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Birth, Marriage, and Death Records
for Konina

Births - 1823 Marriages - 1823 Deaths - 1823
Births - 1846 Marriages -- 1846 Deaths - 1846

Polish diacritical marks are not represented.


NOTE:  These transcribed records may contain errors due to interpretation of the handwriting.


The first date listed is the date of birth; the second date listed is the date of baptism.  For instance, "January 3...4" would be interpreted as born January 3, baptized January 4.
s/o - son of
d/o - daughter of



January 1...3; house 3; female
Name: Regina
Father: HUDOMIEL, Sebastianus
Mother: ZAWACKA, Helena
Godparents: Joahimus Zawacki and Sophia Kuczajowa

January 9; house 81; male
Name: Sebastianus
Father: No Name
Mother: WOZNIARKA, Regina
Godparents: Franciscus Napora and Regina Lapowa

Date: January 11...12; house 76
Name: Sebastianus
Father: PALAC, Antonius
Mother: HALAMIONKA, Anna
Godparents: Josephus Kielusiak and Magdalena Potaczonka

January 11...12; house 76, male
Name: Sebastianus
Father: No Name
Mother: MADEJOWA, Helena
Godparents: Michael Kasik and Catharina Kurczonka

January 17...19; house 76; male
Name: Sebastianus
Father: No Name
Mother: MADCYKA, Francisca
Godparents: Joannes Smreczak and Agnes Michalczyka

March 10; house 8; male
Name: Josephus
Father: KADZIOR, Blasius
Mother: WOZNIANKA, Anna
Godparents: Antonius Zawacki and Catharina Kowalski

March 11...12; house 20; female
Name: Catharina
Father: KRZAN, Franiscus
Mother: WSOLONKA, Marianna
Godparents: Andreas Wadel and Anna Wsolankowa

March 15...16; house 18, female
Name: Marianna
Father: MICHALCZOWSKI, Josephus
Mother: HARASONKA, Magdalena
Godparents: Josephus Kielusiak and Regina Bulasowa

March 19...2; house 19, female
Name: Joahimus
Father: No Name
Mother: KLIMCZONKA, Catharina
Godparents: Joannes Kowalski and Sophia Kuczajowa

March 23; house 40; female
Name: Marianna
Father: No Name
Mother: GARLECIONKA, Catharina
Godparents: Joannes Napora and Regina Garlecionka

Date: March 31; house 52; female
Name: Sophia
Father: No Name
Mother: POLACZONKA, Magdalena
Godparents: Franciscus Zapala and Catharina Wozniakowa

April 5...6; house 44, male
Name: Adalbertus
Father: KACZOR, Andreas
Mother: SMYZIONKA, Regina
Godparents: Franciscus Kowalczyk and Catharina Kowalczykowa

April 17...18; house 23, male
Name: Josephus
Father: WSOL, Michael
Mother: CILUSIACZKA, Regina
Godparents: Andreas Domagata and Anna Domagatowa

May 2...4; house 29, male
Name: Stanuslaus
Father: JAROSIK, Joannes
Mother: LUPIANKA, Regina
Godparents: Sebastianus Lupa and Regina Kurkowa

May 28...29; house 90, male
Name: Joannes
Father: MAJERCZYK, Antonius
Mother: SMRECZONKA, Francisca
Godparents: Adalbert Haras and Catharina Krzysztofiakowa

June 1; house 129; female
Name: Anna
Father: No Name
Mother: ZAPALOMKA, Marianna
Godparents: Josephus Oprzedkiewicz and Anna Lackowa

June 3...5; house --; male
Name: Antonius
Father: No Name
Mother: MAJERCZONKA, Regina
Godparents: Franciscus Zapala and Catharina Krzycztofiatowa

June 8; house 113; female
Name: Marianna
Father: KAUCZAK, Mathias
Mother: ZAPALONKA, Sophia
Godparents: Adalbert Haras and Sophia Filasowa

June 14...15; house 47, male
Name: Joannes
Father: NAPORA, Laurentius
Mother: GRZEDZIONKA, Catharina
Godparents: Joannes Kowalski and Marianna Bekacowa

June 20...22; house 88; male
Name: Franciscus
Father: MAJERCZYK, Josephus
Mother: PALACONKA, Catharina
Godparents: Joannes Hanula and Catharina Krzysztofiakowa

June 22; house 77; female
Name: Marianna
Father: SKAWSKI, Thomas
Mother: KUBICZONKA, Marianna
Godparents: Jacobus Napora and Regina Lupowa

July 7; house 116; female
Name: Regina and Anna
Father: FILAS, Josephus
Mother: KURKOWNA, Catharina
Regina's Godparents: Andreas Trojak and Sophia Filaska
Anna's Godparents: Adalbert Hara and Catharina Trojak

July 9; house 10; female
Name: Anna
Father: NAPORA, Joannes
Mother: MICHALCZOSKA, Regina
Godparents: Adalbert Bednarz and Catharian Krzycztofiakowa

July 27; house 128; male
Name: Jacobus
Father: LACH, Martinus
Mother: CZAPLONKA, Marianna
Godparents: Andreas Lach and Regina Lachowa

August 14; house 50; female
Name: Regina
Father: No Name
Mother: MADUSKA, Victoria
Godparents: Sebastianus Hara and Sophia Filaskowa

August 19...22; house 103; female
Name: Marianna
Father: LUPA, Joannes
Mother: SWAJONKA, Magdalena
Godparents: Thomas Swider and Sophia Wsolonka

August 22...24; house 129; male
Name: Bartholomeus
Father: GROMERALE, Mathias
Mother: ZAPALOWA, Regina
Godparents: Sebastianus Moskalik and Agnes Hudomietowa

August 29...31; house 58; male
Name: Joahimus
Father: LUPA, Franciscus
Godparents: Joannes Kowalski and Catharina Krzysztofiakowa

September 6...7; house 83; female
Name: Marianna
Father: LUPA, Jaspares
Mother: MARGARITHA (unsure)
Godparents: Franciscus Napora and Catharina Gebowa

September 11...12; house 70, male
Name: Michael
Father: WOZNIAK, Martinus
Mother: KAPORZONKA, Regina
Godparents: Joannes Lupa and Agnes Hanulowa

September 15...16; house 81, female
Name: Catharina
Father: WIDOWSKI, Laurentius
Mother: WOZNIAK, Catharina
Godparents: Mathias Wozniak and Regina Lupowa

September 24...25; house 62, male
Name: Andreas Joannes
Father: LUPA, Martinus
Mother: NAPORZONKA, Anna
Godparents: Mathias Halama and Catharina Lupowa

September 27...28; house 73, female
Name: Rosalia
Father: PRZYBYTEK, Jacobus
Mother: NAPORZONKA, Magdalena
Godparents: Thomas Przybytek and Regina Harasowa

October 15...16; house 116; male
Name: Martinus
Father: TROJAK, Andreas
Mother: GRZEDZIONKA, Regina
Godparents: Adalbertus Haras and Magdalena Grzedzionka

October 17...18; house 69; male
Name: Thomas
Father: HALAMA, Andreas
Mother: HALAMIONKA, Regina
Godparents: Laurentius Wielowski and Catharina Gebowa

November 22...22; house 122, male
Name: Andreas
Father: ZAIAE, Antonius
Mother: NAPOCZKA, Catharina
Godparents: Franciscus Zapala and Theda Trojakowa

December 1; house 111; male
Name: Thomas
Father: No Name
Mother: KUCKOWNA, Regina
Godparents: Joannes Swider and Catharina Filasowa

December 3; house 117; female
Name: Barbara
Father: No Name
Mother: FILASIONKA, Catharina
Godparents: Josephus Lupa and Rosalia Filasionka

December 14; house 84; male
Name: Joannes
Father: WOZNIAK, Josephus
Mother: GRZEDZIONKA, Regina
Godparents: Adalbert Grzeda and Helena Grzedzionka
December 14...16; house 88; female
Name: Marianna
Father: No Name
Mother: GRZEDZIONKA, Barbara
Godparents: Stanislaus Michalczyka and Francisca Majerczyk


January 1...1; house 72
Father: HANULA, Jacobus; s/o Joannes and Agnetis nee Wozny
Mother: NAPORA, Regina; d/o Joannis and Magdalena nee Dawiak
Godparents: Joannes Hanula and Catharian Hanula

January 6...6; house 13
Father: HUDOMIEL, Sebastianus; s/o Antonii and Regina nee Srzichorczyk
Mother: CICHORZ, Agnes; d/o Mathae and Agnetis nee Wsolenka
Godparents: Antonius Michorczyk and Catharina Hudomielowa

January 18...19; house 131
Father: BEKAR, Joannis; s/o Martini and Anna nee Krzycztof
Mother: DZIEDZINIONKA, Sophia; d/o Hadvigis (illegitimate birth)
Godparents: Jacobus Zapala and Marianna Wictrzylowa

January 21...22; house 133
Father: KRZAN, Adalbertus; s/o Joannis and Anna nee Bierowiec
Mother: ADAMCZYK, Regina; d/o Joahimi and Teresia nee Zlydaczyk
Godparents: Antonius Krzan and Catharina Zapalowa

January 24...25; house 29
Father: MYNARZCZYK, Stephanus; s/o Martin and Marianna nee Limanka
Mother: SAROSIK, Sophia; d/o Andrea and Catharina (unsure)
Godparents: Antonius Wietrzyk and Agnes Cichorzowa

March 2; house 22
Father: No Name
Mother: SURMA, Anna; d/o jacobi and Catharina (unsure)
Godparents: Simon Wadel and Agnes Domogatowa

March 3...4; house 139
Father: KLIMEK, Joanne; s/o Gaspari and Regina
Mother: SUTOR, Regina; d/o Thomas and Catharina nee Wsolak
Godparents: Mathias Wsol and Catharina Milkowa

March 16...18; house 129
Father: KRZYSZTOFIAK, Michael; s/o Joannes and Magdalena; Jacob Garleta
Mother: SKeBA, Marianna; d/o Antonius and Agnetis nee Napora
Godparents: Mathias WOzniak and Catharina Krzysztofowa

April 20...21; house 134
Father: BULAS, Thomas; s/o Andrea and Regina nee Haras
Mother: FILAS, Regina; d/o Josephus and Catharina nee KurcH
Godparents: Jozephus Michorowa and Marianna Bulasowa

April 22...26; house 56
Father: NAPORA, Joannes; s/o Joannis and Hadvigis nee Zapala
Mother: WOZNIAK, Theda; d/o Franicsci and Catharina nee Palac
Godparents: Laurentius Krzysztofiak and Agatha Naporowa

April ...26; house
Father: LACH, Laurentius; s/o Blasii and Anna nee Wozniak
Mother: ZAIAE, Catharina; d/o Antonii and Catharina nee Weglarz
Godparents: Mathias Balas and Marianna Balasowa

May 12...13; house 157
Father: No Name
Mother: PALAC, Helena; d/o Andrea and Sophia nee Jeba
Godparents: Adalbertus Napora and Regian Krzysztofowa

May ...21; house 18
Father: KRZYSZTOFIAK, Hjascenti; s/o Mathia and Rosalia nee Srobarka
Mother: SMRECZAK, Marianna; d/o Antonii and Agnetis nee Krezel
Godparents: Josephus Mycza and Catharina Pasternak

May ...27; house 22
Father: KOWALSKI, Andreas; s/o Joannis and Marianna nee Wsol
Mother: NATONEK, Agnes; d/o Jacobi and Catharina nee Drzienowski
Godparents: Mathias Wsol and Sophia Zlydascykowa

June 6...8; house 52
Father: PALAC, Adalbertus; s/o Bartholomae and Catharina nee Klimek
Mother: NAPORZ, Regina; d/o Laurentii and Catharina nee Bekae
Godparents: A. Joannis Stopa Corpes and Catharina Krzysztofowa

June 7...8; house 95
Father: KRZYCZTOFIAK, Thomas; s/o Sebastiani and Anna nee Hyba
Mother: NAPORA, Victoria; d/o Joannis and Hadvigis nee Zapala
Godparents: Adalbertus Palac and Catharina Krzycztofowa

July 22...22; house 21
Father: DOMAGALA, Andreas; s/o Jaspari and Regina nee Klimek
Mother: KIELUSIAK, Agnes; d/o Josephi and Catharina (unsure)
Godparents: Simon Wadel and Marianna Piechowihowa (?)

July 24...27; house 86
Name: ANNA
Father: PALAC, Andreas; s/o Stanislai and Rosalia nee Grzeda
Mother: SKAWSKI, Agnes; d/o Mathias and Regina nee Choragwicki
Godparents: Bartholomae Grzeda and Victoria Grzedowa

August 9...9; house 40
Name: ANNA
Father: PAYDA, Valentinus; s/o Josephi and Elisabethae nee Woyciaczyk
Mother: JASTEZIAK, Sophia; d/o Andrea and Regina nee Lach
Godparents: Joannes Zapala and Maria Lachowa

August 5...9; house 64
Father: LUSIA, Joannes; d/o Jacobi and Catharina nee Krzan
Mother: HANULA, Regina; d/o Joannes and Agnetis nee Wozniak
Godparents: Jozephus Mysza and Catharina Hanula

August ...9; house 59
Father: SMRECZAK, Jacobi; s/o Joannes and Regina nee Garleta
Mother: BEKARZ, Cahtarina; d/o Antonii and Marianna nee Krzysztof
Godparents: Jozephus Napora and Victoria Grzedowa

August 8 ...9; house 42
Father: WOZNIAK, Mathias; s/o Jacobi and Christina nee Palac
Mother: KRZYSZTOFIAK, Marianna; d/o Sebastiani and Anna nee Hyba
Godparents: Jozephus Przytytek and Rozilia Sutorowa

August 15...16; house 67
Father: NATONEK, Sebastianus; s/o Mathia and Regina nee Kubiczak
Mother: PATYS, Magdalena; d/o Joahimi and Catharnia nee Kaczor
Godparents: Andicar Natonek and Francisus Rzepkowa

September 7...8; house 91
Father: WIELCZYK, Andras; s/o Antonii and Rosalia nee Zapala
Mother: POTACZEK, Marianna; d/o Joannis and Rosalia nee Bednarz
Godparents: Jacobus Zapala and Catharina Kzrysztofiak

September 7...8; house --
Father: KRALE, Mathias; s/o Joannis and Marianna nee Garliciak
Mother: JAROSIK, Catharina; d/o Andrea and Catharina (unsure)
Godparents: Mathias Haras and Maria Macieyczakowa

September 12...13; house 167
Father: WEGLARZ, Mathias; d/o Michaelis and Catharina nee Holasczykowa
Mother: LACH, Agnes; d/o Blasii and Anna nee Grzeda
Godparents: Jacobus Macieyscak and Marianna Zaiacowa

September 18...20; house 102
Father: LUPA, Stanislaus; s/o Josephi and Anna nee Paltyak (?)
Mother: GURARZ, Magdalena; Franciscii and Reginae
Godparents: Simon Banik and Margaritha Kiewiarowska

October 8...11; house 84
Father: GRZEDA, Bartholomius; s/o Antonii and Anna nee Bieda
Mother: PRZYCZYK, Agnes; d/o Josephi and Regina nee Halama
Godparents: Mathias Napora and Victoria Grzeda

October 18...19; house 136
Father: UBYCIACZYK, Michael; s/o Michael and Catharina nee Gozek
Mother: LACH, Helena; d/o Mathai and Catharina nee Bialon
Godparents: Sebastianus Karpiz and Marianna Lackowa

October 7...8; house 14
Father: BALAS, Mathias; s/o Joannis and Elisabetha nee Cicharska
Mother: WSOLAK, Marianna; d/o Josephi and Agnetis nee Porebska
Godparents: Joahim; Michaelczeski and Marianna Macieyczonka

November ...9; house 4
Father: MICHALCZEWSKI, Joannes; s/o Josephi and Magdalena Haras
Mother: HUDOMIEL, Hadvigis; d/o Bartholomaei and Sophia Zapalowa
Godparents: Joahimus Chadomiel and Agnes Hudomiel

December 9...9; house 30
Father: KRZYSZTOFIAK, Blasius; s/o Josephi and Cunegundis nee Napora
Mother: JAROSIK, Cunegundo; d/o Joannis and Regina nee Lupa
Godparents: Stanislaus Jarosik and Agnes Cichorzowa

December 9...9; house 1
Father: No Name
Mother: WAYDA, Regina; d/o Josephi and Rosalia nee Syngara
Godparents: Andreas Hudomiel and Sophia Gorniakowa

December 18...20; house 127
Father: HARAS, Bartholomius; s/o Andrea and Marianna nee Macieyszonka
Mother: MICHALCZEWSKI, Catharina; d/o Frnaciscus and Marianna nee Wsolonka
Godparents: Mathias Haras and Marianna Myszowa



February 4
Groom: PIECHOWICZ, Stanislaw; house 26; age 40; first marriage
Bride: GARLETOWA; Apollonia; house --; age 45; previous marriage
Witnesses: Josephus Oprzetkiewicz and Stanislaus Michalczeski

February 10
Groom: KRZYSZTOFIAK, Sebastianus; house 100; age 30; first marriage
Bride: GRZEDOWA, Catharina; house --; age 40; previous marriage
Witnesses: Josephus Krzysztofiak and Gregorius Kurch

February 10
Groom: KURCH, Blasius; house 111; age 20; first marriage
Bride: JAWSIONKA, Regina; house --; age 18; first marriage
Witnesses: Josephus Krzysztofiak and Antonius Wierczyk


February 15
Groom: WOZNIAK, Sebastianus; s/o Martini and Regina nee Napora; house 70;
       age 19; first marriage
Bride: SKAWSKI, Regina; d/o Mathias and Marianna nee Kubiczak, house 80;
       age 22; first marriage
Witnesses: Franciscus Mucha and Joannes Wielowski

February 18
Groom: NAPORA, Josephus; s/o Franciscus and Regina nee Guzara; house 82;
       age 30; first marriage
Bride: GEBA, Anna; house 79; age 34; widow of Mathai Geba
Witnesses: Simon Dawiec and Andreas Hudomiel

February 22
Groom: KRZYSZTOFIAK, Laurentius; s/o Sebastiani; house 39; age 30;
       first marriage
Bride: WORNIAK, Agnes; d/o Franciscus and Catharina nee Palac; house 97;
       age 24; first marriage
Witnesses: Joannes Krzysztofiak and Andreas Domagata

February 22
Groom: LACH, Josephus; s/o Martina and Marianna nee Adamczyk; house 128;
       age 28; first marriage
Bride: KRZAN, Marianna; d/o Antonii and Agnetis nee Haras; house 137;
       age 16; first marriage
Witnesses: Joannes Krzysztofiak and Petrus Przybytek

February 22
Groom: KARPIZ, Sebastianus; s/o Sebastiani and Marianna nee Zapala; house 40;
       age 20; first marriage
Bride: BEKACZ, Regina; d/o Sebastiani and Marianna nee Garleta; house 123;
       age 16; first marriage
Witnesses: Josephus Bozaczyk and Thomas Zapala

February 22
Groom: KRZYSZTOF, Joannes; s/o Antoni and Catharina nee Napora; house 101;
       age 24; first marriage
Bride: MYSZA, Marianna; d/o Michaeli and Catharina nee Zlotnik; house 100;
       age 24; first marriage
Witnesses: Mathias Skiba and Andreas Domagata



KACZOR, Sebastianus
January 4; house 44
male, age 70

PALAC, Sebastianus
January 16; house 74
male, age 1 month

KRZAN, Joannes
January 25; house 132
male, age 60 female, 4 months

February 4; house 90
female, age 70

February 22; house 24
female, age 55

March 6; house 75
female, age 6 months

March 6; house 100
male, age 40

PASTERNAK, Adalbertus
March 17; house 175 or 115
male, age 60

POLTYNOWA, Catharina
March 27; house 114
female, age 50

April 1; house 112
female, age stillborn or died at birth

ZAIACOWA, Catharina
April 11; house 122
female, age 60

CHILD born to ROLBONKA, Agnetis
April 30; house (circle with slash)
female, age 0

PALAC, Martinus
May 27
male, age 75

June 27; house 77
female, age (none listed)

June 28; house 40
female, 4 months

GERLETA, Antonius
August 22; house 109
male, age 8 months

September (no day); house 18
female, age 6 months

October 14; house 47
female, age 80

LUPA, Andreas
October 18; house 62
male, age 1 month

KADZIOR, Antonius
October 23; house 127
male, age 62

GARLETOWA, Magdalena
November 27; house 93
female, age 60

HALAMA, Thomas
November 29; house 67
male, age 2 (day, week, month?)

December 16; house 116
female, age 6 months

December 16; house (no #)
female, age 6 months


ZAIAE, Catharina; wife of Sebastiani Zaiae
February 6; house 5
female, age 60

KRZAN; Regina; illegitimate birth
February 7; house 101
female, age 32

WOLANKA, Regina; d/o Wsol
February 16; house 80
female, age 50

FILASOWA, Catharina; wife of Filasowa
February 21; house 154
female, age 50

PRZYBYTEK, Rozalia; wife of Jacobi Przybytek
February 27; house 43
female, age 60

HUDMIEL, Catharina; wife of Mathia Hudmiel
April 2, house 142
female, age 80

NATONEK, Josephus; s/o Sebasatiani Natonek and Magdalena nee Patys
April 9; house 61
male, age 1

KRZAN Sebastinaus; s/o Joannis Krzan and Anna nee Bierowiec
May 8; house 133
male, age 30

MYSZA, Marianna; d/o Sebastiani Mysza and Regina nee Rzepa
June 18; house 7
female, age 1 and 1/2

HALAMA, Regina; wife of Martini Halama
June 23; house 61
female, age 60

NAPOROWA, Magdalena
July 31; house 54
female, age 68

HUDOMIEL, Josephus
August 14; house 1
male, age 62

WOZNY, Regina; d/o Joannis Nepom and Theda nee Wozny
September 28; house 55
female, age 3 months

NAPORA, Marianna; wife of Jacobi Napora
October 4; house 160
female, age 45

October 6; house 43
male, age 45

NAPORA, Michael; s/o Francisci and Hadvigis Napora
November 9; house --
male, age 2

GARLETA, unnamed stillborn child of Adalberti Garleta
November 20; house 109
female, age -

PASTERNAK, Joannes; s/o Joannis and Catharina nee Pasternak
November 29; house 175
male, age 5

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