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Hinds Co., Mississippi (SFA) Queries
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Hinds Co., Mississippi Click on Map for larger County Map Hinds Col., MS. Soil Map - Click on Map for larger County Map Mississippi US State Mississippi State Flag
Some Hinds Co., Mississippi Queries

 Some Early Marriages (SFA)©
 Hinds, Rankin & Warren Co.'s
 Groom  Age  m. Date  Bride  Age  Remarks  County
  SARRETT, Harmon J.   30  24 -Feb -1847   BROWN, Fanny   18  2nd s/o M/M William,3 SARRETT  Hinds Co.
  NEWSOM, E.H.   36  04 -Sep -1873   SARRETT, Martha E.   26  1st m. #1. 1st d/o H.J. & Fanny BROWN  Hinds Co.
  BENTON, W.H.    11 -Sep -1884   NEWSOM, Emma, Mrs   37  2nd m. #1. 1st d/o H.J. & Fanny BROWN  Hinds Co.
  SARRETT, W.H.   21  10 -Nov -1870   FOLKS, E.F.   18  #2. 1st s/o H.J. & Fanny BROWN  Warren Co.
  WHITAKER, A.N.   28  28 -Dec -1873   SARET, S.T. Miss   22  #3. 2nd d/o H.J. & Fanny BROWN  Hinds Co.
  SARRETT, J.E.   33  18 -Sep -1891   JOHNSON, Fannie   35  #5. 2nd s/o H.J. & Fanny BROWN  Rankin Co.
  SARRETT, J.E.   42  04 -Jul -1900   HOWARD, Johnnie F., Mrs.   25  #5. 2nd s/o H.J. & Fanny BROWN  Hinds Co.
  LEE, D.T.   25  21 -Apr -1874   SARRETT, Maria E.   15  #6. 4th d/o H.J. & Fanny BROWN  Hinds Co.
  SARRETT, D.W.   20  17 -Feb -1881   ROSS, Johnnie   18  #7. 3rd s/o H.J. & Fanny BROWN  Hinds Co.
  SARRETT, Charles Albert    N/A-N/A-N/A   SCHAMALIN, Ella (Davis)    #8. 4th s/o H.J. & Fanny BROWN  Hinds Co.
  FORD, John E.   29  04 -Oct -1881   SARRETT, Mary   16  #9. 5th d/o H.J. & Fanny BROWN  Hinds Co.
 Source: Marriage Index, 1776 ~ 1935

Cemeteries of Hinds Co. , MS, Need Cemetery Location, Need Photos of Headstone!  Abandoned Lee-Kelley-Sarrett Family Cemetery,  Hinds Co., MS.
 10 SARRETT Family Members Buried Here!..prs
 L.Name  F.Name
 M.Name  Born  Died  died
Find A Grave Memorial
 SARRETT  Click on Redball for More Info.<--- H.J.    Feb-25 -1817  Oct-06 -1908  91   Husb/o Frances Brown, 10Ch.
Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Memorial# 68439445
 SARRETT  Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Frances  (Brown)  Dec-20 -1829  Dec-15 -1891  62   w/o H.J. Sarrett, 10Ch.
 4th d/o William & Martha (Lee) Brown

Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Memorial# 36120614
 SARRETT  Click on Redball for More Info.<--- William  H.  Aug-05 -1849  Nov-02 -1892  43   husb/o Eugenia FOLKES, 10 Ch.
1st s/o H.J. & Frances (Brown) Sarrett

Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Memorial# 36120955
 SARRETT  Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Eugenia  (Folkes)  Dec-03 -1852  Jul-13 -1930  78   w/o Wm. H., Sr, 10 Ch.
Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Memorial# 34970270
 SARRETT  Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Harmon  Folks  Feb-15 -1878  Mar-23 -1879   1   s/o W.H. & E.F.
Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Memorial# 36120678
 SARRETT  Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Bennie  Terrell  Jan-06 -1885  Feb-13 -1885   0   d/o W.H. & E.F.
Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Memorial# 34969562
 SARRETT  Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Pattie  E.  Mar-27 -1892  Jul-25 -1893   1   d/o W.H. & E.F.
Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Memorial# 36120805
 WHITAKER  Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Susan Teresa  (Surrett)  Oct-26 -1851  Feb-14 -1891  40    w/o A.N., d/o H.J. & F. Sarrett
 2nd d.o H.J. & Fanny (Brown) SARRETT

Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Memorial# 36121486
 SARRETT  Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Selena  Elezabeth  Jan-30 -1854  Jul-23 -1881  27   3rd d/o H.J. & Frances (Brown) Sarrett
Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Memorial# 36120875
 SARRETT  Click on Redball for More Info.<--- "Johnnie"  B.  Feb-09 -1867  Sep-17 -1881  14   5th s/o H.J. & Frances (Brown) Sarrett
Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Memorial# 36120736
 Cemetery Information:   On Collins Farms owned by T.E. Collins, Jr., 3 miles from Utica, 1/4 mile off Tom Collins Road. Recorded 1971 by Mary Collins Landin. First Grave 1813.
Click on Redball for More Info.<--- See: Cemetery Records at H.J. SARRETT's Site!

Some Queries
Quries, sorted by "Date" then name of Submitter, ..prs

Harris Sarrett, Jr

  1st E-Mail: Dated: May 05, 1996 22:41:01 EDT
My grandfather was James Edgar Sarrett.
My grandmother was Johnnie Howard.
My grandfathers parents were Will Sarrett and Frances Brown.
My grandmothers parents were Lige Howard and Sarah Wrenfrow.
According to my Dad all of these folks lived in the area of Utica, Hinds Co., MS. Will be looking to see if you have any luck on your end.
Jessie "Harris" B. Sarrett Jr., E-Mail: [email protected] 1232 Denson Avenue Jackson, MS 39209-5914

I if you can give me some names, county, State I can be doing some research on my end.
I believe your connected to the Hirman & Harmon brothers:
We think your Gr-Grandfather as: See: Harmon Jackson SARRATT.
Your Gr-Gr-Grandfather is William,3 SARRETT (c1790-c1855) and 1st Wife Unknown of Spartanburg Co., SC.
We would like any corrections/additions to this Family...prs

  2nd E-Mail: Dated: May 05, 1996 22:41:01 EDT
Hi Paul. Just a note to let you know I have group sheets for all the family except my grandparents and will probably have to go to court house and look for them in state records.
Since my father had one daughter and most of my brothers had girls do you want me to sent you sheets from their families.
As a side note my Father always told us that Mary Surratt of the Lincoln Assination Conspiracy was one of our kinfolks.
Well that's it for now and will start putting all this in the computer when I find all I can on my grandparents.
Harris Sarrett. [email protected]
Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, MD. is the "4th Cousin" of your Gr-Grandfather Harmon J. SARRETT.
See: Cousin Chart below. ..prs

 3rd E-Mail: Dated: Jul 28, 1996
I found obit clipped from paper, probably by my mom. Had a date of 17 Feb. 1932. It was about Mrs. Ora (Finley) Sarrett, died at age 41. Had one daughter attended Mrs. Charles Walker (Ruth M. Sarrett) I went to highschool with a "Jean Sarrett" she was a year behind me prob b. 1934.
All I know was her mother was "Estelle" Wm. H. Sarrett Jr., must have remarried, after the death of his first wife and remarried to Estelle Unknown.
Harris Sarrett, [email protected]
Yes, Mrs. Ora (Finley) SARRETT, was the 1st wife of Wm. Harper SARRETT, Jr.
Mrs. Estelle (Dudley) SARRETT, is his 2nd Wife.
Mary "Ruth" SARRETT, b. 1914, is the Daughter from 1st Wife.
Jean SARRETT, b. c1934, is the daughter of 2nd Wife (Half-Sisters)
(This July 1996, E-Mail was the last we heard from Harris Sarrett..prs)

  Mrs. Mary E. (JENKINS) SURRATT, Assassination Conspirtor, was the Wife of (Out-of-Wedlock) Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Squire John H. SURRATT of Prince George's Co., MD. to Washington, DC. Your Gr-Gr-Grandparents were 3rd Cousins!
 Gen.  Name  Date  Relationship  Name  Date  Remarks
 1st  Joseph,1  1665-1715        m. c1700 Katherine Unknown, 3Ch.
 2nd  Joseph,2  1710-1772  <--Brother-->  Samuel,1  1708-1775  of Prince George;s Co., MD.
 3rd  Alphonsus  1740-1800  <--1st Cousin-->  Samuel,2  1742-1804  of P.G., MD. & Lincoln Co., NC.
 4th  Jacob  1788-18??  <--2nd Cousin-->  Allen,2 (ARW)  1763-1845  Consort of Sarah TALBERT, MD
 5th  John H.,Sr.  1813-1862  <--3rd Cousin-->  William,3  1790-1855  m. *1840 Mary E. JENKINS, 3Ch.
 6th  John H.,Jr.  1844-1916  <--4th Cousin-->  Harmon J.  1817-1903  m. c1872 Mary V. HUNTER, 7Ch.

Carol, MidWest Collectibles
SARRETT, William Harper

  1st E-Mail: Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 at: 2:11:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi Paul:
I talked with you once before about my Sarrett line. I find a few things that we don't agree on and I wanted to get them straightend out.
On William Harmon/Harper Sarrett's family [FG 461 I have a different list of children and places of burial. I have both William and Eugenia buried at the James Lee/John Kelly Family Cemetery with several of their children. I notice that you have a later date of burial than death on a couple of these and wondered if you had found where they had been moved. If so I would like to make the correction in my book.
I base my information on a cemetery book my sister located for me in Carthage Texas on the James Lee/John Kelly Family Cemetery [Old Brown - Lee Cem] in Uticia], Hinds Co. Mississippi. It has the following Sarretts listed:
Sarrett, William H. b. 05 Aug 1849 d. 02 Nov. 1892
Sarrett, Eugenia Folkes, w/o W. H. b. 3 Dec. 1852 d. 13 Jul 1930
Sarrett, Bennie Terrell, d/o W. H. & E. F. b. 06 Jan 1885 d. 13 Feb 1885
Sarrett, Harmon Folkes, s/o W. H. & E. F. b. 15 Feb 1878 d. 23 Mar 1879
Sarrett, Pattie E., d/o W. H. & E. F. b. 27 May 1892 d. 25 Jun 1893
Sarrett, H. J. b. not given d. 6 Oct 1908
Sarrett, Frances Brown, w/o H. J., d/o W. & M. Brown b. 20 dec. 1829 d. 15 Dec. 1891
Whitaker, Susan Theresa (Sarrett), w/o A.N., d/o H. J. and F. Sarrett b. 26 Oct 1851 d. 14 Feb. 1891
Sarrett, Salena Elizabeth, d/o H. J. & Frances b. 30 Jan 1854 d. 23 Jun 1855
Sarrett, Johnnie B., s/o H. J. & Frances b. 9 Feb. 1867 D. 17 Sept 1881
You have John B. bur. 20 Feb.1892 Utica Cem.? and Susannah Teresa bur. 18 Feb. 1892 were they moved?
     Ans: Nope!, just slip of finger 1891 not 1892
You have Selena Elizabeth bur. 25 Jun 1855 Utica Cem., was she moved? You have William Harmon/Harper bur. 2 Nov. 1892 Utica Cem., was he moved?
     Ans: See Above!
And you did not show Bennie Terrell, Harmon Folkes and Pattie E. If the others were moved why were these 3 not moved?
     Ans: Did't show, because they were never in a Census! See my Notes with this family!
I still don't know whether William was really William Harmon or William Harper. He had a son Harmon and he had a son William Harper who went by Harper. I have a copy of a letter by Harper Sarrett that mentions some additional siblings. It is as follows:
"Jackson, Miss. July 23, 1930
Dear Henry:
I got your address from Harmon Benton when I saw him last, which was about the middle of July, 1928. Have been thinking of writing you ever since, but just kept putting it off from time to time. It has been a long, long time since I saw ou and I have often thought of and wondered what you were doing. I have been telegraphing for the last thirty years. Have been working for the people I am no employed by since 1918--12 years--Am married and have one child, a girl who will be 16 years old on September 6. Her name is Ruth and she's a moon-fixer.
Sister Adria is now Mrs. C.W. Hazlip and lives near Natchez. Ethel is Mrs. C.K. Leighton and Mable is Mrs. D. S. Nason and lives at Utica with Ethel. Fannie is Mrs. F.S. Eastburn and lives just outside of Memphis, Tenn. Orren lives here in Jackson. Vaughan died on July 26, 1928. Mama died on July 13 this year. Auntie and Uncle Tom Lee are living at the same old place in Utica. Aunt Mary and Uncle Ed Ford were at Winnfield, La., the last I heard from them............................... Your cousin,
W.H. Sarrett,
Harper Sarrett (signed)
Home address 209 Rose Street
Uncle Charlie lives in Vicksburg.

I haven't really had time to research since I last emailed you, but had located this information and thought I would send in on so we could straighten out the burial sites and William's family.
Thanks Carol, MidWest Collectibles, E-Mail: [email protected] (Old Address)
Thanks, for the info. Carol,
We have corrected our records,
See: SFA© Wm. H. SARRETT, Family Profile! We would like to exchange info. on this Family...prs..

[See: SFA©-REF:#0452.004a]
SARRETT, Jackson

  2nd E-Mail: Date: 30 Dec 2007 at: 8:08:18 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Paul:
It's been an long time since I've contacted you or worked on my genealogy. We took my mother on a trip back to southern Missouri to visit all the old home sites and discovered a Sarrett relative I didn't know about. Thought you would be interested so here it is.

Harman Jackson Sarrett's daughter Susan Teresa who married Aaron Newman Whitaker had another daughter we didn't know about. Her name is Carrie and she was born 22 Feb. 1887 in Port Gibson, MS. The only record I can find of a Carrie Whitaker in the 1900 census that might work shows Carrie C. Whitaker born abt 1887 in MS is living as a boarder with William W. Buetow in Police Jury Ward 4 East Baton Rouge, LA. I have not checked for 1910 or 1920 yet. She was married to William Hill and I did find her in the 1930 census for Mill Spring, Wayne, MO

I met with her daughter Katherine (who has never married) and she gave me the information I have. She had a booklet printed called: "THIS IS MY STORY AND I'M STICKIN' TO IT" published in 2002, and it tells mainly memories but a little genealogy. She wrote this to mark her 91st birthday. The genealogy states that Carrie was born in Port Gibson, Mississippi, on February 22, 1887 to Susan Surrett Whitaker and Aaron Newman Whitaker. She died on December 19, 1964. Katherine McKenzie Hill was born in Augusta, Georgia, on October 5, 1911, to Carrie Charlotte Whitaker Hill and William Hill. William was born in Glasgow, Scotland, around 1872, to Katherine McKenzie Hill and David Hill, and came to the United States as a young man. He worked for the railroad in Augusta, Georgia, for a number of years before moving to Otter Creek. He died in 1936. He mentions a older sister Susie also born in Augusta. Younger brother David born in Turpin Hill, Georgia. She states that she didn't know this until she read his obituary so I'm not sure if this is correct. She also mentions an older brother Bill who was her half-brother. She doesn't know where he was born and doesn't mention which parent was his full parent. She also mention a boy named Lamar. I haven't found my notes yet, so I can't tell you for sure, but I believe she said this was her sister Susan's boy.
Have a nice day. Carol Brentlinger, E-Mail: [email protected] (New Address)

 Thanks, for the info. Carol,
 The sad story of Miss Susan Teresa SARRETT, 2nd Dau of:
Harman Jackson SARRETT & Mother: Fanny BROWN
[See: SFA©-REF:#0452.004a,b]
SARRETT, Genealogy

  3rd E-Mail: Date: Saturday, June 13, 2009 at: 1:06:25 PM
Hi Paul:
It's been a long time since I've talked with you and I have a new email address since that time. I sent you information on a letter I had from William Harper Sarrett addressed to Henry.
I neglected to tell you the Henry was Elam Henry Newsom son of Martha Emma Sarrett and Elam Hawes Newsom. Elam Henry Newsom was my grandfather.

In 2004 we made a trip back to southern Missouri with my mother visiting the old home sites. While there we meet a lady by the name of Katherine McKenzie Hill. She was very sweet and gave me a copy of her publication called "This is My Story and I'm Stickin' To It". In this publication she talks about her family history. She was the daughter of William Hill and Carrie Whitaker.
Carrie Charlotte was born 22 Feb 1887 Port Gibson, MS and died 19 Dec 1964. She was the daughter of Aaron Newman Whitaker and Susan Teresa Sarrett.
When we returned home I began research to check out the information we had been given, since I had not heard of Carrie. Of course the 1880 census does not list her as she wasn't born until 1887.
Her mother had passed away by the 1900 census and I haven't located when her father passed away. I did locate a Carrie C. Whitaker in the Police Jury Ward of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the 1900 census. Her estimated birth date was 1887. Katherine was born 5 Oct 1911 in Augusta, GA and they moved to Missouri around 1917. I located Carrie and Wm. Hill in the 1930 census in Mill Spring, Wayne, MO.
Carrie had one sister and one brother Susie and David. Missouri's online death certificates only go up to 1958 at this time so I haven't checked Carrie's death certificate. Though I would pass this information on.
Thanks, Carol Brentlinger, E-Mail: [email protected]

Thanks, for the info. Carol,
See: Mrs Susan Teresa (Sarrett) WHITAKER, 2nd Dau of: Harman Jackson SARRETT & Mother: Fanny BROWN
[See: SFA©-REF:#0452.004a,b,c]

 Subj:  NEWSOM, Mrs. Martha Emma (Sarrett)

  4th E-Mail: Date: Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 17:15 PMTime

Just realized you did not have the all of the information for Martha Emma Sarrett and Elam Hawes Newsom's family.
Elam Hawes Newsom's mother was Catherine Chambers
Elam and Martha had three children:
     1. Sue Kate Newsom b.4 Aug 1874 Utica, Hinds, MS; d. 28 May 1918; m. 18 Jan 1903 John Burnett Ford Benton; parents William H. Benton and Martie Jett
     2. Joseph Sarrett Newsom b. 17 Jun 1876 Tomastown, Leave, MS ?; d. 29 Feb 1960, Hamilton, Greenwood, KS; bur. Eureka Cem., Eureka, Greenwood, KS; m. 18 Jan 1903 Batesville, Butler, MO, Maggie Wheeler 2nd Lulu L. Puckett
     3. Elam Henry Newsom b. 17 Dec. 1878 Utica, Hinds, MS; d. 14 Jul 1955, Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO; bur. Shaine Memorial Cem., Ash Hill, Butler, MO; m. 28 Oct 1906 Batesville, Butler, MO, Elva Guess' parents Wiley Allen Guess and Georgianna Cook
After Elam's death Martha married William Harman Benton; b 1843 MS; m. 11 Sept 1884 Hinds Co., MS
William and Emma had two children:
1. Ezra Jake Benton b. 19 Jan 1889, Rocky Springs, MS; d. 6 Apr 1944, Beaumont, Jefferson, TX; m. ? Sally
2. Benjamin Harman Benton b. Aug 1885 MS
You have an Althea E. listed under the Newsom side but census records show an approximate birth date of 1882 and she is listed as a Benton. I know she could have been born in 1880 or 1881 and that they could have listed the wrong last name, but I believe that William Harman might have been married before Emma. If so Althea might have been his daughter by his first wife since he and Emma didn't marry until 1884. In a letter I have from Burnett Benton he mentions Althea but doesn't remember her name.
I hope I haven't rambled on to long and if I can help with anything else please let me know.,br> Thanks, Carol Brentlinger, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks, for the info. Carol,
See: Mrs Martha Emma (Sarrett) NEWSOM, the 1st Dau of Harman Jackson SARRETT & Fanny BROWN
[See: SFA©-REF:#0452.004a,b,c,d]
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Linda C. Mrs.

  Date: 18 Oct 2003 5:56:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Appeared in the Independent Appeal Newspaper Wed., Sept. 24, 2003
Source: [email protected] Subject: [PLUNK] obits-9-24-03-Independent Appeal
LINDA CAROL (DAVIS) SURRATT of Clinton, [Hinds Co.] MS, formerly of McNairy County, TN. a50yrs, [b. 1953] died Sept. 17, 2003 at Central Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, [Hinds Co.] MS. Miss Surratt was a Registered Nurse at the VA Hospital in Clinton, [Hinds Co.] MS. She was Presbyterian in belief.
She is survived by her parents, Charles Sewell and Rebecca Elam Surratt of Stantonvillem MS?;
a sister, Nancy S. Davis of Clinton, MS; and a brother-in-law, Darrell Davis of Clinton, MS. Services were held at 2 p.m. on Fri., Sept. 19th at Shackelford Funeral Home Chapel, with Minister Danny Adkisson officiating. Burial followed at Stantonville Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society.
  If anybody knows this Linda C. (Davis) SURRATT, We would like to exchange Info. on this branch! ..prs
Gene Brown
Re: Wm. Harper SARRETT

  1st E-Mail: Date: 12 Dec 2007 At: 2:35:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Hi, my name is Gene Brown originally Eugenia Sarrett My father was William Harper Sarrett. I am his daughter by his second wife Estelle Dudley. She was from Utica. Ruth Sarrett was my half sister.
My youngest son is named William Harper Morrison and is very interested in the family history. He would love to get intouch with you. I remember family ,from California coming to visit at my aunts house out from Natchez. They had two sons, are you one of the boys?
That was a long time ago be cause the aunt and uncle that lived down there have been dead a long time.
My sons email address is [email protected] if you would like to contact him.
Thank you, Gene, [email protected]
  Gene, Thanks for the E-Mail
I'm so excited to here from a direct descendant of your
Gr-Grandfather Harman Jackson SARRETT
(So much has been incorrectly written about him, it's taken me years to correct)
You can see info. I have on your Dad William Harper SARRETT,
Your Grandfather: William H. SARRETT,
We have a lot of "Unknowns, Not Traced" that we need help on. We would like to exchange info. on this Family.
We can help your son Wm. Harper Morrison, just let us know what you need, & we can Help!
I'm sorry, I have never visted the Sarrett's of Hinds Co., MS.
REF: #004 Family Source & Reference Notes <---Gene is our [REF:#004] We never heard back from Gene, since his last December 2007 E-Mail..prsjr
Debra L. PITTS
Re: Sarrett's of Hinds Co., Mississippi

 1st E-Mail: Dated: Monday, March 9, 2009 10:40:21 AM
I was just wanting to make some corrections on your website. My mother is Janice Elizabeth (Sarrett) PITTS,
daughter of Jessie Harris Burt Sarret, Sr. and Viola Carilla Hand. The parents of Jessie Harris Burt Sarrett are James Edgar Sarrett and Johnny Falkner Howard. The parents of James Edgar Sarrett are Harmon Jackson Sarrett and Frances Brown.
I am just giving you this information to guide you to how I am related. My mother and I were looking over the SFA website and noticed that there were mistakes that she remembers as a child. We just wanted to make some corrections.
These would be listed under the children of Jessie Harris Burt Sarrett.
Debra L. PITTS, E-Mail: [email protected]
Your late Uncle J. "Harris" B., Jr. SARRETT, Jr. (1933-2007 a74yrs) (your Mothers Brother) was one of our First Researcher/Submitter to the SFA Profile back in 1996.
I still have several of his E-Mail's in our Archives, and is the Major contrubutor on this Family.
Your Grandfather: Jessie Harris Burt Sarrett, Sr. can be seen at:
We still have a lot of "Unknown, Not traced!" items. We would love any corrections/additions you may have on these families. Please send any corrections by E-Mail and after our review we will up-load said corrections.
None of this is written in "Concrete", we will change things that in the absence of absolute proof, circumstantial evidence, both legally and genealogically, has been allowed and the conclusion will be conceded when no other proof of the opposite is provided, which is both logical and reasonable and not opposed by any other evidence.
Do you know where your Grandparents were living in the 1930 Census, we can NOT seem to find them? See URL:
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Source: Debra is our [REF:FG-452-#009]

 2nd E-Mail: Dated: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 5:14:38 AM
LOL...I know. My Uncle Harris was extremely close to us. Harris was in a nursing home up until the day of his death and my mother went every week, sometimes twice a week to make sure he had everything he needed and to wash his clothes. Harris was a huge part of my life for as far back as I can remember. I will share with you what I know.
Jessie Harris Burt Sarrett, Sr. was in Germany during the 1920 census and below is who I believe is Jessie and Viola in the 1930 census. If you look at the census record itself, you will see that Jena is actually Jessie. This was a mistake by the person who transcribed the record. Also, my mother said that her mother Viola was called "Olla" by Jessie and other members of the family. Andrey on this record is Audrey and James is also listed.
I believe that Uncle Johnny being born in December 1929 prevented him from being mentioned in the census because he was not born at the actual time of the census taking. Let me know what you think here.
1930 United States Federal Census Home in 1930: Jackson, Madison, Tennessee Jena Sarrett 26 Ola Sarrett 26 Andrey Sarrett 3 4/12 James Sarrett 1 4/12
Debra L. PITTS, E-Mail: [email protected]
I agree, when you look ant the 1930 Census, pg3a, Family Visit: 61 it's clear that Jena is actualy "Jesse" and Ola is actualy "Vola" I made the "correction" on Census search engine.
The reason Johnny Monroe SARRETT is not listed, is because he was not born until Dec 29, 1930 the Enumberator took this info. on Apr 3rd, 1930. This also why Andrey Louise SARRETT, was still listed in this census she died on her 4th Birthday May 1st 1930, 27 days after this Census. Which brings up another correction, why isn't Audrey death location in Jackson City, Madison Co., TN. NOT Jackson, Hinds Co., MS? and was her body taken back to Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Hinds Co., MS.? What was the "Cause of Death" for this 4 year little Girl?
You mentioned that the reason your Grandfater Jesse, is NOT listed in the US 1920 Census, was because he was in Germany, was he in the Army?, I can't find him in the First World War I, Registration Cards of 1917 & 1918, he would have only been 15 & 16yrs old, but would have been age 18yrs in the 1920 Census, what Branch, Unit was he in? WWI War was declared on Apr 2, 1917 and the Peace Treaty of Versailles, Paris, concluded in Jun 1919
If you have photos of Gravesite Lakewood Cemetery, we work with, and would like to place Memorial & Headstone photos and this site.
If you have any Photos of these early SARRETT, we woud like to place on our Profile. ...prs
 Marty Mac
 My SARRETT Line, Hinds Co., MS.
  1st E-Mail - Date: Sunday, April 10, 2011, At: 8:42 AP, PSTime
 Hello Paul
Was doing some research this morning and came across your info. H J Sarrett was my gr. gr. gr. grandfather. My great grandparents are Fred and Gladys Lee. I do have some information that can fill in some holes in that part of the family. I'm sort of pressed for time this morning but if you are interested I would be more than happy to oblige. you can reach me at my email [email protected] or my cell number is 601-291-3579. I am located in Jackson Ms. Look forward to hearing from you.
ps I do have some photos of Fred and Gladys in their younger and later years
     Thanks for the E-Mail, Marty
Look forward to your Correcttions/Additions on H J Sarrett Just send me same & I'll review and Up-Load Corrected page.
See: SFA�-Fred (Whitaker) & Gladys (Sarrett) LEE Family!]..prs

  2nd E-Mail - Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, At: 2:09 PM, PSTime
 Hello Paul
Sorry it took me a while to get back to you .Here is some of the information I have on the family. This can be found by going to ...
When you enter the site go to links then to research help... go to the section under mississippi confederate graves registry. My findings are that HJ Sarrett was a first sargent. company b., 1st batt. Ms cavalry state troops .
This would be considered a state militia unit . He enlisted Sept. 7 1864 and was discharged March 15 1865. I didn't see this anywhere in your information and thought it would be of interest to you.
I am planning to go to Utica soon and try to find his grave marker.If I do find it I will take a picture and send you a copy.
As for my great grandfather Fred Whitaker Lee , his actual parents were Aaron Newman Whitaker and Susan Theresa Sarrett . She died within 2 weeks after his birth. The story we have always heard was his father abandoned him shortly soon after that . At that point Susans sister Francis Maria and her husband Daniel Thomas Lee adopted him and took in 2 sisters Lena (Linnie) Whitaker and Mary Whitaker.
He later married my great grandmother Gladys Sarrett.
She was the daughter of James Edgar Sarrett and Frances Johnson.... and yes they were first cousins. Not a lot of forks in the family tree there.
I do have some death dates and places of burial that would complete some of your empty spots. Just let me know what info you want. I will send you some more info on that , as well as some pictures of Fred and Gladys as soon as I get my scanner working
I have some old reciepts and checks from the hotel that Daniel Lee and his wife Maria (Sarrett) Lee ran in Utica back in the early 1900's . I have found a box of them at my mothers house and would love for you to have some of the originals. All the records I have on her she goes by M.E. Lee or Maria Lee. I will send the other info soon.
Thanks for getting back to me.
Marty, E-Mail: [email protected]
 SARRETT Pics and Info.
  3rd E-Mail - Dated: Friday, April 15, 2011 At: 5:30AM, PSTime
Message contains attachments: 6 Files: Fred and Gladys Lee 001.JPG; Fred and Gladys Lee 002.JPG; Fred and Gladys Lee 003.JPG; Fred and Gladys Lee 004.JPG; Fred and Gladys Lee 005.JPG; Fred and Gladys Lee 006.JPG;
     Hello Paul,
     Here is the other info .....sorry for the delay.. I have an early picture of Fred and Gladys (Sarrett) LEE ... An early picture of Fred LEE.... a later picture of them together ... and one with them and their 4 girls ... my grandmother Wilna or (Billie) LEE as we called her is on the far right .... enjoy
Marty, E-Mail: [email protected]
 Lakewood cememtary
  4th E-Mail - Dated: Sunday, April 17, 2011 At: 5:00PM PSTime
Sorry to bother you again , but I forgot 1 bit of info i have ..... Fred and Gladys (Sarrett) LEE and all of their children and their spouses are buried in Lakewood cememtary , clinton Ms.
Marty, E-Mail: [email protected]
      See: SFA�-Fred (Whitaker) & Gladys (Sarrett) LEE Family!]
We would like to exchange info. on this Family!..prs
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Janet Sistrunk-Denham
Shannie/Fanny Lee (Sarrett) RUSSEL, Mrs

  1st E-Mail: Dated: August 21, 2011 03:05 PM EDT
Hi Paul, I want to thank you for your work in your research of the "Sarrett" family. I am the granddaughter of Fannie Lee Sarrett (Shannie) who married Mr. Benson May Russell around 1926. He was 20 years older than she and was at that time a Senator from the State of Mississippi,from the Eighth Senatorial District.
I have been looking for information on my Great Grandparents, which Mr. James Edward Sarrett would be my Great Grandfather. Until now, I never knew where he was born or buried. Now, I do. Little did I know he had a second wife. A. Johnnie Faulkner Howard. She is also buried in the same Cemetery as James, Cedartown <---Wrong!! "Cedar Lawn" Cemetery! I read where they had three children as a result of this marraige. Now, I am curious. Who were these children and where is the first Mrs. Sarrett buried. I would believe that the first wife would have been my Grandmothers mother. Can you please help me?
My mother, Mary Belle Russell Sistrunk, who passed away in March of this year and my father are fourth cousins. Needless to say it is confusing especially now that I see the second Mrs. Sarrett's mother was a father and my mother are both kin to Renfro's in and around Monticello Mississippi!
In fact, they are so double kinned that I can hardly keep up with who is who. It gets so confusing! Thank you for your time. Any information is greatly appreciated. I will leave with this bit of information, Mr. Sarrett's first wife, I believe was a Johnson. My grandmother was raised by her Aunt Belle Johnson Rogers because Mrs.Sarrett passed away as a result of having Fannie Lee (Shannie). Again Thank You...
Janet Sistrunk-Denham, E-Mail: [email protected]
      See: SFA�-Profile: Fanny L. (Sarrett) EUSSELL Family!]
We would like to exchange info. on this Family!..prs

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