Early Pictou Obits

eath Notices of Some Early Pictou County Settlers

Information extracted from The Pictou Book, Stories of Our Past, written by George McLaren, published in 1954. Information provided by Kristen McKay Willard


scrollAt Loch Broom, Alexander Cameron, sr., aged 103, who came to Nova Scotia in 1773. He left to mourn an aged widow and eight children, 63 grand and 21 great-grandchildren. He named the settlement after his native place in Ross-shire, Scotland. Colonel Patriot, August 20, 1831.

scrollAt Loch Broom, Alexander Cameron, 67, a native of Loch Broom, Ross-shire, who came to the Province in 1773. Pictou Bee, December 2, 1835.

*scroll"At East Branch East River, Mrs. Mary (Archibald) Chisholm, 90, Oct. 22, 1859, last female survivor of passengers on the ship Hector. Eastern Chronicle, January 26, 1860.

scrollMrs. Janet Forbes, 89, widow of the late John Forbes. Eastern Chronicle, April 18, 1853.

scrollJohn Forbes died at Upper Settlement, East River, October 1st last. Aged 88. He arrived in New York in 1775 and was compelled to enlist in the 84th Regiment and was sent to Boston, where he served eight years before being disbanded in 1783. He and several others formed the settlement at East Branch East River where he lived for 61 years.

scrollHis grandson William (John's son) died the same day and was buried in the same grave. Eastern Chronicle, Feb 26, 1845.

scrollAlexander Fraser Senior, 78 Hector passenger, died at Green Hill December 28, 1843. Eastern Chronicle.

scrollAt Middle River December 19, 1829 died Captain David Fraser 57, son of the late Alexander Fraser who was the first settler at that place and a Hector passenger. The deceased was the first born in that settlement. Colonial Patriot Jan. 9, 1830.

scrollAt East River, Hugh Fraser 86, one of the oldest settlers at that place. He came to Nova Scotia in 1773. He has left alive there at present, twelve of the Hector passengers, several of whom followed his funeral on foot to thecemetry (sic). Novascotian August 3, 1826.

scrollDied at Middle River Point, Hugh Fraser, 92, a Hector passenger. Eastern Chronicle, Oct 24, 1861.

scrollDeath of Mrs. Jane Fraser, French River, 94, a Hector passenger. Eastern Chronicle Jan 17, 1856.

scrollAt Pictou Thomas Harris died aged 75. He came from Maryland in 1772. He was Deputy Sheriff of Pictou County for 22 years. Pictou Bee, April 6, 1836.

scrollAt Loch Broom, Elizabeth McCabe 92, widow of James McCabe, she was born at Halifax in 1758 and came to Pictou on the first direct ship from Halifax in 1782. 11 children, 66 great (sic) and 113 great-grandchildren survive. Acadian Recorder Nov. 23, 1850.

scrollAt East River, Jannet 76, spouse of William McKay. She was one of the first females who emigrated for Pictou and she resided there 43 years, leaving six children, 50 grand and 5 great-grandchildren. Acadian Recorder March 23, 1816.

scrollAt East River Nov. 22, Roderick McKay aged 84, last survivor of the ship Hector. He removed to Halifax in 1776 where he remained for 20 years, 15 as foreman blacksmith at H.M. Dockyard. He returned to his farm in 1796 and died there. Nova Scotian, Dec. 3, 1829.

scrollSquire William McKay 97, died leaving 19 children, 98 grand and 14 great-grandchildren. He was one of the Highlanders who arrived in 1773. Colonial Patriot March 7, 1828.

scrollAt Pictou Colin McKenzie 108, one of the oldest settlers in this district. Nova Scotian Oct 12, 1825.

scrollKenneth McKenzie, aged 95, died at Pictou Island. He had served in the 78th Regiment and saw service in India in 1799. Eastern Chronicle Oct 4, 1855.

scrollThomas McKenzie, 95, came to the Province in 1784. Eastern Chronicle May 24, 1855.

scrollMrs. Jane James McLellan, 83, East River, left a large family. She was a passenger on the Hector. January 28, 1829.

scroll William McLellan, 87, died at East River. Hector passenger. He was one of the first settlers on the West River. Colonial Patriot Feb 20, 1830.

scrollHector McQuarry, 88, Scotch Hill, came in 1791. He left 10 children, 67 grand and 28 great-grandchildren. Colonial Patriot March 14, 1828.

scrollAt Pictou Mrs. Margaret Munro 106, widow of the late Andrew Munro, who came to this country 80 years ago. Three children survive out of a family of eight. Pictou News Dec. 26, 1884.

scrollChristopher J. Perin 80, native of Nova Scotia, one of the first settlers at River John. Pictou Bee Jan 6, 1836

scrollCapt. Nathaniel Powell, 104, native of Wales. Mechanic & Farmer, Oct. 27, 1841.

scrollJohn Rogers 67, who came to Nova Scotia from Maryland. He was the founder of Rogers Hill. Colonial Patriot April 2, 1831.

scrollDeath of Mrs. Jane Turnbull 97, one of the first East River settlers. Mechanic & Farmer Feb 3, 1841.

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