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Obituary - Richard Johnson

Obituary - Richard Johnson - 1849

Submitted by Jan J. Barnes

From the Nashville Christian Advocate, Issue 44, Friday, August 31, 1849

Died, June 22d, 1849, of dropsey; Rev. Richard Johnson, of Sumner county, Tenn, in the 90th year of his age.

He was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost, and died like Simeon, saying, "Now Lord lettest thou they servant depart in peace, for mine eyes have seen thy salvation, which thou hast prepared before the face of all people."

Father Johnson was one of the few revolutionary soldiers that remain, the most of them having long since been called away; he was an active soldier for some three years in that eventful struggle for liberty, for which service his grateful country paid him a pension to the time of his death, which in connection with industry and economy, secured to him an ample support during life.

But he was not only a patriot but a Christian, and distinguished himself in building up the Redeemer's kingdom. For early in life he espoused the cause of Methodism, and became an active local preacher in Virginia, his native State. He preached to listening hundreds there and also in Tennessee, his adopted State, in whose bosom he now quietly sleeps, resting in hope, for God will bring him with him at the last day.

His parchments, that were never dishonored but remain as sacred relics of the past, show that he was ordained deacon of the Methodist E. Church by Bishop Asbury, in September, 1799, and in November, 1812, he was ordained elder of said church by Bishop McKendree, at Fountain Head, showing that he has been a minister more than fifty years. His zeal for the cause of God and the salvation of the human race did not abate as age crept on, but he preached the last Sabbath he was able to ride on horse back, and when age and disease laid him on his bed to die he had outstanding appointments.

Father Johnson was well and favorably known in the Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky Conferences, but like a soldier, which he was in every sense of the word, he laid down to rest, but his works will follow him, to speak in his praise before an assembled world. He raised a large family of children, the most of whom are members of the church.

His aged companion died some ten years ago, full of faith; their union was long and happy in this world, but will be more happy and durable in the world where they have already met.

L.M. Woodson

By request I make a few remarks about the above deceased, for I have known him ever since I was a small boy. His house was a place long for circuit preaching. He was uniform in his deportment, (and a word to local preachers.) I never knew a complaint against him for immoral conduct, or for being unfaithful in his ministerial work. I was to see him in his affliction, he longed for the hour to come to be with Christ. Rest on old soldier. Amen

E. Carr

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