Podedworze gmina in Parczew powiat of Lubelskie, Poland
Podedwórze (Podedworze) Gmina Page
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4M4. Podedwórze

The Gmina of Podedworze
The gmina has a population of 2200 and covers an area of 107 sq.km. The gmina is situated in the marshy valleys of the Zielawa river. For the period 1867-1975 it was part of the Wlodawa powiat of Lubelskie, from 1975 to 1998 it was part of Biala Podlaska (Bialskopodlaskie) wojewodztwo/province. The gmina is agricultural and crops like potatoes and herbs (camomile, mint, tutsun) are commonly grown. There is also some cattle breeding.
GMINA OFFICE: Urzad Gmina, 21-222 Podedworze, woj. Lubelskie. Tel: (+48 83) 379 50 11
RIVERS: Zielawa, Wieprz-Krzna Irrigation Canal.

Grabówka (Grabowka)
Hołowno (Holowno)
Podedwórze (Podedworze)
There has probably been a settlement here since the middle ages, and possibly a wooden castle. Since the 17th century the village has been a property of the Kopec family (-1756), Zalewski family (1874-1880) and the Zabiello family (1880-194?).
CHURCH 1: no data. Known as the 'white' church because of the colour of its bricks.
CHURCH 2: no data. Known as the 'red' church because of the colour of its bricks. This church probably dates from the mid to late 19th century as it is in that common mix of Neo-Gothic and Neo-Lublin Renaisance so popular in the region.
CHAPEL: no data. From 1646.
Rusiły (Rusily)
Zadnia Kol.

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Map of the Gmina of Podedworze


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