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6. Firlej

The Gmina of Firlej
The gmina of Firlej has a population of 6500 and covers an area of 126.5 There is a large area of forest in the west of the gmina, but 8000 hectares are arable land, although the soil is poor. Through the eastern and northern parts flow the river Wieprz, with its meadows and wetlands.
GMINA OFFICE & Tourist Info.: Urząd (Urzad) Gminy, Rynek 1, 21-136 Firlej, pow. Lubartow, woj. Lubelskie. Tel: (+48 81) 857 80 01
A few buildings and a small scattering of farmsteads just to the east of a large forest, with small woods in all other directions. The land is arable and there are two streams. Firlej is 3km to the northwest. There is a small hamlet by the same name some 2km to the north, in a clearing in the large forest.
A string of houses along a lane on a small promontory above the Wieprz, on the southwest side of the river. Just west of the village is a small stream, which cuts around the south side and almost make an island of the village. Just south of the village is a wood, and highway 19 is 700m to the west.
A scattering of farmsteads in almost flat arable land about 1km southwest of Sobolew. This settlement is partly in the gmina of Kamionka.
Czerwonka-Gozdów (Czerwonka Gozdow)
Houses and farmsteads on a lane almost parallel, and at a distance of 600m to the west of, national highway 19. The land is arable and a stream passes through the village. To the west and south, at a distance of 500m are some woods.
Czerwonka-Mała (Czerwonka Mala)
A few buildings on a small lane, by a tiny wood, just 1km northwest of Czerwonka Gozdow. A stream passes under the track just to the north of this hamlet, by bridge.
Czerwonka-Poleśna (Czerwonka Polesna)
A small group of houses and farmsteads along a small track, on the opposite side of the wood to Czerwonka-Gozdow.
Firlej [Firlejów](Firlejow)
This large village was first mentioned in 1557, its name coming from the name of the family who established it. There was a strong handicraft and craft tradition here and was famous for its pottery. However, the pottery skills have been lost as the market for pottery ware decreased in the 20th century. In 1839, when the estate was owned by Henryk Łubieński (Lubienski), a factory of tools and agricultural equipment was started here, the first in the Lublin region. Firlej lost its town rights in 1869, and was then destroyed by retreating Russians in WW1. Firlej never recovered from this until the 1960's, when people started to come here for lakeside holidays. There are 2 large lakes, with lakeside houses situated among trees to be rented.
CHURCH 1: Parafia rzymskokatolicka Przemienienia Pańskiego (Panskiego), Kościelna (Koscielna) 5, Firlej, pow. Lubartow, woj. Lubelskie. This is the parish church of Firlej parafia, Lubartow dekanat. This church is of wooden construction and was built in 1880.
CHURCH 2: No data, possibly just a very small Catholic chapel.
Gać (Gac)
Gac is a small gathering of farmsteads on the northwest border of the area which is Kunow. The land is flat and arable, but there are wetlands and 2 small lakes across the stream to the north.
A few buildings and farmsteads at the junction of several lanes and tracks, surrounded by woods and about 1km to the south of Wolka Rozwadowska.
A few buildings on a small lane, with a stream running either side. the land is arable and there are medium sized woods just to the east and south. Czerwonka gozdow lies about 2km to the north.
A small scattering of farmsteads on the west side of national highway 19, between the highway and a medium sized coniferous wood.
Kunów (Kunow)
Series of farmsteads along two converging tracks. The main part of the village lies on the western bank of the Kunow lake, whilst the other part lies along the northern edge of a large forest.
Las Cegielnia
A house in a large forest near the western edge of the forest. On the west side of the house is a string of long ponds.
Las Rawityn
A couple of houses deep in the forest, on the south side of a stream.
Łukówiec (Lukowiec)
A village stretching 1km along a track parallel to highway 19 to the west and the Wieprz to the east. It is built along the edge of the Wieprz river flood plain. To the northwest is a small wood.
Łukowiec Kol. (Lukowiec Kol.)
A small gathering of buildings and farmsteads immediately northeast of Lukowiec. There are streams either side, and the Wieprz river is only 500m to the east. The land is flat and arable, and there is a medium size wood to the northwest.
A scattering of farmsteads and one small group of houses 1km east of Sobolewski. There is a large forest 1km to the north and east.
Nowy Antonin
This village consists of a series of adjacent farmsteads on the eastern half of a country road that ceases at the eastern end of the village. At the eastern end of the village is a church and a school. The eastern end of the village is built in the meadows, whilst the western end is on slightly higher land used for arable purposes. There are many little bridges here over the several small streams. 1.5km to the south of the village is the start of a large forest.
CHURCH: Rzymskokatolicka. This is part of Firlej parafia, Lubartow dekanat.
A small scattering of farmsteads just north of a large forest and 1km south of Nowy Antonin, in an area of Arable land.
Podgościniec (Podgosciniec)
A small scattering of farmsteads on the east side of national highway 19, 4km north of Firlej. the land is generally flat and arable, with a medium sized deciduous wood to the north.
Pożarów (Pozarow)
The central part of this village is built round 4 roads, which form a square. To the south and north are areas with scattered farmsteads. To the north is the Tysmienica river, and to the south is the Wieprz. The land is gently undulating and arable, although changing into wetlands at the northern and southern ends as the rivers are approached.
Pólki (Polki)
A small gathering of houses where a small country lane meets the north bank of the river Wieprz. the land is flat and is meadow, but there is some arable land to the west. This hamlet is 3km southeast from Suloszyn.
Przypisówka (Przypisowka)
This is a village built along the country road route from Firlej to Lubartow, far from the busy national road to the west. this village is built on the edge of the Wieprz river wetlands. There is a meat factory just to the southwest.
CHURCH: No data.
A few farmsteads almost completely enclosed by an arm of a large forest, nearly 2km southwest of Nowy Antonin.
A largish village only some 1.5km northwest of Firlej. The village is crescent shaped, with the northern point touching the river Wieprz. the land is relatively flat and is used for arable purposes, but there is a track to the east leading to meadows. At the northwestern extension to the village is a bridge over the Wieprz.
A group of houses beside small lakes which once formed part of the main course of the Tysmienica river. the land is arable, but close to the north, west and south are areas of meadow and wetland. The Tysmienica flows south at this point and joins the Wieprz just over 1km away.
Houses and farmsteads built around to intersections of lanes and tracks. The land is arable and undulating. A couple of streams run through the village, there is a medium sized wood not far to the east, and there is a post office. The church is in the centre of this rather spread out settlement.
CHURCH: Rzymskokatolicka. Part of Rudno parafia, Michow dekanat.
CEMETERY: Soldiers graves from the 1863 January Uprising.
A scattering of farmsteads in gently undulating arable land on the east side of the Minina river valley. There are a couple of streams and a small wood to the northwest.
A group of houses and farmsteads on a north-south track. To the north is a large forest and to the south is a small wood. The Minina river is a couple of kilometres to the west over rolling arable land.
Stary Antonin
A few buildings on a track, the ones on the northern side are under the eaves of a small wood. Further along the track to the west is a scattering of farmsteads in open arable land.
Sułoszyn (Suloszyn)
Built on a country road that runs parallel to the Wieprz river, with some buildings on a small side road down to the river. The land is flat and there is a wetland wood immediately to the east. To the north of the village proper is a scattering of farmsteads on an area of arable land.
Sułoszyn Kol. (Suloszyn Kol.)
Kol. Suloszyn is a gathering of farmsteads between Pozarow and Suloszyn. The land is flat and arable, but just north of the village is a small area of wetland. To the west is a small lake, once part of the course of the Wieprz river.
A farmstead in the middle of a large forest, beside the only proper road through the forest. Firlej is 5km to the east.
Wola Skromoska
A village in two parts. One is stretched along the minor highway 19, and the other along a parallel track 500m to the north. The main part is built on the north bank of the Wieprz river. Both parts are located on the flat land between the Wieprz to the south and the Tysmienica to the north.
Wólka Mieczysławska (Wolka Mieczyslawska)
A scattering of farmsteads on either side of a track in almost flat arable land, 2km southeast of Sobolew. The track on which this settlement lies goes from the Kamionka-Firley country road to Wola Mieczyslawska and then Mieczyslawska, villages in Lubartow gmina.
Wólka Rozwadowska (Wolka Rozwadowska)
A scattering of farmsteads along about 3km of the meadows on the southern bank of the Wieprz river. There is a small wood to the south. The centre of the settled area is about 2km to the southwest of Wola Skromowska.
Some farmsteads on the north side of the country road to Nowy Antonin, near the junction with national highway 19. The land is undulating and arable.
Zagrody Łukowieckie (Zagrody Lukowieckie)
A small scattering of farmsteads on the east side of national highway 19, 3km north of Firlej. The land is generally flat and arable.
Postal/Zip Codes for Firlej Gmina
Czerwonka-Gozdów ( Czerwonka-Gozdow ) 
Czerwonka-Poleśna ( Czerwonka-Polesna ) 
Kunów ( Kunow ) 
Łukówiec ( Lukowiec ) 
Nowy Antonin 
Przypisówka ( Przypisowka ) 
Wola Skromoska 
Wólka Mieczysławska ( Wolka Mieczyslawska ) 
Zagrody Łukowieckie ( Zagrody Lukowieckie )

Map of the Gmina of Firlej


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