John,15 SERATT 1810-1861
Kentucky State Kentucky State Flag Fayette County
born: Fayette Co., KY.?
Cherokee Deer Clan SFA© Coat of Arms - Click on Thumbnail for larger Photo! Cherokee Deer Clan Arkansas State Arkansas State Flag Crawford County
died: Crawford Co., AR.?
John,15 SERRATT, 1810-1861, age 51yrs
"The Bell Maker"
Sixth Generation!
1st s/o TYRE SARRETT and Cherokee Wife Sus-An-Ah (MILLER) SERAT. "Not Proven!" of Tyron Co., NC/SC to Grainger Co., TN.
1Gs/o...Allen,2 & Elizabeth SARRETT) ARW Soldier!, of the "Double Creek Plantion," So. Hyco River, NC. to Cocke Co., TN.
2Gs/o...Samuel,2 & Elizabeth (Unknown) SARRATT) of Bridge Water Plantation, Charles Co., MD. to Mecklenburg Dist. NC.
3Gs/o...Samuel,1 & Anna (Unknown) SARRATT) of Prince George's Co., MD. to Tryon Co., NC., Spartanburg Dist., SC.
4Gs/o...Joseph,1 & Katherine (Unknown) SARRAT) The American Progenitor of France to Prince George's Co., MD.
Need Photo of John,15 SERAT John,15 SERAT/SERRATT, [SFA-FG 10 & 114] [SFA-ID #]
(a.k.a. "SERRATT, SARRATT" "The Bell Maker"
(F 1/4 D.I.B. Catawaba, NC. & M 1/2 D.I.B. Cherokee, N.E. (Degree of Indian Blood) Not Proven!
b. c1810, Fayette Co., KY; ?
d. (1861-1865) during the Civil War, age 51yrs or 65yrs, Crawford Co., AR. [REF: #165]
d. before 04 Apr 1864, age 64yrs per Jeremiah SERATT's Application.
Buried location Unknown; [See Cemetery]
He married twice, first at the age 18yrs, c1828 [Based on bb of 1st Child ..prs] in Pulaski, Giles Co., TN. to [REF: #165]
Eighth Generation!
17 year old Miss Elizabeth "Deliah" RIDENOUR;
(1st d/o MARTIN,1 & 2nd Wife Nancy (SMITH) RIDENOUR;
(d/o Mr. RIDENOUR & Mother: Mary Unknown [REF: #165]
(1Gd/o John "R" & Catherine/Kathareena (NOE) RIDENOUR)
(2Gd/o Henry & Anna Catharina (Fuhrer) (RIDENOUR)
(3Gd/o Nicolaus,II & Anna Magdalena (Arnet) (RIDENOUR)
(4Gd/o Nicolaus "Claus",I & Suzanna (Windstein) REITENANER/RIDENOUR
(5Gd/o Hans & Katherina (Schar) REITENANER/RIDENOUR
(6Gd/o Anton & Margarete (Christen) REITENANER/RIDENOUR
Need Photo of John,15 SERAT She was born about 1809, in Giles Co., TN; [REF: #165]
She died prior to 1844, at the age of 35 years in Adair Co., MO; [REF: #165]
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me, I have researched this for a long time!...prsjr);
They had at least 8 Children born to this 1st Union;
Soon after his first wife's death John,15 SERAT at the age of 35 years, married a second time on:
27 Aug. 1845 in Adair Co. MO. (MBK, A, pg31), to the
Need Photo of John,15 SERAT 26 year old Miss NANCY ANN LANE;
(d/o JESSIE LANE & Mother: Lucinda (Unknown) per [REF:#182]
(d/o JAMES BUCHANAN LANE & Mother: Lucinda (Unknown) per [REF: #165 & #386]
b. about 1819, in Unknown Co., IN; (per Census)
b. c1824/25, in Franklin Co., IN; [REF: #165]
d. __ Aug 1868, at the age of 44 years in Crawford Co., AR; [REF: #165]
Buried: Freedom Cemetery, Chester, Crawford Co., AR.
Click on Redball for More Info. <---See: Find A Grave Memorial# 57116336 [Created by: Steve and Sarah Hames: Aug 15, 2010]
Click on Camera for Picture of Memorial Monument <---See: Photo Memorial Headstone, [Photo by: Barbara Lovett, 8/17/2010]
They had at least 7 Children born to this second Union,
 FIRST MARRIAGE: c1828, Miss Deliah RIDENNOUR, 8Ch. (6 Sons & 2 Dau's)
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.St  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.  1st Son:   GEORGE SERRATT,   TN   *1828-1883 a54yre   m. *1850 Isabella NORDIN,    5Ch.  1st Dau:   NANCY E. SERRATT,   IN   *1829-1918 a88yrs   m. *1846 Samuel P. LANE,   10Ch.  2nd Dau:   MAHALEY SERRATT,   MO   c1832-1907 a75yrs   m. c1856 Jackson McCLORY,    2Ch.  2nd Son:   MARTIN SERRATT,   MO   c1834-1907 a73yrs   m. c1859 Nancy D. Unknown,    3Ch.  3rd Son:   Wm. M. SERRATT,   MO   *1836-1915 a79y   m. c1867 Charlotte KIRK,    1Ch.  4th Son:   HENRY SERRATT,   MO   *1838-   m. c1860 May Unknown,    ?Ch.  5th Son:   CALVEN SERRATT,   MO   c1840-1863 a23yrs   k.i.a., Civil War! AR.  6th Son:   JERMIAH SERRATT,   MO   c1842-1881 a49yrs   m. c1865 Margaret NAIL,    4Ch.
 SECOND MARRIAGE: *1845 Miss Nancy Anna LANE, 7Ch. (3 Sons & 4 Dau's)  1st Son:   SAMUEL SERRATT,   MO   c1846-1875 a29yrs   m. *1870 Cindarilla EATON,    2Ch. 1st Dau:   MARY A. SERRATT,   AR   *1848-1938 a89yrs   m. c1869 Nelson POOR,    6Ch. 2nd Dau:   MARTHA A. SERRATT,   AR   *1850-   m. c1869 John Rush,    5Ch. 2nd Son:   JOHN C. SERRATT,   AR   *1852-1898 a45yrs   m. *1874 Susan CRAVENS,    9Ch. 3rd Dau:   MALINDA SERRATT,   AR   c1853-   Not Traced! 4th Dau:   DELILY SERRATT,   AR   c1855-   Not Traced! 3rd Son:   JOSEPH S. SERRATT,   AR   *1857-1934 a76yrs   m. *1878 Phebe R. BELDON,    7Ch
  54 Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 

Click on Thumbnail for Profile! See SFA-GEDCOM: Click on Redball for More Info.<---  John,15 SERATT; "The Bell Maker" for Continuation.
 Also See the GrandSon Photo's - Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Tyre M. SARRETT

Possible Record Problem!
  Birth location of John,15 SERATT by [REF: #165] as Fayette Co., KY; [She list No Source] the 1850 & 1860 Census list KY. with No County reference, but Census record show that Tyre & Sus-San-Anh were NEVER in Kentucky?
Fayette Co., KY. was created 1780 from the larger Kentucky Co. of Virginia; The County Seat is Lexington, KY. 40507 Located in the Northcentral part of the State. Bounded by Scott Co. on the North; Bourbon Co. on the Northeast; Clark Co. on the East; Madison Co. on the South; Jessamine Co. onthe Southwest; with Woodford Co. on the West.
Fayette Co., KY is quite a distance from Grainger Co., TN. which was created in 1796, from the larger Hawkins, and Knox Co's. The County Seat is Rutledge, TN. 37861 It is located in the East section of TN. Bounded by Union Co. on West; Claiborne on the Northwest; Hancock on the Northeast; Hawkins on the East; Hamblin Co. on the Southeast; Jefferson Co. on the Southeast; and Knox Co. on the Southwest. ..prs

 Family Story: [REF:#114]
  Family story is that during civil war supplies came to area by boat and that John Seratt left the house to get money to buy supplies next day and never returned. Later in spring when planting corn body was found minus leg. Later the leg was found and buried.
John Seratt was in Washington co., AR on 1850 census, his occupation was listed as "Bell maker".
He was also 1860 Census for Washington Co., AR.
Supposedly they traveled a lot because of his occupation. John Seratt was on 1840 census in Macon Co., MO and married second wife Nancy Ann Lane in 1846 in Adair Co., MO.
John15, SERATT's "Silver Mine"
The area of Winslow, [Washington Co.] AR still tells a story of John Seratt and a silver mine in the mountains. The story is John found a silver mine in the mountains during the civil war and his son's made some bullets and took them to war. Someone they fought with was a silversmith and he told them it was pure silver. After the war he returned with the Serat boys and they minted their own coins. When the government agents came to the area they left before they found them. People still look for the mine.
One of the old timers named Cheston Seratt (1915-2001) said his grandmother Susan (Cravens) SERATT (1851-1933) told him she saw the boys throw the press in the creek before they left. [REF:#114] Jan. 1999

I was looking at the history of the Seratt Mine, I grew up on the place where John,15 SERATT lived, [Winslow, Washington Co., AR.] there was an old shop there and we always played with the lava rocks that were cast aside after the silver was melted out of it, I see where his first wife was a RIDENOURE and that happens to be my maiden name, I have always heard stories about the mine, and I can remember so many people comming around with bulldozers and all sorts of instruments trying to find the mine, one story I heard was that it took John,15 SERATT about half a day to load his mule go to the mine and fill his bags with silver and come back home and he used to hide coins in nail kegs and bury them, one story I heard his daughter Polly SERATT was the age of my great grandmother and was going to show her where the mine was but my great grandmother (Amanda Arnold) said she had to hurry and get home. I've heard many more stories but I don't know how true any of them are, my brother and nephew live on the place where all of this was supposed to have happened. [REF:#003] Oct. 2008

John15, SERATT a "Native American?"
According to eastern Cherokee applications John was Indian but didn't claim it. Nancy Seratt Lane, John's oldest daughter, said her grandmother Susannah Miller Serat was "Shore a Cherokee Indian and she couldn 't talk plain". All information about John came from the Cherokee records except the census records. Also have newspaper clipping about the counterfeit money in file. John's daughter Nancy by Deliah Ridenhour married Samuel P. Lane brother to second wife. Nancy. They lived in the same area as John and Nancy, Also brother Joseph lived nearby. On 1860 census Polly Ann Poor was listed as Mary. Polly was a nickname for Mary in the 1800's. Polly's death certificate listed John as father. I also have George, William and Samuel's pension records for civil war.
John15, SERATT's "Grave Site?"
It is believed that John SERAT is buried in an old cemetery back in the mountains.
The old gravel path was closed and overgrown 10 years ago and the only way in was to walk. Clarence Seratt (1908-1998) was very old then and he wasn't able to walk the three miles to show us where it was. The area is still remote and roads unpaved. Everytime I take someone new to the area I marvel at how it must have looked 150 years ago when John SERAT lived there.
By: Patrica Sutton, 05 Oct 1998, [REF:#114]

    Possible Record Problem!
per [REF: #165] John,15 SERATT, was born c1810 in Kentucky, and should should be identified living with the family unit in the 1810 Census for Rutledge, Grainger Co., TN., but Father was still Single.! See: Father's 1810 Census Unit

JOHN,15 SERAT, a10y should be identified living with the family unit in the 1820 Census for Rutledge, Grainger Co., TN., but No Census Available for Grainger Co., TN.
See: Father's 1820 Census Unit

JOHN,15 SERAT, a18y went to Pulaski, Giles Co., TN. prior to Oct. 1828 and married in Oct 1828 per REF: #165] to the 17 year old Miss DELIAH RIDENNOUR; b. about 1809, in Giles Co., TN; per REF: #165]
Giles Co. TN. is quite a distance from the Rutledge, Grainger Co., Eastern part of the state to the South Central of Pulaski, TN. ..prs
Giles Co., TN. was created in 1809 from the larger Maury Co. The County Seat is Pulaski, TN. 38478. It is located in the Southcentral part of the state; Bounded by Maury Co., on the North; Marshal Co. on the Northeast; Lincoln Co. on the East; Limestone Co., Alabama on the South; with Lawrence Co., TN. on the West. (First Census, 1820, b.,d. m. records from 1865 only. Court House burned during Civil War ..prs)

JOHN,15 SERAT, a20y and 1st Wife DELIAH (RIDENNOUR) SERAT, age 21 per REF: #165] should be found in the 1830 Census for Franklin Co., Indiana;,
Franklin County, IN. was formed in 1811, from the larger counties of Clark, Dearborn, and Jefferson. It is located at the Southeast part of the State. Fayette and Union Counties boarder the North, Ohio State on the East.; Ripley and Dearborn on the South; Decatur and Rush on the West. (First Census 1820; County Court records from 1811 are available from the County Clerk at Brookville, IN. 47012.)
per REF: #165] Our subject John,15 SERAT, age 20 Should be found in:
1830 Census Franklin Co., IN.
M-19, Reel 27, Pg. Record Not Found!
 Page  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.  Remarks
        John       SERAT    20    1810   KY   (20 to 30)
     1stWife:   Deliah   (RIDENOUR)    SERAT    21    1809   TN   (20 to 30)
  #1   1stSon:   George       SERAT    02    1828   TN   (05 Under)
  #2   1stDau:   Nancy   E.    SERAT    01    1829   IN   (05 Under)
  Possible Record Problem!
  This writer only found 3 H/H in the IN. 1830 Census.
J.M. Pappy SIRRAT of Davies Co., IN. (Pg384)
Wm. T. SIRRATT, of Davies Co., IN. (Pg384) and
John SERRATT, a65y of Floyd Co., IN. (Pg347)..prs

  Father dies!
 John,15 SERAT, Parents were still living in Grainger Co., TN.
See: Father's 1830 Census Unit

John,15 SERAT, would have been 25 year old when his father TYRE SARRETT, died about 1835 in Grainger Co., TN. See: Father's 1835 Death

Possible Record Problem!
As per REF: #165] says John,15 SERAT and family relocated to Adair Co., MO. prior to 1836.

Karen, is wrong again:
Fact 1. Macon Co., was NOT created until 1847, form larger Randolph Co.
Fact 2. John,15 SERATT family were still living in Macon Co., Mo. in 1840 Census!
Fact 3. Adair Co., was NOT created until 1841
Fact 4. John,15 SERATT, a33y was Granted a Land Patent on 19 Mar 1843. ..prs)

Adair Co., MO. was formed in 1841 from the larger county of Macon Co., MO. It is located in the Northeast part of the State, with Schuyler & Putman boarding on the North; Scotland & Knox Counties on the East; Macon County on the South; Sullivan County on the West. County Court records from 1841 are available from the County Clerk at Kirksville, MO. 63501.

John,15 SERAT, age 30 and 1st Wife DELIAH (RIDENOUR) SERAT, age 31 can be found in the 1840 Census for Macon Co., MO. with the following Children:
1840 Census, Benton Twp., Macon Co., Missouri
See: M-704, Reel 226, Page 54, Line: 11, F.G. 211001-01101
 Page  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.  Remarks
  54   11   John      SERAT   30   1810   KY   (30 to 40)
     1stWife:   Deliah   (RIDENOUR)   SERAT   31   1809   TN   Note: (20 to 30)
  #1   1stSon   George      SERAT   12   1828   TN   (10 to 15)
  #2   1stDau   Nancy   E.   SERAT   11   1829   IN   (10 to 15)
  #3   2ndDau   Mahaley      SERAT   08   1832   TN   (05 to 10)
  #4   2ndSon   William   M.   SERAT   04   1836   MO   Note: (05 to 10)
  #5   3rdSon   Martin      SERAT   03   1837   MO   (05 Under)
  #6   4thSon   Henry      SERAT   02   1838   MO   (05 Under)

Click on Thumbnail for larger Map! Adair Co., MO. was created in 1841, from the larger Macon Co. The County Seat is Kirksville, MO. 63501. It is located in the the Northcentral part of the state. It is bounded by Putman and Schuler Co's on the North; Knox Co. on the East; Macon Co. on the South; with Sullivan Co on the West. (First Census, 1850, County Court house has records, no fire!)
1895 Adair Co., Map!  

Click on thumbnail for larger copy! John,15 SERAT, age 33 received 40 acres, Issue Date: 10 Mar 1843, at the Palmurs, MO. Land Office.
Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
Document Nr.: 21793
Accession/Serial Nr.: MO2390__.336
BLM Serial Nr.: MO NO S/N
  Acres   Part/Sec   Twp.   Range   Meridian   County
  40 acres   SW-SE, of Sec 28   Twp-61-North   R-13-W   No 5th PM MO   Adair

Mrs. DELIAH (RIDENOUR) SERAT; dies age 35,
died prior to 1844, per [REF:# 166] in Adair Co., MO; Buried Location Unknown.

Marriage Mr SERAT & Miss LANE
Mr. John,15 SERAT, age 35yrs son of Mrs. Tyre (dec'd) & Susanah (Miller) SARRETT, of Sevier Co., TN. and
Miss Nance Ann LANE, age 26yrs Daughter of Jessie & Lucinda (Unknown) LANE were married in, Adair Co., Missiouri on 27 August 1845. [Need M-Bk #, & Page # ..prs]
  They moved to Washington Co., Arkansas, some time between 1848 and prior to 1849.

Click on Thumbnail for Counties! Arkansas was part of the Louisiana District (1804-05), the Louisiana Territory (1805-12), and the Missouri Territory (1812- 19) before being constituted, in 1819, as the Arkansas Territory, which also included part of present-day Oklahoma. Arkansas Post was the capital from 1819 to 1821, when Little Rock was made the capital. Settlement of Arkansas was slow until the later 1820s, when the CHEROKEE and CHOCTAW Indians (who had become embroiled in disputes with whites after being moved to Arkansas by the federal government) were removed from the territory. By 1835 Arkansas had 50,000 white inhabitants, and on June 15, 1836, it entered the Union as the 25th state. Black slaves supplied most of the labor for the productive cotton plantations of eastern and southern Arkansas; in 1860 Arkansas had about 111,000 black inhabitants, who constituted more than one-quarter of the total population.

Click on Thumbnail for Townships!   was created in 1820 from the larger Pulaski Co. The County Seat is Van Buren, AR. 72956. It is located in the Northwest corn of the State. Bounded by Washington Co., on the North Franklin Co., on the East; Sebastian Co., on the South; with Sequoyah Co., OK. on the West. (First Census, 1830, County Clerk has records from 1883 for Eastern section of the County only. ..prs)
Crawford Co. 1895 Map!   Crawford Co., Twp. Map!   Crawford Co. Today Map!  
City/Town - Zip Code - County Seat*
  Alma   72921   Cedarville   72932   Chester   72934   Dyer   72935
  Mountainburg   72946   Mulberry   72947   Rudy   72952   Uniontown   72955
  Van Buren*   72956                  

Click on Thumbnail for Townships! was formed from the larger County of Crawford in 1828. It's located in the Northwest corner of the State. With it's boarder of the Oklahoma State line on the West; Benton County (Formed 1836 from Washington Co.) on the North; Madison County (Formed 1836 from Washington Co.) on the East; and Crawford County (Formed 1820 from Pulaski Co.) on the South. The Washington County Courthouse in Fayetteville, AR. 72701 was burned during the Civil War, but most the records from 1845 on were saved.
Washington Co. 1895 Map!   Washington Co., Twp. Map!   Washington Co. Today Map!  
City/Town - Zip Code - County Seat*
  Baldwin   72701   Bethel Heights   72764   Black Oak   72701   Canehill   72717
  Crosses   72701   Durham   72701   Efay   72701   Elkins   72727
  Elm Springs   72729   Evansville   72729   Evelyn Hills   72701   Farmington   72730
  Fayetteville*   72701   Goshen   72735   Greenland   72737   Habberton   72701
  Harmon   72701   Harris   72701   Hicks   72701   Johnson   72741
  Lincoln   72744   Mayfield   72701   Marrow   72749   Parire Grove   72753
  Savoy   72701   Springdale   72762   Sulpher City   72701   Summers   72769
  Tontiton   72762   Univeristy   72701   Wedington   72701   West Fork   72774
  Wheeler   72775   Winslow   72759   Wyman   72701      

Possible Record Problem!
It has been reported [REF: #165] that in 1850, John,15 SERAT age 40, "was in the California Gold Fields"
There was a J. SERAT, age 41, born c1809 in Kentucky who was living at D. CLARK, NY. Eating House, in Sacramento, CA. He was a wealthy man with a $3,000 value of Real Estate. (Source: Fed. M-432, State Reel 35, Pg 97, F.G. 1379, Line 34), but this is NOT our subject. I have told and shown Karen this error in her work, but she never seams to want to correct anything! See below Census..prs

Our subject John,15 SERAT, age 40 (Was listed at age 35 ..prs) The "Bell Maker" and 2nd Wife NANCY A. (LANE) SERAT, age 31 (Was listed at age 26. ..prs) have been identified in the 14th. Nov. 1850 Census for Washington Co., AR. Living in Cove Creek Twp. with the following Children; It is not known who or why the two McElroy brothers were living with this family; It; also interesting the Place of Birth for the children were all listed for Tennessee, except for MARY A. SERAT:
1850 Census, P.O. Cove Creek, Washington Co., Arkansas
See: M-432, Reel 031, Page 362b, F.V. 049
 Page  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b. Remarks
  362b   049   John       SERAT    35    1815   KY   Bell Maker $0
      2ndWife:   Nancy    (LANE)    SERAT    26    1824   TN   2nd Wife, m. *1845
  #2    1stDau   Nancy    E.    SERAT    18    1832    TN   m. *1846 Sam P. LANE
  #3    2ndDau   Mahaley       SERAT    17    1833    TN   m. c1856 J. Jackson McCLORY
  #4    2ndSon   Martin      SERAT    16    1834    TN   "Farmer, m. Nancy D., c1859
  #5    3rdSon   William       SERAT    14    1836    TN   m. Charlotte KIRK, *1866
  #6    4thSon   Henry       SERAT    12    1838    TN   m. May Unknown, c1860
  #7    5thSon   Calvin       SERAT    10    1840    TN   k.i.a. 04 Jan 1863 CW
  #8    6thSon   Jermiah       SERAT    06    1842    TN   m. Marg. NAIL, c1865
  #9    1stSon   Samuel       SERAT    04    1846    TN   m. Cinderella R. EATON, *1870
  #10    1stDau   Mary       SERAT    01    1849    AR   m. *1869 Nelson POOR, *1869
        James    J.    McCLORY    15    1835    TN   m. c1856 Mahala SERRAT
        William       McCLORY    12    1838    TN   Brother of James J.
  Note: Mrs. Nancy Ann (Lane) SERATT, can NOT Read or Write!
  362b    050   George       SERAT    21    1829    MO   m.w.y.
      Wife:    Isabella       SERAT    16    1834    TN   m.w.y.

We also have this same family listed in Crawford Co., AR.
Enumerated on 17th December 1850 (Pg336)

1850 Census, Mountain Twp., Crawford Co., Arkansas
See: M-432, Reel 025, Page 336b, F.V. 080
 Page  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b. Remarks
  336b   080   George       CERAT    24    1826   MO   Farmer $0
      Wife:    Arabella       CERAT    17    1833   TN   Keepinh House
         Calvin       CERAT    07    1843    MO   See: 5th Son of John15
         Jereimiah       CERAT    05    1845    MO   See: 6th Son of John15
  336b    81    Luna?   (Female)    CERAT    30    1820    IL   "Widow"
         Jackson       CERAT    08    1842    MO   
         William       CERAT    06    1844    MO   
         Samuel       CERAT    05    1845    MO   
         Polly       CERAT    01    1849    MO   
  336b   82    Bengamin       EGINGTON    32    1818    GA   Farmer
     Wife:    Amanda       EGINGTON    19    1831    TN   Keeping House
     Dau:    Nancy    C.    EGINGTON    7/12    1850    AR   
  336b   83    Samuel       LANE    21    1829    TN   Farmer
     Wife:    Nancy   (SERAT)    LANE    20    1830    IN   2nd d/o John,15
     1st Dau:    Polly    L.    LANE    01    1849    IL   
     (Bro)    Henry       CERAT    10    1840    MO   4th s/o John,15
         Elizabeth    F.    LANE    06    1844    TN   

Enumerated on 7th June, 1860
1860 Census, P.O. Boston, Living Cove Creek Twp. Washington Co., Arkansas
See: M-653, Reel 052, Page 509, F.V. 057
 Page  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b. Remarks
  509   057   John      SERAT   50   1810   KY   Bell Maker, $60
     2ndWife:   Nancy   (LANE)   SERAT   41   1819   IN   Keeping House!
  #9   1stSon   Samuel      SERAT   12   1848    MO   m. *1870 Cindy EATON
  #10   1stDau   Mary      SERAT   11   1849    AR   m. c1869 Nelson POOR
  #11   2ndDau   Martha   A.   SERAT   10   1850    AR   m. c1869 John RUSH
  #12   2ndSon   John   C.   SERAT   08   1852    AR   m. *1874 Susan CRAVENS
  #13   3rdDau   Malinda      SERAT   07   1853    AR   Not Traced!
  #14   4thDau   Delily      SERAT   05   1855    AR   Not Traced!
  #15   3rdSon   Joseph   S.   SERAT   03   1857    AR   m. *1878 Phebe R. BELDON
  Not living in the 1860 Census Family Unit!
  #2    1stDau    Nancy    E.    SERAT    31    1829    TN    m. *1846 Sam P. LANE
  #3    2ndDau    Mahaley       SERAT    28    1833    TN   m. c1857 Jackson McClhory
  #4    2ndSon    Martin       SERAT    26    1834    TN    See Newton Co., MO.
  #5    3rdSon    William       SERAT    24    1836    TN    m. c1867 Charlotte KIRK
  #6    4thSon    Henry       SERAT    22    1838    TN    m. c1860 May Unknown
  #7    5thSon    Calvin       SERAT    20    1840    TN    d. 1863 Civil War
  #8    6thSon    Jermiah       SERAT    16    1842    TN    m. c1865 Marg NAIL

 The Civil War and Reconstruction in Arkansas
  On the eve of the CIVIL WAR, Arkansas was almost equally divided between secessionists (mainly associated with cotton production) and antisecessionists (largely small farmers of the northwestern part of the state). In March 1861, a state convention voted against leaving the Union, but in May 1861, a month after the Civil War had begun, the convention voted for secession and Arkansas ceeded to the:
 On 06 March 1862, Union troops (USA) won a bloody battle at Pea Ridge (Elkhorn Tavern) Benton Co., AR., which resulted in (USA) control of Missouri.
USA - Killed 283, Wounded 972, Missing or Captured 174
CSA - Killed 1m100, Wounded 2,500, Missing or Captured 1,600
CSA Brig-General McCULLOCH, was killed.
CSA Brig-General McINTOSH, was killed.
By early 1864 Confederate (CSA) forces were confined to southern Arkansas, where they made the town of Washington (Hempstead Co.) the new state capital. A Union regime administered most of Arkansas from Little Rock, AR.
The war ended in 1865, but during 1866-67 former secessionists controlled the state legislature and passed several measures restricting the rights of the recently emancipated blacks. As a result, Arkansas was placed under federal military rule in 1867. The state was readmitted to the Union in mid-1868, after a new constitution had been ratified. During 1868-74 Republicans controlled the state government; the period was marked by a violent clash over the outcome of the 1872 election for the governor. Two Republicans, ELISHA BAXTER and JOSEPH BROOKS, claimed victory in the close contest, and partisans of the candidates engaged in gun battles in 1874 until President ULYSSES S. GRANT intervened to help restore order; ELISHA BAXTER was declared governor. In elections later in 1874 the Democrats regained control of the state government.

 Source: Click on Redball for More Info.<--- See: SFA©- Civil War ..prs

Typ Yankee Soldier - Click on this Thumbnail for Larger Photo!  The following sons were in the Civil War!
 Even though Arkansas was a "Confederate" State,
 all of John,15 SERATT's sons where in the "Union" Army (USA)
 No.  Rank  Name  Age  Co.  Reg.  Typ  Sta  Remarks
  Father:   N/A   John   a51yrs   N/A   N/A   N/A   AR.    No Record Found!
  1. 1st Son:   Pvt.   George,1   a33yrs   Co. A.   1st Reg.   Cav.   AR.   No 312784
  4. 2nd Son:   Capt   Martin   a27yrs   G Hqt.   Gen. Staff   USA.   MO.   Quartermaster
  5. 3rd Son:   Pvt.   Wm. M.   a25yrs   Co. C.   23rd Reg.   Inf.   MO.   08 Aug 1882
  6. 4th Son:   N/A   Henry   a23yrs   N/A   N/A   N/A   MO.    No Record Found!
  7. 5th Son:   Pvt.   Calvin   a21yrs   Co. A.   1st Reg.   Cav.   AR.   k.i.a. *1863
  8. 6th Son:   N/A   Jeremiah   a19yrs   N/A   N/A   N/A   MO.    No Record Found!
 7th Son of John,15 and 1st Son of 2nd Wife: Nancy Anna LANE
  9. 1st Son:   Pvt.   Samuel   a13yrs   Co. D.   11th Reg.   Cav.   KS.   20 Jun 1896

Possible Record Problem! John,15 SERATT's Death! None Documented!
 It's been reported (1st.) by [REF: #165-6] that John,15 SERAT, age 51 was killed or drowned during the Civil War, about 1861, Crawford Co., AR. She [REF: #165] also reports that Widows Pension was filed by Mrs. NANCY A. (LANE) SERAT.
 Another Family story (2nd) by [REF:#114] is that during civil war supplies came to area by boat and that John Seratt left the house to get money to buy supplies next day and never returned. Later in spring when planting corn body was found minus a leg. Later the leg was found and buried. It is believed that John SERAT is buried in an old cemetery back in the mountains.
A (3rd) belief is All though no record has been found that JERMIAH SERAT, ever servered in the Civil War. A record shows that on 04 Jul. 1878, (age 34yrs) living at P.O. Summit Home, Marion Co. AR. 72677 made application for "Bounty and Back Pay" of his dec'd brother CALVEN SERAT; Claim was disallowed, because was paid to his father JOHN SERAT on 13 Apr. 1864.

Freedom Cemetery FAG Photo by: Carmen (Mildenberger) Adams, 18 Oct 2007- Click on Thumbnail for larger Photo!  Freedom Cemetery,
 26000 Freedom Road.,
 Chester, Crawford Co., Arkansas 72934
Nancy A. (Lane) SERATT,
1824? - 1868, age 44yrs
Click on Redball for More Info. <---See: Find A Grave Memorial# 57116336 [by: Steve & Sarah Hames, Aug 15, 2010 ]
Nancy A. (Lane) Seratt Headstone, by: Steve and Sarah Hames, Aug 15, 2010 - Click on Thumbnail for larger Photo!
Freedom Cemetery FAG Photo by: Carmen (Mildenberger) Adams, 18 Oct 2007- Click on Thumbnail for larger Photo!
Click on Redball for More Info. <---See: Map! GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 35.71764, Longitude: -94.23794  Address: Chester, Crawford Co., AR.
Click on Redball for More Info. <---See: Map!     GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 35.71764, Longitude: -94.23794  Address: 26000 Freedom Rd., Chester, AR. 72934

 "Widow for 3 years" Nancy Ann (Lane) SERAT; d. age 44, per Click on Redball for More Info.<--- [REF: #165]
 Age's of her 7 Children at time of her death!
  1. 1st Son:   Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Samuel SERATT,   a22 yrs   m. 27 Nov 1870 Cindarilla R. EATON, 2Ch.
  2. 1st Dau:   Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Mary Polly" SERATT,   a20 yrs   m. 16 Feb 1869 Nelson POOR, 6Ch.
  3. 2nd Dau:   Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Martha Ann SERATT,   a18 yrs   m. c1869, John RUSH, 5Ch.
  4. 2nd Son:   Click on Redball for More Info.<--- John C. SERATT,   a16 yrs   m. 31 May 1874, Susan CRAVENS, 9Ch.
  5. 3rd Dau:   Malinda,   a15 yrs   Not Traced!
  6. 4th Dau:   Delily,   a13 yrs   Not Traced!
  7. 3rd Son:   Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Joseph S. SERATT,   a11 yrs   m. 11 Feb 1878, Roxane P. BELDON, 7Ch.

 SERATT Family Members, buried in: Freedom Cemetery,
 Chester, Crawford Co., AR. Source by: Find A Click on Redball for More Info. <---Click on Redball for More Info!
 Name,  Memorial#  Dates  Photo
 Seratt, Abraham "Abe", Click on Redball for More Info. #29057218   b. Jul. 6, 1904 ~ d. Jul. 16, 1989 Click on Camera for Picture of Memorial Monument
 Seratt, Ardell, with Bio. Click on Redball for More Info. #50523016   b. 1937 d. Mar. 30, 2010 Click on Camera for Picture of Memorial Monument

 Cherokee, Guion Miller Roll - Applicants Not Eligible - 1909
     In 1907, 18 of the descendants of Tyre SARRETT and his Cherokee Wife Sus-An-Ah MILLER" filed to be put on the Cherokee Rolls to participate in monies to be recieved from the U.S. Federal Goverment, based on the judgment of the Court of Claims of May 28, 1906, in favor of the Eastern Cherokees.
     The U.S. Court of Claims decisions on May 18th, 1905, resulted in members of the "Eastern Cherokee" living either East or West of the Mississippi, not including "Old Settlers", to be entitled to participate in a monetare award by the Court for various treaty violations.
     In order to participate, one had to be alive on May 28th, 1906 and establish themselves as a member of the "Eastern Cherokee", or a descendant of a member living at the time of the violated treaties of       Click on Redball for More Info.<--- (Treaty of New Echota, Dec. 29, 1835) and   Click on Redball for More Info.<--- (Proclamation, May 23,1836)
     48,847 separate applications were filed, representing some 90,000 individuals. Out of this number, 3,436 Cherokee East of the Mississippi River and 27,284 Cherokee West of the Mississippi River were certified by Mr. MILLER as being elgilble to participate in the award.
"It is further ordered that the said roll of individual Eastern Cherokees entitled to share in the fund arising from the judgment in this cause, as reported by Special Commissioner Quion MILLER, on the 28th day of May, 1909, be and the same is hereby approved, ratified and confirmed, except as to so much of the same as shall be specially excepted to on or before the 30th day of August, 1909.
All such exceptions shall be forwarded to the Clerk of the Court of Claims, Washington, D. C. and shall be in writing, and shall state fully the grounds upon which such exceptions are based, and shall be supported by an affidavit of a person having knowledge of the facts and shall contain the name, age, and Post Office address of each individual claimed to have been omitted from said roll, or to have been improperly placed thereon.
Said exceptions and affidavits shall be filed in duplicate in each case, but only the originals must be sworn to. In case an exception is filed on behalf of an individual whose name has been omitted from said roll the said exception shall set forth fully the English and Indian name of the ancestor through whom claim is made, who was living in 1835 or 1851, and shall give the age of said ancestor in 1835 or 1851.
Such exceptions must further state the number of the claimant's application. All such exceptions shall be set down for hearing on the third Monday in October, 1909."

Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Goto these 1907 Applications & Rejections

 SFA© Source and Reference Notes
 REF#  Name  Remarks
 [REF:#001]  Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.   [email protected]
 Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)©
 Family Profile© Volume -IV TENNESSEE
 File: JOHN15.TXT, Created, 12, Sep. 1980; Revised: 09, Sep, 1989
Bibliography County Histories
 "History of Benton, Carroll, Crawford, Franklin, Madison, Sebastian, Washington, Counties, Arkansas from the Earlist Time to the Presant - 1889" Chicago; Goodspeed Pub., Co., 1889; 1,382 pp. (Biographical index, by Mrs. Leister E. Presley; Sercy, AR., 1973, 50pp.
 "History of Crawford Co., Arkansaw - 1951" by Clara B. eno, Van Buren, AR. Press-Argus, 1951, 499pp.
 "An History Salute to Crawford County - 1976" by Crawford County Bicentennial Commission, Van Buren, AR. Printed by the Courier, 1976; 106pp.
 "Reprint of Washington County 1889 History" (Above Goodspeed Book) Siloam Springs, AR.; by J. Roger Huff, 1978 and 1981, 337 pp.
  [REF:#165]   Mrs. KAREN HARVEY;    [email protected])
7120 Cabin Ct., NW, Alb., NM;
Researcher of the TIREY SARRETT Family, SARETT --Note Spelling!
See various letters to this writer starting with Jun. 14, 1993 See: Queries.
   [REF:#182]   Don R. Seratte;    [email protected]
researcher of Leonard & Fannie (BUSBY) SERATTE of Comanche, OK.
See Query: Date: Mar 07, 1997 02:24:14 EDT
See Query: Date: Jul 04, 1997 02:37:52 EDT
See Query: Date: Jul 06, 1997 08:37:19 EDT
  [REF:#114]   Patricia Sutton    [email protected]
My grandmother Martha Seratt Bunyard was daughter of Joseph Street Seratt who was the youngest son of John, the bellmaker, and second wife Nancy Ann Lane.
See Query: Date: 22 Jan 1999 2:08:06 AM Pacific Standard Time
See Query: Date: 29 Jan 1999 1:49:49 AM Pacific Standard Time
 [REF:#386]   Susan O.    [email protected]
E-Mail: Dated: 17 Feb 1999 (No Source given!)
List Mrs. Nancy Ann (LANE) SERATT's parents as:
James Buchanan LANE, b. 11 Jul 1789
Lucinda Unknown, b. 04 Jul 1794
See Query: Date: 16 Feb 1999
 [REF:#002]   Jimmie Campbell    [email protected]
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Entries: 7083 Updated: Fri Jan 30, 2004 18:46:17
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 Subject: Seratt Mine
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