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The LINCOLN Conspirators & Assassination
 The following is a series of articles I wrote in 1983, self published 2nd Edition 5th May 1994. Go to each Chap. by "Clicking" on the Chap. Number on the left side of the page. Any corrections or comments, Please E-Mail Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.,
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Chap.-1. ABRAHAM LINCOLN; (1809-1865) a56y
Abraham LINCOLN, the 16th president of the United States, guided his country through the most devastating experience in its national history - the CIVIL WAR. He is considered by many historians to have been the greatest American president. Died by Assassination 14th April 1865. [REF:#3]
Chap.-2. JOHN WILKES BOOTH; (1838-1865) a27y
The BOOTHs were an Anglo-American family of stage tragedians who made significant contributions to the development of the American theater. The most famous member of the family, JOHN WILKES BOOTH, is notoriously remembered as the assassin of President ABRAHAM LINCOLN. [REF:#3]
Chap.-3. Pursuit, Death & Burial of JOHN W. BOOTH
The United States Detective Bureau, Chief of Detectives Colonel La FAYETTE C. BAKER's first step was the publication over his own name of a handbill offering $30,000 reward for the capture of the fugitives. Twenty thousand dollars of this amount was subscribed by the city of Washington, and the other $10,000 Colonel BAKER offered on his own account, as authorized by the War Department. To this handbill minute descriptions of BOOTH and the unknown person who attempted the assassination of Secretary Seward were appended. Hardly had the bills been posted when the United States Government authorized the publication of additional rewards to the amount of $100,000 for the capture of JOHN WILKS BOOTH, JOHN H. SURRATT, and DAVID C. HEROLD. [REF:#3]
Chap.-4. TRIAL of the ASSASSINS
By Friday, April 28, 1865 (15 days after the Assassination) the authorities had eight people it had decided to prosecute for having conspired to kill President LINCOLN. The new President JOHNSON signed an executive order that a Military Commission of 9 Officers be named to try the alleged assassins. President JOHNSON had acted after hearing the opinion of the Attorney General JAMES SPEED that a military rather than a Civil Trial was proper, as the head of the United States Army and Navy had been killed at the a time when the country was still partially at war, in the country's capital while it was strongly fortified against invasion. The Officers were selected, 7 Generals and 2 Colonels, with Major General DAVID HUNTER as the presiding member of the commission. The Judge Advocate General JOSEPH HOLT and 2 Assistant Judge Advocates would conduct the trial. [REF:#3]
Chap.-5. SAMUEL BLAND ARNOLD; (1834-1906) a72y
Accused No. 1: Attended St. Charles School, MD. friend of BOOTH, a member of the Plot-to-Capture, he soon broke away from it and went down to Fortress Monore to work. He was not in Washington, D.C. at the time of the assassination on Friday, April 14, 1865. He was easy to find the Government had been keeping track of him, after getting wind of the Plot-to- Capture in March 1865. Was captured on Monday, April 17, 1865 in the Store at Fortress Monroe just South of Newport News, VA. where he had been living and sleeping for two weeks. He had broken with BOOTH over the actor's bad management, as ARNOLD considered it, in not pulling off the Kidnaping when so many good opportunities had presented themselves. He had written to BOOTH on March 27, 1865 that the Government was definitely suspicious of something going on and the whole enterprise was getting dangerous. Was brought back to Washington D.C. and placed in the hole of the Saugus [REF: #5 pg188
Chap.-6. GEORGE T. ATZERODT; (1832-1865) a33y
Accused No. 2: A German Boat and Carriage builder, near Port Tobacco. During the war he provided boats for the Confederate spies along the underground mail route of the Potomac for money. He agreed to provide boats for the Plot-to-Capture, but refused to take part in any assassination plan. On the assassination night of Friday, April 14, 1865, ATZERODT had been too frightened to kill anyone, although he was accused during the trial of agreeing to murder Vice-President ANDREW JOHNSON. Instead he had wandered drunkenly around Washington D.C. until about 3:00 o'clock in the morning, stayed in a hotel for 2 hours, then set off by stage and wagon to the house of his cousin, HARTMAN RICHTER, near Barnsville, Maryland. He lived there quietly for five days working in the garden, but on Thursday, April 20, 1865 an informer led the soldiers to him. Both ATZERDODT and RICHTER were arrested and taken to Washington D.C. where cousin RITCHTER was imprisoned and ATZERODT thrown in to chains, first on the ironclad "Montauk" and then on the "Saugus". [REF: #5 pg190]
Chap.-7. DAVID HEROLD; (1844-1865) a21y
Accused No. 3: A poor-witted youth, although he was 21 years old, physicians described him as having the mind of an 11 year old. He hunted and fished in lower Maryland and so was thought useful to BOOTH for the Plot-to-Capture plan for his knowledge of its road system. His affidavit says he saw JOHN WILKES BOOTH on horseback, the night of the assassination, followed him across the Navy Yard bridge and accompanied him on his flight. DAVID HEROLD, was captured on Wednesday, Apr. 26, 1865, in the GARRETT Barn where JOHN WILKES BOOTH was killed. On Thursday April 27, 1865, HEROLD was thrown into irons in the bowels of the "Montauk"
[REF: #5 pg190]
Chap.-8. Dr. SAMUEL A. MUDD; (b. 1833 - ? )
Accused No. 4: A Country doctor, was accused of setting BOOTH's leg when the actor BOOTH showed up at 4:00 in the morning of Saturday, April 15, 1865, (5 1/2 hours after the assassination). Captured by the Government on Friday, April 21, 1865 at his home near Bryantown, Maryland. After questioning Dr. MUDD was allowed to stay on his farm over the weekend and on Monday, Apr. 24th four men took him by horse and buggy to Washington D.C. where, because he was a Doctor and a Gentleman, he was put in Carroll Prison instead of on the ironclad prison ships. He was clamped in regular handcuffs instead of wrist irons. [REF: #5 pg191]
Chap.-9. MICHAEL O'LAUGHLIN; (1840-1867) a27y
Accused No. 5: Reason for Arrest Unknown; He was a School friend of BOOTH, a accused member of the Plot-to-Capture group. He had vanished in horror at the mention of the change of plans from kidnaping to killing. Was captured on Monday, April 17, 1865, but it was not difficult to find him since the Government had been keeping track of him, after getting wind of the Plot-to-Capture in March 1865. [REF: #5 pg188]
Chap.-10. LEWIS THORNTON POWELL, (b. ? -1865)
Accused No. 6: Former Confederate soldier, was the son of a Florida Baptist preacher, who at the time of the trial had had a mother and father, six sisters, two brothers had been killed by the Rebel army; LEWIS POWELL/PAINE enlisted in the Confederate Army and was wounded. He deserted and was picked up on the street by JOHN WILKES BOOTH. During his imprisonment alienist pronounced him mentally deranged. [REF: #5 pg189]
Chap.-11. NED or EDWARD SPANGLER; (18??-18??)
Accused No. 7: A carpenter and handyman at Ford's Theater, new BOOTH for years. He was not hard to find - there were two places to look since he slept where ever he felt like in the FORD theater each night and took his meals in an Boarding House several blocks away. Detectives found him at the Boarding House on Monday morning, April 17, 1865 and captured him and his carpet bag which had an 80 foot piece of rope in it, probably stolen from the theater for his favorite sport of Crab fishing.
[REF: #5 pg188]
Chap.-12. Mrs. MARY E. (JENKINS) SURRATT, (1817-1865) a48y
Accused No. 8: Mother of John H. Surratt, Jr.; Arrested for Conspiring to Kill President LINCOLN; She was alleged to have provided BOOTH and HEROLD Carbines, a Rope and Whiskey on Friday, Friday, April 14, 1865, at about 11:00 A.M. at her Surrattville Tavern. (1 & 1/2 Hour after the shooting of President LINCOLN) [REF: #5. pg187]
Chap.-12.b Mrs. MARY E. (JENKINS) SURRATT, (1817-1865) a48y
Accused No. 9:
Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)© Family Profile! of Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) Surratt
Chap.-12.c Mrs. Eugenia Sus"Anna" (SURRATT) TONRY, (1843-1904) a61y
Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)© Family Profile! of William P. TONRY,
Husband of Miss Anna SURRATT
Chap.-13 JOHN H. SURRATT, Jr.; (1844-1916) a72y
Accused No. 9: 2nd Son of Mrs. MARY E. (JENKINS) SURRATT, was alleged involved in the Plot-to-Capture, but escaped punishment. JOHN H. SURRATT claimed he was in Canada on Friday, April 14, 1865 and thus could not have taken part in the plot. He stayed in Canada and was kept in hiding by a Catholic Priest, all during the Trial; Later went to Europe, was captured escaped, went to Egypt was recaptured and brought back to America in 1866; Was on trial for 2 months June - August, 1867; was reprieved by a Hung Jury, was not released from prison until June 1868. Later married and had Seven Children.
[REF: #5. pg188] Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)© Family Profile! John H. SURRATT, Jr.
Chap.-13.b JOHN H. SURRATT, Jr.; (1844-1916) a72y
1870 Lecture of John H. SURRATT, Jr.
Chap.-13.c JOHN H. SURRATT, Jr.; (1844-1916) a72y
Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)© Family Profile! of John H. SURRATT, Jr. - Family
Chap.-14. END of NIGHTMARE for the DOOMED
The 9 members of the Military Commission met secretly on Wednesday, June 28th, 1865 and voted the Death by Hanging penalty for: GEORGE T. ATZERODT, age 33 DAVID HEROLD, age 21 LEWIS T. POWELL/PAINE, age Unk. Mrs. MARY E. (JENKINS) SURRATT, age 48 [REF: # 5. pg204]
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