Peter and Janie's Ancestors
Peter and Janie's Ancestors
Peter Van Olinda

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The Ancestors of Peter Van Olinda and Janie Giacomini were compiled from many sources including the records and recollections of relatives, internet sources, email and snail mail documents and a few books.

Worthy of special mention are:

Harry Philips whose work came to me from Susanne Borst

My Great Grandmother Caroline McFarland who compiled lists and charts of her ancestors

Laura Linder who provided me with considerable Van Olinda information and the leads to a number of Genealogical Societies.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze's book "The Van Slyke Family in America"

Lisa Clark who's web pages the "Descendants of Michel Brouillet dit Laviolette" at supplied all of the past information on my Brouillet line

Dorie Haley Sweeney and Jessie (Jennings) Haynor who provided descendants of Daniel Van O. (1676-1716) and. Lysbeth Kregier.

Specific Sources can, of course, be found in the source pages.

In some cases, Peter can trace his ancestors back quite far.

On his Mothers side

The Brouillet Line begins with Jacques Brouillette (1610-1670) or if you prefer,

a Descendant Chart with Pictures

The Hewitt Line begins with Gideon Huet (Hewitt) (b1746)

On his fathers side

The McFarland line begins with Daniel Mc Farland (b before 1760) and Colonel Solomon King (b 1757)

James Mc Farland was a Captain in Revolutionary War.

Solomon King was a Colonel in Revolutionary War

Unfortunately, Van Olinda can only be traced back to John A Van Olinda (b 1796) and Catherine Osterhou(t?). The link from John to the first Van Olinda, Pietre Danielse Van Olinda has yet to be established

Janie's ancestors are not yet known back as far.

Anthony Giacomini (b 1840) and Mathias Mentgen (b 1833) are as far back as we can uncover.

As navigation aids we have included

a Jacques Brouillette descendant chart

a Gideon Hewitt descendant chart

a Daniel Mc Farland descendant chart

a Pietre Danielse Van Olinda descendant chart


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