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  Below are links to various on-line maps of the country, past and present. For links to maps of specific areas within past and present-day Poland, see Regions in Poland.


Present-Day Poland
shows names of regions and main rivers but no city names

Regions of Poland
shows both present and former regions of Poland; some of these regions are no longer in Poland

Poland 1370
Poland under Casimir the Great

The Jagiellonian Realm - c. 1500
includes the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Poland-Lithuania 1634-5
includes woj. boundaries

The Partitions of Poland
shows each section of Poland partitioned in the years 1772, 1793, 1795

Eastern Europe c. 1880
includes many regional names; map is centered on the city of Warsaw

Poland 1918-1921
shows the various occupied areas during World War One and the formation of Poland as a country after the war

Poland 1920-1939
excellent map; shows the province boundaries of that time; present day boundaries are also represented

Poland 1939-1945
Poland under German occupation

Poland 1946-1957

Poland 1957-1975

Poland 1975-1998

Poland's Roman Catholic Dioceses
a map of the current diocesan boundaries and links to their official web sites

Polish State Archives
a map of the areas served by each State Archives, which house civil records 100 years or older; current province boundaries are also represented; mailing addresses and links to their official web sites can also be found on this page

Off-site Maps

excellent present-day interactive map; most towns will list the current wojewodztwo (province) and the former woj. (1975-1998) to which they belong

Map of Poland
excellent present-day interactive map; just click on a portion of the map to view a larger map of that area

Poland 1997
shows major roads as well as provinces from 1975-1998

Polish provinces in the last 60 years
maps from 1939, 1946, 1957, and 1975 representing the changes in province borders.  Also has a map entitled 1998?, which was a proposed reconstruction of Poland containing 12 provinces (obviously this one was not chosen!).

Poland 1921-1939
from the PGSA site; shows the provinces and names of major cities

Republic of Poland 1921-1939
shows major cities and many border countries

Boundary Changes
boundary changes from 1815 to 1998; great explanation of changes

Map and Cities of Poland
the map of the former 49 provinces contains the names of all cities with more than 15,000 residents, and 85 of these cities have additional information available.  NOTE: the page takes approximately 5 minutes to load; there is an option to link to a list of cities without the map

Poland 1764
nice map showing various historical areas of Poland

Maps of Central Europe
links to maps of Central Europe from 980, 1180, 1360, 1460, 1555, 1660, 1780, 1801, 1810, 1815, 1860, and 1871

Maps of the Baltic Lands
links to maps of the Baltic Lands from 1000, 1220, 1270, 1350-1360, 1400, 1478, 1563, 1617, 1701, 1772, 1795, and 1809

Maps for Purchase:

Poland Maps from Omni Resources
maps of present-day Poland for purchase

Detailed Maps of Poland
maps of present-day Poland for purchase

Travel Guides and Maps
from the Polish Art Center site

Genealogy Unlimited
modern and historical maps and atlases

Europe Maps
hundreds of maps of cities, towns, regions, and countries in Europe

City and Town Plans of Poland
maps of cities from the 1890s to 1913; includes online samples

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