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45th Wed Anv.
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Paul & Roselle Introduction
I was born 9th of December 1941, (2 days after to bombing of Pearl Harbor) in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. 1st Son of Paul R. Sarrett, Sr. (1917-1968) and M. "Lucille" (Wilson) Sarrett (1917-1987) I have three sisters and one younger brother Ermal H. "Rich" Sarrett, who lives in Arizona with his family of two sons Jeff and Craig Sarrett the last of this Sarrett line.

I grew up in Kansas City, Mo., and spent my summers on my maternal Grandparents farm Ermal & Vera (Duncan) WILSON farm in Page Co., IA. I graduated from Central High School in Kansas City, in 1959 and joined the United States Marine Corps that same summer. I did my "Boot Camp" at M.C.R.D. in San Diego, CA. and went overseas to the far East for 18 months. I married on March 25th., 1961, at the First Presbyterian Church, 100 North Pleasant, Independence, Mo., to Miss ROSELLE ENID JAYNE; born Sep. 13, 1942, in K.C.MO.; Daughter of LEONARD E. JAYNE and his wife LILA M. (LATTY) JAYNE; We have four daughters: Mrs. ROBIN L. (SARRETT) BONSALL; b. 1962, CA, of San Jose, CA.; Mrs. TRACY A. (SARRETT) ALVERAZ; b. 1964, CA., of Woodland Ca.; Mrs PAULA D. (SARRETT) SMITH; b. 1967, CA., of San Jose, CA.; Mrs. KELLEY R. (SARRETT) ROBERE; b. 1970, TX., of San Diego, CA.
10 Grandchildren: Six Granddaughters: Katie BONSALL, & Natalie ALVERAZE; Erin E. ALVERAZE; Kayla Renee ROBERE; Samantha Rose SMITH; Isabella SMITH.
Four Grandsons: Andrew Paul BONSALL and Casey Jay BONSALL, and Adam Matthew Sarrett ROBERE; Nathan ROBERE.

I retired in 1995, after 33 years employee, as a Construction Engineer for THE SOUTHLAND CORPORATION dba 7-Elleven Food Stores. I was in the Construction/Development section of the company. I provided Planning, Architectural, Permits, Contract, and Construction management in the 10 West Coast States of United States. Created "Start-Up" companies in 1968 Van Couver, B.C., 1971 Tokio, Japan; 1974 Melbourne, Australia; 1980 Monterey, Mexico. My lifetime achievement with 7-Eleven is that I open some 2,704 stores/projects.

My mother got me started in genealogy in 1973, when she ask me to help her organize the tons of bits and pieces of information she had all over the house, stored in shoe boxes, to milk crates. Most of the information was on her family the WILSONS and the DUNCANS We knew nothing on the SARRETT other than my Grandfather HUGH SARRETT, who died in 1954.

Since 1983 I have amassed more SARRATT/SARRETT/SURRATT genealogy, history than I ever dreamed possible on the many lines across the country, and always stand ready to help others looking for their SARRATT roots.

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Central High School
M.C.R.D. #144
40th Anniv.
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