Polish Records
Records Church records that I have extracted in the course of my genealogy research

Please note that these are partial transcriptions.
Source: LDS microfilms
St. Bartholomew Church, Łęki Gorne, Poland
Leki Gorne and Leki Dolne
1898738, 1898739, 1898740, 1899056, 1899057

Łękawica, Poland -- Lekawica
2037796, 2037797
Lisia Góra, Poland -- Lisia Gora
2007210, 2007211, 2007212, 2007313
No records yet
Machowa, Poland
1956884, 1956885
St. John the Baptist Parish, Pilzno, Poland
2006795, 2006701, 2006732, 2006733, 2006734
Przeczyca, Poland
Szynwałd, Poland - Szynwald
2037801, 2037802
Żukowice Stare and Nowa Jastrz±bka, Poland
Zukowice Stare and Nowa Jastrzabka
1980468, 1980469 - No records yet
Photos of churches & List of microfilm contents
Wola Rzędzińska, Poland -- Wola Rzedzinska
2035291, 2035292

Please note that these are partial transcriptions.
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NOTE: These records were in the Latin language - all names were Latinized. For example, the male Polish given name Wojciech will be Adalbert or Adalbertus in the records, Józef will be Joseph or Josephus. Female surnames in some cases will be in the feminine form. For example TWOREK may be TWORKOWNA, GALUS may be GALUSIONKA, PODRAZA may be PODRAZIONKA. I have made no attempt to convert these names into what they might be in English.  Browse a few pages to get an idea of what to search for.

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