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NOTE:  These transcribed records may contain errors due to interpretation of the handwriting.


The first date listed is the date of birth; the second date listed is the date of baptism.  For instance, "January 3...4" would be interpreted as born January 3, baptized January 4.
s/o - son of
d/o - daughter of


1825 BIRTH---KASINKA January 3...4; house 43 Name: GASPARUS MELCHIOR Father: KOTARBA, Adalbertus Mother: LABUZIONKA, Agnes Godparents: Franciscus Stozek and Rosa Stozkowa January 3...6; house 165 Name: BARTHOLOMAUS MELCHIOR Father: MOCIUG, Michael Mother: KUCHARZOWNA, Anna Godparents: Stainislaus Kucharzak and Anna Kucharzaczka January 8...9; house 12 Name: SEBASTIANUS Father: KOTARBA, Antonius Mother: DYZMIONKA, Marianna Godparents: Joannes Wrobel and Catharina Kotarbina January 26...27; house 39 Name: FRANCUS Father: LABUZ, Joannes Mother: NIEDOSPIALONKA, Regina Godparents: Laurentius Lezanski and Theda Slaska February 1...2; house 160 Name: BLASIUS Father: WYDRA, Onuphrius Mother: CIEZACZONKA, Marianna Godparents: Stanisl. Mucha and Catharina Muszyne February 4...5; house 127 Name: MATHIAS Father: CYGAL, Sebastianus Mother: LACNIONKA, Anna Godparents: Michael Wach and Regina Kucharzowa February 8...9; house 92 Name: MARIANNA Father: BRZANA, Jacobus Mother: KACZMARCZYKOWNA, Anna Godparents: Barthol. Walancik and Anna Kaczmarczykowna February 17...20; house 23 Name: MATHIAS Father: KOZAK, Joannes Mother: MUSRONKA, Marianna Godparents: Laurentius Ciez and Catharina Kotabina February 12...13; house 201 Name: MATHIAS Father: CIEZAK, Michael Mother: GORNIONKA, Regina Godparents: Josephus Kotarba and Francisca Lezanska February 22...24; house 64 Name: MARIANNA Father: KRZYSIAK, Adalbertus Mother: WYDRZONKA, Salomea Godparents: Blafius Michalaka and Agatha Jakubjak March 6...?; house 106 Name: FRANCISCA Father: CYREK, Josephus Mother: KORDZIONKA, Regina Godparents: Joannes Szarik and Regina Cyrkowa March 6...8; house 172 Name: JOSEPHUS Father: SKOLARUS, Joannes Mother: MUSZONKA, Catharina Godparents: Adalbertus Kucharzak and Theda Rykalina March 6...8; house 93 Name: FRANCISCA Father: WACH, Stephanus Mother: KACZMARCZYCZONKA, Marianna Godparents: Sebastianus Jakubjak and Sophia Walancikowa March 16...16; house 86 Name: JOSEPHUS Father: JAKUBJAK, Martinus Mother: PLOSKONIONKA, Marianna Godparents: Adalbertus Marszatek and Sophia Jakubjaczka March 18...19; house 24 Name: MARIANNA Father: KALETA, Gaspar Mother: NIEDOSPIALONKA, Theda Godparents: Josephus Kotarba and Sophia Ulmanka March 24...25; house 69 (?) Name: JOSEPHUS CASIMIRUS Father: LIEMBA, Andreas Mother: CIEZONKA, Anna Godparents: Joannes Ziemba and Regina Lienbina April 5...6; house 38 Name: ADALBERTUS Father: STOZEK , Martinus Mother: CHOWANIOWA, Catharina Godparents: Laurentius Lezanski and Regina Stozkowa May 2...3; house 151 Name: SOPHIA Father: LIPIEN, Adalbertus Mother: PLOSKOWIONKA, Rosa Godparents: Adalbertus Marszolik and Hedvigis Kozaczka May 11...12; house 156 Name: SOPHIA Father: KOZAK, Josephus Mother: STOZCZONKA, Marianna Godparents: Jos Jania and Hedvigis Stozczonka May 16...17; house 121 Name: JOANNES NEPOM Father: CIEZAK, Mathias Mother: LACNA, Anna Godparents: Joseph Ciezak and Regina Kucharzczka May 17...18; house 163 Name: JOANNES Father: MUCHA, Andreas Mother: PIWOWARCZONKA, Marianna Godparents: Josephus Piwowarski and Barbara Widzisz May 19...21; house 94 Name: ANTONIUS Father: KACZMARCZYK, Mathias Mother: BULACZONKA, Theda Godparents: Joan. Wydra and Rosa Klimerzyna May 16...21; house 61 Name: SOPHIA Father: No name Mother: SKROBACZONKA, Catharina Godparents: Sebastianus Syrek and Sophia Ulmanionka May 21...22; house 57 Name: ANTONIUS Father: KOTARBA, Nicolaus Mother: GRZESIACZONKA, Sophia Godparents: Simon Liemba and Agnes Grzesiaczka May 27...29; house 49 Name: JACOBUS Father: No name Mother: PLOSKONIONKA, Marianna Godparents: Andreas Ploskonka and Catharina Plostonkowa May 30...30; house 57 Name: ANTONIUS Father: KOTARBA, Melchior Mother: MICHALACZONKA, Hedvigis Godparents: Mathias Stozek and Anna Michalak June 27...29; house 28 Name: PETRUS PAULUS Father: LERANSKI, Jacobus Mother: KUCHARZOWNA, Elisabetha Godparents: Melchior Figura and Sophia Kozmicka June 29...30; house 39 Name: PETRUS Father: LABUZ, Mathias Mother: STOZCZONKA, Marianna Godparents: Martinus Stozek and Catharina Labuz July 11...12; house 151 Name: JACOBUS Father: No name Mother: RYKALONKA, Catharina Godparents: Mathias Widzisz and Catharina Lipienka July 27...28; house 122 Name: REGINA Father: KRZYSZTOFIAK, Jacobus Mother: CIEZACZONKA, Agnes Godparents: Joannes Majkowski and Anna Trzeciaczka August 1...2; house 116 Name: MARIANNA Father: STOS, Adalbertus Mother: LACNIONKA, Anna Godparents: Casimirus Lacny and Sophia Wlosiowa August 8...8; house 158 Name: LAURENTIUS Father: CIEZAK, Martinius Mother: CHOWANIOWA, Catharina Godparents: Michael Ciezak and Regina Widziszka August 13...14; house 41 Name: MARIANNA Father: PIWOWARSKI, Josephus Mother: WIDZISZONKA, Theda Godparents: Josephus Labuz and Catharina Kozaczka August 15...19; house 81 Name: BARTHOLOM Father: KUCHARZAK, Bartholomaus Mother: BULASIONKA, Sophia Godparents: Stanislaus Kucharzak and Rosalia Klimarzyna September 16...18; house 136 Name: THEDA Father: No name Mother: KOSIARZONKA, Fasistrina Godparents: Joannes Bolisega and Marianna Bolisegowa September 15...18; house 147 Name: MICHAEL Father: MICHALAK, Adalbertus Mother: GLOWACKA, Marianna Godparents: Martinus Michalak and Magdalena Glowacka September 19...20; house 141 Name: MICHAEL Father: MUCHA, Sebastianus Mother: SLASKA, Marianna Godparents: Stanislaus Cyrek and Susana Mufzyna October 9...10; house 141 Name: THERESA Father: MUCHA, Stanislaus Mother: CIEZACZONKA, Sophia Godparents: Adalbertus Ciezak and Cathar. Michalaczka October 23...26; house 27 Name: SIMON Father: BRZANA, Onuphrius Mother: KALECIONKA, Agnes Godparents: Joannes Kaczmarczyk and Sophia Brzanionka October 28...29; house 17 Name: HEDVIGIS Father: SZCZEPKA, Adamus Mother: PIWOWARSZCZONKA, Constantia Godparents: Andreas Mucha and Agnes Szczepkowa October 29...30; house 156 Name: BARBARA Father: RYKALA, Sebastianus Mother: MUSZONKA, Anna Godparents: Bartholomaus Lipien and Hedvigis Kozoka (?) October 29...30; house 162 Name: JOANNES CANTIUS Father: STOZEK, Franciscan Mother: SZCZEPCZONKA, Sophia Godparents: Mathaus Grzesiak and Marianna Janine (?) November 5...6; house 116 Name: MARTINUS Father: LACNY, Blasius Mother: LACNIONKA, Marianna Godparents: Joannes Mostowski and Catharina Wlosiona November 26...27; house 156 Name: BARBARA Father: STOZEK, Jacobus Mother: BIENKOWA, Hedvigis Godparents: Mathias Kidzisze and Marianna Kozacka November 26...27; house 135 Name: ANDREAS Father: CIEZ, Simon Mother: JAKUBJACZKA, Regina Godparents: Sebastianus Ciez and Agnes Muszyna December 1...4; house 175 Name: BARBARA Father: NIEDOSPIAL, Laurentius Mother: WIDZISZONKA, Catharina Godparents: Thomas Niedospial and Marianna Wydrzyna December 17...18; house 25 Name: VICTORIA Father: LABUZ, Laurentius Mother: GORALONKA, Catharina Godparents: Adamus Labuz and Rosa Senterka December 20...25; house 150 Name: JOANNES Father: SZCZEPKA, Andreas Mother: PLOSKONCZYNA, Catharina Godparents: Simon Mucha and Hedvigis Kowak December 20...25; house 147 Name: AGNES Father: No name Mother: KUCHARZONKA, Marianna Godparents: Petrus Michalak and Barbara Ploskonkowa December 25...26; house 114 Name: STEPHANUS Father: RYKALA, Bartholomae Mother: CIEZACZONKA, Theda Godparents: Stanis. Mucha and Maria Wydrzyna


January 4...4; house 149
Father: PLOSKLONKA, Martinus; s/o Adalberti and Barbarae
Mother: GRUSUS, Maria; d/o Adalberti and Cathar.
Godparents: Sebastiani Plosklonka and Sophia Polaskor

January 5...6; house 70
Father: GRUSUS, Marcus; s/o Adalberti and Cathar.
Mother: KACZMARCZYK, Agnes; d/o Thomae and Barbara
Godparents: Adalbert Mucha and Maria Ciez

January 9...10; house 16
Father: BAK, Joannes; s/o Martini and Agathae
Mother: KRASKA, Barbara; s/o Antonii and Cathari.
Godparents: Joannes Kraska and Maria Kraska

January 15...17; house 260
Father: WYDRA, Onuphrius; s/o Stephani and Thedae
Mother: MUCHA, Cathari.; d/o Josephi and Cathar.
Godparents: Simon Mucha and Anna Plosklonka

January 25...27; house 37
Father: DUDZIK, Paulus; s/o Thomae and Annae
Mother: STOZEK, Maria; d/o Adalberti and Reginae
Godparents: Josephus Stozek and Maria Lezanska

January 24...January 27; house 142
Father: BABIARZ, Josephus; s/o Simonis and Catharina
Mother: MICHALAK, Magdalena; d/o Joannis and Reginae
Godparents: Sebastian Plosklonka and Maria Starek

February 2...2; house 137
Father: DRAB, Antonius; s/o Michaelis and Barbara
Mother: PIWOWARSKI, Regina; d/o Andreas and Rosae
Godparents: Josephi Piwowarski and Maria Szarek

February 11...12; house 87
Father: WACH, Simon; s/o Sebastian and Reginae
Mother: KLISMARA, Catharina; d/o Caroli and Rosae
Godparents: Sebastian Jacobiak and Theda Wach

February 16...17; house 109
Father: JACOBIAK, Blasius; s/o Jacobi and Catharinae
Mother: FILIPIAK, Regina; d/o Laurentii and Catharinae
Godparents: Andreas Kozak and Agnes Jakobiak

February 18...19; house 130
Father: MICHALAK, Simon; s/o Joannis and Regina
Mother: OBEJTEK, Sophia; d/o Martini and Mariannae
Godparents: Joannes Nawara and Marianna Szarek

February 27...March 3; house 71
Father: KOZAK, Josephus; s/o Josephi and Mariae
Mother: BAK, Catharina; d/o Jacobi and Reginae
Godparents: Vincentius Kozak and Marianna Labuz

March 10...10; house 27
Father: KOLBA, Antonius; s/o Simoni and Reginae
Mother: PLOSKTOWKA, Anna; d/o Mathae and Magdalena
Godparents: Antonius Plosktowka and Regina Plosktowka

March 10...10; house 93
Father: DRAB, Michael; s/o Barbarae
Mother: KACZMARCZYK, Mariana; d/o Andrae and Agnetis
Godparents: Franciscus Jakobiak and Anna Kaczmarczyk

March 14...17;  House 97
Father: STOZEK, Andreas; s/o Laurentii and Rosaliae
Mother: SZCZEPKA, Susanna; d/o Joannis and Agnetis
Godparents: Martini Wrobel and Marianna Szczepka

March 14...17; house 136
Father: BOLISEGA, Petrus; s/o Nicolai and Catharinae
Mother: CIEZ, Mariana; d/o Petri and Barbarae
Godparents: Mathias Nawara and Marianna Szarhawa

March 23...24; House 83
Father: CIEZAK, Josephus; s/o Stephani and Franciscae
Mother: CIEZAK, Agnes; d/o Adalberti and Reginae
Godparents: Sebastian Plosklonka and Maria Pokraka

March 23...24; house 130
Father: FILIPIAK Blasius; s/o Sebastiani and Reginae
Mother: FILIPIAK, Agnes; d/o Adalberti and Margaretha
Godparents: Josephus Filipiak and Barbara Filipiak

March 23...24; house 156
Father: MUCHA, Michael; s/o Antoni and Sophiae
Mother: WIDZISZ, Mariana; d/o Adalberti and Mariae
Godparents: Thomas Widzisz and Mariana Szczepka

April 1...1; house 107
Father: MUCHA, Josephus; s/o Thomae and Agnetis
Mother: NIEDOSPIAL, Regina; s/o Thomae and Agnetis
Godparents: Jacobus Michael and Magdal. Mucha

April 7...8; house 147
Father: No name
Mother: MARIANNA; parents unknown--mentions Agnes Adzono(?)
Godparents: Petrus Michalak and Catharina Szczepka

April 11...11; house 111
Father: KANIA, Andreas; s/o Nicolai and Annae
Mother: BYDLON, Mariana; d/o Mathais and Annae
Godparents: Josephus Piwowarski and Regina Kania

April 24...25; house 149
Father: PLOSKTONKA, Antonius; s/o Adalberti and Barbarae
Mother: SZCZEPKA, Catharina; d/o Joannis and Agnetis
Godparents: Joannes Widzisz and Marianna Szczepka

April 20...21; house 61
Father: LABUZ, Joannes; s/o Laurentii and Rosae
Mother: GROCHALA, Agnes; d/o Josephis and Rosae
Godparents: Michael Mucha and Mariana Krzysiak

April 30...30; house 108
Father: MUCHA, Thomas; s/o Antonii and Helenae
Mother: BOLISEGA, Mariana; d/o Hijacenti and Mariae
Godparents: Joannes Mucha and Magdalena Mucha

May 8...9; house 106
Father: No name
Mother: PLOSKTONKA, Regina; d/o Joannis and Catharina
Godparents: Andreas Plosktonka and Barbara Mucha

May 10...13; house 146
Father: KOTARBA, Thomas; s/o Adalberti and Mariannae
Mother: SILESIA, Marianna; d/o Simonae
Godparents: Francus Ciez and (no first name) Weglarz

May 21...21; house 114
Father: MUCHA, Joannes; s/o Antonii and Elisabeth
Mother: RYKATA, Catharina; d/o Jacobi and Sophiae
Godparents: Jacobus Filipiak and Catharina Rykata

May 26...26; house 135
Father: MUCHA, Jacobus; s/o Thomae and Agnetis
Mother: SZCZEPKA, Sophia; d/o Andrae and Catharinae
Godparents: Joseph Mucha and Magdalena Mucha

May 22...26; house 131
Father: KUCHARZAK, Joannes; s/o Thomae and Reginae
Mother: FILIPIAK, Anna; d/o Laurentii and Mariae
Godparents: Mathias Larazra (?) and Barbara Mucha

June 6...June 7; house 116
Father: LACNY, Gasparus; s/o Adalberti and Agnetis
Mother: FILIPIAK, Catharina; d/o Michael and Cunegundis
Godparents: Joseph Ciezak and Magdalena Filipiak

June 9...9; house 24
Father: CHORZAWIEZ, Joannes; s/o Antonii and Reginae
Mother: LABUZ, Marianna; d/o Adami and Catharinae
Godparents: Thomas Mucha and Sophia Zieba

June 10...June 11; house 135
Name: ANNA
Father: KANIA, Martinus; s/o Nicolai and Annae
Mother: NAWARA, Magdalena; d/o Josephi and Hedvigis
Godparents: Mathias Nawara and Regina Ciezowa

June 15...16; house 32
Father: WROBEL, Martinus; s/o Simonis and Mariae
Mother: STOZEK, Marianna; d/o Laurenti and Sophia
Godparents: Antoni Laszyk and Agnes Bienkowska

June 16...17; house 177
Father: NIEDOSPIAL, Josephus; s/o Sebastiani and Regina
Mother: WIDZISZ, Marianna; d/o Adalberti and Agnetis
Godparents: Josephus Walancik and Catharina Kotarba

June 18...19; house 50
Father: STOZEK, Michael; s/o Laurentii and Rosae
Mother: BIENIEK, Anna; d/o Joannis and Rosae
Godparents: Martinus Wrobel and Susanne Stozkowa

June 20...21; house 82
Name: ANNA
Father: BULAS, Sebastian; s/o Nicholaii and Mag.
Mother: BOLISEGA, Hedvigis; d/o Joannis and Reginae
Godparents: Onophrius Kucharczyk and Anna Piwowarska

June 21...23; house 141
Father: DRABIK, Joannes; s/o Joannis
Mother: KUCHARCZYK, Agnes; d/o Adalberti and Mariae
Godparents: Mathias Piwowarski and Magdalena Michalak

June 28...29; house 49
Name: ANNA
Father: WYDRA, Vincentius; s/o Stanislai and Cathar.
Mother: MICHALAK, Catharina; d/o Simoni
Godparents: Stephanus Ciez and Sophia Nawara

June 28...29; house 15
Father: MUCHA, Adalbert; s/o Mathaei and Catharina
Mother: STOZEK, Salomea; d/o Thomae and Catharina
Godparents: Franciscus Ciez and Regina Ciez

July 14...14; house 64
Name: ANNA
Father: STOZEK, Martinus; s/o Joannis and Reginae
Mother: SZCZEPKA, Marianna; d/o Adami and Constantia
Godparents: Laurentius Ciez and Anna Mucha

July 18...19; house 137
Father: BOLISEGA, Michael; s/o Antoni and Mariana
Mother: FILIPIAK, Agatha; d/o Barthol. and Rosae
Godparents: Jacob Ciez and Theda Bolisega

July 20...21; house 97
Name: ANNA
Father: WALANCIK, Casimier; s/o Bartholomi and Sophia
Mother: GLOWACZKA, Margaretha; d/o Jacobi and Magdale.
Godparents: Jacob Drab and Agnes Glowaczka

From March 30...April 3; house 1
Father: Gen D. Hippolisias de Jara Pebicki Josefsor Bonorum Kasinka
Mother: G. Domina Theophila de Srzczynskie Sraczynska (?)
No Godparents

July 28...30; house 28
Father: KOTARBA, Stanislau; s/o Joannis and Margaret
Mother: LEZANSKI, Maria; d/o Jacobi and Elisabeth
Godparents: Thomas Mucha and Agnes Niedospial

August 3...4; house 66
Father: STOZEK, Antonius; s/o Joannis and Reginae
Mother: ROSAL, Sophia; d/o Simonis and Annae
Godparents: Laurent Ciez and Cathar. Lipien

August 10...11; house 139
Father: BOLISEGA, s/o Jacob; Antonii and Thedae
Mother: BOLISEGA, d/o Hedvigis; Melchiori and Elisab.
Godparents: Petrus Bolisega and Therefia Bolisega

August 8...11; house 84
Father: (unreadable) Sebastian; s/o Jacobi and Rosae
Mother: WACH, Sophia; d/o Sebastiani and Jophiae
Godparents: Sebastiani Plosktonka and Rosa Biedron

August 8...11; house 114
Father: FILIPIAK, Jacobus; s/o Bartholomei and Rosae
Mother: NAWARA, Helena; d/o Laurentii and Hedvigis
Godparents: Mathias Rykala and Maria Rykala

August 27...27; house 54
Father: PATKA, Mathias; s/o Joannis and Apolonia
Mother: STOZEK, Sophia; d/o Martini and Rosae
Godparents: Stephanus Nawara and Anna Stozek

September 13...15; house 296
Father: STOZEK, Valetinus; s/o Stanislai and Victoriae
Mother: MUCHA, Marianna; d/o Michaelis and Catha
Godparents: Martini Wrobel and Victoria Stozek

September 2...3; house 201
Father: CIEZ, Mathias; s/o Bartholomei and Reginae
Mother: POKRAKA, Agnes; d/o Joannis and Cathari
Godparents: Joseph Ciez and Regina Pokraka

September 13...15; house 57
Father: KOTARBA, Nicolaus; s/o Jacobi and Reginae
Mother: KRZYSIAK, Cunegund; d/o Martiani and Helena
Godparents: Jacob Stozek and Victoria Stozek

September 16...17; house 117
Father: No name
Mother: LACNY, Magdalena; s/oAdalberti and Agnetis
Godparents: Sebastian Wach and Sophia Lacny

September 19...20; house 204
Father: GAROZAK (?), Stephanus; s/o Joannis and Evae
Mother: FILIPIAK, Regina; d/o Michaelis and Cunegundis
Godparents: Michael Filipiak and Mariana Pokraka

September 22...24; house 148
Father: PLOSKTONKA, Sebastian; Andreae and Marianae
Mother: ZADLO, Anna; Sebastiani and Regina
Godparents: Franciscus Jakubiak and Theda Bolisega

October 9...10; house ?
Father: KOTARBA, Joannes; s/o Mathiae and Cathar
Mother: JAKUBIAK, Agnes; d/o Jacobi and Margarethae
Godparents: Blasius Jakubiak and Anna Mucha

October 11...13; house 94
Father: STOZEK, Jacobus; s/oJoannis and Reginae
Mother: ZEZEK, Maria; d/o Simonis and Maria
Godparents: Joseph Stozek and Theda Stozek

October 11...13; house 187
Father: SKOLARAS, Andreas; s/o Josephi and Sophiae
Mother: CYREK, Agnes; d/o Melchiori and Justinae
Godparents: Joannes Szarek and Hedvigis Cyrek

October 12...13; house 76
Father: LABUZ, Michael; s/o Adalberti and Thedae
Mother: KOZAK, Anna; d/o Jacobi and Francae
Godparents: Sebastian Pyrz and Salomea Lezanska

October 11...13; house 94
Father: KACZMARCZYK, Adalbert; s/o Mathiae and Theresiae
Mother: ZADLO, Julianna; d/o Mathiae and Mariae
Godparents: Anton Zadlo and Agnes Zadlo

October 15...17; house 216
Father: CIEZ, Franciscus; s/o Michaelis and Agnetis
Mother: STOZEK, Mariana; d/o Thomae and Catharinae
Godparents: Laurent Ciez and Cathari. Mucha

October 20...20; house 194
Father: ZIEMBA, Simon; s/o Antonii and Apoloniae
Mother: Regina; Adalberti and Caht. (of the same bloodline; unknown)
Godparents: Josephus Stozek and Theda Stozek

October 19...20; house 123
Father: POKRAKA, Mathias; s/o Joannis and Catharina
Mother: KUBOKIEZ, Regina; d/o Simonis and Hed.
Godparents: Josephus Ciezak and Regina Kucharz

October 23...26; house 66
Father: MUCHA, Joannes; s/o Mathaei and Cathar.
Mother: GORNI, Annae; d/o Blasius and Agnetis
Godparents: Antonius Mucha and Regina Ciez

October 26...27; house 198
Father: STOZEK, Jacobus; s/o Andrea and Regina
Mother: STOZEK, Victoria; d/o Stanis. and Victoriae
Godparents: Martin Wrobel and Maria Stozek

October 29...November 1; house 77
Father: LABUZ, Vincentius; s/o Laurentii and Rosae
Mother: BRZANA, Maria; d/o Adalberti and Annae
Godparents: Joannes Labuz and Regina Michalak

October 29...November 3; house 44
Father: CIEZ, Joannes; s/o Blasii and Cathari.
Mother: LABUZ, Rosa; d/o Jacobi and Barbarae
Godparents: Stephanus Grzesiak and Zuzanna Stozek

November 14...17; house 125
Father: RYKATA, Joannes; s/o Jacobi and Sophiae
Mother: GALAIK, Agnes; d/o Simoni and Cathar.
Godparents: Blasius Filipiak and Agnes Ciezak

November 16...17; house 16
Father: GORNI, Martinus; s/o Jacobi and Catharina
Mother: KALETA, Maria; d/o Benedict and Annae
Godparents: Stephan. Gorni and Catharina Gorni

November 15...17; house 38
Father: BOLISEGA, Antonius; s/o Hiacenti and Mariae
Mother: MUCHA, Theda; d/o Antonii and Agatha
Godparents: Petrus Bolisega and Agatha Bolisega

November 20...24; house 80
Father: PLOSKLONKA, Onophrus; s/o Mathae and Magdalenae
Mother: ULMAN, Anna; d/o Stephani and Sophiae
Godparents: Anton. Plosklonka and Anna Mucha

November 21...24; house 154
Father: LABUZ, Josephus; s/o Sebastian and Hedvi.
Mother: WIDZISZ, Mariana; d/o Adalberti and Constati
Godparents: Anton Owsianiak and Barbara Widzisz

November 30...December 1; house 2
Father: ZIEBA, Antoni; s/o Mathaei and Catha.
Mother: RAPACZ, Franca; d/o Vincentii
Godparents: Laurenti Skolaras and Catharnia Kraska

December 10...10; house 163
Father: MUCHA, Andreas; s/o Antoni and Sophia
Mother: PIWOWARSKI, Mariana; d/o Melchiori and Regi.
Godparents: Mathas Piwowarski and Anna Piwowarska

December 13...15; house 203
Father: WACH, Sebastiani; s/o Michaeli and Cathar.
Mother: LACNY, Mariana; d/o Casimier and Regina
Godparents: Jacobus Ciez and Regina Kucharz

December 20...22; house 27
Father: No name
Mother: NIEDOSPIAL, Mariana; d/o Casimieri and Mariae
Godparents: Francus Wydra and Maria Katarba

December 24...25; house 140
Father: MICHALAK, Onophrus; s/o Antonii and Catharinae
Mother: WYDRA, Regina; d/o Michalis and Theda
Godparents: Onophrus Wydra and Maria Szarek

December 27...28; House 116
Father: LACNY, Adalberti; s/o Jacobi and Barbarae
Mother: LACNY, Anna; d/o Casimier and Margare.
Godparents: Blasius Lacny and Mariana Pokraka

December 24...29; house 155
Father: WIDZISZ, Jacobus; s/o Adalberti and Maria
Mother: CICHLORISKI, Magdalena; d/o Joannis and Agatha
Godparents: Josephus Pl~oskowa and Maria Ciez

December 27...29; house 136
Father: FILIPIAK, Martinus; s/o Bartholo. and Rosae
Mother: BOLISEGA, Mariana; d/o Mathiae and Catharinae
Godparents: Joannes Filipiak and Maria Mucha


January 5...6; house 70/138
Father: GRZESZUS, Marcus; s/o Adalberti and Catharina
Mother: KACAMARCZYK, Agnes; d/o Thomae and Catharina
Godparents: Vincentium Kozak and Magdalena Kaczmarczyk

January 6...7; house 138/70
Father: BOLISEGA, Antonius; s/o Hyacintha and Marianna
Mother: MUCHA, Theda; d/o Antoni and Helenae
Godparents: Joannes Mucha and Magdalena Mucha

January 13...14; house 135
Father: MUCHA, Thomas; s/o Adalberti and Theda nee Mucha
Mother: KUCHARCZYK, Agnes; d/o Mathiae and Catharina
Godparents: Bartholomaus Bolisega and Sophia Lipien

January 19...21; house 157
Father: RYKALA, Hyacenthia; s/o Bartholomai and Agnetis nee Galas
Mother: BASISTA, Sophia; d/o Stanislai and Annae
Godparents: Joannes Czech and Francisca Labuz

January 20...22; house 181
Father: LIPIEN, Paulus; s/o Jacobi and Rosaliae
Mother: FILIPJAK, Magdalena; d/o Michaeli and Cunegundis
Godparents: Joannes Wydra and Marianna Ciez

January 26...28; house 229
Father: GAWRONEK, Nicolaus; s/o Michaelis and Constantia
Mother: LABUZ, Salomea; d/o Michaelis and Theda
Godparents: Joannes Chowaniec and Barbara Kotarba

January 23...?; house 201
Father: KUBOWICZ, Mathias; s/o Bartholoma and Mariae nee Ciez
Mother: POKRAKA, Agnes; d/o Joannis and Catharina nee Ciez
Godparents: Josephius Ciezak and Regina Murharz

February 8...11; house 142
Father: CIEZAK, Josephus; s/o Simonis and Catharina
Mother: MICHALAK, Magdalena; d/o Joannis and Regina nee Jasidlo
Godparents: Petrus Michalak and Sophia Kucharczyk

February 8...11; house 29
Father: KOTARBA, Simon; s/o Thomae and Regina nee Kozak
Mother: STOZEK, Agnes; d/o Joannis and Regina
Godparents: Bartholomaus Lipien and Maria Kozak

February 28...29; house 131
Name: ANNA
Father: FILIPJAK, Michael; s/o Adalberti and Margaratha nee Szczepka
Mother: LACNY, Sophia; d/o Casimiri and Regina
Godparents: Michael Filipjak and Marianna Filipjak

March 11...13; house 230
Father: GORNI, Martinus; s/o Jacobi and Catharina
Mother: WYDRA, Marianna; d/o Benedicti and Francisca
Godparents: Gaspar Kaleta and Teresia Mucha

March 12...15; house 116
Father: No name
Mother: CIEZAK, Regina; d/o Cunegund
Godparents: Josephus Ciezak and Hedvigis Ciezak

March 15...17; house 151
Father: LIEMBA, Valentinus; s/o Joannis
Mother: KOZAK, Regina; d/o Blasii and Marianna
Godparents: Adalbert Szczepka and Theda Widzicz

March 19....20; house 94
Father: KACZMARCZYK, Adalbert; s/o Mathia and Terefiae nee Szczepka
Mother: WACH, Julianna; d/o Mathiae and Maria
Godparents: Casimirus Walanick and Agnes Walancik

March 20...22; house 27
Father: KOTARBA, Laurentius; s/o Thoma and Regina nee Perz
Mother: KUTRYS, Mariana; d/o Agnetis
Godparents: Joannes Kraska and Sophia Niedospial

March 22...24; house 15
Father: MUCHA, Adalbertus; s/o Mathai and Catharina nee Lezajski
Mother: STOZEK, Salomea; d/o Thomae and Catharina
Godparents: Andreas Liemba and Theresia Mucha

March 22...24; house 184
Father: LABAZ, Josephus; s/o Stephani and Regina nee Wojtyczka
Mother: MICHALAK, Marianna; d/o Bartholomei and Regina
Godparents: Paulus Labuz and Victoria Labuz

March 24...25; house 10
Father: STOZEK, Martinus; s/o Laurentii and Rosae nee Grochola
Mother: LIEMBA, Theda; d/o Mathiae and Reginae
Godparents: Andreas Stozek and Cunegundis Chowaniec

March 25...26; house 148
Father: PLOSKONKA, Thomas; s/o Andreae and Barbarae nee Stozek
Mother: WYDRA, Sophiae; d/o Michaelis and Theda
Godparents: Onphrim Wydra and Theda Bolisega

March 28...31; house 197
Father: MICHALAK, Adalbertus; s/o Adalberti and Marianna nee Glirsaski (?)
Mother: CIEZAK, Regina; d/o Adalberti and Regina
Godparents: Sebastianus Szczepka and Marianna Lipien

April 3...4; house 140
Father: No name
Mother: CIAZADLIK, Rosalia; s/o Josephi and Margaretha
Godparents: Adalbert Kucharczyk and Marianna Michalak

April 5...8; house 244
Father: PIWOWARSKI, Josephus; s/o Melchiori and Regina nee Krupa
Mother: BYDLON, Magdalena; d/o Mathiae and Annae nee Mucha
Godparents: Nicolaus Cyrek and Anna Piwowarska

April 10...11; house 39
Father: LABUZ, Michael; s/o Joannis and Agnetis
Mother: STOZEK, Marianna; d/o Martini and Catharina nee Chowaniec
Godparents: Paulus Labuz and Regina Stozek

April 13...14; house 133
Father: No name
Mother: SZEWCZYK, Hedvigis; d/o Margaretha
Godparents: Michael Filipjak and Catharina Nawara

April 16...17; house 178
Father: FIALEK, Stephanis; s/o Simonis and Francisca nee Szczepka
Mother: OWSIANIAK, Barbara; d/o Simonis and Regina nee Stozek
Godparents: Andreas Gorni and Theresia Muchowa

April 25...28; house 69
Father: KOZAK, Vincentius; s/o Andreas and Catharinae nee Widzisz
Mother: JAKUBJAK, Anna; d/o Jacobi and Margartha nee Grzesus
Godparent: Thomas Labuz and Agnes Grzesus

April 26...28; house 103
Father: CYREK, Jacobus; s/o Stanislai and Reginae nee Mucha
Mother: PLOSKONKA, Catharina; d/o Andrea and Mariae nee Jakubjak
Godparents: Andreas Skolar and Hedvigis Cyrek

May 17...19; house 32
Father: WROBEL, Martinus; s/o Simonis and Mariae nee Wielek
Mother: STOZEK, Marianna; d/o Laurentii and Rosalia nee Grochola
Godparents: Stanislaus Swieralski and Barbara Rapta

May 19...21; house 13
Father: CZERNESKI, Thomas; s/o Michaelis and Constantia nee Lezajska
Mother: NIEDOSPIAL, Anna; d/o Sebastiani and Mariae nee Dyzona
Godparents: Stanislau Niedospial and Barbara (conjn) Laurentii Ciez

May 25...26; house 40
Father: CZECH, Adalbertus; s/o Blasii and Catharina nee Jakubjak
Mother: GROCHOLA, Regina; d/o Josephi and Rosalia nee Banik
Godparents: Jacobus Grochola and Rosalia (conjn) Joahim Czech

May 22...26; house 153
Name: ANNA
Father: WIDZISZ, Mathias; s/o Stephani and Magdalena nee Stozek
Mother: JANIA , Salomea; d/o Josephi and Marianna nee Widzisz
Godparents: Thomas Widzisz and Marianna Szczepka

June 3...6; house 194
Name: ANNA
Father: STOZEK, Stephanus; s/o Stanislai and Margarthia nee Moskal
Mother: ZEZEK, Marianna; d/o Simonis and Mariae nee Bierowiec
Godparents: Josephus Stozek and Marianna (conjn) Stephani Ciez

May 9...10; house 23
Name: ANNA
Father: CHORWAWIEC, Joannes; s/o Antonii and Regina nee Stozek
Mother: LABUZ, Marianna; d/o Adami and Catharina nee Walancik
Godparents: Joannes Mucha and Salomea (conjn) Nicholai Czernecki

May 8...10; house 87
Father: LADLO, Joannes; s/o Sebastiani and Regina nee Kowal
Mother: FRAB, Hedvigis; d/o Joannis and Catharian nee Chrosa
Godparents: Sebastian Jakubjak and Anna (conjn) Francisii Jakubjak

May 14...16; house (unreadable)
Father: BYDLON, Barthol.; s/o Jacobi and Anna nee Mucha
Mother: CYREK, Agnes; d/o Simonis and Rosa
Godparents: Andreas Szarek and Maria Kania

May 17...18; house 61
Name: ANNA
Father: MUCHA, Adalbertus; s/o Simonis and Anna nee Szczepka
Mother: SZCZEPKA, Rosalia; d/o Joannis and Agnetis
Godparents: Sebastianus Kozak and Susannia Storek

May 14...19; house 60
Father: No name
Mother: JAKUBJAK, Francisca; d/o Sebastiani and Maria nee Ploskonka
Godparents: Thomas Labuz and Sophia Labuz

June 1...2; house 175
Father: LEZAJSKI, Paulus; s/o Laurentii and Regina nee Chowaniec
Mother: NIEDOSPIAL, Marianna; d/o Laurentii and Catharina nee Widzisz
Godparents: Joannes Kraska and Regina (conjn) Laur. Ciez

June 4...?; house 20
Father: KALITA, Francus; s/o Stanislai and Agnetis nee Grochola
Mother: PALA, Victoria; d/o Melchior and Margaretha nee Kaleta
Godparents: Stephanus Gorni and Catharina Gorni

June 17...24; house 76
Father: No name
Mother: SEUS, Marianna; d/o Marianna
Godparents: Adalbert Brylon and Regina Filipjak

June 20...25; house 42
Father: KOTARBA, Jacobus; s/o Adalberti and Agnetis nee Stozek
Mother: SZCZEPKA, Magdalena; d/o Jacobi and Rosalia nee Wydra
Godparents: Stephan Nawara and Marianna Ciez

June 23...28; house 66
Father: MUCHA, Joannes; s/o Mathai and Catharina nee Lezajski
Mother: GORNI, Anna; d/o Blasii and Agnetis nee Jakubjak
Godparents: Thomas Mucha and Regina (conjn) Laurenti Ciez

June 27...29; house 149
Father: PLOSKONKA, Antonius; s/o Adalberti and Barbara nee Korarba
Mother: SZCZEPKA, Catharina; d/o Joannis and Agnetis nee Mucha
Godparents: Thomas Widzisz and Maria Szczepka

August 1...4; house 72
Father: STOZEK, Antonius; s/o Joannis and Sophiae Regina nee Stozek
Mother: LABUZ, Sophia; d/o Simonis and Anna nee Urban
Godparents: Martinus Stozek and Martianna Kozak

August 6...7; house 118
Father: MAJKOWSKI, Joannes; s/o Blasii and Elisabethae
Mother: CIEZAK, Lucia; d/o Laurentii and Theresia nee Filipjak
Godparents: Adalbert Lacny and Anna Gucia

August 16...17; house 165
Name: ANNA
Father: KUCHARZ, Onuphrim; s/o Danieli and Regina nee Mucha
Mother: CIEZAK, Rosalia; d/o Valentini and Dorothea
Godparents: Mathias Kucharczyk and Agnes (conjn) Petri Wydra

August 22...24; house 121
Father: No name
Mother: LACNY, Lucia; s/o Blasii and Anna
Godparents: Laurentius Lacny and Agnes Ciezak

September 5...7; house 50
Father: STOZEK, Michael; s/o Laurentii and Rosaliae nee Grochola
Mother: OEHWIEJA, Anna; d/o Joannis and Agnetis
Godparents: Joannes Czech and Susanna Stozek

September 6...7; house 134
Father: BELLEJA, Andreas; s/o Mathai and Agnetis
Mother: SKOLARZ, Anna; d/o Josephi and Sophiae nee Michalak
Godparents: Josephus Grociak and Regina Ciez

September 10...11; house 16
Father: GORNI, Joannes; s/o Jacobi and Catharina nee Slaska
Mother: WARZECHA, Anna; d/o Joannis and Regina nee Fiatek
Godparents: Thomas Mucha and Catharina (Conjn) Blasii Grociak

September 11...15; house 154
Father: LABUZ, Josephus; s/o Sebastiani and Hedvigis nee Jakubjak
Mother: WIDZISZ, Marianna; d/o Adalberti and Constantio nee Michalak
Godparents: Andreas Kozak and Barbara Widzisz

Septmeber 19...22; house 124
Father: KUCHARCZYK, Adalbertus; s/o Thoma and Regina nee Mucha
Mother: WACH, Regina; d/o Michaelis and Catharinae nee Filipjak
Godparents: Mathias Nawara and Barbara Mucha

September 21...22; house 21
Father: KALETA, Gasparus; s/o Jacobi and Francisca nee Bacholak
Mother: KRASKA, Marianna; d/o Antonii and Catharina nee Mucha
Godparents: Joannes Kraska and Theresia Mucha

September 19...22; house 240
Father: LADLO, Antonius; s/o Mathiae and Marianna nee Lipien
Mother: BULAS, Theda; d/o Laurentii and Reginae nee Cyrek
Godparents: Simon Ladlo and Rosalia Klimara

September 23...23; house 194
Father: LIEMBA, Simon; s/o Antonii and Apolonia nee Owzsianiak
Mother: SZCZEPKA, Regina; d/o Vincentii and Victoria
Godparents: Stephanus Stozek and Theda (conjn) Mathia Stozek

September 24...25; house 132
Father: MACIACZAK, Michael; s/o Thomae and Reginae nee Filipjak
Mother: KUBOWIEZ, Catharina; d/o Barhtolomei and Anna nee Ciez
Godparents: Joannes Ciez and Catharina Nawara

September 23...25; house 226
Father: MUCHA, Bartholomaeus; s/o Joahani and Jophiae nee Kulach
Mother: KOLODZIEJSKI, Marianna; d/o Valentini and Anna nee Czarnola
Godparents: Thomas Mucha and Catharina Wydra

October 12...13; house 115
Father: FILIPJAK, Laurentius; s/o Michaelis and Cunegundo nee Filipjak
Mother: MAJKOWSKI, Sophia; d/o Martini and Reginae nee Gucia
Godparents: Josephus Styrnal and Josepha Skolarus

November 1...1; house 118
Father: MAJKOWSKI, Simon; s/o Joannis and Anna nee Gawlak
Mother: LACNY, Sophia; d/o Ignatii and Agnetis nee Pokreska
Godparents: Adamus Galiak and Hedvigis Ciezak

November 2...3; house 121
Father: LACNY, Blasius; s/o Laurentii and Agnetis nee Lacny
Mother: LACNY, Anna; d/o Casimiri and Margaretha nee Szczepka
Godparents: Blasius Filipjak and Marianna Wach

November 9...10; house 24
Father: KUZAK, Mathias; s/o Josephi and Theda nee Niedospial
Mother: CZERNECKI, Cunegundis; d/o Michaelis and Constantia nee Lezajski
Godparents: Thomas Mucha and Marianna Nieodspial

November 9...10; house 122
Father: FILIPJAK, Adalbertus; s/o Michaelis and Cunegundis
Mother: NAWARA, Marianna; d/o Jacobi and Regina nee Grzcia
Godparents: Mathias Nawara and Catharina (conjn.) Michaelis Filipjak

November 13...17; house 248
Father: NAWARA, Mathias; s/o Josephi and Hedvigis nee Szarek
Mother: KUCHARZAK, Anastasia; d/o Thomas and Regina nee Mucha
Godparents: Simon Nawara and Mariana Szarek

November 17...18; house 11
Father: SKOLARZ, Laurentius; s/o Blasii and Regina
Mother: LIEMDA, Agnes; d/o Barhtolomai and Sophia
Godparents: Adalbertus Niedospial and Sophia Niedospial

November 17...18; house 44
Father: No name
Mother: STOZEK, Marianna; d/o Antonii and Rosaliae
Godparents: Paulus Labuz and Agnes Kotarba

November 23...24; house 6
Father: WALANCIK, Josephus; s/o Adalberti and nee Hedvigis
Mother: GORNI , Agnes; d/o Francisci and Anna nee Chowaniec
Godparents: Simon Niedospial and Marianna Chowaniec

November 26...28; house 150
Father: SZCZEPKA, Thomas; s/o Andrea and Catharina
Mother: KOZAK, Sophia; d/o Andrea and Catharina
Godparents: Jacobus Szczepka and Marianna Labuz

November 30...?; house 141
Father: MUCHA, Simon; s/o Stanislai and Sophiae nee Ciezak
Mother: MOSKAL, Margartha; no parents listed
Godparents: Adalbertus Kucharczyk and Marianna Michalak

December 7...8; house 156
Father: No name
Mother: HOSZ, Marianna; d/o Adalberti and Anna nee Ciezak
Godparents: Vincentius Raczek and Agnes Majkowska

December 14...15; house 80
Father: PLOSKOWKA, Vincentius; s/o Andreas and Magdalena nee Widzisz
Mother: ULMANN, Anna; d/o Stephani and Sophia nee Niedospial
Godparents: Valentinus Kucharczyk and Catharina Mucha

December 13...15; house 19
Father: LEXANDER, Bartholomius; s/o Blasii and Elisabetha nee Stozek
Mother: KSIK, Marianna; d/o Josephi and Francisca nee Ploskonka
Godparents: Joannes Mucha and Theresia (conjn)Thoma Mucha--r (?)

December 15...16; house 109
Father: BYDLON, Bartholomaus; parents unknown
Mother: RYKALONKA, Sophia; no parents listed
Godparents: Andreas Szarek and Margaretha Piwowarska

December 28...29; house 130
Father: MICHALAK, Simon; s/o Joannis and Regina nee Janas
Mother: OBAJTEK, Sophia; d/o Martini and Marianna nee Lach
Godparents: Michael Filipjak and Catharina Filipjak



January 23
Groom: NAWARA, Joannes; house 133; age 26; first marriage
Bride: FILIPJACZONKA, Catharina; house --; age 24; first marriage
Witnesses: Michael Wach and Jacobus Mucha

January 30
Groom: SZAREK, Joannes; house 55; age 35; first marriage
Bride: MICHALACZONKA, Marianna; house --; age 20; first marriage
Witnesses: Sebafrian Ciez and Michael Cyrek

January 30
Groom: ZIEBA, Antonius; house 102; age 22; first marriage
Bride: PLOSKONIONKA, Barbara; house --; age 18; first marriage
Witnesses: Adalbertus Krzysiak and Michael Wach

February 2
Groom: CIEZ, Melchior; house 134; age 20; first marriage
Bride: SKOLARUSIONKA, Regina; house --; age 28; first marriage
Witnesses: Andreas Ciez and Michael Cyrek

February 5
Groom: GRZESIAK, Stephanius; house 42; age 42; first marriage
Bride: KOTARBINA, Agnes; house --; age 36; previous marriage
Witnesses: Martinus Stozek and Joannes Cichlinski

February 6
Groom: CIEZ, Franciscus; house 130; age 25; first marriage
Bride: FILIPIACZONKA, Catharina; house --; age 19; first marriage
Witnesses: Sebastianus Ciez and Sebastianus Filipjak

February 6
Groom: BOLISEGA, Antonius; house 108; age 22; first marriage
Bride: MUSZONKA, Theda; house --; age 20; first marriage
Witnesses: Sebastianus Ciez and Jacobus Mucha

February 6
Groom: SZCZEPANIAK, Antonius; house 94; age 22; first marriage
Bride: KACZMARCZYCZONKA, Marianna; house --; age 20; first marriage
Witnesses: Jacobus Mucha and Sebastianus Ciez

February 6
Groom: GORNI, Martinus; house 23; age 30; previous marriage
Bride: CHOWANCOWNA, Agatha; house --; age 26; previous marriage
Witnesses: Joannes Chowaniec and Joannes Cichlinski

February 8
Groom: KABALA, Valentinius; house 116; age 30; first marriage
Bride: LACNIONKA, Anna; house --; age 25; previous marriage
Witnesses: Joannes Gorni and Gaspar Kaleta

February 9
Groom: WYDRA, Joseph; house 21; age 20; first marriage
Bride: GROCHOLONKA, Regina; house --; age 22; first marriage
Witnesses: Jasper Kaleta and Joannes Gorni

February 9
Groom: FIALEK, Sebastianus; house 17; age 25; first marriage
Bride: CHOWANCOWNA, Anna; house --; age 24; previous marriage
Witnesses: Joannes Gorni and Gaspar Kaleta

February 9
Groom: KOTARBA, Simon; house 62; age 27; first marriage
Bride: STOZEZONKA, Agnes; house --; age 20; first marriage
Witnesses: Antonius Kozek and Simon Mucha

February 9
Groom: STOZEK, Antonius; house 64; age 24; first marriage
Bride: ROSOLONKA, Sophia; house --; age 19; first marriage
Witnesses: Simon Mucha and Adalb. Szczepka

February 12
Groom: BZILAS, Laurentius; house 81; age 50; previous marriage
Bride: JAKUBJACZONKA, Regina; house --; age 29; first marriage
Witnesses: Carolus Klimara and Valentinus Pataczek

February 13
Groom: MUCHA, Michael; house 74; age 23; first marriage
Bride: CIEZONKA, Catharina; house --; age 25; first marriage
Witnesses: Josephus Mucha and Adalbert Ciezak

October 9
Groom: BOLISEGA, Mathias; house 106; age 28; first marriage
Bride: KATUSZOWNA, Theda; house --; age 26; first marriage
Witnesses: Mathias Wach and Marianna Ciez

October 16
Groom: JAKUBJAK, Blasius; house 70; age 30; first marriage
Bride: FILIPJACZONKA, Regina; house --; age 20; first marriage
Witnesses: Josephus Kotarba and Francus Jakubjak

January 27
Groom: KRUSTEK, Antonius; no parents listed; house 61; age 41;
       previous marriage
Bride: LABUZ, Mariana; d/o Jacobi and Reginae; house --; age 28;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Michael Mucha and Joachanes Mrozek

February 3
Groom: LABUZ, Paul; s/o Adami and Catharinae; house 184; age 24;
       previous marriage
Bride: CIEZ, Victoria; s/o Laurenti and Reginae; house --; age 20;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Thomas Mucha and Paulus Labuz

February 5
Groom: KOZAK, Sebasitian; s/o Jacobi and Franciscae; house 25; age 20;
       first marriage
Bride: CYREK, Mariana; d/o Josephi and Francae; house --; age 23;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Simon Katarba and Francae Ciez

February 5
Groom: NIEDOSPIAL, Simon; s/o Thomas; house 25; age 25; first marriage
Bride: SZCZEPKA, Sophia; d/o of Adalberti and Marga.; house --; age 18;
       first marrriage
Witnesses: Joannes Niedospial and Anton Niedospial

February 10
Groom: BYDLON, Bartholom; s/o Jacobi and Annae; house 109; age 32;
       first marrriage
Bride: CYREK, Agnes; d/o Simonus and Rosae; house --; age 21;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Sta. Cyrek and Nicolaus Cyrek

February 10
Groom: KUCHARCZYK, Stephan; s/o Jacobi and Barbara; house 69;age 30;
       first marriage
Bride: KANIA, Apolonia; d/o Nicolai and Annae; house --; age 16;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Anton Kania and Joannes Kania

May 16
Groom: WYDRA, Petrus; s/o Sebastiani and Catharinae; house 164; age 40;
       first marriage
Bride: KUCHARZ, Agnes; d/o Danielis and Reginae; house --; age 26;
       first marriage
Witnessses: Onuph. Kucharz and Vincentis Ulman

July 8
Groom: POTACZEK, Mathaus; s/o Adalberti and Reginae; house 208; age 28;
       first marriage
Bride: SZCZEPKA, Regina; d/o Joannis and Agnetis; house -- age 22;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Stanislaus Szynalik and Jos. Widzisz

August 3
Groom: KALETA, Gaspar; s/o Jacobi and Francae; house 21; age 40;
       previous marriage
Bride: KRASKA, Marianna; d/o Antonii and Catharinae; house --; age 26;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Anton Mslendowicz and Jacob Bienkowski

September 19
Groom: PYKA, Mathias; s/o Bartholom and Thedae; house 44; age 27;
       first marriage
Bride: FILIPIAK, Magdale; d/o Sebastiani and Rosae; house --; age 24;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Jacob Filipiak and Jan Mucha

October 6
Groom: KANIA, Nicolaus; s/o Simonis and Cath.; house 111; age 51;
       previous marriage
Bride: LIPIEN, Regina; d/o Laurenti and Cath.; house --; age 46;
       prev. marriage to Kotarba
Witnesses: Martin Lipien and Seb. Plosklonski

November 12
Groom: MUCHA, Jacob; s/o Adal. and Thedae; house 67; age 28;
       first marriage
Bride: LABUZ, Constantia; d/o Mathae and Cathar; house --; age 19;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Michael Mucha and Jacob Bienkowski

June 3
Groom: LOZANSKI, Joannis; no parents listed; house 47; age 24;
       first marriage
Bride: KOZAK, Salomea; no parents listed; house --; age 18;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Stephan Ciez and Stephan Grzesiak


January 31
Groom: GAWLAK, Martinus; s/o Joannis and Theda; house 40; age 25;
       first marrriage
Bride: ALEXANDROWIEZ, Marianna; d/o Blasius and Sophia; house --; age 30;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Martinus Alexandrowiez and Casymirus Gizicki marriage

February 6
Groom: POPTAWSKI, Andreas; s/o Joannis and Agnes; house 122; age 24;
       first marriage
Bride: KRZYSZTOF, Francisca; d/o Josephi and Agnetis; house --; age 26;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Andrea Dobrowolski and Stanislaus Potarska

February 13
Groom: KOZAK, Michael; s/o Michaelis and Catharina; house 44; age 31;
       first marriage
Bride: STROZEK, Rosalia; d/o Francisci and Sophia; house --; age 29;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Joannes Czech and Blasius Stozek

February 13
Groom: JAKUBJAK, Bartholomaus; s/o Stanislai and Marianna; house 75; age 19;
       first marriage
Bride: STOZEK, Marianna; d/o Mathia and Theda; house --; age 16;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Onuphrini Wydra and Joannes Mucha

February 13
Groom: JABUKJAK, Mathias; s/o Francisci and Anna; house 84; age 26;
       first marriage
Bride: CIEZ, Agnes; d/o Melchioris and Regina; house --; age 27;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Sebastianus Jakubjak and Paulus Jakubjak

June 13
Groom: WIDZISZ, Thomas; s/o Adalberti and Mariae; house 155; age 38;
       first marriage
Bride: PLOSKONKA, Anna; d/o Sebastiani Wach; house --; age 40;
       widow of Sebastianus Ploskonka
Witnesses: Josephus Jania and Thomas Ploskonka

No Date in July
Groom: MUCHA, Laurentius; s/o Sebastiani Mucha and Marianna nee Slaska;
       no house, age or marriage info
Bride: MUCHA, Anna; d/o Adalberti and Magdalena; no house, age.
       or marriage info
Witnesses: Stanislaus Mucha and Josephus Mucha

August 13
Groom: LELANDER, Martinus; s/o Blasius and Jophiae; house 19; age 25;
       first marriage
Bride: POLASZEK, Agnes; s/o Antonii and Margaretha; house --; age 20;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Jacobus Grochola and Adalbertus Paluszek

September 3
Groom: PIWOWAR, Mathias; s/o Maciej; house 34; age 35; no marriage info;
       widower of Franciscam Sezajski
Bride: PLOSKONKA, Sophia; d/o Stanislaus and Victoria; house --; age 25;
       no marriage
Witnesses: Valentin Stozek and Stephanius Labuz info

October 2
Groom: KOLARBA, Joannes; illegitimate birth; house 156; no age;
       no marriage info
Bride: KOZAK, Maria; d/o Adalberti and Maria; no house, age,
       or marriage info
Witnesses: Franciscus Kolarba and Josephus Labuz

October 28
Groom: CYREK, Michael; s/o Josephi and Regina; house 196; age 30;
       first marriage
Bride: LIEMBA, Agnes; d/o Andreae and Anna; house--; age 21;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Adalbertus Mucha and Jacobi Cyrek

November 5
Name: MUCHA, Joannes; s/o Michaelis and Maria; house 113; age 28;
      first marriage
Bride: WIDZISZ, Marianna; d/o Mathia and Regina; house --; age 17;
       first marriage
Witnesses: Josephi Janas and Petrus Bolisega



MAJKOWSKI, Bartholomaeus
January 12; house 119
male; age 1

STOZKOWA, Catharina
January 13; house 6
female; age 36

STOZEK, Andreas
February 8; house 36
male; age 3

LABUZ, Melchior
February 11; house 59
male, age 55

CIEZOWA, Barbara
February 23; house 139
female, age 65

February 28; house 169
female; age 52

March 2; house 144
female; age 65

PLOWACKA, Marianna
March 26; house 91
female; age 1

KRZYSIAK, Martinus
April 21; house 118
male; age 62

CIEZAK, Vincentius
April 25; house 10
male, age 2

April 26; house 11
female; age 1

CIEZACZKA, Catharina
April 30; house 21
female; age 7

June 1; house 134
female; age 3

June 2; house 95
female; age 51

CIEZ, Joannes
June 7; house 135
male; age 5

CYRKOWA, Catharina
June 11; house 103
female; age 1

CYREK, Franciscus
June 21; house 103
male; age 7

June 27; house 132
female, age 17

SZEWCZYK, Franciscus
June 27; house 133
male, age 7

July 4; house 8
male, age 6

July 4; house 204
female, age 2

FILIPJAK, Laurentius
July 28; house 129
male; age 51

GRZESIAK, Adalbert
August 17; house 45
male; age 55

CIEZAK, Jacobus
August 24; house 100
male; age 1

PLOSKONKA, Magdalena
September 2; house 52
female; age 48

MUSZONKA, Theresia
October 22; house 141
female; age 13

November 11; house 11
female; age 51

November 24; house 24
female, age 40

November 28; house 48
male; age 85

KRZYSIAK, Hedvigis
November 29; house 48
female; age 61


OWSIANIAK, unnamed; stillborn of Antonii and Barbara Owsianiak
January 1; house 55
female; age none

CIEZAK, Adalbertius; husband of Maria; Maria nee Szczepka
January 7; house 200
male, age 50

WALANCIK, Agnes; wife of Laurentium; Agnes nee Lur
January 15; house 6
female, age 61

PLOSKONKA, Sebastianus; husband of Anna; Anna d/o Sebastiani Wach
January 18; house 148
male, age 32

GAWLAK, Marianna; d/o Joannis and Eva Gawlak
January 30, house 123
female, age 30

BIENIEK, Agnes; d/o Joannis and Rosae Bieniek
January 28; house 50
female, age 50

JAMROZ, Catharina; wife of Mathaum Jamroz; Catharina nee Grabozak
February 1, house 170
female, age 60

RUNCZYK, Theretiani; wife of Palum Runczyk; Ther. d/o Blasia Majkowaki
February 8, house 119
female; age 90

CIEZAK, Josephus; s/o Cunegund Ciezak
February 24, house 116
male, age 30

KOTARBA, Simon; s/o Mathia and Marianna Kotarba
March 6, house 71
male, age 25

KOTARBA, Antonius; s/o Nicolai and Cunegund Kotarba
March 12, house 71
male, age 15

RYKALA, Catharina; d/o Joannis and Agnetis Rykala
March 25, house 125
female, age 4

MUCHA, Marianna; d/o Jacobi and Constantiae Mucha
March 28, house 76
female, age 6 months

RYKALA, Anna; wife of Jacobi Rykala; Anna nee Brzana
April 1, house 92
female, age 50

KUBOWICZ, Sophia; d/o Mathaei and Annae
April 6, house 201
female, age 3

LACNY, Casimir; husband of Regina; Regina nee Ciezak
April 7, house 117
male, age 90

RYKALA, Adalbertus; husband of Salomeae; Salomeae d/o Andreae Lipien
April 11, house 147
male, age 41

JAKUBJAK, Martinus; s/o Sebastiani and Josephiae Jukubjak
April 15, house 84
male, age 6 months

PLOSKONKA, Ignatius; s/o Barhtolomai and Regina Ploskonka
April 16, house 22
male, age 5 months

BOLISEGA, Anna; d/o Jacobi and Francisca Bolisega
April 17, house136
female, age 1

KALETA, Regina; d/o Gaspari and Mariae Kaleta
April 21, house 21
female, age 1 and 1/2

KANIA, Ignatius; s/o Andreae and Mariae Kania
April 27, house 111
male, age 1

GROCHOLA, Barbara, d/o Jacobi and Catharina Grochola
June 6, house 195
female, age 8 months

CYREK, Agnea; wife of Simoneim Cyrek; Agnes d/o Josephi Ciezak
June 12, house 58
female, age 50

LIEMBA, Josephus; s/o Andrea and Anna Liemba
June 22, house 196
male, age 14

BIEROWIEC, Magdalena; d/o Joannis and Theresiae Bierowiec
June 29, house 60
female, age 16

MOCIUG, Francisca; wife of Mathiae Mociug, d/o Jac. Lezajski
June 30, house 31
female; age 45

PLOSKONKA, Mathia; s/o Sebastiani and Anna
July 16, house 148
male, age 6 months

PULKA, Jacobus; s/o Mathia and Francisca Pulka
July 17, house 112
male, age 4 days

CIEZAK, Joannes; s/o Martini Ciezak and Catharina nee Kalela
July 24, house 158
male, age 8

RYKALA, Anna; wife of Sebastiani; Anna d/o Sebastiani Mucha
July 28, house 206
female, age 58

PLOSKONKA, Regina; d/o Lucae and Maria Ploskonka
August 10, house 148
female, age 4

PLOSKONKA, Sebastianus; s/o Martini and Marianna Ploskonka
August 12, house 149
son, age 6

FILIPJAK, Joannes; s/o Bartholomai and Rosae Filipjak
August 14, house 130
male, age 25

MUCHA, Paulus; s/o Michaelis and Susana Mucha
August 14, house 228
male, age 13

KOTARBA, Petrus; s/o Joannis and Agnetis Kotarba
August 15, house 18
male, age 18

KRASKA, Catharina; wife of Antonius Krasna; Catharina d/o Simon Mucha
September 16, house 9
female, age 84

FILIPJAK, Michael; husband of Sophiae; Sophiae d/o Catharina Lacny
September 22, house 121
male, age 34

LIEMBA, Anna; d/o of Antonii and Francisca Liemba
October 14, house 2
female, age 7

GROCHOLA, Theresia; wife of Bartholomaeum Grochola; Theresia nee Sosniak
October 14, house 16
female, age 72

LABUZ, Michael; s/o Josephi and Marianna Labuz
October 19, house 154
male, age 5 hours (?)

NIEDOSPIAL, Barbara; d/o Josephi and Maria Niedospial
October 20, house 116
female, age 6

SZCZEPKA, Andreas; husband of Catharina; Cath. d/o Valentini Szczepka also listed
October 31; house 150 Ploskonka
male, age 64

CIEZAK, Casimirus; husband of Margaretham nee Jasienronka
November 5, house 116
male, age 79

MICHALAK, Marianna; wife of Adalbertus; Marianna d/o Simonis Glowacki
November 6, house 147
female, age 62

MUCHA, Sophia; wife of Jacobi Mucha; Sophia d/o Andrea Szczepka
November 9, house 234
female, age 39

KOZAK, Mathias; husband of Cunegundis; Cunegundis d/o Michaelis Gawronek
November 10, house 24
male, age 26

WYDRA, Regina; wife of Michaeli Wydra; Regina d/o Michaelis Ciez
November 11, house 35
female, age70

KOTARBA, Stephanus; s/o Stanislai and Marianna Kotarba
November 19, house 28
male, age 1

STOPA, Thomas; s/o Josephi and Catharina Stopa
December 1, house 10
male, age 4

LIEMBA, Barbara; d/o Antonii and Francisca Liemba
December 3, house 2
female, age 5

KUCHARCZYK, Honorata; d/o Hedvigis Kucharczyk
December 6, house 204
female, age 2

LIEMBA, Regina; d/o Antonii and Francisca Liemba
December 8, house 2
female, age 3

LABUZ, Sophia; d/o Stephani and Annae Labuz
December 14, house 184
female, age 34

KOTARBA, Andreas; s/o Martini and Hedvigia Kotarba
December 17, house 22
male, age 23

LEZAJSKI, Jacobus; s/o Pauli and Marianna Lezajski
December 22, house 175
male, age 6

KACZMARCZYK, Barbara; wife of Thoma Kaczmarczyk
December 22, house 85
female, age 56

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