St. Wojciech Parish Marriages - Unknown-1867
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St. Wojciech Parish Marriages
Unknown - 1867

contributed by: Pat Smith

The records started around 1790 and go from there but
the priest did not date the earliest ones.

Old Woj. Nowy Sacz - Szczwanica- St. Wojciech Parish
Unknown- 1867

Year (unknown)

house #80
Groom: BOBEK, Michael; age 29
Bride: JANKOW (?), Thresia; age 20
Witnesses: Adalbertus Dzigalska(?) and Joannes Duda

house #70
Groom: JANKOW, Stanislaw; age 19
Bride: SIERPIENKA, Marianna; age 24
Witness: Thomas Gurek

house #81
Groom: NIEZGODA, Joannes; age 20
Bride: DYDA, Zuzanna; age 18
Witnesses: Josephus Malik and Marcin Niezgoda

house #71
Groom: SALAMON, Martinus; age 18
Bride: MIKOLAYCZYK, Marianna; age 17
Witnesses: Jacob Salamon and Antoni Jama

house #2
Groom: KOMOREK, Antoni; age 23
Bride: DYDA, Eva; age 20
Witnesses: Thomas Guzkiewicz and Wojciech Komorek

1810 - Marriages

house #76
Groom: CIESLKA, Szymon; age 45
Bride: WEGLARZ, Marianna; age 28
Witnesses: Adam Weglarz and ?

house #66
Groom: WEGLARZ, Joseph; age 29
Bride: WEGLARZ, Regina; age 18
Witness: ?

house #74
Groom: WYSOSKA(?), Michael; age 26
Bride: MAJCZCZK(?), Marianna; age 26
Witnesses: ? and Adalbert Weglarz

house #49
Groom: SALAMON, Casimirus; age 45
Bride: DZIEDZINA(?), Marianna; age 35
Witnesses: Joannes Salamon and Mathias Dziedzina

house #106
Groom: ZACHWIEGA, Michael; age 35
Bride: MAJCZCZK(?), Anna; age 35
Witnesses: ? and ?

1828 - Marriages

house #211
Groom: PURSCH, Josephus; age 29
Bride: KUMORSKOW, Caterina; age 22
Witnesses: ? and ?

house #45
Groom: SALAMON, Jacobus; age 19
Bride: KOZTECKA, Marianna; age 18
Witnesses: Stanislaus Wadowski and ?

house #133
Groom: TAMALA, Valentinus; age 20
Bride: KOTARSKA, Marianna; age 17
Witnesses: ? and ?

1833 - Marriages

house #51
Groom: MIKOLAJZCYK, Thomas; age 29; widowed
Bride: (?), Marianna; age 35; widowed
Witnesses: ?

house #47
Groom: KOZLECKI, Mathias; age 56; widowed
Bride: MALIK, Marianna; age 45; widowed
Witness: Jakob Malik

1844 - Marriages

house #75
Groom: SALAMON, Joannes; age 70; widowed
Bride: JAMA, Anna d/o Adalbert Jama and Marianna n. Weglarz; age 40
Witness: Adalbertus Salamon

house #28
Groom: SALAMON, Mathias; age 28; widowed
Bride: SZERPENIAK(?), Anna; age 21
Witnesses: ? Tamala and Michael  Wyroski(?)

house #61
Groom: JAMA, Adalbertus; age 24
Bride: JAMA, Anna d/o Paulis Jama and Dorothea Zachwiega; age 18
Witnesses: Adalbertus Salamon and Mathias Salamon

house #83
Groom: BABIAK, Martinus; age 42; widowed
Bride: MOTKOWSKI, Agnes d/o Joannes and Marianna; age 30
Witnesses: Adalbertus Salamon and Franciscus Urbanek

house #40
Groom: GACEK, Antonius; age 22; widowed; first wife Catherine Stowik
Bride: SALAMON, Catherina; age 32
Witnesses: Josephus Weglarz and Adalbertus Salamon

house #31
Groom: ZACHWIEGA, Jacobus s/o Gasparus and Marianna n. Stowik; age 44
Bride: Regina ill d/o Marianna Klimek and Josephus Homerski; age 35
Witnesses: Adalbertus Salamon and Jacobus Klimek

house #149
Groom: HOMERSKI, Josephus s/o Barthlomew and Anna n. Zachwiega; age 26
Bride: Marianna w/o Antonius Jama n WARUS; age 39; widowed
Witnesses: Thomas Gabrys and Syzmon Zachwiega

house #78
Groom: SALAMON, Michael; age 75; widowed
Bride: STOWIK, Sophia w/o ? Stowik; age 64; widowed
Witnesses: Joannes Gondek and ?

1846 - Marriages

house #138
Groom: KAMIEC(?), Martinus; age 34
Bride: GABRYS, Regina d/o Thomas and Agnes n Wolska; age 39
Witnesses: Adalbertus Salamon and Thomas Gabrys

house #69
Groom: Thomas ill s/o Marianna WALIGORA; age 28
Bride: SALAMON, Catherina d/o Thomas and Elzbieta n Warus; age 26
Witnesses: Antonius ? and Antonius Mastalski

1851 - Marriages

house #82
Groom: ADAMCZYK, Thomas s/o Thomas and Agnes n. Weglarz; age 23
Bride: SALAMON, Sophia d/o Thomas and Helena n. Klimek; age 24
Witnesses: Adalbertus Gabrys and Antonius Salamon

house #101
Groom: SALAMON, Antonius s/o Thomas and Helena n. Klimek; age 19
Bride: ADAMCZYK, Marianna d/o Thomas and Agnes n. Weglarz; age 18
Witness: Michael Weglarz
house #67
Groom: MAJORCAK(?), Stanislaw s/o Joannes and Regina n. Stowik; age 25
Bride: MAJORCZAK, Marianna d/o Adalbertus and Marianna n. Gabrys; age ?

1852 - Marriages

house #21
Groom: WARUS, Adalbertus s/o Joseph and Agnes n. Stowik; age 22
Bride: KLIMEK, Marianna d/o Jacobus and Marianna n. Salamon; age 25
Witnesses: Franciscus Zachwiega and Wojciech Gabrys

house #20
Groom: STOWIK, Michael s/o Mathias; age 25
Bride: ZACHWIEGA, Marianna d/o Adalbertus; age 20
Witness: Martinus Stowik

1857 - Marriages

house ?
Groom: JAMA, Andreas w/o Agnes n. Klimek; age 70
Bride: MAJERCZAK, Maria w/o Adalbertus Majerczak n. Gabrys; age 56
Witnesses: Petrus Wiercioch and Joannes Wiercioch

house #149
Groom: HOMERSKI, Carolus s/o Bartholomew and Anna n. Zachwiega; age 31
Bride: MAJERZCAK(?), Marianna w/o Joseph Majerzcak; age 37; widowed
Witnesses: Josephus Homerski and Adalbertus Gabrys

house #45
Groom: SALAMON, Joannes s/o Adalbertus and Regina n. Klimek; age 34
Bride: JAMA, Anna d/o Antoni and Marianna n. Warus; age 18
Witnesses: Adalbertus Jama and Joseph Homerski

house #15
Groom: MAJORCZAK, Joannes s/o Nicolai and Marianna n. Salamon; age 22
Bride: SALAMON, Catherina d/o Joannes and Anna n. Stowik; age 24
Witnesses: Francizek Zachwiega and Joannes Majorczak

house #90
Groom: CIESIELKA, Jacobus; age 20
Bride: STOWIK, Catherina; age 26

house #33
Groom: SALAMON, Michael s/o Josephus and Anna n. Paion; age 27
Bride: WEGLARZ, Regina d/o Marcin and Marianna n. Weglarz; age 32
Witnesses: Adalbertus Jarzyna and Bartholomew Jarzyna

house #173
Groom: KACWIN, Joannes alias Babik s/o Michael Kacwin and Sophia n. Klimkocz; age 29
Bride: SALAMON, Marianna d/o Michael and Catherina n. Stowik; age 23
Witnesses: Josephus Tomala and Jacobus Stowik

1858 - Marriages

house #45
Groom: SALAMON, Adalbertus w/o Regina Klimek; age 57; widowed
Bride: MAJERZCAK, Sophia w/o Mathiam Jama; age 34; widowed
Witnesses: Mathias Klimek and Josephus Weglarz

house #14
Groom: WARUS, Joannes (miles); age 23
Bride: JARZYNA, Marianna d/o Adalbertus and Agnes n. Stowik
Witnesses: Josephus Tamala and Stanislaus Majerczak

1862 - Marriages

house #130
Groom: MALINOWSKI, Adalbertus s/o Adalbertus and Anna n. Jarzyna; age 26
Bride: MOSKALIK, Cunegundis d/o Bartholomew and Sophia Waligora; age 21
Witnesses: Joannes Wieczioch and Josephus Gacek

house #33
Groom: SALAMON, Joannes s/o Josephus and Marianna Cwior (?); age 25
Bride: GACEK, Magdalena d/o Simon and Anna Mistalski; age 17
Witnesses: Valentinus Gabrys and Stanislaus Majczorzak

house #149
Groom: HOMERSKI, Andreas (miles) s/o Bartholomew and Marianna Zachwiega; age 32
Bride: SALAMON, Mariana w/o Jacobus Stowik; age 45; widowed
Witnesses: Bartholomew Salamon and Josephus Mastalski

house #31
Groom: WIERCIOCH, Joannes w/o Marianna n. Zachwieja; age 39; widowed
Bride: MAJORZCAK, Anna d/o Antoni and Marianna n. Stowik; age 22
Witnesses: Martinus Stowik and Josephus Mastalski

1864 - Marriages

house #176
Groom: CABALA, Joannes s/o Anna Cabala (ill); age 23
Bride: JAMA, Catherina d/o Adalbertus and Sophia n. Majorczak; age 21
Witnesses: Adalbertus Mostalski and Jacobus Mostalski

house #24
Groom: POLACZYK, Andreas s/o Joannes and Sophia n. Salamon; age 29
Bride: PEION, Marianna d/o Michaelis and Anna Majorczak; age 25
Witnesses: Joannes Gabrys and Josephus Gacek

house #52
Groom: PAWLY, Paulus; age 30
Bride: GACEK, Anna d/o Michaelis and Anna n. Warus: age 30
Witnesses: Michael Polaczyk and Petrus Jama

1865 - Marriages

house #3
Groom: STOWIK, Michael; age 32
Bride: ZACHWIEJA, Anna d/o Joannes; age 27
Witness: Joannes Gabrys

1866 - Marriages

house #53
Groom: JAMA, Antonius s/o Jacobi and Marianna n. Majorczyk; age 23
Bride: MAJORCZAK, Catherina d/o Joannes and Anna n. Niezgoda; age 15
Witnesses: Michael Polarczyk and Josephus Homerski

house #10
Groom: STOWIK, Adalbertus s/o Mathias and Sophia n. Gabrys; age 30
Bride: KLIMCZAK, Brigitha w/o Adalbertus n. Gzajka; age 29; widowed
Witnesses: Adalbertus Gabrys and Thomas Adamczyk

house #63
Groom: GACEK, Josephus w/o Anna n. Jarzyna; age 39; widowed
Bride: POLACZYKA, Marianna w/o Joannes n. Salamon; age 38; widowed
Witnesses: Vincentus Polarczyk and Antonius Salamon

house #40
Groom: KLIMEK, Antonius w/o Catherina n. Wadowski; age 41; widowed
Bride: MAJORCZAK, Anna d/o Joannis and Catherina n. Jama; age 40
Witnesses: Joannes Malik and Stanislaus Majorczak

house #17
Groom: MAJORCZAK, Michaelis w/o Anna n. Majerzcak; age 55; widowed
Bride: Marianna; age 31
Witnesses: Joannes Gabrys and Joannes Malik

house #67
Groom: MAJERCZAK, Michael w/o Catherina Jarzyna; age 37; widowed
Bride: GABRYS, Catherina d/o Josephus and Marianna n. Kozlecka; age 22
Witnesses: Josephus Majerczak and Bartholomew Mastalski

1867 - Marriages

house #11
Groom: NIEZGODA, Andreas w/o Anna n. Stowik; age 33; widowed
Bride: ?, Anna d/o Dominik ? and Agnes Majerzcak; age 17

House #62
Groom: JAMA, Petrus ; age 28
Bride: KAMINSKI, Dorothea; age 28
Witnesses: Adalbertus Gabrys & Joseph Wolski

House #85
Groom: SALAMON, Mathias; age 26
Bride: MALIK, Regina ; age 20
Witnesses: Stanislaus Majerczak & Michael Polarczyk

House #27
Groom: WARUS, Josephus; age 30
Bride: PEION, Magdalena; age 20
Witnesses: Mathias Salamon & Michael Polarczyk

House #17
Groom: MAJERCZAK, Joannes ; age 33
Bride: KLIMEK, Anna; age 33
Witnesses: Joannes Gabrys & Adalbertus Salamon

House #52
Groom: GACEK, Joannes; age 31
Bride: ZACHWIEGA, Catherina ; age 36  (w)
Witnesses: Antoni Salamon & Valentinus Gabrys

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