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ughton --- 1804


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NOTE: The following list, in the papers of Lord Selkirk's agent in Upper Canada, is -although not so labeled-of the passengers on board the OUGHTON, who arrived at Baldoon in the late summer of 1804. This voyage is not to be confused with the previous one of the Oughton to Prince Edward Island in 1803.

The original is in the Public Archives of Canada, Alexander McDonell Papers, Notebook, 105-8.

The OUGHTON -- 1804
John Macdonald42male
Mary Macdonald45female
John Macdonald13male
David Macdonald12male
Peter Macdonald5 1/2male
Angus Macdonald31male
Jean Macdonald40female
Angus Macdonald3male
Andrew Macdonald6male
Reith Macdonald8female
Mary Macdonald3 mos.female
Donald MacCallum30male
Mary MacCallum40female
Hugh MacCallum18male
Jean MacCallum16female
Flora MacCallum14female
Imelia MacCallum9female
Peggy MacCallum7female
Ann MacCallum4female
Charles Morrison49male
Peggy Morrison34female
Flora Morrison14female
Christian Morrison2 1/2female
Fa: MacKay14female
James Morrison13male
John McDougald50male
Sarah MacDougald47female
Angus MacDougald17male
Angus MacPherson49male
John MacDougald14male
Hector MacDougald10 1/2male *sick
Lauchlan MacDougald8 1/2male *remained w/ his father
Archy'd MacDougald6male
James MacDougald2 1/2male
Munly MacDougald18female
Flora MacDougald4female
Allan MacDougald21male
Ann MacDougald19female
Mary McDougald5 mos.female
Kirsty McPherson43female
Alex MacPherson19male
Donald McPherson17male
Mary McPherson8female
Dugald MacPherson4male
Alexander Macdonald35male
Mary Macdonald30female
John Macdonald13male
John McKenzie36male
Anne McKenzie36female
Keneth McKenzie10male
Donald McKenzie8male
Flora McKenzie6female
Angus Macdonald5male
Neil Macdonald3male
Alice Macdonald9female
Ann Macdonald5female
Kath: Macdonald1 1/2female
John Buchanan42male
Kath: Buchanan31female
Nelly Buchanan3 1/2female
Donald Buchanan5 1/2male
Donald Macdonald45male
Kath: Macdonald37female
Kirsty Macdonald15female
Sarah Macdonald13female
Mary Macdonald9female
Kath: Macdonald7female
Flora Macdonald5female
Peggy Macdonald3female
Angus Macdonald11male
Donald Macdonald32male
Flora Macdonald21female
John Macdonald6male
Duncan Macdonald3male
Hugh Macdonald1 1/2male
Donald Brown38male
Marion Brown35female
Hector Brown7male
Alexander Brown5male
Flora Brown7female
Allan MacLean32male
Mary McLean30female
Mary McDonald48female
Kirsty MacLean10female
Mary McLean2 1/2female
Hector MacLean8male
Effie McLean8 mos.female
Angus Macdonald
Ann MacLean
Allan MacDonald
John MacDonald
Arch: Macdonald
Donald Macdonald
Hector Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
Nancy McLaughlin
Neil Brown

REFERENCE: "The People's Clearance" by J. M. Bumstead.

The last few names of the Oughton had no ages or sexes listed next to their names.

Compiled by: Kristen McKay Willard

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