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Descendants of James McKendree

Descendants of James McKendree

Submitted by Alice Jackson

© 2002 

Other McKendree Contributors:
Ruth McKendree Lawrence, Barbara Breedlove Rollins, "Joyce" Dickens Walker, William Clarence Colley, Jr,  Charlotte Wilson Williams , and Troy McCarley

James McKendree was born about 1768 in James City County, VA. He married Martha "Patsy" Wilkinson (daughter of Joel Wilkinson and Elizabeth Unknown) in Greensville County, VA. 7 January 1793, by the Methodist minister, Rev. John Mason. The evidence that Joel Wilkinson was the father of Martha is circumstantial. From Sketches of Greensville County, Virginia, 1650 - 1967 he is the only Wilkinson listed as having lived in that county. In the 1790 (taken in 1783) census he had 6 whites in his household. There is a will on record for Elizabeth Wilkinson, 18 Jun 1801, probated May, 1804 that lists: Granddaughter in law, Mary P. Adams (indicates Elizabeth was an estimated 60 years old). Witnesses: Isaa Roswell, Susanna Rowell, Patsy Rowell, Rowena Rowell, Lewis Eppes. The Rowells would have been friends and possibly family. Martha Wilkinson went by the name "Patsy" and the name Rowena occurs in later generations. James was often referred to as Dr., but to my knowledge there has been no record found of his having been a medical doctor. Ministers were often called Doctor, and he was a bonded preacher in VA and TN. On 14 June 1802 he received a Bond to perform marriages by the County Court of Greensville, Va according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Methodist Church.

The records of Emporia, Greensville County, VA list several deeds between 1798 and 1810. It is an 1804 deed where Martha's name appeared as Patsy. At least one early Virginia record has the name spelled McIndree. The family of James McKendree appears in the 1820, 1830, and 1840 censuses of Sumner County with spellings McKendric and McKendre.

His brother, Bishop William McKendree, was the first American born bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, elected in 1808. Life and Times of William McKendree by Bishop Robert Paine, personal friend of the Bishop's, was written in 1869. The copy I read originally belonged to Julia McKendree Borden, grand niece of the Bishop and was in the possession of her daughter, Isadora "Dora" McKendree Borden Lewis in 1963.

Paine not only gives us personal information regarding James' brother William, but allows us to see the early beginnings of the close knit McKendree family. I have indicated the book's page numbers and added some notes which are marked with my initials when data from my research and that of others conflicts.

"William McKendree was born in King William County, Virginia, about forty miles northeast of Richmond, July 6, 1757--------but before he was seven years of age, they removed to James City, about sixty miles southeast of Richmond, and near Williamsburg, -------- A few years afterward, they again changed their place of residence, and settled in Greensville County, upon Meherrin River, and near the southern boundary of the State. Here they remained for many years. Their pecuniary condition was not such as, in Virginia, would be called wealthy; although, from incidental allusions found in the Bishop's Diary, as well as from other reliable sources of information, they were doubtless in comfortable and independent circumstances. (page 17) John and Mary were member of the Church of England. (page 29)

John McKendree, the father of the Bishop, seems to have been in every respect a most worthy and exemplary man. With strong domestic affections, and without any desire for notoriety, he led an humble, industrious, and religious life. In 1810, he removed from Virginia to Sumner County, Tennessee, in company with his son, Dr. James McKendree, his son-in-law, Mr. Charles Harris, with their families, and his two unmarried daughters. [Note: evidence now indicates that it may have been later than 1810, aj] In October 1815, this venerable and excellent man gently breathed his last. (page 18) -------- Fountain Head Settlement, Tennessee. (page 255)

Mary, the mother of Bishop McKendree, was a great sufferer. About the year 1769 she became so prostrated by severe affliction that she was ever afterward confined to her room, and generally to her bed. But this deeply-afflicted lady, having been mercifully spared to train her young family for twenty years after she became a hopeless invalid, died in 1789.--------- They had four sons and four daughters. (page 19) James always lived in the vicinity of his parents, and brought up a large family. His house was the Bishop's home, if he can be said to have had a home. At this house their father died; there the Bishop closed his eventful and useful life; and there, in a few years afterward, James and Frances (a sister) were interred by his side ---------- The eighth and last child was Nancy D. Like William she never married and nursed her father and William during their final illnesses. Having lost all her nearest relations, she died in 1838, she was buried at the head of the Bishop's grave. (page 20) [Note: she died between 23 June 1842 when she signed her will and December 1842 when the will was probated and recorded in the records of Sumner County, aj.] Will of Nancy McKendree

William enlisted in the Army during the Revolutionary War and attained the rank of Adjutant, and was for sometime in the commissary department. He was at the Battle of Yorktown when Cornwallis was taken. (page 22) He visited relatives near Nashville, Tennessee between October 9, 1809 and November 9, 1809, a relative named Dudley Hargrove between Midgeville, GA and Atlanta GA on December 5, 1809, and December 30 (1809) spent the night with his brother Thomas near Charleston, SC. Father still in Virginia about February 1, 1810, at his fathers November 18, 1810 between Shelbyville, KY, and SC. (page 214) "The winter of 1823-24 he spent in Middle Tennessee, alternating between his brother James, in Sumner County, Nashville, and his brother-in-law, Nathaniel Moore's, near Columbia." (page 384) November 21, 1824, at Brother-in-law Rev. Nathaniel Moore's house his sister Frances Moore in feeble health from consumption, she died January 3, 1825. (page 409)

Now over seventy years of age, enfeebled by forty years incessant toil, afflicted with rheumatism, piles, hernia, vertigo and asthma, and yet making the circuit of the United States annually-------- (page 414) In 1825 he wrote back to Tennessee for his nephew to come for his horse "Old Gray" to look after him till the horse could ride again. (page 416) [Note: My grandmother's sister, Isadora McKendree Borden Lewis told me that it was her grandfather, John A. McKendree who went after "Old Gray" to take him back to Sumner County, aj.]

Nephew John McKendree left his business [Note: apparently in Tennessee, aj] and went to the Bishop to accompany him to the Indian Nations, Oct 1828 Spent winter of 1828-29 in Nashville. (page 429) He preached his last sermon November 23, 1834 in McKendree Church, Nashville, Tennessee. (page 435)

[Nancy, aj] and his nieces were watching over him, his nephew Dudley McKendree was with him. He died on the bed that his father died on, was buried at the left side of his father about forty yards from the old family mansion, where he died. (Memorial Marker for Bishop McKendree) "Many of the Bishop's friends were very desirous he should be interred in Nashville but his relations, who occupied the old homestead and its vicinity, were understood to be unwilling; and as his father, brother, and sister, were buried there, and he had intimated a wish to rest by the side of his father, the subject was dropped. The writer is strongly impressed now, although formerly opposed to it, that (as the old house and premises have passed into the hands of strangers ------ all the immediate relatives moved away, leaving scarcely even a distant kinsman in the County; the locality of the grave ---- secluded from any town, village, or thoroughfare of travel, surrounded by a sparse population, and the grave without enclosure, evincing utter neglect it would be far better to remove his remains to the Nashville Cemetery, and place them by the side of noble colleague and old friend, Bishop Soule. The brick walls of the tomb, it seems, were taken down by Federal soldiers, during the late war, and the slab engraved with his epitaph was thrown on the ground, where it still lies; and the whole scenery is desolate and dreary, without one redeeming circumstance. It is, moreover, understood that his relations now interpose no objections to the transfer." (pages 483-86) [His will is mentioned on page 221, aj.]  Will of William McKendree

Bishop William McKendree was re-interred Oct. 3, 1876, to the grounds of Vanderbilt University at the same time as Bishop Soule. (page 495)  

Abstracted from "The Gospel Trails" Dept. of Education & Promotion Woman's Section, Board of Missions, Methodist Episcopal Church South, 706 Church Street, Nashville, Tenn. Dated March, 1935. "William McKendree----- never married-----he was successful in everything he undertook. Ambitious, and alive with energy-----Nearly six feet tall, beautifully proportioned, and possessing with his good looks the social graces of his day-----.

Children of John and Mary McKendree

William McKendree, born in King William County, VA, on July 6, 1757, died 5 March
1835 in Sumner County, TN. Re-interred to the grounds of Vanderbilt University on 3 Oct. 1876.

Lucinda McKendree born about 1759 in Greensville County, Virginia, died about 1778. She is said to have married Jesse Jordan.

Doratha "Dolly" McKendree born about 1761 in King William County, VA, married Charles Harris on 27 July 1797, said to have died about 1835 in AL.

Frances Ann McKendree, born 22 Jun 1763 in King William County, VA, died 3 Jan. 1825 in Columbia, Maury County, TN. The "Methodist Magazine", January 1826, Vol IX, Bio states she married Nathaniel Moore a few weeks before the death of her father.

John A. McKendree born about 1765 in VA, died about October, 1817 in Cooper River, SC.

Thomas McKendree born about 1767 in VA, died about October, 1817 in Cooper River, SC.

James A. McKendree (subject of this manuscript)

Nancy Dudley McKendree born about 1777 in VA., died after 23 Jun 1842 in Sumner County.

James A. McKendree died sometime between 1842 and 1850 in Sumner County. Burial was probably in the McKendree Cemetery, 2.5 miles south of Portland, TN on Collins Road north of the road. There are no markers. Martha probably died between 1830 and 1840.

Children of James A. McKendree and Martha "Patsy" Wilkinson:
Rebecca McKendree
Dudley Ellis McKendree
William McKendree
John A. McKendree
Mary "Polly" McKendree
Martha McKendree
Margaret A. T. McKendree
Minerva McKendree
Frances E. McKendree

I.  Rebecca McKendree, born between 1790 and 1800 in Virginia. She married Isaac Warren on 26 March 1823 in Sumner County.  Isaac Warren was listed in the 1830 census of Sumner County, page 163 with 1 male under 5, 1 male between 5 and 10, 1 male 30 to 40, and 1 female between 30 and 40. Nothing further is known except Isaac was listed in the 1850 census, apparently in a boarding house.

II.  Dudley Ellis McKendree was born about 1794 in Greensville County, VA and probably died in 1846 in Sumner County.  He married about 1816 in Sumner Co., Sarah Moore (b April 12 1799 in NC, d after 1860, daughter of Nathaniel Moore and Frances Taylor). Her father's second wife was Frances Ann McKendree, Dudley's aunt.  Sarah  was deeded land from her father-in-law, James A. McKendree, Deed Book 19, p 328, Sumner Co. TN. Transfer for one dollar 75 acres to Alfred G. Sarver as trustee from James McKendree (including house where James lived) for the  use and benefit for "my beloved daughter in law Sarah McKendree wife of Dudley E. McKendree to be used by her free of all controll of the said Dudley E. McKendree." At her death land was to go to her heirs. 13 Dec. 1842.  Deed from James McKendree to Sarah McKendree

Sarah was living with her daughter, Adaline, in 1850 per the 1850 Census of Sumner Co., Dist. 16, page 296, house 8: Sarver, Alfred 36, farmer; Adaline 32; Margaret 11; William 9; Sarah 5; Henrietta 3; Christinna 23; Nathaniel 12; McKindry, Sarah 50, b NC.

Children of Dudley Ellis McKendree and Sarah Moore

  1. Adaline F.T. McKendree was born on 25 Feb 1818 in TN and died 11 Dec 1892 in Sumner County. She married on 4 Feb 1831 Alfred Gillespie Sarver (20 Apr 1814 - 9 Dec 1861, son of Jeremiah Sarver and Margaret Ann Osburn). Adaline was living with her son, Alfred and enumerated in the 1880 census. Taken from Census Index on CD at LDS FHC. District 13, page 205A: Sarver, Alfred G., farmer, 28, born TN, parents born TN; Mary J., wife, 25, born TN, parents born TN; Margaret A., dau, 8, born TN; Addie G., dau, 6, born TN; Charles W., son, 4, born TN; Nancy A. L., dau, 1, born TN; Adaline F.T., mother, 60, born TN, fb VA, mb TN; Anglea, James M., cousin, 19, born TN, bf TN, mb NC. [Note: Daughter 8 was read as Martha in one transcription and as Margaret in the other and daughter Nancy has middle initial as F. in one and A.L. in the other. aj] . Some information on this line was from Mary "Lottie" Mayhew, great granddaughter of Adaline McKendree Sarver.
    Children of Adaline F.T. McKendree and Alfred Gillespie Sarver:
    1. Jerimiah Sarver, born on 7 Apr 1835, died on 13 Mar 1840.
    2. Margaret Ann Sarver, born 13 Dec 1838, married 15 Jan 1857 Dr. James Millikin. Children: Charles Millikin and Fannie Millikin.
    3. John William Sarver was born on 30 Aug 1841. He served in Co. K, Robinson's 2nd Infantry. Wounded 7 Apr 1862 at Shiloh, and died 25 Jun 1862 at Columbus, Miss. His photo is on the Sumner County TnGenWeb site listed as James.
    4. Sarah M. Sarver, born 6 Apr 1843, married 24 Jan 1862 William M. Gleaves. Child: Dr. Edgar Gleaves.
    5. Henrietta A. Sarver, born 3 Aug 1847, married 29 Nov 1865 Dr. Joseph F. Anthony.
    6. Alfred Gillespie Sarver, Jr., born 15 May 1852 Ft. Belvidere, Sumner County, died 2 Jul 1948 in Fairfield, Sumner County. He married 25 Dec 1870 Mary Jane "Sis" Anglea (Aug 1854 - 4 Dec 1937). Children: Margaret Ann Sarver, Addie G. Sarver, Charles W. Sarver., Nancy A.L. Sarver, Fannie Elizabeth Sarver, Joe Bert Sarver, and Ellis McKendree Sarver.
    7. Mary Fanny "Frances" Sarver, born on 14 Sep 1856, died on 5 Feb 1863.

  2. Martha W. McKendree, born about 1820, married 16 May 1838 in Sumner County, Charlie F. Harvey Sr. (1817 - 4 Dec 1882, Louisville, Jefferson County, KY).
  3. William A. McKendree, was born between 1820 and 1825.  He died after 1861.  He was listed in the will of his aunt, Nancy.  He is said to have died leaving a wife and two children, believed to have been sons. He was buried at Sarver Cemetery and his wife was thought to have gone to Kentucky and remarried. He served in 6th Reg. Ky. Vol. with brothers Dudley Ellis and James Nathaniel.  Source: "History of the Orphan Brigade"
  4. Alexander Augustus McKendree, was born about 16 Oct 1822 or 1824 and died on 1 Dec 1905 in Sumner County. He married on 12 Feb 1846 in Sumner County, Elvira H. House (ca 1830 - after 1880 daughter of Henry Sr. House and Mary Boyle). Ruth McKendree Lawrence, great granddaughter of Alexander Augustus, furnished a major part of the information on his line. Children of Alexander Augustus McKendree and Elvira H. House:
    1. William Henry McKendree, born 11 Nov 1847 Sumner County, died 6 Jan 1933 in Portland, Sumner County. He married 25 Dec 1887 in Sumner County, Amanda Eleanor Perdue (1859-1926). Child: Martha Ova McKendree
    2. James Marshall McKendree, born 25 Aug 1849, died 24 Dec 1912. He married 1st about 1875, Elizabeth M. Boren (28 Mar 1854-9 Jan 1883). Children: John William "Bishop" McKendree, Dudley Ellis McKendree, and Elizabeth James McKendree. He married 2nd 29 Dec 1889, Sarah Isabelle Perdue (7 Nov 1872-7 Jul 1936 Modesto, CA). Children: Alexander Augustus McKendree, Lucy McKendree, Samuel James McKendree, William Jennings Bryan McKendree, Mary Ann "Mamie" McKendree, Elvira McKendree, Henry Watson McKendree, Alton McKendree, Sidney Raymond McKendree, Curtis McKendree, and Mable Ruth McKendree.
    3. Mary A. "Mollie" McKendree was born in 1854 and died in 1946. She married 1 Apr 1885, R. William Karr. Child: One son, name unknown.
    4. Sarah A. "Sally" McKendree was born in 1856 and died about 1884. She married George Anthony Brown.(17 Nov 1857-11 Jul 1944).
    5. Alice Gleaves McKendree, born 1 Jan 1861, died 12 Feb 1916. She married 2 Apr 1884 in Sumner County, John Henry Kepley (15 Jun 1860-5 Nov 1935). Children: Willie Cleveland Kepley, Walter Monroe Kepley, Glenny Gertrude Kepley, Annie Velera Kepley, Clyda Bell Kepley, Fannie Cornelia Kepley, Naoma Kepley, and Thurman Kepley.
    6. Martha H. "Mattie" McKendree was born in 1868 and died in 1931. She was buried in Fairfield Cemetery, Sumner County.

  5. Mary Ann E. J. McKendree, was born between 1820 and 1825. Her obituary was printed in The Nashville Christian Advocate. She died 2 June 1860 and was buried in the Harvey Plot, Cave Hill Cemetery. She married on 28 Jun 1838 in Sumner County Alexander A. Harvey (ca 1820-1885).
  6. Sarah McKendree was born in 1829 and died after 1860. She was married about 1845 to John F. Martin (son of Sam Martin). John F. Martin was born in Richland Station, Sumner County. In 1880 this family was living with Sarah's aunt, Martha Beason in Sumner County. Data on this line was William Martin, great grandson of Sarah.
    Children of Sarah McKendree and John F. Martin:
    1. Samuel M. Martin, born 29 Jul 1846, died 16 May 1919, married Mary Rebecca Franklin (8 Jun 1854-7 Jul 1921. Children: George W. Martin, Sarah Martin, Lucinda Ellis Martin, Samuel Martin, Eugene Martin, and Blanche Martin.
    2. Martha J. Martin, born about 1848
    3. John F. Martin born in 1851 or 52 4.
    4. Sarah E. Martin born in 1853 or 54.

  7. Dudley Ellis McKendree Jr. was born on 4 Jul 1835 in Sumner County. He moved to Scottsville, KY after death of his father and lived with his sister Martha. He bought a drug store in Glascow, KY ca 1857. He organized the 6th Reg. KY Vol (source) "History of the Orphan Brigade" by Ed. Porter Thompson.

    GSA file abstracts: Capt. Co. D, 6th KY Regt. Served from Sep. 1861, four wounds by 13 Mar. 1864 when he made application for rank of 1st Lieut. He enlisted at Cave City, KY and fought in the battles of Shiloh, Murfreesboro and Chickamauga. Wounded at Dallas 28 May 1864, died 6 June.

    From: Statement of Service from Chief, War Records, Frankfort, KY. Enlisted 19 Nov. 1861 at Glasgow, KY. wounded at battle of Shiloh, 7 Apr 1862, Stone River (Murfreesboro), 2 Jan 1863, died Dallas, GA. He was buried in the Harvey Plot, Cave Hill Cemetery.

  8. James Nathaniel McKendree, born 12 Jun 1838, died 19 Aug 1887. He married 3 Jul 1863 his second cousin, Georgetta Rebecca Harris (20 Sep 1843 Jackson County, AL-8-Jan 1923, daughter of Rev. James D. Harris and Manurva Tennessee Lewis).

    Their granddaughter, Lilla James, sent me the following from a family Bible in 1971. "My father J.D. Harris was a nephew of Bishop McKendree his mother being the Bishop's sister. My husband J. Nat. McKendree whose father was also the Bishops's nephew being a son of the Bishop's brother, so we were third <sic> cousins. (signed) G.R. McKendree nee Harris." also "My brother D.E. Harris was born in Jackson Co. Ala. Aug. 30 1852 died in Colo. Jan 7, 1915" "my brother J. D. A. Harris was born in Jackson Co. Ala. Apr 18, 1847 and died Sept. 5, 1917 Ada Okla. G.R. McK." James Nathaniel served in 6th Reg. Ky. at Shiloh, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, Stone River, Rocky Face Gap, Resaca, and Dallas. Wounded but recovered to finish to end of war. Source: "History of the Orphan Brigade" [Note: He possibly named son for Dr. Vertees who treated his brother. aj]

    From the 1880 census from Census Index on CD at LDS FHC: Beat 4, Jackson County, AL, page 44A: McKendsee <sic>, J.N. farmer, 41, born TN, parents born VA: Georgetta, wife, 36, born AL: Ella, dau, 15, born GA; Bascom, son, 10, born AL; Elbert, son, 8, born AL; Harvey, son, 3, born AL. [Note: near by were his wife's parents. aj]

    Lilla also wrote: "When we moved to Ada in 1903 Granny moved too. so did Uncle Harvey, Uncle "Batty" and Aunt Ellis and all of Mama's people except an uncle in Rockwall, 2 sisters and 4 brothers."

    Children of James Nathaniel McKendree and Georgetta Rebecca Harris:

    1. Ella Ellis McKendree, was born 7 Dec 1864 and died about 1952. She married 17 Jan 1882 in Marion County, TN, Jesse B. Gotcher.
    2. Verdry Vertees McKendree was born 20 Oct 1866 in Jackson County, AL. and died there 26 Feb 1869.
    3. Bascom Keith "Batty" McKendree was born 25 Nov 1869 in Jackson County, AL and died 13 Feb 1905. He was married 28 Apr 1902 before going to I.T. but Lilla James did not give her name.
    4. Elbert Harris McKendree, born 20 Nov 1871, died 3 Mar 1958. He married 20 Sep 1896 in Rockwall, Rockwall County, TX, Lillian Bonnie McKoy (17 Apr 1876 Forest, Scott County, MS-28 May 1968 Ada, Pontotoc County, OK). Children: Lenore Margaret "Lore" McKendree, Lillian Bonnie "Lilla" McKendree (James), Earl Elbert McKendree, and Marietta "Tot" McKendree.
    5. Charles Harvey McKendree was born 17 Nov 1876 in Jackson County, AL and died in Dec 1928. He was married 22 Jun 1910 but his wife's name not listed by Lilla James.

III.  William McKendree was born about. 1798 in Greensville Co., VA.

IV.  John A. McKendree was born about 1800 in Greensville Co., VA and died about Jan. 24, 1867 in Prairie Co., AR.  He married Jan. 13, 1830 in Haywood Co., TN Isabell Loving (1804, VA - abt 1848, Fayette County, TN, daughter of Joseph Loving and Rosa Berryman Taliferro). Their marriage date was listed in the 18 January 1832 National Banner & Nashville Advertizer as: McKendree, Mr. John A. married in Haywood county to Miss Isabella Loving. My earliest information on this family came from their granddaughter, Isadora Borden Lewis.  Aunt Dora knew the names of her grandparents, that John was the nephew of Bishop William McKendree and that Isabell's mother's name had been Taliaferro. She also told me that all of the daughters of John A. McKendree and Isabell died giving birth except Julia, her mother, and that John A. went blind while Julia was a young girl.

He was possibly living in Haywood County as early as 1829 when his brother-in-law, Richard Moore died and appointed John A. as guardian of his children. Between 1840 and 1848 he moved his family to Fayette County, near Vernon, TN where he was a trustee in the Vernon M.E. Church, near Rossville. John A. was listed in the will of his aunt, Nancy McKendree, in 1842 probated in Sumner County, Tennessee. He moved from TN between 1855 when his friends, John B. Wray and his wife Mary named him guardian of their son, John Fletcher Wray and 1860 when his family was listed in the census of Des Arc, Prairie County, AR

From Prairie County, Arkansas, Book T, page 62, the record of his estate is as follows:


To all persons to whom these presents shall come I Thomas McCarley of the County of Prairie in the State of Arkansas as administrator of the goods and Estate which were of John A. McKendree late of said County of Prairie and State of Arkansas in testate, deceased send Greeting, Whereas heretofore on the 24th day of January A.D. 1867 an agreement was made between the said in testate and A. J. Loving of the County of Haywood in the State of Tennessee whereby the said John A. McKendree agreed to sell and convey to the said A. J. Loving the following described Real Estate to wit: The South West quarter of Sec. 29 and the East half of the South East quarter and the North West quarter of the South East quarter and the South half of the North East quarter of section 30 all in twp. 4 north of Range 5 West and containing three hundred and sixty acres lying and being in the County of Prairie in the State of Arkansas for and in consideration of the sum of $4,000, $2,000 to be paid on the 15th day of Nov. 1867 and the remaining $2, 000. $1,000 should be paid upon notes due by the said in testate to Rose Loving, [Note: There is strong evidence that Rose Loving, whose maiden name was Taliaferro was his mother-in-law, aj] and that the other $2,000 should be paid to said in testate on the 15th day of Nov. 1868, and whereas the said John A. McKendree departed this life before perfecting said sale of land by writing, and whereas the substantial facts of said sale was by petition by this said Administrator represented to the court of Probate for the said County of Prairie praying that said sale of lands be confirmed, and he as administrator as aforesaid be authorized, empowered and licensed to convey the same to the said A. J. Loving according to the instructions and agreement of his said in testate, and whereas by an order of the said Court of Probate for the County of Prairie made at the April Term thereof 1868, said sale of land was confirmed and this said administrator authorized, empowered and directed to perfect, carry out, and execute all necessary conveyances for the faithful execution of said trade, according to the true intention of the Parties. Now Therefore I Thomas McCarley as administrator as aforesaid by virtue of the authority and decree said court and to carry on his part; and in the further consideration of the payment of said $1,000 on said notes due from said in testate to said Rose Loving, and of the further sum of $1,350 cash in hand paid me; and also in the still further consideration that the said A. J. Loving has this day executed to me as such administrator as aforesaid, his promissory note for the sum of $1,836.27 due and payable on the 11th day of Feb. 1870 being the balance due on the purchase of said land as herein before described including interest thereon have this day sold and assigned A. J. Loving his heirs and assigns all the said John A. McKendree's right, title, interest and claim, which he had at the time of his death or which may have accrued to his Estate since in and to the said above described land and premises, To have and to hold the same to him the said A. J. Loving his heirs, and assigns forever in as full and ample a manner as I the said Thomas McCarley in my capacity of administrator as aforesaid deed by force and virtue of said decree and authority or license of said court am empowered to convey same.

In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand as such administrator and affix my seal hereto on this the 6th day of May in the year of our Lord 1869.
Thomas McCarley,
Adm. of the Estate of Jno. A. McKendree

Children of John A. McKendree and Isabell Loving:

  1. Ann D. McKendree was born about 1833 in Haywood County, TN; married August 24, 1850 in Fayette Co., TN, William H. Sledge.
  2. Rosalee "Rosie" McKendree was born about 1836 in Haywood County and married August 28, 1854 in Fayette Co., TN, Albert G. Nevell. My aunt said Rosealee gave birth to twins that died as infants.
  3. Isabella "Belle" McKendree,  (Picture of Isabella McKendree) born 2 April 1838 in Haywood County, died 28 April 1873 in the Des Arc area, Prairie County, AR; She married May 28, 1860 Thomas McCarley (1 Sep 1839 - 29 Jan 1878). Picture of Thomas Samuel McCarley. Contributors to data on this line were Barbara Breedlove Rollins, great great granddaughter and Anthony "Troy" McCarley, great great grandson of Isabell McKendree and Thomas McCarley. Children of Isabella McKendree and Thomas McCarley:
    1. Maggie Belle McCarley was born 14 May 1863 in the Des Arc area and died 14 Feb 1898. She married Rev. Homer Jameson.  Picture of The McCarleys  
    2. Frank McCarley, born 6 Sep 1865, died after 1931. He married 1 Apr 1882 in Lauderdale County, AL, Margaret Isabella Snoddy (5 Mar 1857-24 Feb 1933). Children: Thomas Vernon McCarley, Lena V. McCarley, and William Marcus McCarley.
    3. Marcus "Mark" McCarley, born 23 Oct 1868, died 16 Jul 1931. He married 15 Jan 899 in Sherwood, TX, Elma Blanks.
    4. Marietta "Mamie" McCarley, born 8 Mar 1872 in the Des Arc area, died 17 Feb 1954 Abilene, Taylor County, TX. She married 17 Dec 1890 in the Dubin area of Erath County, TX, Samuel Paisley Richards (9 Apr 1862-7 Mar 1943). Children: Mark Paisley Richards, Irma Lorene Richards, Esther Allora Richards, Thomas Eugene Richards, Lucy Belle Richards, and Mary Ruth Richards.
    5. John Belle McCarley Rev., born 17 Mar 1873 in the Des Arc area, died 18 Jan 1947. He married 13 Feb 1894, Dublin, Erath County, TX, Frances Harris Collier. Children: Jerome Collier McCarley, James Wilson McCarley, Ina Belle McCarley, and Thelma McCarley.

  4. William Capers McKendree, born 11 Nov 1838 in Haywood County,died in 1908 and was buried in the Grizzard Cemetery, Beebe area, White County, AR.  He married January 09, 1866 in Fayette County, Martha T. Loving (ca 1840 in Brownsville, White County, AR-1908, daughter of Wilson Carey Loving M.D. and Mary H. Eddings). He was probably named for William Capers, D.D., 3rd Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Most information on this line was received from Daisy Goodale Moody, granddaughter, and Ruth King DeVore, great granddaughter of William Capers McKendree. Children of William Capers McKendree and Martha T. Loving:
    1. William E. McKendree was born 5 Nov 1866. He married 28 Dec 1890 in Gibson County, TN, Belle Wilson. Children: Jessie Raymond McKendree, Millard "Slim" McKendree, Minnie McKendree, Chester Horace McKendree, and a twin to Chester who died as an infant.
    2. Mary McKendree (twin), born 30 Dec 1870 and died in Mar 1905. She married 7 Jan 1898, Monroe Wright. Children: Mattie Wright and Fannie Wright.
    3. Cary McKendree (twin) was born 30 Dec 1870 in Des Arc, Prairie County, AR. He died in Mar 1946 and was buried in Grizzard Cemetery. Unmarried, he lost his eyesight at an early age.
    4. Fannie McKendree (twin), born 11 Jan 1878 and died 7 Apr 1955. She married Jim Fawcett. Children: Capers Fawcett, Jack Fawcett, Jimmie Fawcett, and Grace Fawcett.
    5. Annie McKendree (twin), born 11 Jan 1878 and died 3 Sep 1957. She married in Jan 1905 in New Hope, White County, AR, F.E. Goodale. Children: William Forrest Goodale, Mary Alice Goodale, Harold Dean Goodale, and Daisy Goodale (Moody).

  5. Virginia McKendree was born about 1839 in Haywood County, TN. She died in AR. She married a man by the name of Wells about 1860. A family story says she lived in Birmingham, AL and her sister, Martha went to live with her at one time. Children of Virginia McKendree and ___?___ Wells:
    1. Julia Wells married Fred Schilling. One known child: Perry Schilling.
    2. Perry Wells died about 1875
    3. ____ Wells, died at birth per Isadora Borden Lewis.

  6. Maryetta Martha "Mettie" McKendree, born about 1845 in TN and died after 11 Oct 1921. She married about 1864, Rev. Jerome "Romie" Haralson (ca 1841 in Marshall County, MS - bet 1914 & 1921, son of Joseph T. Haralson). He was taken to Woodruff County, AR as a youngster. A newspaper article about their Golden Wedding anniversary was in the possession of her niece "Dora" Lewis in 1961. They were listed in the 1880 census of Russellville, Pope County, AR and in 1891 they lived in Vernon, Wilbarger County, TX.  I inherited a folding oak bookcase that was Jerome's. It has four shelves and is about four and a half feet tall. Aunt Dora said he could carry it on horse back as a circuit riding Methodist preacher.  (Picture of Mettie McKendree and Jerome Haralson)

    Mettie lived for a time with Dora during prohibition. Mettie had the flu quite severely and couldn't seem to get over it so the doctor was called. He told Dora, after checking the old lady, that Mettie felt she could get better if she was allowed to have a hot toddy at bed time each evening. This being prohibition and Dora being a "tea totaler" she didn't know how she'd manage but the Doctor left a prescription for medical brandy and everything was all right.

    Mettie apparently made the rounds of her relatives and stayed until she had more than worn out her welcome. There are stories about her on page 30 in the family history "Thomas McCarley and wife Isabella McKendree" written by Barbara Breedlove Rollins which is on the Internet.

    In a 1974 letter Les Millholin wrote that Annie Whittenburg Sharpe wrote that she remembered Mettie and that Mettie and Rev. Jerome had visited her in Georgetown, Williamson County, TX. She also wrote that Mettie was living in Dallas after Jerome died and that she wrote to Mamie Whittenburg Thorp and asked Mamie to keep her but Mamie refused.

  7. Julia McKendree, born 23 Feb 1848 near Memphis, Fayette County, TN, died on 11 Oct 1921 in Santa Ana, Orange County, CA and was buried in San Marcos, San Diego County, CA. Her obituary was printed in the "Methodist Advocate," 1 Dec 1921. She married in Viney Grove, Washington County, AR 17 Sep 1873, (Marriage Book C, page 179), Reynold Bascomb Borden (2 Aug 1849 in La Fayette, Walker County, GA-22 Dec 1929 in Santa Anna, son of Archibald Borden and Sarah Caroline Rogers). He was buried beside Julia.  (Picture of Reynold Bascomb and Julia McKendree Borden)

    As a small child Julia had a personal slave playmate named "Mary Ann Tabaker Yellow Poll Too Napoleon Yankee doodle Yeahawk." Told to me by Hazel Borden Hovde, her granddaughter.

    She moved between 1850 and 1860 to AR. After the death of her father she lived with her sister Isabella in White River Twp., Prairie County, AR. In April 1874 she was a bride of a few months when she and her husband left Arkansas by covered wagon for Los Angeles County, CA arriving in September. Except for about two years, spent in AZ they lived in Southern California the rest of their lives. They homesteaded near San Marcos, San Diego County and completed there home in Jan 1884. Their first grandchild, my mother, was born in this house. Children of Julia McKendree and Reynold Bascomb Borden  (See a picture of The Bordens)

    1. Carrie Mettie Borden was born 25 Aug 1877 in Downey, Los Angeles County, CA and died there 8 Sep 1877.
    2. Rosa Lea "Lee" Borden was born 11 Apr 1879 in Downey and died 15 Sep 1907 in Escondido, San Diego County, CA. She was buried in San Marcos. She married George Witty (son of Richard Witty and Caroline Stanley) 6 Dec 1899 in San Marcos. Children: Edna Lee Witty (my mother), Everett R. Witty, Wallace William Witty, and Clara May Witty.
    3. John Arch Borden was born 17 Aug 1880 in Downey and died 5 May 1952 in Long Beach, CA. He married Alice Grace Fulton (daughter of John Wilson Fulton and Ida Elizabeth Curtis) 15 Jan 1908 in Richland, CA. They are both buried at San Marcos. Children: Elizabeth Borden, Madge Eloise Borden, Hazel Grace Borden, Lucille Julia Borden, Laura Janette Borden, and Albert Reynold Borden.
    4. Isadora "Dora" McKendree Borden was born 30 Oct 1889 in San Marcos and died 25 Apr 1968 in Escondido. She married William Olen Lewis 19 Jul 1911 in San Marcos. They are both buried in San Marcos. Children: infant Lewis, infant Lewis, and Marjorie Ellen Lewis.  (Picture of Isadora Lewis)

V.  Mary "Polly" McKendree was born about 1800, in Greensville Co., VA and died in 1868 in Georgetown, Williamson Co., TX. She married Richard Taylor Moore (Son of Nathaniel Moore and Frances Taylor) on Feb. 8, 1816 in Sumner Co., TN. Richard Moore died in 1829 in Haywood County, TN. The following was abstracted from "Tenn. Records of Haywood Co. - Will Book #1 1826-1839" WPA Survey, page 43. From the Vestal Will of Richard J. Moore. His dying request was to keep his property together until his children became of age, then equal division between children and his wife. If his wife wishes to move it was his wish that her brother John McKendree be appointed guardian --- she is at liberty to sell her land and move to her father's who lives in Sumner. Witnesses included John Y. Taylor and Richard Taylor. [Note: Vestal will is death bed oral will, aj.] Information about her family from this marriage was largely from "Joyce" Dickens Walker, third great granddaughter.
Children of Mary "Polly" McKendree and Richard Taylor Moore:

  1. James Moore was born about 1817 in TN. He served in the Civil War and died of dropsy soon after the war at age 57 per bio. of William Fleager in "The Lone Star State", 1893, Lewis Pub. Co., a copy was in the Taylor, Williamson Co. TX library in 1990.
  2. Sarah Ann Moore was born in 1819 and died in 1859. She married William Wynn.
  3. Dionecia Moore was born about 1820 and died in 1844. She married Thomas Wadkins.
  4. Martha Moore was born about 1822 and died in 1860. She married 1st P. Trailor, 2nd ____ Brown, and 3rd ____ Arnold.
  5. Lucinda Caroline Driscoll Moore was born about 1825 and died 26 Sep 1847. She married 4 Jan 1845, Rev. James William Bates (25 Jan 1821 Blackstone, Nottaway County, VA-21 Nov 1900 Batesville, Panola County, MS). Child of Lucinda Caroline Driscoll Moore and James William Bates:  Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Bates born 4 Sep 1847 in Panola County, MS, died 6 Sep 1867 in Florence, Williamson County, TX. She married about 1866, Dr. William Preston Berry. Child: Pearl Mary Berry.
  6. Mary Jane Moore was born in 1825 in TN. She married William Fleager 26 Jun 1843 in Haywood County, TN. Children of Mary Jane Moore and William Fleager:
    1. Charles Nathaniel Fleager was born in 1846 in MS. He married about 1868 Margaret Angeline Whittenburg. Children: Joseph Edgar Fleager, Ernest Barton Fleager, Bessie Lou Fleager, Mary Loving Fleager, Lucy Bee Fleager, Bertha Leah Fleager, and William Hugh Fleager.
    2. Rosell Fleager was born 27 Mar 1848. She married Rev. John Andrew Brooks Whittenburg. Children: William Brooks Whittenburg, Olander Dubose Whittenburg Sr., Mary "Mamie" Nathielee Whittenburg, and Annie Emily Whittenburg. [Note: John Andrew Brooks Whittenburg was the uncle of Margaret Angeline Whittenburg, aj]

Mary "Polly" McKendree married 2nd James W. Moser, born in TN, after 1830. Information on descendants of this marriage was largely from Leslie "Les" McKendree Millholin, great grandson.

Children of Mary "Polly" McKendree and James W. Moser

  1. Elizabeth Adelaide Driscoll Moser, born 29 Jan 1834, Brownsville, Haywood County, TN, died 2 May 1910 Batesville. She married 25 Jul 1848 in Batesville Rev. James William Bates (widower of her half sister Lucinda Moore). Children of Elizabeth Adelaide Driscoll Moser and James William Bates:
    1. Williametta Bates, born 4 Sep 1850 in Batesville, died 5 Jan 1856.
    2. James Henry Bates, born 16 Oct 1858 in Batesville, died 20 Jul 1884
    3. Viola Gertrude Bates, born 22 Aug 1861 in Batesville, died 8 Apr 1907. She married 19 Apr 1890 James Edward Maxey.
    4. Julia Richardson Bates, born 21 Jan 1865 in Batesville, died 12 Oct 1892. She married 27 Jan 1885 Daniel Bascom Stewart.
    5. Ida Rowena Bates, born 21 Dec 1867 in Batesville, died 1 Dec 1949. She married 24 Oct 1888 in Batesville, Dr. George M. Westmoreland, (26 Oct 1888, Woodruff, Spartanburg, County, SC-6 Apr 1931). Children: Elizabeth Viola Westmoreland, William Tette Westmoreland, Cynthia Mette Westmoreland, James Bates Westmoreland, -Perle Norine Westmoreland, Mamie Bates Westmoreland, Georgia Marie Westmoreland, and James Bates Westmoreland.
    6. William McKendree Bates, born 18 May 1870 in Batesville, died 14 Dec 1943 in Memphis, Shelby County, TN. He married 12 Nov 1903 in Memphis Lena Spang (12 Aug 1878, Memphis-17 Jan 1969 Madison, Dane County, WI.) Child: Barbara Elizabeth Bates.
    7. Levi Kavanaugh Bates, born 13 Mar 1876 in Batesville, died 15 Aug 1890.

  2. Rowena Moser, born 1836 in TN, died in Salado, Bell County, TX. She married about 1855 Patrick Millholin who was born in VA-and died bef 1880. Children of Rowena Moser and Patrick Millholin:
    1. Donna Millholin, born about 1856 in TX, died in Salado, Bell County, TX.
    2. James Moser Millholin, born 5 Sep 1857 in Lexington, Lee County, TX, died 1947 in Georgetown, Williamson County, TX. He married in 1895 Blanche Virginia Cashe from VA. She died in 1940 in Georgetown. Children: Leslie McKendree "Les" Millholin, Fred Whipple Millholin, Hallie Rowena Millholin, and Foster Steele Millholin.

  3. John Moser, was born in 1838. He died in 1863 in Rome, GA. He served in Civil War. per bio. of William Feager, p 743 "The Lone Star State", 1893, Lewis Pub. Co.  A copy was in the Taylor, Williamson Co. TX library in 1990.

  4. Daniel P. Moser

VI.  Martha McKendree was born 4 Oct 1803 in Greensville County, VA and died 10 Nov 1890 in Lincoln, Logan County, IL. She was buried in Union Cemetery, Lincoln, IL. She married 1 Jun 1824 Jacob Beason (28 Dec 1792 - 17 Aug 1862, Sumner County). Dolores Marguerite Redmon, (Gail, Rodeick, Dewsbury, Burke, Scott), their great granddaughter, was a large contributor on this line with her many years of research.

Children of Martha McKendree and Jacob Beason:

  1. Frances Ann Beason, born 22 Jun 1825, died 2 Jul 1826.
  2. Margret M. Beason, born 15 Jun 1827, died before 1890. She married on 15 Sep 1846 in Sumner County, TN. to James M. Johnson.   Margaret and James moved to Warren Co., KY. (Bowling Green) after 1870.  Children of Margret Beason and James M. Johnson (born about 1825/1826, son of Benjamin J. Johnson and Rebecca Turner.)
    1. W. H. "Billy" Johnson, born abt. 1848
    2. Missouri Ann Johnson, born abt. 1851
    3. Samuel B. Johnson, born abt. 1852. Samuel  married Cornelia Fisher in Warren Co., KY. on 28 Feb. 1878.  He died in 1913 and Cornelia's death took place in 1907.
    4. Edward "Ned" Johnson born abt. 1855; married America Savannah White on 20 September 1880 in Warren Co., KY.
    5. Mattie Johnson born abt. 1859
    6. Lafayette Johnson, born 15 February 1864, died 11 March 1929.  He married Rosa A. Thomas on 16 July 1884 in Warren Co., KY.  Lafayette is buried at the Friendship Methodist Church near Alvaton, KY.   (Information on the sons of James M. and Margaret Beason Johnson submitted by Horace Johnson.)
  3. James H. Beason, born 31 Mar 1829 in TN, died 13 Feb 1833 in Sumner County.
  4. William McKendree Beason, born 9 Jan 1831 in TN. died 17 May 1906 in Lincoln, Logan County, IL. He married 3 Apr 1859 in Franklin, Simpson County, KY Martha D. Chamberlin.
  5. John Lafayette "Logan" Beason, born 13 Feb 1833 in Sumner County, died 20 Jul 1908 in Augusta, McDonnough County, IL. He married about 1878 in Carthage, Hancock County, IL Susan Ella Holmes.
    Children of John Lafayette Beason and Susan Ella Holmes:
    1. Clyde William Beason, M.D, born 20 Aug 1879, died Sep 1957. He married Rowena Fish 12 Jul 1909. Children: Geraldine Beason and Clyde William Beason Jr.
    2. John Lawrence Beason, born 31 Aug 1881, died in Bushnell, Mc Donough County, IL. He married 1st Anna Harberts. Child: Virgil Beason. He married 2nd Goldie _____.
    3. Lula Ella Beason, born 22 Feb 1884. She married Jess Meek Tilley about 1910. Children: Ruby Maxine Tilley and Marguerite Tilley.
    4. Jacob Holmes Beason, born 17 Aug 1885
    5. Nellie Faye Beason, born 11 Feb 1895, died Sep 1981 in Liberty, Adams County, IL. She married 26 Jul 1917 in Carthage, Hancock County, IL Bruce Pierce (18 May 1895-Aug 1978 Liberty, Adams County, IL).
  6. Martha J. Beason, born 12 Jan 1836 in Sumner County.. She married 6 Dec 1858 in Sumner County Henry W. Corwin.
    Children of Martha J. Beason and Henry W. Corwin:
    1. R. R. "Robbie" Corwin, born 8 Oct 1859, died 14 Aug 1862 in Sumner County.
    2. William Beason Corwin, born 31 Aug 1863 in Allegheny, Allegheny County, PA, died 9 May 1918 in Washington, DC. He married 3 Apr 1890 .Emarita _____
    3. Carrie Robinson Corwin, born 24 Oct 1869 in Allegheny, Allegheny County, PA. She married about 1866 Henry E. Wilson.
    4. Harry M. "Hal" Corwin, born about 1872 in PA.
  7. Mary E. or F. Beason, born 13 Oct 1839 in Sumner County. She married 23 Nov 1870 J.C. Truett
  8. Malcena E. Beason, born 12 Oct 1841 in Sumner County
  9. Sarah A. Beason [twin], born 5 Dec 1847 in Sumner County, died about 1884 in Sumner County. She married 7 Oct 1878 Henry C. Redmon (ca 1851 in TN) Picture of Sarah and Henry Redmon.
    Children of Sarah A. Beason and Henry C. Redmon
    1. 1. Lela M. Redmon, born about Jul 1879 in Sumner County, died 16 Sep 1903 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA.
    2. 2. Clarence Beson Redmon, born 20 Aug 1882 in Portland, Sumner County, died 6 May 1960 in Joshua Tree, San Bernardino County, CA. He married in Waterloo, Blackhawk County, IA 25 Dec 1909 Lavilla Marguerite Knapp(15 Mar 1886 Plainfield, Bremer County, IA-20 Jan 1964 Torrance, Los Angeles County, CA). Child: Dolores Marguerite Redmon.
  10. Abram M. Beason (twin), born 5 Dec 1847 in Sumner County, died 18 Sep 1849.

VII. Margaret A. T. McKendree, born about 1808 in Greensville County, VA, died about 1849 in De Soto County, MS. She married 11 Sep 1831 in Sumner County Tobias B. Hall (1808 - Oct 1865). His name was transcribed in error as Tobias Bell in information given out by the TN Archives.  Most information on this line was from Charlotte Wilson Williams whose husband is a third great grandson.
Children of Margaret A.T. McKendree and Tobias B. Hall:

  1. Frances Manerva Hall born 1833 in TN died between 1878 and 1882.
  2. Richard A. Hall born 12 Jul 1835 Denmark, Haywood Co., TN, died 26 Feb 1866 De Soto County.
  3. Benjamin F. Hall, born 1839 in De Soto County, died after Apr 1878.
  4. Amanda Clay Hall, born 10 Nov 1840 in De Soto County, died 18 Sep 1918 in Tate County, MS. She married 13 Oct 1859 in De Soto County Newell Menefee Williams (11 Feb 1835 Davidson County, TN-22 Nov 1880 in Tate County, MS.
    Children of Amanda Clay Hall and Newell Menefee Williams:
    1. Frances J. Williams, born 1861 in De Soto County, died after 1919.
    2. Margaret A. Williams, born 25 Nov 1862 in De Soto County, died 13 Dec 1863 in De Soto County.
    3. Laura Delia Williams, born 31 Jul 1865 in De Soto County, died 4 Jun 1873 in Tate County, MS.
    4. Turner Williams, born 21 Mar 1869 in De Soto County, died 28 Sep 1919.
    5. Mamie Belle Williams, born Aug 1871 in Tate County, MS, died after 1911. Child: William L. Williams. Mamie married about 1898 in Tate County MS Powell Fitzpatrick Wade. Children: Herman Wade and Lawrence A. Wade.
    6. Eula Hall Williams, born May 1874 in Tate County, MS, died 1914 in Tate County, MS.
    7. John Calhoun Williams, born 1875 in Tate County, MS, died 3 Sep 1939 in Crawfordsville, Crittenden County, AR.
    8. Newell Blanche Williams, born Mar 1880 in Tate County, MS, died before Dec 1903 in MS.
  5. Theophilus B. Hall, born 1843 in MS, died about 1863 in Ft. Delaware, NJ.
  6. William Hall, born 1843 in MS, died between 1866 and 1878.

VIII.  Minerva McKendree was born about 1809/10 in Greensville County, VA, died after 1880. She married 1st William Garnett Colley about 1836. Information on William Garnett Colley was primarily from his great great grandson, William Clarence Colley, Jr. He states William Garnett was born, lived and died in or around Simpson County, KY.

I believe the relationships within this family are best born out with the following censuses:
1850 Census, Sumner Co. District 19, page 233, house 116; Lucas, Minurva, 40, Elizah 7
(Note: her cousin, William Harris, lives next-door, aj)

1860 Census Sumner Co. District 19: Lucas, M.L. 40, RE Value 1000, born TN; Colley, William 21; Lucas, Eliza 17.

1870 Census Wilson County, TN, District 6, page 420 (stamped) 7 (written), Post Office, Austin: Colley, Seth, 31, farmer, RE value 15000, born TN; Fidelis, 24, born TN; Virgie V. 4; Clarence K. 2; Lucus, Manerva, 54, RE value 2000, born TN; Eliza 24.

1880 Census Sumner County from Census Index on CD at LDS FHC. District 16, page 249D: Belcher, Geo, farmer, 33, born TN, parents born TN; Lizzie, wife, 32, born TN, fb TN, mb VA: Nina, dau, 8, born TN; Charley, son, 4, born TN; Claude, son, 3, born TN; and Lucas, Minerva, mother-in-law, 70, born TN, parents born TN. (Note: J.D. Harris is still her neighbor, aj.)

Children of Minerva McKendree and William Garnett Colley:

  1. Seth Colley, born 10 Feb 1837, died 18 Dec 1904 in Nashville. He married on 26 Dec 1859 in Sumner County 1st Lucy Jane Nimmo (19 May 1830 - 16 Jun 1860) and 2nd on 4 Jan 1866 in Wilson County, TN Fidelia Elizabeth Smith (16 Nov 1845 - 21 Jun 1890). Children of Seth Colley and Fidelia Elizabeth Smith:
    1. Virginia Lee Colley born in 1866, died 16 Apr 1898 in Nashville.
    2. Clarence Kelly Colley was born in Feb 1868 and died in Jul 1956 in Nashville. He married 1st on 24 Jan 1894 Nannie Sue Molloy(1870-12 Apr 1899). Child: William Clarence "Bill" Colley. He married 2nd Mary Crutcher in 1907.
    3. Ernest Sam Colley, born in Feb 1872 in Wilson County, TN, died in May 1936 in Wilson County.
    4. May Colley, born in 1874 in Wilson County, died after 1950.
    5. Margaret "Maggie" Colley, born in 1876 in Wilson County, died 19 Apr 1944 in Whitemarsh, PA.
    6. Ora Colley, born in May 1879 in Paris, Henry County, TN, died 19 Sep 1957 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, AL.
    7. James Homer Colley, born on 2 Jul 1882 in Wilson County, died in Jan 1932 in Nashville, Davidson County, TN
    8. William Hubert "Hube" Colley, born 20 Aug 1883 in TN, died 7 Sep 1976 in Nashville.
    9. Cary Colley, born in Oct 1889 in Nashville, died 6 Sep 1890 in Nashville.
  2. William G. Colley, born 18 Dec 1839 in Sumner County, died 3 Jul 1915, and was buried in Colley Cemetery, Payne Rd., Sumner County. (Deed from Minerva Lucas, Seth Colley and Others to W. G. Colley)  He married on 17 Feb 1868 in Sumner County, Mary Elizabeth Staggs (21 Aug 1846 - 15 Jan 1904). He married 2nd 5 Oct 1910 in Sumner County, Nancy Ann Link. Children of William G. Colley and Mary Elizabeth Staggs:
    1. Charles Edgar "Charley" Colley, born 13 Dec 1868 in TN, died 21 May 1957 in Sumner County
    2. Cora Colley, born 29 Jan 1870 in TN, died 14 Mar 1897 in Sumner County.
    3. Garnett Colley, born 22 Nov 1871 in TN, died 6 Aug 1893 in Sumner County.
    4. Volley Colley, (f) born 14 Aug 1874 in Sumner County, died 19 Nov 1900 in Sumner County.
    5. Minnie Colley, born 17 Jun 1877 in TN, died 17 Jul 1898 in Sumner County.
    6. Alex Colley, born in Jul 1879 in TN, died in 1931 in Sumner County
    7. Frank D. Colley, born on 5 Aug 1883, died in Mar 1963.
    8. Lula Colley was born in Aug 1887 in Sumner County

      Child of William G. Colley and Nancy Ann Link:

    9. Mary Frances Colley, born about 1910.

    Minerva was married 2nd to James H. Lucas before Dec 1842 as her name appears on a deed recorded in Sumner County as Minerva Lucas. He may have been married previously as he was listed in the 1830 and 1840 censuses with what appears to be a family with children.
    Child of Minerva McKendree and James H. Lucas:

  3. Eliza "Lizzie" M. Lucas, born 16 November 1847 and died 20 March 1914. She married George Belcher ( 31 July 1847 - 14 Dec. 1917) on 17 December 1870 in Wilson Co., TN. George and Lizzie are buried in the Bethel Baptist and Methodist Church Cemetery in Wilson County, TN. George is listed on his marriage license as G. M. Belcher.  His tombstone inscription simply reads G. L. Belcher.   Deeds have him listed as G. L. and G. M. Belcher.  In 1850, George Belcher is listed on the 1850 Wilson Co. Census as the son of Richard Belcher and Malinda.  He was 3 years of age.  In 1860, his father is listed on the census as John R. Belcher with wife Malinda. Most information on this line was from Jan Barnes, great, great granddaughter of Eliza Belcher and great granddaughter Winnie Johnson Lane.   (Deed from Minerva Lucas to Lizzie Belcher)

    Children of Eliza "Lizzie" Lucas and George Belcher:

    1. Nina Adella Belcher, born on 29 Nov 1871 in Sumner County, died on 3 Feb 1942 and is buried in the Maple Hill Cemetery in Portland, TN. next to her husband, James Marion Smart (10 Jun 1864 - 4 Jun 1928, son of J. M. Smart and Mary Jane Summerville)..  They married on 23 Dec 1887 in Sumner Co., TN.  (Picture of Nina Adella Belcher Smart) Children of Nina Belcher and James Marion Smart:
      1. Winnie Beulah Smart born 1889, died 1968.  Beulah married Austin Crafton 6 Dec. 1904 in Sumner County, TN.  They divorced and she married O. G. Payne in Sumner Co. on 23 March 1934.  At some point she divorced O. G. Payne and family information is that she remarried Austin Crafton, although no license has been found for the remarriage at this time.  She is buried as W. Beulah Crafton next to Austin Crafton in the Maple Hill Cemetery, Portland, TN.
      2. Clarence E. Smart born 11 Aug. 1890, died 14 Jul. 1914.  Clarence was working for the railroad, under the management of Austin Crafton.  He ran in front of a train to retrieve some tools from the other side and was killed instantly.  Nina and Marion filed a lawsuit shortly after his death.  He was first buried in the Halltown Cemetery, but Nina later had his body moved next to his father in the Maple Hill Cemetery in Portland.  Picture of Clarence Smart    
      3. Lela Smart born 15 Mar 1892 in Wilson Co., TN, died 15 Apr 1989 in Sumner Co., TN.  She married Martin Luther Johnson (son of Davis B. and America D. Short Johnson)  in Sumner Co. on 2 Nov. 1910. Both are buried in the Maple Hill Cemetery in Portland.  Picture of the Smarts and Related Families.
      4. James Lillard Smart born 1894, died 1969.  Lillard married Nona Link (1898 - 1989) in Sumner Co. on 6 Jan 1914.  Both are buried in the Maple Hill Cemetery in Portland.
      5. Mary Lizzie Smart born 7 Oct. 1903, died 3 Oct. 1995, married Spencer Stinson (12 Apr 1894 - 11 Sep 1985) on 19 Jun 1921 in Sumner Co.  Both are buried in Maple Hill Cemetery.  Picture of Beulah, Lela, Lillard, and Lizzie Smart.

    2. Charley A. Belcher was born 6 July 1875 in Sumner County.  He died 9 Nov. 1948 and is buried with his wife Sallie J. (6 Aug 1872 - 2 Nov. 1921) next to his parents, Lizzie and George Belcher in the Bethel Cemetery in Wilson Co., TN.  Also buried there are two children of C. A. and Sallie Belcher - E. G. son, 11 Feb. 1900 - 14 Oct. 1900 and G. E. son, 11 Mar 1904 - 27 Oct. 1909.  On the 1910 Wilson Co. census record, Charley A. Belcher is living next door to his parents.  Children listed are:  Irean age 8, Mattie Gray age 4, and Mary E age 1.  Also living in this household is David C. Murchison, nephew, age 16. The 1920 Wilson Co, TN census record shows Irene, age 18, Mattie Gray age 13, Lizzie age 11, W. A. age 9 and Lucile age 6. 
    3. Claude Odell Belcher born 1 May 1877 in Sumner Co., TN., died 23 May 1952 in Wilson Co., TN.  He and his wife Julia Mae (16 Feb 1877 - 1 Jun 1962) are buried in the Jackson Cemetery in Wilson Co.  A son, Edward L., 1901 - 1932, is buried beside them.  The 1910 Wilson Co. census record shows Claude and Julia living with James M. Petway.  Children listed are Clara, age 10 and Edward, age 8.   Winnie Lane remembers that Edward was killed while riding on the fender of a car when it was side-swiped by another car.  Julia had arthritis and had to be carried in a chair in her later years.  Picture of Claude and Julia Belcher

IX.  Frances E. McKendree was born in 1812 in Greensville County, VA. She was married to Thomas M. Joyner on 22 Nov 1836 in Sumner County. She resided in 1840 in De Soto County, MS and probably died there in the early 1840s. Her widower moved to Rockport, Hot Springs, AR about 1851 where he practiced medicine and had a drug store. Mary Bish, a descendant of Joyner by his 2nd wife, Emma Sharp, furnished data on this line.
Children of Frances E. McKendree and Thomas M. Joyner:

  1. Jesse Joyner was born about 1841 in TN or MS. He is said to have died between 1861 and 1865 in Rockport.
  2. Henry C. Joyner was born about 1842 in TN or MS.  He is said to have died between 1861 and 1865 in Rockport.  In email from Mary Bish, received 15 March 2002, " I think Henry and Jesse were teenagers when they were killed. There is a story going around at Hot Spring County, AR (Malvern) that Henry was a deserter and is buried in a shallow grave in the Antioch community. Two men over there wanted to put a marker where he was buried by two women alongside a road. They said I could get the marker donated by the VA since I was a relative. I contacted a Civil War site and they said Henry Joyner, from that county, was admitted to a hospital in Georgia, I think in 1862. I passed the information on to them and haven't heard any more about the story. It was all legend, don't think anyone knew for sure what happened. They said it could have been all the men in his group were killed and he was walking home. However, legend has it that Dr. Joyner and family refused his belongings."

Sumner County Scrapbook

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