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Scottish Resources on the Net

Scots Resources
scrollClan Donnachaidh Society
must see William Wallace -- The Truth
must see Highlander Web Magazine
scrollThe Scots/Irish Immigration of the 1700s
scrollThe Highland Book Store
scroll Scottish Clan Map in gif or jpeg format -- WARNING -- large files!
scrollGeoffrey (Tailor) Highlands Crafts. Ltd.
scroll Thistle Press
scrollScottish Highlands Explorer
scroll Scottish New Councils
Thescroll Scottish Genealogy Society
scroll The History of Tartan
scroll Scottish Libraries Across the Internet
scroll Duart Castle
scroll James Thin Ltd. Booksellers
scroll Alan Rankin -- Rare Books
scrollFailte ort a dh'Albainn
scroll West Highland Explorer
scrollScottish Highland Society Homepage
scrollThe Virtual Hebrides
scroll The Gathering of the Clans
scrollOnLine Scotland
scrollUK+Ireland Genealogy
scroll U.S. Scots OnLine!

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