Philadelphia Grant

hiladelphia Grant -- 1809

Names of Persons Applying for Land in the Philadelphia Grant

The information below is broken down into 4 tables.

    Philadelphia Grant petitioners
  1. Table 1 -- Petitioners settled by Authority of Government.
  2. Table 2 -- Petitioners Settled without Authority.
  3. Table 3 -- Petitioners Applying for land not settled on.
  4. Recapitulation of totals.

Philadelphia Grant -- Table One
NAMENo. of AcresNameNo. of AcresNameNo. of Acres
Alexr. Stewart [Post Man]300Alexr. Cameron300Robert Bone340
Alexr. McKay450George McKay [settled on 150 - prays for 500]500Donald Smith [Mount Thom]300
John McLean220Kenneth McLeod350William McDonald450
Donald Cameron400Donald McLeod400Hugh Cameron400
James Fraser400Robert McLean [by purchase from Robert Pagan 200]350John Urquhart500
Capt. David Rodgers400Alexr. Stewart300
Settled by Authority of Government6360

Philadelphia Grant -- Table TWO
NAMENo. of AcresNameNo. of AcresNameNo. of Acres
Chris Jean Perin500Jono. & Alexr. McGilivray250Murdock Munro500
Hugh McLeod500Hugh McPherson500John McGilivry250
Hugh Connor100Donald McGilivry Jnr.150Donald McGilivry500
George Sutherland300William McKay250Murdoch Sutherland200
Neil Sutherland350William Gun250Duncan McDonald450
George Gordon150Jno. Sutherland400Murdoch Munro300
Donald McKenzie350Alexr. McKenzie400Chas. McKay [purchased 100 -- prays for 100]200
Geo. Julunoy500Wm. shey250Donald Fraser250
Alexander Chisholm150Angus McKay300Hugh McDonald250
John McKenzie200Hector McKenzie100Widow Jane Moore200
David Graham500William Cameron350Alexr. McDonald400
Alexr. Chisholm300Duncan Chisholm100Murdoch Campbell150
Wm. McLeod150John Fraser400Murdoch McKenzie400
Alexr. Rossno figures availableWilliam McKenzie250Joseph Richords300
William & Widow Fraser250Simon Fraser350John Gordon300
William Gun200James Fitzpatrick250Donald Murray250
Alexr. McKay300Robert McIntosh500William McIntosh450
Hugh McIntosh 1st100Hugh McIntosh 2nd100Donald Campbell100
John Campbell350Alexr. Sutherland200Rodk. McKenzie450
Hugh Campbell200Alexr. Murray150Andw. Munro200
John Murray350Donald Murray100Donald McLeod150
John McLeod300Alexr. Murray100Murdoch Stewart250
New Liarge People2,700

Philadelphia Grant -- Table THREE
NAMENo. of AcresNameNo. of AcresNameNo. of Acres
Rodk. McKenzie150Dond. McKenzie150Dond. Cameron250
John McKenzie150Anthony Smith200Wm. Smith100
Dond. McKenzie100William McKenzie100John Ferguson500
Dond. McDonald200Doctor McCullough500James Patterson500
John McGill450Dond. Graham250John & James Graham200
John & Willm. Clarke450John McLean400Edward McLean250
John Patterson100Thomas Patterson100James Henderson150
Alexr. Hill300Donald McLeod250Alexr. & Wm. Hatty250
Dond. & James Fraser550Robt. Anderson, Thos. West & Stephen West600James McGouagh350
Michl Garvin200Revd. Duncan Ross500David McLeod350
John Shields250Elizabeth Cameron100Catharine Fraser150
Alexr. Gordon100James Rodgers500Hugh McLeod100
John Rodgers100John McCabe100
James McGill100
Total10, 350

Philadelphia Grant -- Table Four
RecapitulationNo. of Acres
Settled on by Authority since granted6,360
Settled on without Authority22,100
Applied for, but not settled on10,350
Reported by Commissioners28, 534
Surveyed for Mr. Milne in consequence of orders from the Duke of Portland5,00
Harris Thomas about 2000 exclusive of Settlement2,000
Matthew Harris2,000
Robert Pagan3,000
proposed for R. Pagan and Family in full of all claims of which 2,000 to R. Pagan20,000
the Heirs of Marchinton2,000
Crawley Heirs2,500
Surveyed for Robt. Lawrie1,000
Mrs. Cochrane1,500
Mr. Boyd500
Deduct 10,350 acres being land applied for but not settled-10, 350
Deduct 18,650 acres from the above 22,100 -- it being proposed that only 50 acres be for the present allowed each Family who have settled-18,650
5000 additional applied for by Mr. Milnes5,000
allow for Persons who may happen to be within the limits of the Grant whose cases are not made known10,000
leaves disposeable by Govt.108,256 acres

The Surv. General proposes that each Family actually settled should be allowed 50 Acres and in order to produce Regularity in the settlement of the Land the situations where they are placed should be precisely ascertained, and the agregate Amount intended for them, laid out in Parallelogram or as nearly in that form as the local Situation will admit -- these Tracts they can hold as Joint tennants and subdivide them as they may agree -- the ungranted Land to be laid out by General Base Lines run thro' the Ranges of Ground best adapted for Cultivation -- and laid out into Farm Lots of 200 Acres each the Lots near the Shore and bounded by it not to exceed 100 Acres -- Reservation to be made at Convenient points for Glebe -- School & Minister etc. for the support of the College, etc. -- (1).
Confirmed in Council
28th Augt. 1809
[Signed] George Prevost --

Compiled by: Morgan Robertson

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