Adler & Eisner Family History

ADLER and EISNER and FÜRTH (FUERTH) and related families

Genealogy of Families from Amschelberg (now Kosova Hora) & Tereschau (Teresov) in Bohemia (Czech Republic)

The Family Trees are displayed in two alternative formats:

As a Dynamic Family Tree: rather slick & easy to understand. Probably needs up-to-date browsers. Not so easy to print/copy from. Last updated: 28 Sep 2010

As GED2HTML: [Can be confusing to follow lines of descent] Last updated: 28 Sep 2010

Information on the Jewish Community of Amschelberg (Kosova Hora) , including list of Familianten, extracts from Hugo Gold book, and extracts from Amschelberger Jugenderinnerungen


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