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 Baton Rouge Parish, LA. was created in 1810 from Original Parish. The Parish Seat is Baton Rouge, LA. 70801. It is located in the Southeastern part of the State. Bounded by: East Feliciana on the North; St Helena & Livingston Parishes on the East. Iberville & Ascension Parishes on the South; With Pointe Coupee on the West.(First Census 1810, Parish Clerk has m. rec from 1840; div, pro, civ, ct, land rec from 1792)
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 First Generation!  Of France
 Chap.  FName  LName  b. - d.  Married  From
 1.  John B.  SERRETT  *1889-1965  m. c1912 LA. Beatrice CARR, 10Ch.  Baton Rouge, LA.
 Second Generation!   Click on RedBall for Source Info.<--- Children of: John Baptist SERRATT & Beatrice CARR
 2.01  Raymond  SERRETT  *1912-1990  No Marriage  Baton Rouge, LA.
 2.02  Cleveland  SERRETT  *1915-1996  m. c1954 Doris SPRADLEY, ?Ch.  Baton Rouge, LA.
 2.03  Selma  SERRETT  *1917-1994  m. c1942 Joseph STORY, ?Ch.  Baton Rouge, LA.
 2.04  Evelyn  SERRETT  N/A   d. Infant!  Baton Rouge, LA.
 2.05  Stanley  SERRETT  c1919-Liv'g  m. Nathalie THIBEAU, ?Ch.  Baton Rouge, LA.
 2.06  Lillian  SERRETT  c1920-Liv'g  m. Mr. NOBLES ?Ch.  Baton Rouge, LA.
 2.07  John H.  SERRETT  c1923-Liv'g  m. Sue BARKER, 4Ch.  Baton Rouge, LA.
 2.08  Stonewell  SERRETT  c1925-Liv'g  m. Gladys Unknown ?Ch.  Baton Rouge, LA.
 2.09  Syble  SERRETT  c1926-Liv'g  m. John AINSWORTH ?Ch.  Baton Rouge, LA.
 2.10  Florence  SERRETT  c1928-Liv'g  m. Leslie HOBGOOD ?Ch.  Baton Rouge, LA.

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 Richland Parish, LA. was created in 1868 from the larger Quachita, Carroll, Franklin & Morehouse Parishes. The Parish Seat is Rayville, LA. 71269. It is located in the Northeastern part of the State. Bounded by: Morehouse & West Carroll the North; Madison Parish on the East. Franklin Parish on the South; with Caldwell & Quachita Parishes the West. (First Census 1870, Parish Clerk has m., div, pro, civ, ct, land rec from 1869)
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 Eighth Generation!
  Click on RedBall for Source Info.<--- Only s/o David Crockett SURRATT & 1st Wife: Margaret Unknown) of Hardin Co., TN.
 Chap.  FName  LName  b. - d.  Married  From  Wm. Finch  SURRATT  *1889-1964  m. c1907 TN. 1st Jennie E. WINGO, 4Ch.
 m. c1919 AR. 2nd Annie Leona JACKSON, 5Ch.
 Hardin Co., TN.
 FIRST MARRIAGE: c1907, Miss Jennie E. WINGO, 4Ch. (2 Sons & 2 Dau's)
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 1. 1st Dau:  Ollie Lee SURRATT,  *1908-  Not Traced!   ?Ch.
 2. 1st Son:  James Edward SURRATT,  *1910-1823 a12yrs  bd Cemetery Unknown (to me)!  
 3. 2nd Son:  "Arthur" Thomas SURRATT,  *1913-  m. *1937 Miss Louisa Edith Unknown,   2Ch.
 4. 2nd Dau:  Minnie Elsie SURRATT,  *1916-  Not Traced!   ?Ch.
 SECOND MARRIAGE: c1919 Miss Annie Leona JACKSON, 5Ch. (2 Sons & 3 Dau's)
 5. 1st Dau:  Lelia M. SURRATT,  c1920-  Not Traced!   ?Ch.
 6. 2nd Dau:  Nellie M. SURRATT,  c1923-  Not Traced!   ?Ch.
 7. 1st Son:  Harlie E. SURRATT,  *1924-1984 a60yrs  m. Wife Unknown,   ?Ch.
 8. 2nd Son:  Leon Faris SURRATT,  *1926-2004 a77yrs LA.  m. Miss Jan Unknown,   5Ch.
 9. 3rd Dau:  Myrtie F. SURRATT,  c1929-  Not Traced!   ?Ch.
  7 Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins 

Capital: Baton Rouge, LA. 70801
U.S. Terretory 1805 - 18th State 1812
     Ownership of the Louisiana sector for the first 250 or 300 years of its discovery zig- zagged between France, Spain, and England until it was sold to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Some of the quaint customs of the early French settlers have been perpetuated over the years and give the state an atmosphere of antiquity. Every school boy and girl remembers with nostalgic feelings Longfellow's "Evangeline," the poetic story of the transfer of large groups of French settlers from Nova Scotia to Louisiana. Many descendants of these Acadians still live in Louisiana where they are known as Cajuns.
     Rather than to fight against the mother country during the Revolutionary War, many loyal Britons moved their families from the Atlantic states to Louisiana where they have perpetuated themselves.
     On 1 October 1804 Louisiana was divided into two parts by Congressional action. The upper portion was given the name "District of Louisiana" and the lower portion "Territory of Orleans." Immediately after the formation of the Territory of Orleans, large numbers of Americans from south of the Ohio moved into the new acquisition. In 1805 Louisiana was divided into 12 counties and in 1807 the Orleans Territory was partitioned into 19 parishes. There is nothing different between a Louisiana parish and a county in any other state except the name. Otherwise everything is the same. Some of the early church parish records are now held by the parish or court clerks.
     For information regarding wills, deeds, divorces, civil court records and marriages write the clerk of the respective parishes.
     The State Registrar, Division of Vital Records, Department of Health and Human Resources, P.O. Box 60630, New Orleans, LA 70160, has records of birth and death for the state of Louisiana since 1914. This is generally true except for the parish of Orleans where records for births, deaths, and marriages are available as far back as 1790. (Please note that marriage records are available only if the license was purchased in Orleans parish). Additionally, some birth and death records for Caddo Parish are available since 1899.

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