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My own family with the surname JERUSALEM was of Jewish origin and stems from Drenice and Chotiebor (near Chrudim) in Bohemia. Branches of the family lived in Prague and Vienna and elsewhere.

The database includes related families such as BEJKOVSKY (BEYKOVSKY, BEYKOWSKY, BEYKOWSKI), KOPPERL, THORSCH, BONDY, FISCHL, containing over 3000 people.

There are also several probably unrelated JERUSALEM families within it.

The Family Trees are in two formats:

As a Dynamic Family Tree: rather slick & easy to understand. Probably needs up-to-date browsers. Not so easy to print/copy from. Last updated: 30 Oct 2013

As GED2HTML: [Can be confusing to follow lines of descent] Surnames represented are indexed here . Last updated: 30 Oct 2013

Memoirs of  Leopold and Wilhelm Jerusalem

Link to a site devoted to the History of the JERUSALEM surname (families from Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Philippines, Germany, USA etc)

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