Bihale - births 1818 - 1819 and deaths 1818
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Births 1818 & 1819 and Deaths 1818

LDS film #766028 village of Bihale
Roman Catholic parish of Lukawiec near Lubaczow

Contributed by Janet Kisz

1818 Deaths
14 Dec House 1 Marianna aged 80 years
wife of the deceased Joef Chmielewski

27 Dec House 2 Catherine aged 2 months
daughter of Nicolai Szalay

1818 Births
6 Jan House 72 Marianna Sopel
Father: Nicolai Sopel
Mother: Marianna Constanta nee Czajkowski
Godparents: Jan Frankowski and Theresa Sopel

21 April House 64 Rosa Frankowski
Father: Jan Frankowski
Mother: Anna nee Brzozowa
Godparents:  Vincent Preys and Maria Soplowa

1 June House 17 Petronella Nawodylo
Father: Theodore Nawodylo
Mother: Joanna nee Krolecka from Basnia
Godparents: Daniel Bujnowski (nobilis) and ?? Leontowiczowa

9 Sep House 64 Michael Sopel
Father: Jan Sopel
Mother:  Marianna daughter of Alexander Sikora
Godparents: Bartholomew Sopel and  XX Luksakowska

10 Oct House 64 Simon Frankowski
Father:  Josef Frankowski
Mother:  Eva (daughter of Martin Buczko)
Godparents:  Bartholomew Sopel and Agatha Sopel

20 Oct House 69 Marianna Tworko
Father:  Francis Tworko
Mother:  Poresla daughter of Thomas? Sopel
Godparents:  Jacob Sopel and Marianna Sopel

3 Nov House 29 Catherine Sopel
Father:  Adalbert Sopel
Mother: Constanta daughter of Sebastian Niedziala
Godparents:  Josef Sopel and Marianna Sopel

24 Nov Catherine Szalay
Father:  Nicolai Szalay
Mother: Agatha daughter of Adalbert Sopel
Godparents:  Martin Buczko and Agatha Czernysz

1819 Births 23 Jan House 19 Agatha Panas Father: Andreas Panas Mother:Anna Gawlo daughter of Valentine and Regina (nee Wojtuna) Godparents: Stefan Krzywalak and Anatasia Popowicz 23 Jan Jan Rubilko Father: Thomas Rubilko Mother: Catharine daughter of Jan Mayer Godparents: Elias Pochodaj and Marianna Sopel 4 Feb House 45 Jan Tworko Father: Casimir son of Jan Tworko and Magdalena Mother: Marianna daughter of Jan and Marianna Dumanska Godparents: Stanislaw Sopel and Marianna Szuligowa 5 July House 59 Jan Sopel Father: Nicolai Sopel son of Matthias and Rosalia nee Styczak Mother: Anna Strojny daughter of Adalbert and Catherine (nee Domanska) Godparents: Simon Strojny and Agatha Ciesla 12 July House 90 Jacob Sopel Father: Michal Sopel son of Matthias and Rosalia (nee Hyczak) Mother: Agatha Mahara daughter of Matthias and Agatha Godparents: Josef Frankowski and Magdalena Ganciorowa 3 Dec House 44 Ambrosius Tworko Father: Valentine Tworko son of Jan and Magda Mother: Marianna nee Adamska daughter of Casimir and Magda Godparents: Josef Lys and Marianna wife of Jan Sopel 16 Dec Victoria Wojtuna Father: Josef Wojtuna son of Stanislas and Elizabeth Mother: Marianna daughter of Blasen and Elizabeth Lada Godparents: Josef Wojtuna and Marianna Czernysz

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