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Cauly, Mildred, Estate Settlement, 1849

Mildred Cauly
Estate , 1849

TSL&A Microfilm, A-5183
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Estates (Loose Records) #1604

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

State of Tennessee   }
Sumner County         }  Whereas I have this day settled with Benjamin Johnson Administrator of Mildred Cauly dec'd and find him in amount as follows to wit:
To amount of Inventoried notes Cash etc.      $666.25
Interest collection on the above notes                17.00
Amount of amount of sales                                  26.45

Making in all the sum                                      $709.70

Cr By J. W. Spradlin for coffin $ 15.00
Cr. By a/c for shroud, etc      3.87
Cr. By H. D. Thompson    25.75
Cr. By court expenses      3.50
Cr. By Benjamin Johnson's a/c  400.00
Cr. By Amount allowed Admr.    10.00
Cr. By Clerk's fee for settlement      2.50
Leaving this sum due estate $249.08

All of which is respectfully submitted to the court Oct. 23rd 1849.

Mildred Cauley
To Benjamin Johnson  Dr.
For boarding, washing, and waiting on about six years      $400.00
State of Tennessee   }  Personally appeared before
Sumner County         }  me G. S. Gray an acting
Justice for said county Benjamin Johnson and made oath that the above amount as stated is just and true to the best of his knowledge and belief.
Sworn to and subscribed before me                   Benjamin Johnson
Oct. 23rd 1849
G. S. Gray (JP)

Milly Cauly   Dr. to H. D. Thompson  1847
Medical ade      $25.75
State of Tennessee    }  This day personally before me
Sumner County          }   O. P. Butler as acting J. P. for
sd. county H. D. Thompson and made oath that the above a/c of $25.75 against Milly Cauly dec'd is just and true after giving all just credits.  Sworn to & subscribed before me this the 29th Apr. 1848.
O. P. Butler (JP)                 H. D. Thompson

Milly Caully to J. W. Spradlin   dr.
State of Tennessee    }   1847 Making coffin & burial     $15.00
Sumner County          }
  This day personally appeared before me O. P. Butler an acting Justice of the Peace for said county John W. Spradlin and made oath that the above a/c against Milly Cawly dec'd for $15.00 is just and true after giving all just credits.
Sworn before me this
the 21st January 1848.
O. P. Butler (JP)
Acct. payment in full this the 16th of Feb. 1849.
J. W. Spradlin

A list of the amount of cash and cash notes belonging to the Estate of Mildred Cauley Deceased.
1st   -  one note on Benjamin Johnson for $288.00
           due the 7th of May 1844
2nd  -  one note on R. M. Potts for $192.00
           due the 22nd of May 1847
3rd  -  one note on William M. Carter for $116.00
           due the 2nd of May 1844   notes - - $596.00
Cash in Benjamin Johnson's hands                 70.25


2 Beds Bedsteads & clothing
1/2 Dozen common chairs
1 Bureau
1 side saddle

The above is a true statement of the efects in my hands this 22nd of Septr. 1847.
Benjamin Johnson

A List of Sale of the above property
1/2 dozen chairs Wm. Johnson           $  2.00
1 Bureau - Wm. Johnson                        3.50
1 side saddle   Richard Bradley             2.75
1 Bed & furniture Thos. Buntin           11.00
1 Bed & furniture  Susan Johnson         5.20

This foregoing is a full and perfect account of the sale of all the property of Mildred Cauley deceased.
Benjamin Johnson

Will of Milly Cawley

Inventories and Settlements

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