Welcome to McAdams Cemetery!

Welcome to McAdams Cemetery


Set on what was once farmland in the South Oak Cliff neighborhood of southern Dallas County lies the final resting place of the McAdams family who moved from Bedford County, Tennessee to Dallas in the late 1850's. Today, what used to be a sprawling farm is now a tiny square of land surrounded by apartment homes, gas stations, fast food restaurants and a commercial shopping center. The patriarch of the McAdams family, Nathaniel O. McAdams, was a prosperous farmer and Dallas County Commissioner until his death in 1897. He helped settle many affairs of local government during his tenure in public office. He married Mary Smith in Tennesse and had two sons and four daughters. One son and daughter would marry members of the nearby William Carroll Rogers family. The Rogers family moved to Texas from Polk County, Missouri during the mid 1860's. There are atleast nine marked graves here and several unmarked graves. The possibility exists of many more burials in this forgotten family cemetery. No previous census of this cemetery is known to exist. At one time, the cemetery had a nice billboard type sign with the cemetery name and the years it was in use as a graveyard from 1882-1926 which has since been destroyed. Now only a hand-painted plywood sign marks its entrance. Time and the elements have not been the only factors threatening this hallowed ground, but vandals as well who have damaged or destroyed several markers. North Texas Cemetery Preservation has been maintaining these gravesites as many other such abandoned cemeteries are not nearly so well cared for as McAdams Cemetery has been in recent years. The families buried here have relatives and descendants buried at nearby Five Mile Cemetery.


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1 October 2006