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KY. - Queries
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Some SFA�-Family Kentucky Queries

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Ballard Co.
Submitter: Bobbie Weeks SERRATT, Alice Flora Haynes
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 22:52:00 EDT
Subject: Loman Haynes - Ballard Co., KY; To: [email protected]
Looking for any info on Loman James Haynes (per ss application) ( Taylor is written and then scratched out as middle name on ss application) or Loman Taylor Haynes (per death certificate)
b July 22, 1885 Wickcliffe, [Ballard Co.] KY, d June 22, 1975 in Ballard Co.
Parents George Washington Haynes and Flora (or Alice Flora) Serratt. Married Nettie Jones, b 1892. Looking for any info, especially on his parents. Thanks!
Bobbie Weeks, ([email protected]
2nd Query: Dated: 03 Jan 2000
To Source List: [email protected]
I am looking for any information on Loman Taylor (James) Haynes b 7-22-1885 Ballard Co, KY d 6-22-1975 Ballard Co. m Nettie Jones b 7-13-1892 AL? d 8-27-1955 Hickman Co, KY. Father George Haynes b unknown & Alice Flora Serratt b unknown. Any info on parents would be great too. Thanks,
Submitter: Kimberly Bush SERRATT, Alice Flora Haynes
Dated: Jul 15, 2001
Dear Mr. Sarrett,
I hope you do not mind my e-mailing you. I have been searching my family tree and have come across a name for my great great grandmother, Alice Flora Serratt. I am not sure that is the correct spelling. All I know of her is that she married George Washington Haynes (in Indiana I believe) and lived in Ballard Co. KY. She had at least two children that I know of, Loman Taylor Haynes and Nellie Gray Haynes, born 1885 and 1889 respectively. She died before 1900 I believe as she is not on the 1900 census and the story in my family is that Nellie (my great grandmother) was raised by her grandparents as her mother had died. This name, Serratt, is unusual and I have not run across it before. I read that you might be able to lead me in the right direction.
Thank you, Kimberly Bush
Kimberly, See Bobbie's Query above...prs

Clinton Co.
Dated: Tuesday, January 18, 2000
The Surratt Surname Message Board; Message #736008
I am trying to locate any information about Lila Surratt, who I believe was born in Virginia in approximately 1869, and married Walter Lee Baird, also believed to be from Virginia
We believe your Lila F. SURRATT, b. c1874, Clinton Co., KY.
She is the 3rd Dau of William P. & Nancy A. (Blankenship) SURRATT of Cumberland Co., KY. (See: Grayson Co., VA. Queries or
[Mrs Lila Frances (Surratt) BAIRD, SFA�-Family!]
We would like to exchange info. on this family. Any Children? ...prs

Cumberland Co., KY.
Kenneth W. Surrett
SURRETT, William & Ida
Dated: Aug 15, 2001
RootsWeb Message Boards - Message [ Roane ]
Boards \ Localities \ North America \ United States \ States \ Tennessee \Counties \ Roane
My grand parents were Ida and William SURRETT They were from Burksville, [Cumberland Co.] Ky. Some of their relatives they talked about were Roach and Blankenship.
I live in Madison, Indiana. My grand parents were supposedly well to do at one time but some way lost everything. They spoke of Indian heritage.
We believe your Gr-Grandparents were:
See: William P. & Nancy A. (Blankenship) SURRATT
Your Grandparents were:
See: John "Willie" & Ida Mae HUDSON
Your Parents:
See: Harvey O. SURRATT & Bernice U. Unknown
I would be interested in the "ROACH" family connection?
I don't know anything about them being "Well to Do", but I do no he was "Illiterate" he could Not Read or Write. per Census records, he was a "Rent Farmer" all his adult life. We have lost track of him after the 1930 Census, we do know a lot of his children moved to Marion, Jefferson Co., Indiana, but we don't know when he died or where is he "Buried?"
We would like to exchange info. on the family....prs
Captain Brian K. Dampier
SURRATT, Granvil A.
Date: 07 Jan 2003 6:46:54 AM Pacific Standard Time
CC: [email protected] (Dianna Dampier (E-mail))
Granvil Arthur SURRATT, (a.k.a. Granville) [] [SFA-VA 403]
(2s/o William P. & Nancy A. (Young) SURRATT, of Grayson Co., VA.
(1Gs/o Isom W. & Elizabeth (Unknown) SARRETT, of Grayson Co., VA.
(2Gs/o Willis & Sarah/Sally (Unknown) SARRETT, of NC., Wythe Co. VA.
(3Gs/o Elisha,1 & 1st Wife SARRETT, of Pearson Co., NC., Wythe Co., VA.
(4Gs/o Elisha "Duke of Monte SARRETT" of France
b. 11 Feb 1891, Cumberland Co., KY. d. __ Jan 1969, a78y in Cumberland Co., KY. (SSD#400-50-4142) Buried Location Myers Ridge Cemetary, Burkesville, KY.
At the age of 23 years (bfr 1914) in Cumberland Co., KY. he married the 21 year old Mary Belle CLAYWELL; (Ed Claywell and Drucilla)
b. 15 Aug 1893, Cumberland Co., KY. d. __ Mar 1975, a82y in Cumberland Co., KY. (SSD#401-54-0031) Myers Ridge Cemetary, Burkesville, KY.
They had at least 9 Children born to this Union: [REF:#002]
1. 1st Son: Richard "Cecil" b. c1915 d.1999 of Burkesville, Cumberland Co.,KY.
2. 1st Dau: Opal C., b. c1917 m. Mr. Guinn of Burkesville, Cumberland Co.,KY.
3. 2nd Son: Will Ed, 1917 a74 Lives Sulphur Springs, Ind., Uncle Will Edis still very much among the living.
4. 3rd Son: Logan, b. c1921 d. Lived in Louisville, KY.
5. 4th Son: Oscar N., 1923-1993 a70y m. *1943 Mattie J. WRIGHT, 5Ch.
6. 5th Son: Arther B., 1931-1984 a73y
7. 2nd Dau: Ruth, 01 Oct 1904 - 25 Jan 1998, Brazil, Clay Co., IN. Grandma is also still very much among the living. Lives in Dunkirk, Ind. born 1921Burkesville, KY m. Mr. Bennie Thurman of Burkesville, KY..
8. 3rd Dau: Creola, m. Mr. Richards of Albany, Clinton Co., KY.,
9. 4th Dau: Collene, m. Mr. Thomas of Ind;
Granvil Arthur is my great grandfather. My mothers maternal grandfather. I am and was very close to these people. I just can't remember at the moment what year Uncle Logan died. Uncle Logan was named after G.A.'s brother Logan of Burkesville, KY. who served in the U.S. Army from 1905 to 1945 retired as a Major of Coastal Artillery.
My mother Dianna (Thurman) Dampier may be able to add more information. Thanks,
Captain Brian K. Dampier, [email protected] (Dampier, Brian CPT)
U.S. Army Ordnance Corps Tuzla, Bosnia
Captain Damper,
It looks like you have already found our Profile on: [Granville Arthur Surratt SFA�-Family Profile!]
We would like any Corrections/Additions to this branch. ...prs
 Granville Arthur Surratt
  Date: Jun 18, 2007 At: 06:32:46 PSTime
Granville Arthur Surratt, b: Feb 11 1891 in Cumber., KY d: Jan 27, 1969 also in Cumber., KY.
Married Mary Bell Claywell b: Aug 15, 1893 in Cumber., KY and d: Mar 18, 1975 in Meyers Ridge, Cumber., KY.
I am related to her. Would you more info. you could share with me, and I will gladly do the same for you.
my E-mail is [email protected]
Also if you have any info on the Nashville Glidewell he was married to Patsy Jane Glidewell. It would really help my Family Tree.
Thank you Paul
We have [Granville Arthur Surratt SFA�-Family Profile!]
Do you have any "Headstone" Photos of Granvill or Mary Bell's tombstone at Meyers Ridge Cemetery?
We would like to exchange info. on this Family!..prs
 Richard Cecil Suratt, Sr.
  1st E-Mail: Date: Tue, November 1, 2011 At: 7:03:41 AM PStime
I have just recently found your genealogy pages on the internet - they are wonderful!! Thank you so much for this information.
I am the 3rd daughter of Richard Cecil Suratt, Sr., and if possible, I would like for some corrections to be made in the section for Richard Cecil Suratt, Sr. (SFA-ID# (SFA-VA-FG#549) (1st Son of Granvil Arthur Surratt and Mother: Mary "Belle" Claywell of Cumberland Co. KY.
Thank you very much for your work in assembling all of this information.
Barbara S. Riddle, 579 Culvers Lane, New Haven, KY 40051
E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for your corrections. It's people like you that have taken the time to review our work, and make corrections/additions that make our SURRATT Family story as accurate as possible.
See: [Richard Cecil SURATT, Sr. SFA�-Family Profile!]

  2nd E-Mail: Date: Mon, March 12, 2012 At: 8:52:32 AM PStime
Attached 2 Files: Scan0002.jpg (476KB); Scan0003.jpg (256KB)
I e-mailed you a few months ago regarding some corrections in the Richard Cecil Suratt (1st son of Granvil Arthur Suratt) family. You made the corrections for me and I do thank you. You also asked me to send photos of headstones. I have taken pictures of all the Suratt/Surratt headstones in the Myers Ridge Cemetery and will attempt to send them to you - it was an overcast day, and at least one of the headstones is so faded the picture did not turn out.
Here are a couple of them, please let me know if you receive them and then I will send the others I made pictures of.
Thank you - God bless, Barbara Suratt Riddle E-Mail: [email protected]
They came through, just find! Send the rest. See: [Richard Cecil SURATT, Sr. SFA�-Family Profile!]

  3rd E-Mail: Date: Mon, March 12, 2012 At: 2:47:37 PM PStime
Attached 5 Files: Scan0004.jpg (590KB); Scan0006.jpg (520KB); Scan0007.jpg (872KB); Scan0008.jpg (741KB); Scan0009.jpg (117KB)
Here are the other pictures I took at Myers Ridge Cemetery. The bottom picture in Scan 0008 is the one I am not sure about - I think it has J. T. Suratt on it. Scan0009 is a photo of my dad, Richard Cecil Suratt, and my mom, Lydia Ellen Teal Suratt. Thank you so much for all the work you have done on this.
God Bless, Barbara Helen Suratt Riddle E-Mail: [email protected]
  4th E-Mail: Date: Mon, March 12, 2012 At: 5:55:58 PM PStime
According to my sister, Drucilla (Suratt) Anderson, the headstone in Scan0008, belongs to James T. Suratt who was the son of William P. and Nancy Blankenship Suratt, and a brother to my g-father, Granvil Arthur Suratt. Thank you - God bless, Barbara Suratt Riddle E-Mail: [email protected]
See: [Richard Cecil SURATT, Sr. SFA�-Family Profile!]
 Barbara Helen (Suratt) Riddle is our Click on Redball for More Info.<--- [SFA�-REF:#006]

Franklin Co., KY.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRITT, Sara (Stamper) Mrs.
Dated: Mar 10, 2000
Franklin Co. Ky Obituaries
Mrs. Sarah (Stamper) Surritt, a64y;
117 Allnut Drive, Frankfort, Kentucky
Retired from the state Department of Parks
b. 12 Mar 1935 Letcher County, Kentucky
d. 06 Mar 2000, a64y Monday, [SSD# 403-48-7857] at Central Baptist Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky 40601
Parents: Clarence and Ida Polly Stamper (deceased)
Husband: Robert Surritt
Sons: 1. Phillip Wayne Surritt,
2. John Timothy Surritt and
3. Danny Gayle Surritt, all of Frankfort, Kentucky
Brother: Allen Stamper (deceased) Sisters: Lorena Nash and Larcena Beech, both of Frankfort, Kentucky; Juanita Yencer, Prudenville, Michigan; Mary Morris, Lexington, Kentucky Sister: Alma Isaacs (deceased)
Burial: The Frankfort Cemetery - Frankfort, Kentucky
(Source: The State Journal - March 8, 2000)

Robert Lawrence Surritt
117 Allnut Drive, Frankfort, Kentucky
Retired auto parts salesman, for Davis Auto Parts
Born: Adairville, [Logan Co.] Kentucky
Died: Wednesday, at Veterans Administration Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky Age: 82
Parents: Robert Franklin and Minnie Empson Surritt (deceased)
Wife: Sarah Della Surritt (deceased)
Phillip Wayne Surritt,
John Timothy Surritt and
Danny Gayle Surritt, all of Frankfort, Kentucky
Sister: Nellie (Surritt) Cavett, Cleveland, OH.
Military service: U. S. Air Force veteran - World War II Burial: The Frankfort Cemetery - Frankfort, Kentucky
(Source: The State Journal - April 12, 2001)
The Husband is Robert Lawrence SURRITT, b. 01 Jan 1918 Adairville, Logan Co., KY.
d. 16 Apr 2001, age 82yrs at Frankport, Franklin Co., KY. Buried: Next to Wife at the Frankfort Cemetery.
He was the only son of Robert F. SURRETT, & Mother: Minnie EMPSON. of Robertson Co., TN. to Warren Co., KY)
Grandson of William N. & Amanda (McGee) SURRITT (of Campbell Co., TN. to Robertson Co., TN.)
Gr-Grandson of John & Mary E. (Mason) SERRETT of Campbell Co., TN. to Robertson Co., TN.)
Gr-Gr-Grandson of James,1 & Nancy (CAMPBELL) SERRETT of Onslow Co., NC. to Campbell Co., TN.
We would like to exchange info. on this branch! ...prs

Graves Co., KY.
Hazel (Surrett) Ciccio (dec'd)
Dated: Nov 01, 1991
South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. 1-20
SCMAR, Volume XIX Number 1, Winter, 1991 Pg. 56
I have a Bible of Allen Surrat, published 1858, pages torn, missing, born 11 Dec 1763, NC, lived Spartanburg, SC 1799, 1800, 1818, moved about 1828 to Tennessee with probable brothers John and Samuel in 1790 Spartanburg, SC, all died in Tenn. Children of Allen Surrat readable in Bible:
1. Farley, 2. Phillip, 3. Nancy, 4. Green, 5. Tempy, 6. Allen, 7. Rhoda, 8. John and 9. Rachel, b. 1793-1814.
He (Allen, b. 1763] had two sons, one dau. in 1790 census.
6. Allen Surrat, b. 20 Nov 1807, son of Allen, married Elizabeth Bolton, b 5 Mar 1814, moved to Symsonia, Graves Co., KY, before 1860. Would like to hear from Surratt, Surrett families of Allen Surrat, John or Samuel Surrat.

Mrs. Hazel (Surrett) Ciccio, (02 Apr 1915 - 27 Aug 1999, a84y)
1715 Old Daytona Road, DeLand, FL 32724
 I wrote, to Mrs. Hazel (Surrett) Ciccio, several time before her death in 1999, that she was incorrect about her Allen,5 SURRETT (1807-1873) parents being my ARW Soldier Allen,2 & Elizabeth SARRETT, of Spartanburg, SC. who died in Cocke Co., Eastern Tenn. Unfortunately, Hazel never respondeded to any of my letters, nor did I receive any "proof" regarding her Bible.
See: Allen,2 SARRETT (*1763-1850, age 87yrs, Cocke Co., TN. Family Profile! <---My Family
See Allen,5 SURRETT  (*1807-1873 age 65yrs, Graves Co., KY. Family Profile! <---Hazel's Family
(s/o John,4 & 1st Wife SARRATT of old Rowan Co., NC. ....prs
Barbra Riley
Dated: Mar 08, 1995
ROOTS-L Genealogy List
Comments: To: [email protected]
I would like to find information on Elizabeth Bolton, b. 08 April 1814 in NC. ; d. 06 April 1875 died Graves Co., KY.
She was married to Allen Surratt (Surrett, Surrette,etc.) born NC 20 Jan 1807 died Graves Co., KY 12 Mar 1873.
Any information or help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Barbra E-Mail: [email protected]
What "Proof" do you have that Allen married Elizabeth BOLTON?
No record can be found in Rowan Co., NC. for this marriage!
In the 1850 Census, for Rutherford Co., TN. list a "Rebecca BROTHERS" as Elizabeth SURRETT's Mother! (No m. rec available for TN.)
See Allen,5 SURRETT Family Profile
Would like any Corrections/Additions to this family. ..prs
Submitter: Leona Headley Mrs. Louisa F. (Unk) SURRATT
Dated: 28 Feb 2000
1. Ezra B. SANDERS (son of Simeon SANDERS and Mary Ann BRANSON) b. 24-Sep-1829, Tennessee, d. 03-Dec-1897, Leclede Co., Missouri, Buried: White Oak Pond Cumberland Presbyterian.
m. (1) bet 24-1/8-1850, in Clay Co., Illinois, Christina WINGATE, b. abt 1832, Illinois, d. bef Aug-1869,
m. (2) 10-Aug-1869, in Leclede Co., Missouri, Matilda A. BAKER, b. abt 1841, Missouri, d. bef Apr-1874,
m. (3) 30-Apr-1874, in Leclede Co., Missouri, to Mrs. Louisa F. SURRATT,
(d/o Unknown Parents) b. 13-Jan-1846, Kentucky, d. 07-Jun-1882, Leclede Co. Missouri, Buried: White Oak Pond Cumberland Presbyterian,
m. (4) 08-Oct-1882, in Leclede Co., Missouri, Rachael T. TENNISON COFFMAN. FIRST MARRIAGE: Miss Christina WINGATE:
1. 1st Dau: Mary Elizabeth SANDERS b. 23-Apr-1851.
2. 2nd Dau: Martha E. SANDERS b. 26-Aug-1854.
3. 1st Son: Albert Walker SANDERS b. 20-May-1860.
4. 3rd Dau: Cordelia Addie SANDERS b. 02-Nov-1862.
5. 1st Dau: Christina R. SANDERS b. abt 1872, pro Laclede Co MO.
THIRD MARRIAGE: Mrs. Louisa F. (Unk) SURRATT, <--------
6. 1st Son: William W. SANDERS b. abt 1875, Leclede Co. Missouri.
7. 2nd Son: Fistuz B. SANDERS b. abt 1877, Leclede Co. Missouri.
8. 3rd Son: Elbry G. SANDERS b. abt 1878, Leclede Co. Missouri.
9. 1st Son: Grover Cleveland SAUNDERS b. 26-Mar-1885, Laclede Co, MO..
Source: [email protected]
Note: See your Queries-MO. 31 Aug 1996
Mrs. Mary "Louisa" F. SURRATT, had a Son:
James E. Surratt W M 15 b. 1865 KY
Anna Roysdon
1st E-Mail: Dated: Aug 28, 2001 08:45:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time
My second cousin Hazel (Surratt) Ciccio had the family bible of Allen. He was born 12-11-1763 in N.C. and lived in Spartenburg, S.C. was there in 1799, 1800, and 1818 moved abt 1828 to Tenn. with brothers John ansd Samuel. All died in Tenn according to Bible. Children of Allen listed as Farley (Phillip), Nancy, Green, Tempy, Allen Jr. , Rhoda, John, and Racheal, b.1793-1814. Allen Jr moved to Graves Co, KY before 1860 and my great-uncle Farley was one of his children. Allen Sr. was married to Elizabeth Bolton b.3-5-1814 Anna Roysdon,
[email protected]"
Hazel (Surrett) Ciccio was incorrect about Allen,5 SURRETT (1807-1873) parents being the ARW Allen,2 & Elizabeth SARRETT, of Spartanburg, SC. d. in Cocke Co., TN.
See: Hazel Ciccio Query Dated: Nov. 1, 1991
See: Allen,2 SARRETT Family Profile!
These children parents are John,4 & 1st Wife SARRATT of old Rowan Co., NC.
See this subject Allen,5 SURRETT Family Profile
I would realy like to get poor Allen,5 SURRETT's family corrected. ...prs

2nd E-mail: Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 10:00:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Since Hazel has passed away I have trying to contact her husband . It is still believed that he is in posession of the Surrett Bible. He still lives at the address which you have for Hazel. The Anderson side of the Surratt's had a family reunion today and they thought she still had the bible.
Anna Roysdon is my name. [email protected]"
3rd E-mail: Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 10:14:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time
The date that the bible was printed was 1758 not 1858 and was a misprint in the article. The reason that Hazel was unable to contact you was the last five years of her life she was very ill. Sorry i did not put this in the last communication
Anna Roysdon, [email protected]"
Anna, Thanks for the E-Mails,
Sorry to hear Hazel suffered the last few years of her life.
The 1758 Edition date for the Bible, makes it more believable that it could be Allen,2 SARRETT's family Bible.
The 8 Children of Allen,2 & Elizabeth SARRATT are NOT proven. (This is my direct lineage)
I have not found that he left a Will & Testament in Cocke Co., I have not even found their grave sites, but I believe he died before 1850 in Cocke Co. His Wife "Elizabeth" was only mentioned one in a Deed transaction in Spartanburg Dist. SC. (Db. D-B & Q Pg146 &7) I know he had one sone named "William" (per Nobel SARRATT's Book, Pg7) others are placed in this family by association in Census Records.
I would love to get copies of Hazel's Bible. If you could scan or copy the pertinent pages of this bible and send to me, I will pay for any of your cost. No one has filed for DAR or SAR applications on American Revolutionary War soldier Allen,2 SARRETT, I would like to be the first.
(My Address)
It also will be interesting to see the comparison with John,4 SARRATT children.
Do you have any idea where Allen,5 & Elizabeth (Bolton) SURRETT's family were living in the 1840, 1850, 1860 Census?
Based on birth of children 1. Frank b. SC 1836, then were in TN. from 1841 to 1854, then in KY before 1858, but I can't find them until 1870 Graves Co., KY.
Sorry to go on and on, but I still get excited after researching this family over 30 some years with NEW information. ..prs

4th E-Mail: Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 9:31:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Dear Paul,
Please get in touch with the Mayfield Cemetary , they have the records where Elizabeth Bolton Surrett is buried and 4 of the children and their spouses are buried. They are buried not to far from the Lockridge side of the Anderson if that helps. Then in the Symsonia Cemetary (that is not the name)there are some more of the Surretts. I did have pictures of the tomstones but had a fire in my home that destroyed all of them and the negatives. i went to the grave sites in 1982. There is more info on this in Frankfurt, Ky .
Do to my health i have not been able to return in the last five years and before that was in and out of the country.
Anna Roysdon [email protected]"
Thank's for the tip on the Mayfield & Symsonia Cemeteries. will check-it out.
Sorry to hear your health is poorly.
Keep in touch...prs
(This was the last we heard from Anna)
See: [SFA-REF: 0890.003]
SURRETT Genealogy, Graves Co., KY.
Date: 13 Dec 2002 4:34:38 PM Pacific Standard Time
Have you updated your genealogy, I may be able to help you some on the Graves Co., Ky. Surrett's. Ann, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail. The GEDCOM was just up-dated last month and See Allen,5 SURRETT Family Profile
Would like any Corrections/Additions to this family. ..prs

Date: 14 Dec 2002 7:17:58 AM Pacific Standard Time
Thanks Paul, I will look at your websites, I am not directly related to the Surrett family. However looking for a relation of mine led me to what you had. The son of Allen Sorrett and Elizabeth Bolton Sorrett in Graves Co. Ky, whose name was Joseph Sorrett is the person I am looking at.
You said in a query you had found nothing furthur on him.
I think I have found him. I believe he married Cordelia Wallace I found what looks to be her with him in the 1880 census in Symsonia (which is where my family lived) Graves, Ky.
I finally deciphered her name from the 1920 census and felt it to be Surrett. In 1880 she was no longer with her parents, however was with them in the 1870 census. I believe that the Joseph Sorrett you were looking for is the husband of Cordelia Wallace. Please let me know what you think or if you already have something to verify this. Ann, [email protected]
See Joseph H. SURRETT Family Profile
Would like any Corrections/Additions to this family.
(This was the last we heard from Ann)
See: [SFA-REF: 0890.004]

Teresa Webster
Date: 14 Apr 2003 6:16:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [ARJACKSO] Re: Marvin H. Derrington & Nann B. Derrington descendants Jackson Co. Message Board URL: Message 367.1.1
Thank you for your help with this. Marvin Henry Derrington was my grandfather. His first wife was Francis Helen Gholson.
Her parents were Emery/Emmett Stahl Gholson and Gertrud Mary Nilges. I do not know for sure where Marvin H. and Francis were married and both are deceased now.
My mother was Peggy Joan Derrington and she was born in Paducah, KY 1940. She was their oldest child. I also know that they lived in Indiana for a few years. After that I know my grandfather lived in AR., and my grandmother lived in FL. The exact details and when they made the moves I don't know. My great grandfather, Marvin Monroe was married to Henrietta S. Schnuck. I know that she had to have social security card corrected because the first spelling of the name was with two "r's".
When I got a copy of my grandfather Marvin H.'s second marriage cetificate it had his name spelled with two "r's". Nann B. had the last name of Derrington already. I would really like to know if that was a !,br> married name or surname. Marvin Monroe and Henrietta I believe were married at least 50 years. My mother had her parents listed as Henry Herman Schnuck and Elizabeth Jane (?) The following is the information I have collected with the help of other researchers:
3. William Andrew Derrington (b.17 Mar 1858-Graves Co.,KY.;d.12 May 1923) sp: Naomi (b.Jul 1870)
They had Children:
4. Ellis Clarence Derington (b.Jan 1888-Florence Station,KY.;d.7 Dec 1912) sp: Willie L. (b.Oct 1896;d.13 Sep 1916)
4. Idella Derington (b.Jan 1892-McCracken Co.,KY.)
4. Florence Derington (b.Jan 1896-AR.) sp: Lara James (b.27 Oct 1866)
4. Wilford Carl Derrington (b.25 Aug 1886) sp: Maggie Edna Parks (b.1887;d.1970)
4. Emmitt Clarence Derrington (b.27 Jan 1888;d.7 Dec 1912)
4. Ruby Elizabeth Derrington (b.10 Nov 1891) sp: Farley Surratt
4. William Lesley Derrington (b.19 Oct 1896;d.13 Apr 1916)
4. Annabell Derrington (b.Sep 1901;d.1975) sp: Lenord Ray Anderson (b.1900;d.1986)
If you can add, subtract, or correct please do.
Teresa Webster, E-Mail: [email protected]
This family spelled their name as "SURRETT" See: Farley SURRETT SFA Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

John Robert Surrett Williamson
Robert Dennis SURRETT
Date: 06 Jun 2005 8:51:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time
( adopted name) My father Robert Dennis Surrett (Williamson) who was named after his great grandfather Robert Dennis Surrett, sent me an article that you had wrote about (Moonshine/Fire Water). It was about a shoot- out at my great uncle Reid Surrett's house. Over the years I have talked to people about that day that were there. Such as Mr. Farmer, Mr. Copland and my Grandmother Vivian Surrett.
However they did not discuss it much and were very discrete about the details. I wonder if you have any other information about my family.
My: Great Great Grandfather- Robert Surrett
Great Grandfather- Farley Surrett
Great Uncle- Reid Surrett
My Grandmothers Brother- Bob Surrett
My Grandmother: Vivian (Surrett) Williamson
To keep the Surrett name in my family I named my first son John Robert Surrett Williamson 24 Apr 2000
Thanks, Robert Williamson Jr., E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail,
We have a page on Robert D. SURRETT See: URL:
Robert D. SURRETT SFA-Profile!
We would like any of the "Unknown or Not Traced" info.
Also see info on the tragic death of Mrs. Prudie V. (McGUIRE) SURRETT at URL: White - Mule
See your Grandmother: Vivian LeeAnn (SURRETT) WILLIAMSON SFA-Profile!
Would like to exchange info. on this family. ....prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 10 Jun 2005 7:51:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time
CC: [email protected]
Thank you so much for your reply.
However it looks as though I may have some unknown information for this page. Let me research it a little more and I will get back with you with my information. Thanks again.
Robert Williamson Jr., E-Mail: [email protected]
(We never heard back from Robert Williamson Jr. [REF:#005] ..prs
Cheri Casper
Surrett Family - Graves Co., KY
Dated: 31 Jul 2007 10:56:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Paul - I found your posting on the Ancestry World Family tree for Ruby Elizabeth Derrington who married Edgar Farley Surrett.
Ruby was my great-aunt; her sister, Annie Bell, was my grandmother.
I knew Ruby and Farley well.
You show the father as William Andrew Derrington; this is correct. However, you show the mother as "Naomi."
I've seen this Naomi-thing floating around and have no idea where it came from. No one in my family seems to know anything about a "Naomi." IF he was married to her, there were no children.
I've not found any marriage record or other piece of evidence to substantiate this marriage. William Andrew Derrington married Laura Jane James (dau. of John James & Henrietta Ann Carter) on 22 Sept 1885.
This date came from Laura Jane's bible which is in the possession of my cousin, The Rev. James Anderson.
Ruby Elizabeth wasn't born until 10 Nov. 1891. So, if William was married to "Naomi," she certainly wasn't the mother of Ruby Elizabeth; her mother was Laura Jane James.
The marriage date you have for Ruby and Farley is correct.
However, they did not marry in Graves Co. I have a copy of the marriage record. They married across the river in Metropolis, Massac Co., IL and Ruby lied about her age because she was only 15.
Cheri Casper
A man of character does not ask a single soldier to die for a failed policy. -- Lee Iacocca
Cheri Casper, [email protected]
tel: (509) 624-4497
Thanks for the E-Mail, Cheri
That info. came to us from Mrs. E.O. "Hazel" (Surrett) CICCIO, dec'd 1999 she was
2nd Dau of Edgar Farley & Ruby E. (Derrington) SURRETT,
Grand Daughter of Robert D. & Endora E. (REID) SURRETT,
Gr-Grand Daughter of Allen,5 & Elizabeth (Bolton) SARRATT,
She supplied us with a lot of incorrect info., & we thank you for bring the above infomation to our attention.
We know that Farley & Ruby "Divoriced" but we do not know the year. We know that from the 1930 Census, that 3 children, Hazel, Raymond & Vivian were living at Uncle & Aunt Norman N. & Freeda L (Surratt) McGUIRE's home. Son Robert was living with his mother Ruby E. (Derrington) SURRETT in Detroit, MI. Where was Farley SURRETT living? in this 1930 Census?
We know Mrs. Ruby E. (Derrington) SURRETT, married 2nd (Date & Location Unknown) to a McGUIRE? (Her Headstone, in Bolton Cemetery list "Ruby McGUIRE)
Some researcher claim she married 2nd her Brother-in-Law Norman N. McGUIRE (1888-1958), others claim that daughter Vivian married her Uncle Norman N. McGUIRE. Can you help us clear some of this up?
We would like to exchange info. on this family. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Dated: 10 Aug 2007 12:56:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Paul - Hazel Ciccio was my cousin. I knew her and her husband, Joe, well. She has a colorful history with marriages, but I can't pin down dates on all of them. She was married to a man named Floyd Houts, whom she divorced to marry his best friend -- Joe Ciccio. And they all still remained friends. In fact, I think Floyd was at her marriage to Joe. Before she was married to Floyd, she was married to a man named Austin [Unknown]. I think she married Austin in Detroit (unfortunately Wayne Co., MI online records are absymal and I've simply not gotten around to ordering microfilm). Floyd and his second wife, Kay, remained friends of the family -- we visited them often when we were kids as they lived in the Kansas City area. So Hazel's marriages were (1) Austin [Unknown]; (2) Floyd L. Houts, 26 September 1936, Excelsior Springs, MO [Source: Jackson County Marriage Records, Department of Records, Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri, online , certificate no. 1936A0064447] and (3) Joe Ciccio. She may have gone back to Detroit at some time because when we visited her and Joe, they were living in a 'burb of Detroit.
Ruby married Norman McGuire. I visited their home in Symonsia and have fond memories of it -- and that it was hotter and muggier than hell during the summer in Kentucky! Vivian did not marry Norman McGuire. Vivian was married to (1) Daniel Meffer (I think they may have married in Michigan, but can't prove this); 2 boys, (2) Clifford Williamson; 1 boy; Clifford adopted her two sons by Daniel Meffer; and (3) Dr. James B. Temple who an eye doctor in Wichita Falls.
Here is the deal on Norman McGuire. His first wife was Fraud Lee Surrett (whom you show as Freeda), sister to Edgar Farley. Fraud, Ruby's sister-in-law, died in 1958. I'm pretty sure that Ruby married him after Fraud's death, i.e., that there was no divorce between Fraud and Norman. Fraud & Norman had a son named Algie who is buried in Bolton Cemetery, in Graves Co.
Here is the census info I have: Note on the 1910 he is listed as Harley, this is not a typo, nor is the 1930 for Ruby. I don't know where Farley or the other children were in 1930.
Harley Surrett household, 1910 U.S. census, McCracken County, Kentucky, population schedule, 5th District, page 263-A, dwelling 179, family 181, lines 22-26; National Archives micropublication T624, roll 493, online (Provo, Utah:, 2003), data downloaded 16 September 2003. This residence is home to Harley Surrett, head, M, W, *17, married for 2 years, b. KY, father b. TN, mother b. KY, speaks English, can read/write, resides on a farm; Ruby, wife, F, W, 18, married for 2 years, mother of 2 children/2 living, b, KY, father b. KY, mother b. KY, speaks English, can read/write, did not attend school w/in year; Herman, son, M, W, single, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. KY; Lena, daughter, F, W, single, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. KY; Pat Cooper, an unrelated lodger, lives with the family. *Should be 27. Note: The census images for this family are very poor and there is quite a bit of information that is unreadable and, hence, omitted from this detail.
Farley E. Surrett household, 1920 U.S. census, Graves Co., Kentucky, population schedule, Thompson Shop and Symsonia Precinct, enumeration district [ED] 101, supervisor's district [SD], sheet 6-A, farm 117, lines 23-27; National Archives micropublication T625, roll 572, online (Provo, Utah:, Inc., 1998-2004), data downloaded 7 April 2003. Individuals living in this household are: Farley E. Surrett, head, owns, M, W, 37, married, can read/write, b. KY, father b. TN, mother b. KY, farmer/general farm, employer, Ruby E., wife, F, W, 29, married, can read/write, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. KY, not employed; Robert W., son, M, W, 8, single, can read/write, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. KY, not employed; Edna H. A., daughter, F, W, 4, single, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. KY, not employed; Raymond A., son, M, W, 2, single, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. KY, not employed. The family is living next door to Farley's mother, Eudora Surrett, and her son, Reid, and his wife, Prudie.
Ruby Suwrett household, 1930 U.S. census, Wayne Co., Michigan, population schedule, Precinct 10, Detroit, enumeration district [ED] 101, supervisor's district [SD] 20, sheet 7-B, dwelling 10, family 28, lines 80-82; National Archives micropublication T626, roll 1035, online (Provo, Utah:, Inc., 1998-2004), data downloaded 16 September 2003. Occupants of this household are Ruby Suwrett, head, rents, value of the home/rent is unknown, does not live on a farm, F, W, 37, married since age 15, did not attend school w/in year, able to read/write, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. KY, speaks English, maid in a hospital;
Robert, son, M, W, 19, single, did not attend school w/in year, can read/write, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. KY, speaks English, clerk in an auto plant; and
Buriel Greenwold, an unrelated roomer. Note: The whereabouts of the remaining family members in 1930 is unknown.
Is there any additional info I can provide?
I do have a few photos of some of the family members, but not many.
Cheri (Anderson) Casper, [email protected] ....prsjr

3rd E-Mail: Dated: Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at: 10:44 pm PSTime
Subject: corrections
Ruby Derrington's parents were William Andrew Derrington and Laura Jane James.
William & Laura are my great-grandparents. It is a different William who was married to Naomi.
They appear on KY census records at the same time William & Laura are on the KS census records.
You will want to correct your records. This has crept into the Derrington genealogy and I'm having a heck of a time getting it eradicated!
Cheri Casper, E-Mail:[email protected]

Thanks, Cheri
We show the correct parentage of See: Mrs. Ruby E. (DERRINGTON) SURRATT (Wife of E. Farley SURRATT) ....prsjr

4th E-Mail: Dated: Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at: 10:44 pm PSTime
Subject: corrections
Ruby and Farley did not divorce prior to the 1830 census; it should be the 1930 census.
The children you have for them are incorrect. The children were:
 Herman Eugene Surrett, b. 21 Mar 1908, d. 17 Jun 1918, of accidental gunshot wound, bur. Bolton Cem., Graves Co., KY
 Lena Elizabeth, b. 17 Mar 1909, d. 05 Oct 1910, bur. Bolton Cem.
 Robert W., b. 05 Apr 1911, d. __ Oct 1981, Detroit, MI
 Hazel Edna Irene, b. 02 Apr 1915, d. 27 Aug 1999, Deland, FL
 Raymond A., b. 13 Jun 1917, d. __ Aug 1984, Whiting, IN <-- where did you find the MS death info? Mine could be incorrect re the death. Raymond A. is 2 in the 1920 census; according to your information, he would only be a year old.
 Vivian Leann, b. 29 Oct 1921, d. 10 Dec 1996, Wichita Co., TX
Vivian's children by Daniel Meffer were Robert Dennis & James David. After she married Williamson, they started using the Williamson surname. Her only child by Williamson was Norman L.
The info display makes it look like Algie McGuire is the son of Ruby and Norman; he was the son of Fraud & Norman.
Also you attribute my name as Derrington. I never had that surname. I was a Casper at birth and after marriage kept my name. My mother was an Anderson; my mother's mother was a Derrington at birth.
Cheri Casper, E-Mail: [email protected]

Thanks, Cheri
I have made Correction/Additions & Up-Loade new pages ...prsjr


Green Co., KY.
Karen Jorgensen
SURRATT, Oscar Norman
Dated: Jul 24, 1999
Green Co. Ky Obituaries
Posted with permission of the Greensburg REcord Herald
Mr. Oscar Norman SURRATT, son of the late Mr. Granvil Arthur SURRATT and Mrs. Mary Belle Claywell, was born 4 Mar 1923 in Burkesville [Cumberland Co.] and departed this life Friday, 19 Nov 1993 at the Jane Todd Crawford Mem. Hospital in Greensburg, [Green Co.,] KY. He was 70 years 8 months and 15 days of age. He had made a profession of faith in Christ and was a member of the Ladies Chapel United methodist Church at the time of his death. He united in marriage to Miss Mattie Jewell Wright on 23 Dec 1943 who preceded him in death on 28 Apr 1993. To this union were born 3 sons and 2 daughters: 1. Roy Howard, 2. Granvil, 3. Danny SURRATT, all of Greensburg, 4. Joyce Nunn, Corydon, Ind. 5. Margaret Dudley Campbellsville.
Mr. SURRATT is also survived by 3 brothers: 1. Cecil SURRATT of Burkesville, 2. Will Ed SURRATT of Ind., and 3. Logan SURRATT of Louisville; (1 brother: A. B. SURRATT, d. in Dec 1984. 4 sisters: Opal Guinn of Burkesville, Cumberland Co., KY. Ruth Thurman of Ind., Creola Richards of Albany Clinton Co., KY., Collene Thomas of Ind;
12 grandchildren, 7 great-granddaughters and a host of other relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by The funeral services for Mr. Oscar Norman SURRATT were conducted at 11 am Mon 22 Nov at the Ballou Funeral Home in Burkesville with burial in the Myers Ridge Cem. in Cumberland Co. Active pallbearers were: Steve SURRATT, Jeff SURRATT, Rodney Dudley, Michael SURRATT, Jeremy SURRATT and John Rogers. Honorary pallbearers were Michelle Dudley, Lisa Shelton, Shannon Hochadel, katina Dudley, Tonya Rogers, Angie SURRATT and Mandy SURRATT.
This is a Sixth Generation Cumberland Co., Kentucky
Oscar Norman SURATT, [SFA�-Family!] .....prs

Harlan Co., KY.
Marie Worley-Howery
SURRETT, Jonnny F.
Dated: Oct 20, 2000
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [MEL-KIN] Barbourville Mountain Advocate 19 Oct 2000
Lexington Herald Leader 20 Oct 2000
HARLAN, Harlan Co., KY --- JOHNNY FRANCIS SURRETT, [b. 1918], a82y, of Vacaville, Solano Co., Calif., formerly of Louellen, Harlan Co., KY.
retired General Motors Corp. machinist, died Oct. 4. 2000 Memorial service 11 a.m. Saturday, Harlan Funeral Home. Visitation 10 a.m. Saturday.
SSD List: John SURRETT, b. 09 Nov 1917 - d. 04 Oct. 2000; SSD# 403-12-1808 KY. ....prs

Jefferson Co.
Submitter: Dwight A. Surratt  Drake Arthur Surratt, of Louisville, KY.

  1st E-Mail: 04 Dec 2010, SFA�-GuestBook
My Great Grandfather was William P. SURRATT. My Grandfather was Granvill Arthur SURRATT. My Father passed away in 1985 and his name is Arthur Buford SURRATT. I am Dwight Arthur SURRATT, My only daughter just Gave birth to my first Grandchild out of wedlock and named him Drake Arthur SURRATT. He is a 4th Generation "Arthur and i am proud.
Dwight A. Surratt, E-Mail: [email protected]
Congrautions Dwight,
Not only is he your 4th Generation of Arthurs, he is the 8th Genertion of Surratt's in America!
Thanks for signing in on our Guest Book, on Dec 4th, 2010
We have a SFA� Profile on your Father at URL: See: SFA©-Profile: Aurthur Buford Surratt
We would love to have you review, and make any Corrections/Additions on your "Branch" Profile We have a lot of unknowns or Not Traced!, it's people like you that have made our Profiles as accurate as possible. If you have any photos of you branch, just ID them and E-Mail them to me & I will add to your Profile. Thank you, prsjr
Submitter: Brittany Surratt  Aurthur Buford Surratt, of Tulare Co., CA.
  1st E-Mail Dated: Friday, April 15, 2011 At: 9:57 AM, PSTime
I googled my grandpa's name Arthur Buford Surratt" because I didn't know his parents names and your ancestry website came up. I saw some blank spots that I can fill in for you if you want. Let me know how If you want the info.
Thank you, Brittany Surratt, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thank you for your E-Mail Brittany,
We have a 7th Generation [SFA�-ID#] Aurthur Buford Surratt
4th Son of: James Lemuel SURRATT & Mother: Marinda R. PARKER
b. 28 Sep 1897, Snyder Town, Scurry Co., Texas. d. __ Dec 1979, 82yrs, Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA 95336 Buried: Cemetery Unknown (to me) I don't know is he is your Grandpa or not. He was Married & Divorced betwenn 1920 & 1930, he died in San Joaquin Co., CA, but we don't know where he is buried.
Check out our SFA�-Profile on James L. SURRATT at URL: Arthur Buford SURRATT, of Tulare Co., Calif.
Let us know, if you can send us any information on the branch., Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

   Aurthur Buford Surratt, of Louisville, KY.
2nd E-Mail Dated: Friday, April 22, 2011 At: 5:02 AM, PSTime

These are my grandparents Arthur Bedford/Buford SUTRATT & Rena Pearl STONE of Louisville, KY.
The information missing on the website is about their children, you have 4 of them but missing some spouses and one death.
They had 5 children in this order.
     1. 1st Dau: Tabatha Surratt married to Danny Spears
Children; Amy Spears Beth Spears
     2. 2nd Dau: Teresa Surratt/Harris divorced
4 Children; Jeffrey Harris Anna Harris Philip Harris Paul Harris
     #3. 1st Son: Ricky Surratt (never married date of death 10/19/2006)
     #4. 2nd Son: Mark Surratt Married to Theresa Bunce
3 Children; Brittany Surratt (me) Krystal Surratt Chace Surratt
     #5. 3rd Son: Dwight Surratt married/divorced
1 Child: Paige Surratt
They all live in Louisville, Ky.
I don't even know if you want the info, but here it is. It was really cool reading about my great Aunts and Uncles on your site. Some of them I have met and some I haven't gotten to. I actually never even met my grandpa, he died the very day I was born, so its cool to learn more about him.
Thanks for the response.
Brittany Surratt, E-Mail: [email protected]
See: SFA©-Profile: Aurthur Buford Surratt, of Louisville, KY. ..prs

Johnson Co.
Submitter: SHOCKSHLY SERRATT, Margaret (Salyer)

  1st E-Mail Dated: 30 Dec 1999
Margaret Salyer (d/o Joseph Salyer, (c1805-1880) & Sarah Unknown of Johnson Co., KY. b. c1848, Johnson Co., KY m. Daniel Serratt
Source: [email protected]
Subject: my line Salyer/Lemaster

Note! Margaret Salyer was the 2nd Wife of Daniel SERRATT, b. c1834 in Grayson Co., VA. See VA-FG 78 ..prs

Lincoln Co.
Paul R.Sarrett, Gr.
SURRETT, Richard
Date: Sep 15, 1999
Cates, Mary married Surrett, Richard on 20 Sep 1784 in Lincoln County, Kentucky
Would like to exchange info. on this Family! ..prs

McCracken County, KY.
Kathie Henson
SURRETT, Fannie Lillian b. May 27, 1895 KY.

  1st E-Mail Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 At: 22:19:33 PSTime
Subject: MEUNIER Born in France
Comments: To: [email protected]
I have very little information on this, but I am hoping that someone will be familar with this surname. John MEUNIER b. France Jan. 7, 1825. d. 5/04/1918 in McCracken County, KY. married to Louise Unknown b. 4/16/1885 in France d. 3/22/1932 in McCracken County, KY. Children of John and Louise were:
Ferdinand Meunier 1854-1882
John Meunier 1854-1878 Twins
Other children:
Louise Meunier Gray, Clarese Meunier Gray, and Gus/Augustus Meunier.
Sister to Louise (Unknown) Meunier b. 1885 was Lucy Dalton 1840-1904. I don't know if Dalton is her married name, or maiden name? I am searching for the maiden name of these sisters!
I show a Frank Meunier 1801-1881, I also have records of a Ferdinand Meunier coming over from France. I don't know if Frank and Ferdinand Meunier are the same person? I think that this is the father of John Meunier b. 1825 in France.... John Meunier and Louise took in Fannie Lillian Surrett when she was a child and she stayed with them and took care of them until they died! I understand that they owned around a hundred acres of property in McCracken County, Ky. and at their death it was divided between Fanny L. SURRETT and the children of the Meunier's. If any one has any information on the MEUNIER's I would like to exchange information with them. I am very interested in the maiden name of Louise ?? who married John Meunier. These people were like grandparents to my father-in-law and he would really like to know what Louise ?? Meunier's maiden name was. Thanks for any help! Also any history on this family would be appreciated.
Kathie Henson e-mail: [email protected]

  2nd E-Mail: Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 At: 15:28:29 ESTime
Subject: IDEAL Vincennes IN. Furniture MFG. Co.
Hi! Happy New Year! I am just heading out the door to the library to look up info on the IDEAL Vincennes Furniture MFG. Co. in Vincennes, IN. My husband and I received a old (looks like Hoosier) Cabinet that had been stored in a old barn on their property. The cabinet originally belonged to his grandmother Fanny Surrett b. 5/27/1895. My father-in-law says that the cabinet was given to "Mama Fanny" many years ago and it once belonged to her mother's, mothers sister! Well, are we excited or what! It did not look like much when we brought it home, but as the old paint came off, so this little brass label appeared. It was hid all this time under several layers of paint! Of course any information or ideas in regard to this cabinet or the manufacturing co. would be appreciated!
Thanks, Kathie Henson
I don't think your "Fanny" SURRETT b. 27 May 1895 is a SURRETT See the following 1900 Census Record
1900 Census, Dated: 01st Jun 1900, Enumerated by: Henry BALLANCE
Florence Station, 6th Mag. Dist.; McCracken Co., Kentucky
[Roll: T623_540; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 74. F-Visit:# 024]
Amie Surall 35 b. May 1861 KY. H/H Widow, m.21yrs 7Ch. 4 Liv'g No Occup.
James A Surall 18 b. Jul 1882 KY. 1st Son: At School 5mths
T R Surall 10 b. Jan 1890 KY. 2nd Son: At School 5mths
Lex Surall 6 b. Sep 1893 KY. 3rd Son: At School 5mths
Fanie Surall 4 b. May 1896 KY. Only Dau: At Home!
A F Surall 1 b. Sep 1899 KY. 4th Son: At Home!
[The Widow Annie's Parents were both b. NC. All could Read & Write]
She is diffantly a SURRALL and Not a SURRETT..prs

Wayne., KY.
Dennis Stover
Dec 13, 1997
I have an earliest known family member named Barbara Sarrette, born in France cir 1788. She married an unknown in Wayne Co. Ky 1805-1810. I know it's a long shot, but?? Her daughter later married into the Brown & Curnutt families, and started my mothers branch of the family.
Dennis Stover
I have a six marriage records for Wayne Co., KY.
Sally SARRATTE m. 07 Dec. 1802 to Peter TROXALL
Polly SERAT m. 09 Sep. 1824 to Washington KIDD
Polly SERAT m. 09 Sep. 1824 to Washington H. KILLEN
Agnes SERAT m. 18 Sep. 1833 to William TROXALL
Barbara SERATT m. 23 Jan. 1837 to Elijah BARNES
Susan SERRATT m. 11 Feb. 1839 to George MORGAN
Submitter: Dennis L. Minter Dated: 13 Apr 2000 SARRETT, Barbary Barnes
I am looking for information on William Elijah Barnes, born 1815, Kentucky. He married Barbary Sarrett January 23, 1837 in Wayne Co. KY. They had twelve children The first two were Sara A. Barnes who married a Brown & Thomas Calhoun Barnes, who married Mary Hedrick. Thomas was born in Drewesville/Drewsey/Drewseyville? [Not in ZIP database] Kentucky. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Source: KYGENWEB GC-Wayne Co. Ky Query Forum Msg. #4190
Marge of Oregon
Sep 23, 1999
My line is Sally Barbara Sarrette/Surette etc, through Peter Troxel. The marriage is recorded in Richard M Troxel's book. However we cannot find any parents or history for her. She had 3 sons named Troxel later our gg grandmother Barbara, who used the name Sarrette. We understood that Sally owned a Tavern in Wayne County Ky, so even speculate that perhaps she had inherited it from a deceased husband named Sarette and her maiden name is unknown to us. Does your research have any clues?
Sally Barbara bd 1781(?)- md Peter Troxel 7/12/1802. Daughter, Barbara bd about 1829- md Elijah Barnes 1/23/1837. All in Wayne County Ky, if info is accurate.
Thanks for your time. In case I don't keep Prodigy, my work e-mail is: [email protected]
Marge in Oregon
Marge see Troxell Family for continuation of this family ....prs
Jun 23, 2000
I have a Sarrette family in Wayne County Ky. One Sally Sarrette married Peter Troxell, son of George Jacob Troxell and Princess Cornblossom, dau of Chief Doublehead, Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1750 to 1807. Believe Sally Sarratte may have been known as "Standing Fern". Do not know when Sally was born or who her parents were. Peter Troxell was born 1781.
Jo see Troxell Family for continuation of this family ....prs
URL: Submitter: Charles Austin & Bill Emmett Dated: 26 Sep 1999 SARRETT, Sarah/Sallie
The Suthside Virginia Pioneers
Register Report of Peter Trachsel Page 26 of 41 Peter & Julianna Trauthager Trachsel/Troxell Family CHRISTIAN2 TROXELL; (s/o PETER1 TRACHSEL, JAKOBA, HANSB, JAKOBC, JAKOBD, STEPHANE)1 b. 16 Apr 1739 in Egypt, Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania, d. Unknown in Wayne/Pulaski Co., Kentucky (?). He married (1) UNKNOWN. (Issue Unknown) He married (2) 31 May 1761 to Miss CATHERINE DOERR1; (d/o M/M DOERR)
b. c1740, Location Unknown;
d. Unknown
FIRST MARRIAGE: 1) Wife Unknown
Issue Unknown!
SECOND MARRIAGE: *1761 Miss Catherine DOERR, Ch.
1. 1st Son: PETER3, b. c1760-1775
m. 17 Jan 1803, Wayne Co., KY to SARAH "SALLIE" SARRATTE
2. 2nd Son: ABRAHAM,
3. 3rd Son: DANIEL, Not Traced!
4. 4th Son: CHRISTIAN, JR. Not Traced!
5. 5th Son: JACOB Not Traced!
Charles & Bill see Troxell Family for continuation of this family ....prs
John Mitchell
Mar 01, 2001
CERET, Elizabeth KIDD
I have noticed various spellings of the Sarratt/Surratt name in pioneer Wayne County, Ky, records complied by June Bork. I believe that Elizabeth Kidd had a daughter named Cerat/Serat. I have seen many pioneer attempts at spelling it. Many Carolina people went into Wayne County.
Just a suggestion.... You probably know all of this already.
I assume that your Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt family name existed as Cerat/ Serat in the pioneer spelling of Kentucky. If so, you might want to read about an amusing law suit detailed by June Bork on pp.99-101 of Wayne County Pioneers, Vol IV. By modern standards, the whole case is ridiculous, but I fear that it was taken seriously at the time. The court concluded that "Pol Serat was a woman of infamous character"(p. 101).
Is this name French?
I suspect some family connection to Cerat/Serat through the Vaughns or Lewises or Partons, perhaps through a mariage to one of the Kidds. All my lines become very clouded and speculative about 1800.
I am anxious to read your page about Kentucky people.
Sincerely, John M. ([email protected])

Webster, KY.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRETT, A. "Rettie (HILL)
Dated: Jun 08, 2001
The Twice-a-week Providence Enterprise; Providence, Kentucky; Obit #16710
Mrs. A.R. Surrett obituary - 1934
Surname: Surrett, Nolley, Miller, Reedy, Hill, Clark, Braden, Harmon
Mrs. A. "Rettia" Surrett Expires at Diamond, Webster Co. d 23 Oct 1934
Mrs. A.R. (HILL) Surrett, [b. 1858] a76y, expired Tuesday at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. E.H. (Reedy) Nolley, at Diamond from the effects of senility. She was born in Dickinson county, Virginia and was affiliated with the Methodist church.
Other survivors are another daughter,
Mrs. Susan (Reedy) Miller, of Diamond; [Dimond Springs, Logan Co., KY]
one son, Henry Reedy of Stone, [Pike Co.] Kentucky;
two brothers,
Kelly Hill of Coeburn, Virginia and
Henry Hill of Nasbie, Virginia, and
three grandchildren, Mrs. Roy Clark of Providence,
Mrs. George Braden of Diamond and
Ralph Harmon of Madisonville.
The funeral service was conducted Wednesday afternoon at the Diamond Baptist church with the Rev. George R.H. Gass in charge. Pallbearers were George Braden, Audrey Clark, Ernest La Prad, Ivan Mobley, Roy Clark and Ralph Harmon. Interment was in the local Lake View cemetery.
Who was the Mr. SURRETT 2nd Husband, and father Mr. REEDY of these 3 Children?
See: Frank SURRETT Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this Family. ...prs
Re: Kelly Hill and Henry Hill
Date: 18 Nov 2002 1:35:13 PM Pacific Standard Time
Siblings of Mrs. A."Rettie" (Hill) Surrett of Webster, Co. Kentucky
I may be wrong about the mother she may have been Jennie Tolly's daughter, looking at the dates. Sanders was married first time to Jane or Jennie Tolly. I am very curious about is one, please let me know as soon as you can. I sure appreciate the time you will take to read all of this and to figure out if this lady was kin.
Thank you again Debbie, [email protected]
Sorry Debbie
We don't know anything about this family. Do you know who Rettie Husband was? ....prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 21 Nov 2002 7:22:27 AM Pacific Standard Time
Did I give you enough information on those two men, I cant seem to find out anything on this woman, now I did have an Aunt tell me she remembers one of her Aunts maryying a Surrett but doesnt remember her name. Thanks again for your time
[email protected]
3rd E-Mail: Date: 14 Dec 2002 10:04:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
Hi we found that the husband's name was Frank Surrett. I just wanted to let you know that and to thank you again for your time. Debbie, [email protected]
Remind me again, what county, state are you looking in? ..prs

4th E-Mail: Date: 12/14/02 2:27:47 PM Pacific Standard Time
Rhettie was born in Kentucky, dont know what county but she died in Webster County, Kentucky.
[email protected]
You must mean See: Mrs. A. Rettia (HILL) REEDY, SURRETT, she married 2nd to Frank SURRETT
We would like to exchange info on this family.. ..prs

5th E-Mail: Date: 21 Mar 2004 7:57:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
Hi again its been a while but I thought I would let you know we found that Rhettie's husband was Frank Suratt. Debbie,
[email protected]
We known that see your Dec 14, 2002
We would like to exchange info on this family.. ..prs

6th E-Mail: Date: 21 Mar 2004 6:50:27 PM Pacific Standard Time
I believe them to have been married in Virginia, most probably Dickenson County. The only census I have found them on is one where she was living with her daughter E.H. Nolly.1920 Kentucky census-Pike County.... Precinct No. 32 Pond Fork District 6. E.D. 128 Sheet no. 2B, Enumeration Date:Jan. 3, 1920.
This is the only census I have found, she was 59 and he 53. I am having someone in Dickenson County checking there for me on a marriage date but right now this is all I have and it lists them as married.
[email protected]
We known that See: Frank SURRETT Family Profile! We would like to exchange info on this family.. ..prs

Margaret Hill
SURRETT, A. "Rettie (HILL)
Date: 19 Nov 2002 9:15:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
I am researching the above person, and I think she's a descendant of mine.
Would you by any chance, have the names of her parents. Thanks so much.
Margaret Hill, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail.
We don't know the parents of See: Mrs. A. Rettia (HILL) REEDY, SURRETT, she married 2nd to Frank SURRETT
We would like to exchange info. on this family. ....prs

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