  c1776-18?? a??yrs IL.?  Not Traced!  Not Traced!
 5. 2nd Son:  Jonathan SARRATT  c1780-18?? a??yrs NC.  to Rowan/Davidson Co., NC.  to Randolph Co., NC.
 6. 3rd Son:  Abel,1 SARRATT  c1784-18?? a??yrs IL.  to Rowan/Davidson Co., NC.  to Brown Co., IL.
 7. 4th Son:  James,4 SARRATT  c1785-1830 a45yrs TN.  to rowan/Davidson Co., NC.  McNairy Co. TN.
 8. 5th Son:  Samuel,6 SARRATT  c1786-1845 a59yrs AL.  to Rowan/Davidson Co., NC.  Madison Co. AL.
 9. 4th Dau:  4th Daughter SARRATT  c1788-18?? a??yrs ??  Not Traced!  Not Traced!
 10. 6th Son:  Jacob,1 SARRATT  *1790-1844 a53yrs MS.  Rowan Co., NC. to Madison Co. AL.  Tishomingo, MS.
Chronological Order of Events
Thomas,1 SARRATT
 Item  Date  Age  Description (Click on Underline for Source)  Living in Co.
 Born  1750    home of Parents in   So. Hyco Plantation  Orange Co., NC.
 Moved  1764  14yrs  with Parents & Silbings to  (Now Davidson Co.)  Rowan Co., NC.
Thomas, 1 SARRATT, age 20 when he married Wife Unknown in 1770, Rowan Co., NC. (based on birth of 1st child ..prs) Original Tax lists of Rowan Co., NC, viewed at the Archives in Raleigh, NC, reveal Thomas, 1 SARRATT was paying taxes from 1771 to 1774. Another penciled date on this list indicates it was prepared in 1768? [REF: #90 pg43] No doubt Thomas, 1 SARRATT was on his own property at least by 1770 and eligible to pay taxes on it. Since his mother Honor SARRATT was taxed separately, we can assume these were two different pieces of Property. [REF: #90, pg 43] Court records show that THOMAS, 1 SARRATT, age 24 was appointed as one of the Constables for Rowan Co., in May, 1774, which he replaced MOSES PARK. After serving a term he was replaced by JOHN GRIST. Since Constables had to collect taxes and perform other unpopular tasks, men didn't like to keep that position very long. The GRISTS family were neighbors in the Flat Swamp area. This seems to be consistent with the SARRATT family members, THOMAS, 1 SARRATT, father SAMUEL, 1 SARRATT was Under-Sheriff in Orange 1757-58. [REF: #90, pg 43] He was 25 years old when his father Samuel, 1 SARRATT, Sr. died in 1775, Rowan Co., NC. On Aug. 31, 1778, Thomas, 1 SARRATT, age 28 was listed "including Honour SARRATT and Thomas SARRATT's improvements" When three men SIMON DAVIS, JOHN GARDNER and ROBERT BARKLEY went to the Land Office at the County Seat Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC. and Entered for 150 acres of land "on the Waters of Cabin Creek" [See REF: #90, pg40] On 05 Jan. 1779, their is a record of a Survey for THOMAS, 01 SARRATT of 150 acres lying on the waters of Owens Branch of Flat Swamp of Rowan Co., NC. This Survey was requested by JAMES BRANDON, Entry Officer for the land in Rowan Co., NC., he noted that this acreage was to include the improvements "whereon the said "Thomas Sarratt now lives". [REF: #90, pg 43] On 06 Jun. 1785, Thomas, 1 SARRATT, age 35 when his mother the Widow Honour SARRATT, married James FRAZER. [REF: #90, pg 42] 1790 Census, for Rowan Co., NC we find THOMAS, 1 SARRATT and family of eight children living in the Flat Swamp area of Rowan Co., NC. (His mother & step-father James FRAZER living pg. 175 (1790 Census, M_637, State Reel 07, Page 172, F.G. 03 02 05 00 00) H/H THOMAS SARRATT, b. c1750 age 40 (16 Over) Wife Unknown, b. c1750 age 40 (Free White) 1. 1st. Son: ABSALOM, b. c1770 age 20 (16 Over) 2. 1st. Dau: Unknown, b. c1774 age 16 (Free White) 3. 2nd. Dau: Unknown, b. c1775 age 15 (Free White) 4. 3rd. Dau: Unknown, b. c1773 age 13 (Free White) 5. 2nd. Son: JONATHAN, b. c1780 age 10 6. 3rd. Son: ABEL, b. c1784 age 06 7. 4th. Son: James, 4 b. c1785 age 05 8. 5th. Son: Samuel,6 b. c1786 age 04 9. 4th. Dau: Unknown, b. c1788 age 02 <--Not Listed! In July 1791, another Survey was taken of THOMAS, 1 SARRATT'S property, by his neighbors JOHN GALLIMORE and PETER SUMMEY. A Land Grant was issued on 16 July, 1795 Today the Summerville Church Road, bisects THOMAS, 1 SARRATT'S original Grant. Between his land and the area of his mother HONOUR (Unknown) SARRATT FRAZER'S property is Flat Swamp Ridge. JOSEPH E. POGUE, described this area in his 1910 Geological Bulletin: "The most striking feature of the entire area is Flat Swamp Ridge. Rising abruptly from the Yadkin River to a height of about 200 feet and extending as a narrow ridge for nearly seven miles. There is Flat Swamp Mountain, then Grice Mountain (originally called Grist Mt.), then SURRATT MOUNTAIN.." The Surratt Mountain, now is called Wildcat Mountain. This peak was very close to THOMAS, 1 SARRATT'S property. In the May, 1793 Session of the Court of Rowan Co., NC, a Deed which had been written in Feb. 1793, was Registered. In this Indenture THOMAS, 01 SARRATT, sold 150 acres of his mother HONOUR (Unknown) SARRATT FRAZER'S property to his Step-Father JAMES FRAZER, for the sum of 60 pounds. This 150 acres was the Southern half section of her original Grant on the drainage of Cabin Creek, adjoining JOHN BADGETT'S line. He assured the Court he was "seized in fee simple of a good sure inheritance of said land clear from all encumbrance and he hath power good right and lawful authority to sell and make over the said premises unto the said "James Frazer." [REF: #90, pg44] Some 6 years later in Feb. 1799, he sold the remaining 150 acres of his mothers Grant, for 120 pounds, to GEORGE THOMPSON of Orange Co., NC. (It's interesting to note that a "Lawrence Thompson was a Sheriff of Orange Co., when father "Samuel, 1, Sarratt was the Under-Sheriff...prs). In this Deed JOSEPH MARSH, property line was mentioned, so this indicated it was the Northern half of his mothers Grant. CLEMENT LAINER, a neighbor, was the Surveyor and ISAAC HADLEY was a Witness. 1800 Census, for Rowan Co., NC. We find THOMAS,1 SARRATT, and family, (1800 Census, M-32, State Reel 33, Page 389, F.G. 11201-01101) H/H THOMAS SARRATT, b. c1750 age 50 (45 Over) Wife Unknown, b. c1750 age 50? (45 Over) 4. 3rd. Dau: Unknown, b. c1777 age 23 (16 to 26) 5. 2nd. Son: JONATHAN, b. c1780 age 20 (16 to 26) 6. 3rd. Son: ABEL, b. c1784 age 16 (16 to 26) 7. 4th. Son: James, 4 b. c1785 age 15 (10 to 16) 8. 5th. Son: Samuel,6 b. c1786 age 14 (10 to 16) 9. 4th. Dau: Unknown, b. c1788 age 12 (10 to 16) 10 5th. Son: Jacob,1 b. *1790 age 10 (10 Under) (Children NOT living in the 1800 household!) 1. 1st Son: ABSALOM,1 b. c1770 age 30 (30to40) <--Record Not found! 2. 1st Dau: Unknown, b. c1773 age 27 (20to30) <--Record Not Found! 3. 2nd Dau: Unknown, b. c1774 age 26 (16to26) <--Record Not Found! 1810 Census, for Rowan Co., NC. we find the 60 year old THOMAS, 1 SARRATT and his Wife, all the children had married or had died. (1810 Census, M-252, State Reel 43, Page 82, F.G. 04) H/H THOMAS SARRATT, b. c1750 age 60 (45 Over) Wife Unknown, b. c1750 age 60? (45 Over) 10. 5th Son: Jacob,1 b. *1790 age 20 <--Not Listed! Three of the four sons were still living in the Rowan Co., area: 1. 1st Son: Absolom, b. c1770 age 40 pg 82 later removed to Brown Co., IL. 5. 2nd Son: Jonathan, b. c1780 age 30 pg 83 later removed to Randolph Co., NC. 6. 3rd Son: Abel, b. c1784 age 26 pg 82 later Davidson Co., NC. 7. 4th Son: James, 4 b. c1785 age 25 removed to McNairy Co., TN 8. 5th Son: Samuel,6 b. c1786 age 24 removed to Madison Co., AL. 10.5th. Son: Jacob, b. c1790 age 20 removed to Madison Co. AL. In Sep. 1813, THOMAS, 1 SARRATT, at the age of 63 years, sold 100 acres of his "Flat Swamp" property to his 1st. Son ABSALOM SARRATT, who had been noted as THOMAS, 1 Tax Poll. Mr. WILLIAM GALLIMORE, a neighbor, and ABEL SARRATT Witness this Deed. The Deed was NOT registered until some 11 years later in Sept. 1824 and was proven in open Court by WILLIAM GALLIMORE. [REF: #90, pg44] On 27 Jan. 1818, an Indenture was made between THOMAS, 1 SARRATT, age 68 in which he sold 50 acres on the South side of "Owen's Branch" to ELIZABETH GALLAMORE. This indenture was NOT registered until some 7 years later in March of 1825. [REF: #90, pg44] 1820 Census, for Rowan Co., NC. we find the 70 year old THOMAS, 1 SARRATT and his one of his un-married daughters. (1820 Census, M-33, State Reel 83, Page 358, F.G. 32) H/H THOMAS SARRATT, b. c1750 age 70 (45 Over) Dau. Unknown, age b. (26 to 45)
Laura & Normans' 1980 book In [REF: # 90, Pg44] Writes: "Probably Thomas, 1 SARRATT death prompted the registration of these deeds, and no doubt he died prior to Sep. 1824. He was in his seventies at the time of his death and it can be estimated he farmed the same land for over forty years. From the Census's of 1790 to 1820 he seemed to have had at least four or five sons and four daughters."
No record or burial location has been found of THOMAS, 1 SARRATT, but based on the last record of the registration of the Deeds in 1824 and 1825, it can be assumed he died soon thereafter, he was in his 77th. year. His wife's name was never mentioned in any of his deeds and he didn't write a Will or one has never been found. So, THOMAS, 1 SARRATT'S wife, like most women in the early period of the United States, will remain anonymous and will be remembered only through her progeny. Paul R. Sarrett, May 23, 1996

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