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Queries for Lubuskie and Zachodnio-Pomorskie Provinces

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Lubuskie Queries and Zachodniopomorskie Queries

Lubuskie Province

Zwikelsky -- Haguit Towler -- 21 January 2000
I can not find any record of this surname.  Can you help?

NOWAKOWSKI -- Dawn Stapp -- 22 November 1999
I am searching for information on my great grandfather John Nowakowski 12/2/1888.  Lived in Prussia.  Immigrated to Wilmington, Delaware in 1912 or 1913 with wife Frances Osowska and infant son Alfonso.  Any information would be helpful.

Kurkwoski, Ostrowska -- Renee -- 18 September 1999
I am looking for relatives or information regarding Joseph Kurkwoski born in Przewoz, Poland, in 1843 to Stanislaw Kurkowski and Anna Ostrowska.

Selmer, Bandemer, Rosin, Frank and Vieglahn -- Katharina Hines -- 13 Sept 1999
I am looking on information on the Selmer, Bandemer, Rosin, Frank and Vieglahn families.  Towns they lived in the 1800'-1920: Stettin, Benzin, Kornburg, Kluschau, Kolberg.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you, Katharina Hines -Selmer

Przewoznik -- Fran Przewoznik -- 21 August 1999
need information on Przewoznik.  Looking for information also on a John Przewoznik married Marianna Furmanska.

Starzyk and Sikora -- Sylvia Starzyk -- 20 August 1999
Maximillion Starzyk and Anna Sikora (nee) are names of my parents.  We moved to Canada in 1953.  Anyone with knowledge of this family please e-mail information to me.  Thank you.

Looking for info on my Mothers parents. Her Father was Feliks MLOTKOWSKI (son of Nicholas MLOTKOWSKI & Anna WRONKA) born in August,1890 near TYSZOWCE, POLAND.  Her Mother was Maria Casmira MALISZEWSKI (daughter of Feliks MALISZEWSKI & Marcella LUBARSKA) born in September, 1893 in TYSZOWCE, POLAND.  They both migrated to Detroit, Michigan (USA).  They met and married in Detroit in 1915.

SKOWRONEK, KREZOLEK -- Theresa Mason -- 8 August 1999
Am searching for SKOWRONEK and KREZOLEK Family names

Byzewski -- Marty Byzewski -- 5 Aug 1999
Looking for relatives of Anton/August/Fr.Romuald (John), Michael Alexander Byzewski who emigrated to North Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan.

MADI -- John Lach -- 31 July 1999
I am looking for information on an Agieeeska Madi, born 1862 in Watowtna Poland.

Dubil, Dubyl -- Mych Dubil -- 12 July 1999
I am looking for relatives or any information about the Dubil or Dubyl surname.

Kolassa, Motzigemba -- Anne Kolassa -- 9 July 1999
I´m lookin for someone who can tell me anything about the following families:
a) Kolassa b) Motzigemba

Radzik, Mikuszewski -- Ron Radzik -- 4 July 1999
Trying To Trace Ludwick Radzik Born in Kazimierz-Dolny, Province of Pulawy, Lubelskie (Lublin), in the year 1884.  Trying to find any decendents that might help me go back further and possibly have family information in Poland.
Other side of Family Mikuszewski--other info unknown.

Wilczynski -- Deborah Kasarjian -- 30 June 1999
I am searching for information about Stanislaw Wilczynski born on March 25, 1891.  Thankyou

Need help -- Jeanne Lorf Linley -- 6 June 1999
I am searching for my Great Great Great Grandfather Prinz Christineck. (Also his grandmother was Princess Christina).  He eventually had a daughter who married my Great Great Grandfather Christoph Lorf in Buko by Coswig-Anhalt, Sachsen, Prussia but Prinz Christineck escaped into Germany from "Austria" and his title to his estate was not written in German so I think he was from Czech or Poland.  The only date I have to go on is my Great Great Grandfather Christoph Lorf had a son (my Great Grandfather Gottlieb Lorf, Sr.) born in 1824 in Buko by Coswig-Anhalt, Sachsen, Prussia.  Can you help me??

GRUHN -- Malcolm SMITH -- 2 May 1999
Looking for Elsbeth GRUHN born August 23, 1880.  Born in the city of Posen, Province of Posen, when it was part of Prussia.

LANGE -- Janette Lange -- 15 April 1999
I am looking for details and other possible family conncections of Johann Gottlob LANGE b. 1823 in Cossar, Brandenburg, Prussia (now Kosierz in Poland, not far from Zielona Gora).  This is a village not far from Crossen am Oder (Krosno Odrzanskie).  His father was Johann Georg LANGE.  Gottlob arrived in Adelaide, South Australia on Sept 3, 1855 aboard the 'La Rochelle'.  He travelled with Christian Lange and family (Anna Rosina, Johanne Auguste, Johann Friedrich); Christian was probably a brother or cousin.  Any info about Gottlob, Christian or Georg would be most appreciated.

Zilm -- Andrew Zilm -- 20 Feb 1999
Christian Zilm with brother Gottlob and sister Anna Dorothea immigrated to Adelaide in South Australia in 1838 with Pastor Kavel and other Lutherans. I am searching for Christian's father and mother from the town of Goltzen in the province of Zullichau, Brandenburg, Prussia.

DUREK, DURECK, DURECKI, DURICH -- Michael Brueggemann -- 29 Jan 1999
The DUREK family left their farm in Alt-Kloster (Lubice), Bomst (Babimost) in Posen (Poznan) around 1890 - 1910 for Germany and/or the US.  Please contact me via email.
Michael Brueggemann.

Zachodnio-Pomorskie Province

SCHIVENDT, SOTYSZAK, GAHEKE -- Janet Kaurala -- 7 January 2000
JURKIEWICZ SCHIVENDT, BORN 1855, Polzin, Kozalin, Poland
married 29 MAY 1878, KATHERINE SOTYSZAK, BORN NOV. 1847
STANISLAUS GAHEKE, BORN 1860, married Mary Ann Solidische, his parents Wojeieck Gaheke and Salomeja Michlewicz.  Both families immigrated to Houghton, Houghton County, Michigan.  The Schivendt name was changed to Schwit/Swit/Sweet.
I would like to have contact with anyone researching these family names.

Venzke, Strinzke/Struezke -- Donald Venzke -- 2 December 1999
I'm looking for relatives of Emil Venzke who was born 1816.  His wife was Florentine Strinzke or Struezke.  They lived in Garbno in 1865-1867 or 83.  Their children were Albert 1854, Reinhard 1857, August 1859, Emil 1863, Frantz 1864, Bertha 1862.  They all came to America except Florentine who I think may be buried in Garbno.

STAHLBUSCH and GRASE -- Fran Steadman -- 2 December 1999
I am interested in finding information on Frederick/Friedrich L. STAHLBUSCH b. 1887 in Koslin and his parents August STAHLBUSCH and Marie GRASE.  Any and all help will be appreciated.  Fran Steadman (Genifran@aol.com)

Lansche -- Ulli Lansche23 November 1999
Searching for Lansche entries (in books, archives, etc.) in Barwalde now Barwice (between 1550 -1750).

PANSKE -- Gary Ashmore -- 22 November 1999
Looking for PANSKE or STANZER families.  Left to U.S. in 1872 from Arnsfelde Prussia.

Kruszewski -- Mary Ellen Bruski -- 14 November 1999
Andrew Kruszewski with wife Francis Katherine Grabowski, and his brothers Valentine and Adam left Szczecin and went to Canada in 1874.  Their mother, Mary, may have been with them.  Their father was Frank (probably deceased in Poland).  Moved on to St. Paul, Minnesota about 1880.  Were there other family members left in Poland or Canada?

SCHMEGEL -- Carsten SCHMEGEL -- 9 November 1999
Last known relatives from Kinice or Rychnow near Barlinek (Berlinchen) in Mysliborz (Soldin), Zachodniopomorskie Province:
Carl Wilhelm SCHMEGEL oo Marie Charlotte BAER
Sons: Gustav Eduard SCHMEGEL * 10/20/1826 Kinice (Kienitz)
Karl Julius SCHMEGEL * 7/2/1838 Rychnow (Richnow)

I am searching for all relatives with the name of SCHMEGEL.  Please contact me if you have any persons with that name or if you have any questions.  Thank you.

PIEPER HANNEMANN -- Edna Cherney -- 16 October 1999
I am searching for descendants of Johann Friedrich Pieper and Johanna Hannamann.

ANDREAS, JANOWSKY, STELTER, CARMESIN, LENZ -- Theresa Knapp-Coleman -- 8 October 1999
I am searching for any information related to these families, my relatives were born in Stettin (Szczecin) and any information about them at all would be appreciated.  Searching specifically for information on my grandmother: Anna LENZ b. 7 Jan 1903 in Stettin (religion: Catholic), she married Richard Wilhelm Andreas b. 15 Aug 1900 in Stettin (religion: Lutheran).  Also searching for the parents of: Wilhelm Janowsky b. 2 Feb 1851 in Stettin.  He had a daughter named Meta Ida Albertine Janowski b. 22 May 1880.  Thankyou in advance for your assistance.

SCHULTZ/SCHULZ, SELL/ZELL, DOEGE/DAYE -- Marie Hosdil -- 19 September 1999
I am searching for information on the family of Johann SCHULTZ (SCHULZ?) of the town of Zachasberg, Chodziez, Posen, Prussia in the early 19th cent., presently near Budzyn, Poland.  Johann's wife is Rosine (Ann?) Sell (Zell?) and their children are Ernest A (born 1820), Carl Friedrich (b. 1839, died 1907 in North Dakota, USA), Ernestine, Pauline (born June 22, 1828, married Martin Doege/Daye in Zachasberg) and one other daughter, given name unknown.  The family emigrated to America in 1851, settling in/near Budsin, Wisconsin.  They were Protestant.  Searching for anyone with a connection, or any leads for searching out records in Poland.  Thanks.

ZIEMANN, JANKE, HOPPE -- Mariquita Holliday -- 19 September 1999
Seeking family of Johann Ernst Gottlieb ZIEMANN, born 5 October 1829 in Suliszewo (Zuelshagen), Drawsko Pomorski (Dramburg).  Married Fredericka Carolina JANKE of Badkowo, Regenwalde, born 1 April 1826.  Emigrated with wife and children, Henry Hermann Edward and Anna Maria Augusta, to Ontario, Canada about 1856.  Also searching for family of Johann Michael ZIEMANN, born 13 September 1793 in Konotop (Koentopf), Drawsko Pomorski (Dramburg). Married Rosine HOPPE, also born in Konotop on 1 October 1797.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Selmer, Bandemer, Rosin, Frank and Vieglahn -- Katharina Hines -- 13 Sept 1999
I am looking on information on the Selmer, Bandemer, Rosin, Frank and Vieglahn families.  Towns they lived in the 1800'-1920: Stettin, Benzin, Kornburg, Kluschau, Kolberg.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you, Katharina Hines -Selmer

LEMKE, KÜHL, ACKERMANN -- Nancy Lincoln -- 8 September 1999
I am researching the ancestry of Wilhelm Friedrich August LEMKE, born in 1846 in Heydebrech, Plathe (now Ploty), Pommern.  His parents are Johann Friedrich August LEMKE b. abt. 1821 and Caroline Wilhelmine Ernestine KÜHL b. 1825 in Heydebrech.  Parents of Caroline KÜHL are Christian Friedrich KÜHL of Heydebrech and Marie ACKERMANN Of Friedrichsberg.

Giedrys -- Kim Leeper -- 13 August 1999
My father-in-law Zenon Giedrys b:1914 has a sister Gienkia Giedrys b:1918.  Both born in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Last communication from Gienkia was in early 1970’s when she was working as a Chief Pharmacist at a hospital in Szczecin, Poland.  She had a daughter named Barbara.  Any information gratefully received.

GOLLNICK, MORITZ -- Aubrey Doggett -- 12 August 1999
Looking for information on the family of Carl Fredrick GOLLNICK (1856-1938) and Emelie Caroline MORITZ (1859-1948), residents of Szczecin until they emigrated to Texas in the United States in 1893. Children born in Europe: Carl, 1880, Anna, 1882, Wilhelm Richard, 1884, Hedwig, 1888, Richard, 1891.

BRIETZKE -- Linda -- 28 July 1999
Searching for BRIETZKE surname.

NAGEL, WAIKHOLZ -- G. ORAZEM -- 21 July 1999
Searching for info on family of Daniel NAGEL.  Born 8 Feb 1825 in Wisbuhr, Kreis Koslin Pommern now Wyszeborzu, Koszalin, Poland.  Also Catharine WAIKHOLZ from the same area.

KROENING, LUEDKE -- G. ORAZEM -- 21 July 1999
Searching for info on KROENING and LUEDKE families from Parsow, Kreis Koslin, Pommern now Parsowo, Koszalin, Poland.  Church records possibly in Mierzynie, Poland, was marrin, Pommern.  Time period 1800 to 1860.

Treichel -- JAN BIENHOFF -- 3 July 1999
Hermann Treichel b. 1870s Sianow, Koszalin Province.  This is my great-grandfather who emigrated to St. Paul, Minnesota USA in 1923 with his wife Bertha and my grandmother Hedwig Louisa Minna Treichel (b. 1898 Sianow).  Interested in information on relatives of this family in Poland, Germany or the US.

LUCKOW -- Bonita Staub Luckow -- 13 June 1999
LUCKOW-Johannes Friedrich, Carl Albert, Pauline Ulrike Augustine Luckow were born in Redlo, previously called Pflugrade, Kr. Naugard. The family moved to Goleniow Szczecin, previously called Daarz, in 1870's. I am looking for descendants or any information that can be found on the Luckow family.

CABOS, CONRAD -- John C. Conrad -- 10 June 1999
Former German Town of Lipphne (Now - Lipiany)
Looking for connection to my great great grandmother's family.  Her name was Elizabeth CABOS, born September 4, 1824.  Her father's name was Charles CABOS, who through family legend was the Royal dentist to Frederick the Great.

Elizabeth CABOS married Carl Moritz CONRAD (born Magdeburg, Germany) and they had 4 children:

Elizabeth - born January 15, 1854 in an unknown location
Bernhard  - born April 26, 1856 in Griefenhagen Germany
Albert    - born August 27, 1859 in an unknown location
Edmund Herman Frederick - born November 2, 1865 in Polzin

I am looking for ANY information on this family. Any help would be appreciated.

John C. Conrad

Gennrich, Menning -- Richard Stoetzer -- 1 June 1999
Am searching for the family of Helmut Richard Gennrich.  Wife's name Hulda Menning.  Daughter Ilsa Clara.  Helmut born July 10, 1897.  Ilse born April 10, 1921 in Stettin which is now Szczecin.  They immigrated to US in 1925.  Ilse was only child.  I would like to know if Helmut had any siblings.  Will gladly share any information I have.  Contact Richard Stoetzer at the following e-mail address:

Lindemann and Tesch -- Wendy Acha -- 17 April 1999
Former Szczecin province:  Looking for information on surnames Lindemann and Tesch.   Emigrated from Stettin in mid to late 1800's, USA Chicago.

ROSIN and KOSANKE -- Susan Orlie -- 11 April 1999
Researching surnames ROSIN and KOSANKE in Zachodniopomorskie Province.  These families were living in Koszalin and Slawno areas during the 1800's.

KREUTZ, FRITZ / FRITZER / BRUSHE or BRUSCKE, BEDEWN, PETERBY / PETERSBY -- zappala@bigpond.com -- 7 April 1999
I am looking for information on Carl August Ludwig KREUTZ, born c.1842 in Rostock, and his brother Johan Carl Friedrich KREUTZ, born c.1843, in Lodes Harben (Posen, Prussia).

Johan Carl Friedrick KREUTZ married Louisa Johanna FRITZ / FRITZER / BRUSHE or BRUSCKE in Storkau (or Storoke), Germany c.1866.  Johan and Bertha's children were mostly born in Stettin (Szczecin).  Children were Louisa Emma Nathalia (b. 1866), Anna Amanda Franziska (b. c.1868), Emil Johan (c.1869), Theodor (b. 1872), Wilhelm Ernst August (b. 1876), Martha Margaret Augustus (b. c.1878), Alfred Lionel or Leopold (b. c.1880).  There may have been two other male children born during this time.  The family moved to Australia in 1882.  Other children born after Johan and Bertha left Stettin were:  Rosa Compta Auguste (b. 1881), Anna Amanda Helena (b. 1883), and Reinhardt Robert Alex (b. 1886).

Any information on this family would be appreciated.  I would especially like to find information on Johan and Carl's parents.  I suspect parents may have been Johan Carl Wilhelm KREUTZ, and Johanna Elizabeth BEDEWN or Louisa PETERBY / PETERSBY.

Henning -- Barb Foltz -- 19 Mar 1999
My gr-grandmother, Amelia (Emelie) Henning came from Barwalde which is now Barwice, Szczecinek County, Zachodniopomorskie Province with her daughter and son and landed in NY, USA in April of 1889.  My grandmother, Pauline was born in 1872 and I would like to know if anyone knows how/where to request her birth records?

BELLIN -- Jerry Knudson -- 16 Mar 1999
Kamien Pomorski
I am looking for the BELLIN family, reported to have lived in the village of Knurrbush now named Trzebieradz.  Global location is 14,57'east and 54,01' north.  My ancestor is Hermann Friedrich Bellin born September 23, 1841.  His father was John Bellin (only name I have).

I have no information on the siblings or other family members as of yet and would appreciate any help you can provide in locating the family.

Herman's wife is Louisa Frederika Charlotte KLOCKZIEN born April 11, 1845.  They had one son prior to leaving the area, Albert born September 19, 1868.

Herman and Louise left from Hamburg Germany in late May of 1869, arriving in New York 7-7-1869.

I am searching for EGGERT, JUDS, PRETZEL / PRAETZEL, REIMER, RIEWOLDT in Koszalin / Kr. Koeslin in the towns of Ga,ski, Mielno, Sarbinowo, Strachomino, and Strzepowo, formerly known as Funkenhagen, GrossMoellen, KleinMoellen, Sorenbohm, Strachmin and Strippow.  If you are interested in these lines or towns, I have some information to share with you.

POPP, MIELKE -- Pam Graham -- 15 Feb 1999
I am searching for information on ancestors of Franz POPP, born 29 Sept 1859 in Schievelbein (Swidwin) amd Anna MIELKE, born 3 Nov 1862 in the same town. Franz had a sister, Marie Adalaid Mathilde POPP born 6 Mar 1854 in Bramstaedt. the emigrated to US in 1880s.  Any help or advice on where to search would be appreciated.

ZUEHLKA -- Nancy J Silkey -- 12 Feb 1999
Any info appreciated re ZUEHLKA or various spellings, family of Koslin now Koszalin in Zachodniopomorskie province ca 1800 -1900.

HANKE, LEISTIKOW -- Dawn Knauft -- 29 Jan 1999
Searching for any HANKE family members in or near the village of Gliesig ca. 1839-1867 (now Wolowiec?, 8 km SE of Nowogard).  Specifically August HANKE, b. 1839, emig. 1867 to Burlington, Racine Co., Wisconsin, USA.

Also seeking separate family in same region.  LEISTIKOW family bef. 1882 in the villages of Leistikow (Gross & Klein), north of Nowogard.

Steffen, Klem, Fonslo, Enders, Andres -- Patty Rodemeyer -- 28 Jan 1999
Hulda Steffen was born 26 Dec 1842 in Schiefelbein, Prussia, Germany (now Swidwin, Poland).  She was daughter of August Steffen and Freda Klem.  She had 5 brothers, Auguast, Albert, Herman (who came to America)  Julius, and Carl.  She had 2 sisters Ulica and Pauline.  Pauline/Margaret came to America and married or was married when came to an Anders/Andres/Endres/Enders or changed to Andersen.  They and Hulda came to Cook Co. Ill.  Then on to Iowa.  Want to know something more about the brothers and sisters of Hulda.  Huldas Parents died in Poland and she went to Londen before coming to America.

Behnke, Stark, Rutzen, Radtke, Heid -- Alfred W Behnke -- 28 Jan 1999
GGrandparents August Behnke / Henrietta Stark were born in Stettin about 1840.  Children were: Ida (Married Christian or Christensen), Augusta (Married Schmidt), Wilhelm (Married Rutzen), August (Married Bruhn), Bertha (Married Radtke) & Martha (Married Heid). They came to the US between 1882 and 1891. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

BOELK -- DUANE DEVOE -- 28 Jan 1999
Looking for any BOELK or B&qout;LK in or near village of Stettin (Szczecin), formerly Germany now Poland.

I Don't Know Which Province the Town Is In

GALLE -- Georgann Sherman -- 28 Feb 1999

Any information on the family GALLE from the town Ostowo. Thank you.

HELBIG -- Debbe A. Hagner -- 11 Feb 1999
I am searching HELBIG.  I know that name of the German town - Kleinlauersitz  which is now Luboszyce Male...  Also Herrnlauersitz which is now Luboszycach and Oderbeltsch is now Belcz Wielkki.

I need to know what provinces these belong to.  Also is there any mormon (LDS) films for this area  if so - WHAT is it???  If not - Who can I write to??

Any help in this is greatly appreciated.

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