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Jessie Murchison

"There passed peacefully away at her home in Iris on September 4th at 8 p.m., Mrs. Hugh MacDonald. The deceased was in her seventy-second year and was a daughter of the late John Murchison of High Bank. Although the end was expected for some time, still her death came suddenly. She was a woman who always enjoyed exceptionally good health until December of last year, when she became suddenly ill, but regained some of her wonted health and was able to be about, her recovery being anticipated, when she became suddenly ill again and passed peacefully away on the above date. She was a life long member of the Caledonia Church, and the place she filled will be sadly missed. She was visited frequently during her illness by her pastor, Reverend Quincy McDowell.

There are left to mourn and cherish the memory of a fond and loving wife and loving mother, a bereaved husband, two sons and three daughters, John and Christie of Watertown, and whom arrived to attend the funeral, Mrs. Benjamin Young of Iris, Mrs.Jospeh Coyle, Prince Street, Charlottetown and Malcolm on the homestead.

The funeral which was held from her home in Iris, was one of the largest seen in that community for some time, showing the high esteem in which she was held.

Interment took place in Little Sands Cemetery in the family plot alongside that of her brother Malcolm who predeceased her six weeks ago.

The pallbearers were relatives of the deceased, namely Benjamin, Ewen, Nathan, James Lester Young and Joseph Coyle."

(Evening Patriot September 24, 1929 page 3)

Compiled by: Ann Bonnell

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