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11 November, 2013

It's been a while hasn't it? Although I've not updated much on the site, I'm never really far from genealogy whether it's going through records, transcribing for Family Search or updating my tree.

Ahh but Ariel as usual comes up with something so exciting that it lights a fire under me and we're off. This particular upload however isn't something that just showed up - we've had this information for over a year. Don't exactly know why we didn't upload it earlier but as I often believe everything has a reason and now with Veteran's Day, it seems the right time to present to you The Hat.

On another note, while a sad one for me, I nevertheless remember my Dad today; it is the anniversary of my father's passing.

Dad, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you and yearn to see you if just for a moment to hug and tell you how much I love you. I miss you so much...

6 June, 2011 Memorial Day has come and gone, notwithstanding, we gladly and respectfully continue to honor those who served in The Korean War with a beautiful contribution by Ariel.
17 February, 2011 Sometime in April of 2010 Ariel and I discovered a special find we came across a list of enlisted men in Puerto Rico. This one was different from the Henry Barracks - this appeared to be the beginning of what is now known to be a "Regular Army". As I read each name, I wondered who this individual was, why did he enlist? Were there rewards to enlistment? I got lost in my own questions, I got lost in the physical descriptions - I was speechless then just as I am now.

While it took me a very long time to work on just one letter of the alphabet, Ariel with the help of his granddaughter finished the rest - believe me no easy feat. Thousands of names - it wasn't just simply transcribing a date, a place of birth, a name; we had physical descriptions and classifications that we're still wondering what it all means. Anyway, as usual, I all too often go off in tangents just as I'm doing now and what I really want is for you to learn from and enjoy this list as much as Ariel and I have.

The Americans have arrived, the Spanish have lost the war and, roughly a little over 2-1/2 years later our island's Regiment is in place - the one that eventually leads to the much lauded 65th Infantry. By the way, while you're perusing this wonderful list, take a minute or two to view pictures relevant to the our soldiers: Regiment Photos
15 January, 2011 We've just uploaded another Marine Tiger list; this one is no less special than all the others that have been uploaded instead, however, it is as special as the first one we uploaded. Why? It is the last Marine Tiger list.  I remember when Ariel offered the first manifest, I couldn't believe it and thinking back on it now I don't know if I expressed to him how honored and thankful I was and still am. To someone (me) at the time sitting in her kitchen, up on a mountain in Puerto Rico on a laptop with minimal memory, this was huge.

Back in October of 2002 the first Marine Tiger was presented as such, 'Much work and tribulation went into this particular page but, all of it done with great love and in memory of those who came before us. ' Now eight years later we, Ariel and I, ask that you take one more trip with us to meet these amazing individuals ~ they arrived on  June 16, 1947 on the last voyage of the Marine Tiger from Puerto Rico to New York.
17 October, 2010 I've just uploaded a wonderful article written by Ariel ; what an amazing article.

Coincidences of life - Ariel and I grew up in the same neighborhood and so when he describes life and places, I "see" what he describes. This article became a trip back to my childhood. I know where that Post Office was, my kindergarten school was P.S. 148, I walked to Graham Avenue practically every weekend. In my minds eye, I see it as if time has not passed.

Time has passed though and with it comes an immense appreciation and admiration for my own parents, my heroes.  Please take a few minutes to read The Puerto Rican Northern Migration Created Heroes for Us to Honor.

05 October, 2010 We have new arrivals and Ariel Blondet has brought them to us. Please take a moment when you get to the page to read an excerpt from Ariel's article. In the months ahead, Ariel will have more to add.

Now! Our ancestors have been out to sea for roughly 4 days - travel back, imagine it and then welcome the Marine Tiger that arrived in New York on June 2, 1947.
23 April, 2010 I've only been researching for the last 13 years and I am just as excited as I was in the beginning with every new project.  It really becomes a child that you hold and protect until you're ready to release and share.

Ariel and I have just finished an exciting new project: transcribing the 1900 census of the Henry Barracks, a military installation in Cayey, Puerto Rico. I hope you'll share in our excitement as we present it - Twelfth Census of the United States - The Henry Barracks
15 March, 2010 Here we are again on the pier. Ariel has just brought us another Marine Tiger; this one departed on May 15 and arrived on May 19, 1947.
18 November, 2009 On May 1, 1947 the Marine Tiger left San Juan; it arrived in New York on May 5th. As we all prepare to collectively give thanks for the many blessings in our lives, let's applaud Ariel Blondet for his generosity and hard work.

Ariel, on a personal level, I thank you for all that you are - you're a great individual and anyone who has crossed paths with you knows this to be true. Thank you my friend.

Let's go meet those that left Puerto Rico in 1947 on May 1st and arrived on May 5, 1947.
15 October, 2009 We've got something amazing going up. Ariel came up with a copy of a 1947 island newspaper! I'm in my glory! Of course, he gets totally entrenched into the individuals and their lives with research. I on the other hand want to go back in time. I'm trying to showcase the pictures with graphics, how am I going to present them so that I bring back the essence of the time. In any event, it takes us a while with discussions back and forth before something gets uploaded. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we have.

Let's flip through the pages of El Imparcial and straight to, in this case, La Pagina Social of Notas de Puerto Rico.
14 May, 2009 It's been roughly over five months since our last communication. I'm hopeful that you are still as feverish about finding your ancestors as you were when you first started your endeavour.

Ariel has just finished transcribing the Marine Tiger that left San Juan on April 17th and arrived in New York on April 21st, 1947. The horn has sounded, let us meet the new arrivals on this Marine Tiger
02 December, 2008 Here we are again. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now into the spirit of Christmas.

Ariel has just finished transcribing the Marine Tiger which sailed on September 5, 1946 with well over 800 (close to 900) individuals! You know the way - it is now September 9, 1946, let's go meet them on the Marine Tiger.
05 October, 2008 You know I have to say something up front; this site is as much Ariel's as it is mine.

I started this site seven years ago knowing very little and having very little information on my ancestors. The primary purpose was to have a place to showcase my family and to encourage others, who like myself were amateurs, to not feel intimidated and take the step forward into their history. I hope that in some small way I've done that for some of you.

If I told you all how I "met" Ariel (someday I will) you would definitely believe that our ancestors put us together. From that meeting came Ariel's wonderful contributions: Freedom Lost, 1899 Census, The Military - Our Men and his greatest undertaking Pasajeros a Nueva York. So you see, Puerto Rico: My Ancestors and Their Descendants is Ariel's place too.

Once again, I'm proud to say that we have just uploaded another Marine Tiger passenger list. Our ancestors left Puerto Rico on August 22nd and arrived on August 26, 1946. As always we ask, won't you greet them? August 22, 1946.
23 July, 2008 There is no stopping him - Ariel has just transcribed yet another Marine Tiger. Please greet the passengers who arrived on April 03, 1947.
26 June Just wanted you all to know that yet another ship has sailed into New York. Ariel, let me be the first to thank you; for your hard work and perseverance. Here is the Marine Tiger that left on March 20th and arrived on March 24, 1947.
21 June Happy first day of summer everyone! I'm brought back by Ariel's passenger lists, specifically the Marine Tiger. Welcome those that departed Puerto Rico on March 6th and arrived in New York on March 10, 1947. They are here: Marine Tiger.
12 April Heads up! The new arrivals to the states are in, courtesy of Ariel Blondet - Don't miss them; you can welcome them here: Marine Tiger.
02 December, 2007 To those of you who visit occassionally I'll tell that after so many years I decided earlier this year to go back to college. It's been strange and wonderful to be back in a classroom setting and one that I truly relish. It does, however, trouble me that I have not kept up with my little world on the web as much as I would like to and I thank all of you who, nonetheless, send me your wonderful stories and notes of encouragement - thank you so much.

Now, I'll give you a guess as to who and what has drawn me back - shouldn't be hard if you look at most of the previous entires - yes, you've got it - the who is Ariel and the what is his Marine Tiger. This one departed on February 6, 1947 and arrived on February 10th. You know the way, let's welcome them Marine Tiger. Oh! and if anyone deserves a huge note of gratitude it is Ariel ~ thank you Ariel.
30 April, 2007 Here I am once again because of Ariel. His hard work and research brings us all another gift - another manifest.

At the same time, I have to bring up something that is a little unpleasant. A while back it came to my attention that work that Ariel had and continues to meticulously research, transcribe and put together (plane and/or ship) had been copied from this site and under guise uploaded to another. We know that this duplicity had taken place because innocent errors made by us, were copied exactly. It is bothersome to me and to all those who transcribe because we know how hard this task we take upon ourselves to do really is, that someone without an ounce of dignity would just take without giving credit is contemptible.

Now that I've gotten the unpleasantness of the situation out into the forefront, I'd like to present to you Ariel's work: The Marine Tiger that departed on January 23, 1947.
04 December, 2006 I've been non-visible partly by design and by life's own incidences.    I've missed my home on the internet and yearn to be back to it as I was before.

As I've said, there is one true patient constant in my life, my dearest friend, Ariel Blondet. Once again he has pulled me out and given us another Marine Tiger.  This is no small feat because he researches it and transcribes it himself. You are a wonder Ariel!

It's been a long time since we had a ship come through here and it's time to go see. Envision with us, Ariel and me, the ship that came in on January 13, 1947; let's go greet the newest passengers on the Marine Tiger.
26 December, 2005 Wow everyone, this has been a real long time coming... I can not believe that the last time I uploaded anything was last February. Personally, a lot has happened including a move back to the States.

I am truly blessed though because there is always a constant, serene and very patient individual whom I respect very highly. You all now know him as Ariel and he has once again given us another Marine Tiger. It departed Puerto Rico, December 26, 1946; 59 years ago!

Ariel, how many times would it be appropriate for me to thank you from the bottom of my heart? Answer; forever! Thank you my dear friend.

Now, let's go see who is on the newly arrived Marine Tiger.
22 February, 2005 Do you know someone who embarked on the Marine Tiger? Could they have left Puerto Rico on December 12, 1946? Take a look they could be here.
27 November, 2004 Ariel and I would like to present to you those who just left Puerto Rico on ~ November 28th ~ arriving in New York four days later on December 2nd, 1946. The ship, the Marine Tiger. Please meet them here.
02 July Oh my it's been a while hasn't it? Dalia's Diary will fill you in a bit as to where I've been, where I am and what has created a lull. Aside from that I will be uploading some new book titles in the next few days and updating the Links page.
07 April Ariel has done it once again. He has just transcribed the Marine Tiger that departed on November 14, 1946 and arrived November 18, 1946. Again I ask you, let's meet our new arrivals at the pier.
14 February A true personal labor of love. I've finally uploaded my family tree. There are many more names to upload, dates to confirm etc. It has taken an awfully long time but it was worth it and, so today, a valentine in memory of my ancestors and a heartfelt wish to all of you ~ Happy Valentines Day. Please visit My Ancestors and Their Descendants
23 January Have you ever wondered about the draft cards pertaining to World War II? Please take a look at World War II - Draft Registration Cards .
14 January, 2004 Hello, first I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and to all much happiness and health.

The first uploads this year come from a dear friend; Ms. Felicia Bentine Padilla who has transcribed the March 7, 1928 manifest for the SS Porto Rico and the May 17, 1928 manifest for the SS Coamo. Another manifest offered by Felicia and transcribed by Ariel, is the SS San Juan. This ship left on June 4, 1924. You may view all, as well as others, on my By Sea page. Enjoy and happy searching...

As for me, I'm still working on my surname index ~ lots of new ancestor names will be uploaded as soon as I can figure it all out. Also, I realize that some of my links are outdated. These will be updated soon and will have lots of new important finds as well.
  5 December I don't know how he does it but I'm really happy that he does. Ariel Blondet just finished yet another Marine Tiger ~ 914 names on this one! Ariel, thank you so much. I know how hard it is and the work involved in transcribing, it is much appreciated. Please, let's welcome those that departed on October 3, 1946 arriving in New York on October 8, 1946.

Personally, I'm still working on my surname index ~ lots of new ancestor names will be uploaded soon.
  04 November For those of you who might be asking themselves what type of questions appeared on the 1935 census and why, visit The 1935 Census Questions.  Also on a personal note, if you haven't seen this yet, take a moment and check the following page.

About a month ago, while going through the "Protocolos Notariales" at the Archivo General de Puerto Rico I was lucky to find my 3rd Great-Grandfather's "Last Will". I was extremely excited to be holding in my hands a document that had been held by my ancestor. Not only had it been held but it contained his signature. Take a moment and read the Test.o de Francisco Joaquin Monge.
  20 October Have just uploaded seven new books to My Library. I am truly excited about Mr. Encarnación's book. Because of this book and my suspicions confirmed by archival records, I am currently updating my surname list. It is taking longer than expected but it will be up soon.
  17 September Ok, ok, so it's been a while :( It's been a very busy summer and the Mr. and Mrs. have been playing hostesses with the mostest :) Just a quick note to let you know that items will be uploaded soon; books of interest, new finds from the Archivo General de Puerto Rico (AGPR) as well as the Archdiocese relative to my own search and, and? a surprise for you!
  19 June Hello again! You can tell I'm excited huh?! Well I am, I've just uploaded Ariel Blondet's latest Marine Tiger list. Please meet our newest arrivals; those that arrived on August 12, 1946
  7 June Well since my last update it seems it's stirred the juices again and with added time on my hands I've just finished what should have been one of the first items on the site. Please visit my Surname Index My Ancestors, Their Descendants.
  4 June Once again I've lagged at uploading anything. This time due to end of school days as well as other family matters. We've had a graduate and are extremely proud of her - yes, Lisa congratulations my love, my life. Kindergarten is just the wonderful foundation towards amassing great knowledge. May your thirst for knowledge never be quenched...

I did upload something in April and never brought attention to it here. I had been to the Archdiocese of San Juan reviewing the baptismal records for my paternal side. Amongst many surprises I found my paternal grandmother's baptismal record. Please view what I did with it and what I was able to get from it here Barbara Vivas-QuiƱones.
  2 April Just uploaded a new page called Photographic Journey. Periodically, the images on this page will cover a different subject matter, era, or items I, your webmistress, thinks might be of interest to you. This particular series of images is more in relation to those who travelled from Puerto Rico to New York. I am hopeful that you will enjoy it...
23 March Hello everyone! Just want to bring your attention to the By Air page. As you may know this is Ariel's ongoing contribution to the site and related to Pasajeros a Nueva York. Stop by the By Air page to greet the newly arrived passengers from Puerto Rico.

Another item recently added has been the Census of Porto Rico, 1899. There was mention, recently, that a copy of this census might exist. If one does that would be magnificent! Take a look at the questions which were asked. Also relating to the 1899 census is information regarding the The Census Takers as well as some tidbits regarding the same.

There will be many other uploads in the next few weeks. I hope you stop by often but, if not remember to sign up to the site newsletter.
 9 February It had been some time since I had added anything to my Diary and so after the happenings since my last entry I've just uploaded an update. Also, I'd like to bring to your attention that I've recently added the option of a mailing list. If you'd like to be notified of uploads to the site, why don't you subscribe to the mailing list?! It may be found on the Table of Contents page.
30 January, 2003 It seems that when on March 17, 1917 the United States granted to the people of Puerto Rico American citizenship, the gates of hope were opened and the possibilities of travel were diversified. You've visited the Marine Tiger, let's take a break for a little while, let's meet the Cargo Ships.

Also, have just added two items to the Links page: the Hispanic Genealogy Center and, due to the very high demand on their Puerto Rico message boards, their spin-off site PRRoots.com
   22 December Hoping that all that should have been done before this joyous holiday season has been done and that you are ready to enjoy the marvel of it.

My most recent uploading? A return to what I love most - reading. Please visit My Library for the review of seven new books!

In the meantime, Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo... Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year...
    5 December Holiday Greetings! In keeping with our latest project, Pasajeros a Nueva York the ship that left Puerto Rico on July 25, 1946 and arrived in New York four days later has just arrived here! Please go greet the passengers of yet another Marine Tiger.
   6 November Welcome back for our most recent installment dedicated to those who travelled from Puerto Rico to New York by ship. This time it is the passengers who left on July 8, 1946! Turn up your volume, do you hear the ships call? Let's go meet them at the pier...The Marine Tiger.
   17 October Much work and tribulation went into this particular page but, all of it done with great love and in memory of those who came before us. Ladies and Gentlemen The Marine Tiger.
   14 October FINALLY! The coding has been worked out - the pages are consistent and I enthusiastically upload what has truly felt like an expected child that has been conceived, nurtured, felt, loved and finally its birth. It started on July 3rd and it finds its uploading today - Pasajeros a Nueva York.
   31 August Not much has been uploaded to the site in quite some time. However, I have an excuse, REALLY! Please stop by my Diary where I explain what is going on ; ).
   24 August Have uploaded several books to the Literary Corner which are all excellent in their own right - please stop by.  Also, am currently attempting to implement CSS into all html pages. This is being done so that pages are viewed a little more consistently for the most popular browsers as well as an attempt on my part so that you see what I see.  Doing the above will allow me to upload what was alluded to below. : )
 28 June Added information to the Diary about what I've been working on and what is in store for the site in the next week or two. Don't mean to drive you around in circles but, I thought it was time to be a little more personal and let you in on what has been going on... In other words folks, I'm still here.

With the Rootsweb server being down for "repairs"?, haven't been able to upload the following up until now. Added a new book to the Literary Corner. The book is a wonderful find and highly recommended. Also please check the Links page for a new link in the Personal Pages area.
 4 June Uploaded the Freedom Lost page to the site. It may be found through the Table of Contents page. Please visit, it is a special contribution by Mr. Ariel Blondet and I will say no more - see for yourself.
31 May The "Botica" is now open please visit through La Botica - The Apothecary to get an idea as to how our ancestors treated their ailments.
23 May Uploaded a new page La Botica - The Apothecary.  Its "Grand Opening" will be announced soon but in the meantime take a sneak peak at what it will bring!  Visit a new section on the Table of Contents page - Lo Cotidiano - Daily Life to take you to La Botica.
18 May Added two new links to the Links page. One is in reference to the town of Patillas and the other link is to Rootsweb's Social Security Death Index.

On my Table of Contents page, under Census Aids, I've added "Old Handwriting Styles".
  1 May Added a couple of new medical terms to the Census, Document and Medical page.
29 April

For those of you who are first time visitors, a resounding "Welcome!". For those of you who have been here before and are wondering why the change!?! It is "revealed" in the Diary...
24 April Added a couple of items to the Links page. For example Linajes, find the history of your surname, heraldry, crests, etc. and a new section on the page reserved for Personal Genealogy Pages/Sites.
16 April I'm experiencing problems with my computer so if I'm out of the loop for a few days it is owed to that. Will correct asap. Thanks for stopping by...
15 April Have uploaded sheets for my family of the 1910 and 1920 census. Please check Census Images.
13 April Added Worker in the Cane: A Puerto Rican Life History to My Library. Really excited about this one don't have it yet but from the jacket description I can not wait to get it.
12 April Ok, what have I done? I've made the About Me a page to itself, and moved the "Journal" entries to a newly created page Dalia's Diary. Give this month's entry a quick read about the importance of descendants. Also have added the 1930 Census Extraction Sheet to the Table of Contents page. While on the Table of Contents page check to see what types of questions were asked on the census sheets.

I finally finished, sadly, "Mi Tio, Miguel Enriquez" and a personal review of the book can be found on My Library page.

Oops! One other, every external link will open in its own window! What does this mean for you? I'll still be lurking, in a separate window, behind the new window I've just re-directed you to.
14 March Have added a few new sayings to the Refranes - Dichos page and uploaded my Lexicon a 19th Century Dictionary to the Literary Corner. Be advised this is a "work in progress..."
7 March My absence has been due to family administrative responsibilities. In the next few days I should be uploading new and interesting information to the site as well as answering many of the guestbook queries. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime a small change has been made to My Ancestral Towns page. The map thumbnails now open up on the same page!
13 February On June 1946, the United States War Department released a listing of those Puerto Rican individuals who had been reported missing or killed in World War II. Please visit the The Military - Our Men page for the link to that listing.
6 February Have changed the About Me page slightly.

Recently uploaded the Refranes - Dichos page of those sayings the writer has not personally heard before.
31 January Added new terms to the Census, Document and Medical Terms page. Also changed the graphics on My Library to thumbnails - loads a lot faster.
27 January Created a page to itself for The Military - Our Men. Any information relating to the military, with regard to Puerto Rico, will be found there. A link remains on the Table of Contents page redirecting the visitor.

The new page contains pertinent links on how to order military records.

Also added a new book interest to My Library titled "A Family Plantation - The History of the Puerto Rican Hacienda La Enriqueta".
22 January Added World War I - Draft Card Information under "The Military - Our Men" listing located on my Table of Contents page.

Also uploaded the Family History Center's holdings for the town of Coamo to My Ancestral Towns page as promised.
18 January Finally uploaded the Lebron and Rodriguez generation table pages.

Also, have finally included Coamo to My Ancestral Towns page. Please note: I am also in the process of transcribing the 1910 Coamo census files. Have transcribed the following thus far - Pueblo - East and West, Pulgillas, Hayales, Coamo Arriba, Pasto - East and West and am almost finished with Bo. Cuyon. If you'd like a search please send an email with your request or visit my guestbook.
12 January Added "The Barrios" for Rio Grande and Salinas as they are listed on the 1910 census to My Ancestral Towns page.

Please note: I've transcribed the Rio Grande 1910 census entirely and would be willing to do a search. Please send an email with your request or visit my guestbook. The advantage in visiting the guestbook is that others who may be looking for the same name will see your request and possibly, hopefully, a familial link.
6 January, 2002 On December 19, I lost phone service and, due to the infrastructure problems in Puerto Rico it has taken this long to restore the service - ergo, my absence...

Needless to say, I am happy that the service has been finally restored and that I can once again be a part of this wonderful thing called the web. I will have a few new things to post for you in the next few days. In the meantime - it's good to be back!
12 December Added the following links: Puerto Rico Interactive Map and Parroquias de Puerto Rico to the Links page.

The kind gentleman and friend who has guided and aided me is Mr. Ariel Blondet, Treasurer of the Puerto Rican Hispanic Genealogical Society
  9 December The Military - Our Men to the Table of Contents page. This information was forwarded to me by a friend and I will disclose his name if he so wishes to be disclosed. Thank you dear friend.
  8 December Updated My Library page to reflect the addition of a new book, "Mi tio, Míguel Enríquez".
  4 December Made change to My Ancestral Towns page regarding procedures for requesting church records.
27 November Uploaded "Updates" page and added button to "Table of Contents" and "Home" page(s).
26 November Links Page: Changed Vital Records link to Demographic Registrars Offices Link.
Added My Ancestral Towns link to Table of Contents page and uploaded to site - it is specific to the towns of Rio Grande and Salinas. Contains redirection to the "Links Page" so that visitors may access sites for the research of their own specific town interests.
25 November Created this page to facilitate the viewing of recently added and/or changed items.
24 October, 2001 Uploaded "Puerto Rico: My Ancestors and Their Descendants" to Rootsweb. My very first attempt at teaching myself HTML as I go...

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