The HOPE Passenger List to Pictou--- 1848


The PASSENGER LIST of the HOPE --- 1848

The Hope, 515 tons, sailed from Glasgow 5th of April, 1848 for Pictou Nova Scotia with William Grange as Master. The following is a list of passengers, mostly colliers.

The Hope
David McLeanElizabeth RobertsonJohn Greenhorn
Martha McLeanWilliam RobertsonMargaret Greenhorn
Robert McLeanAnne Greenhorn
Martha McLeanPettigrew RobertsonJohn Greenhorn
Martha Robertson
Joseph RobertsonJohn RobertsonRobert Borland
Rosanna RobertsonElizabeth RobertsonElizabeth Borland
Joseph RobertsonJane RobertsonJohn Borland
Georg RobertsonRobert Borland
William RobertsonGeorge RobertsonElizabeth Borland
Mary RobertsonAnne RobertsonJoseph Borland
James RobertsonMargaret Robertson
Jane RobertsonAnne RobertsonJohn Borland
Isabella RobertsonSarah RobertsonJane Borland
Charles RobertsonJanet Borland
James RobertsonJohn Borland
Jane RobertsonGeorge Robertson
George RobertsonMary Robertson
Jane RobertsonAnne RobertsonJohn Bowman
James RobertsonMary RobertsonMary Bowman
Anne RobertsonJohn Bowman
Charles RobertsonWilliam RobertsonMary Bowman
John Robertson
Samuel McDougall
Edward RobertsonJohn RobertsonAnn McDougall
Margaret RobertsonMaria RobertsonJohn McDougall
Mary RobertsonJames RobertsonMurdoch McDougall
Peter RobertsonAgnes McDougall
Barbara RobertsonAndrew GilmourEuphemia McDougall
George RobertsonAnne Gilmour
Jane GilmourWilliam Falkin
Walter RobertsonRobert GilmourElizabeth Falkin
Isabella RobertsonAnne GilmourMargaret Falkin
Isabella RobertsonHelen GilmourJohn Falkin
Jane FalkinRobert WilsonJames Houston
Tabitha Falkin
John MorisonWilliam Storie
Robert CullinJane Morison
Janet CullinElizabeth MorisonWilliam McLeay
Thomas CullinRobert Morison
David CullinJohn MorisonJohn Wood
Anne CullinJane Morison
Jane CullinElizabeth Greenhorn
Margt. Cullin
Elizabeth CullinWilliam BairdAgnes Weir
Martha CullinMargt. BairdMary Weir
Margaret BairdAgnes Weir
Archibald NivenMary Baird
Gavin BairdJohn Clark
James StevensonJane Baird
Helen StevensonRobertson BairdIn Cabin***
John PickenJanet BairdGeorge Walker
Margaret PickenMrs. Walker
Francis StevensonJoseph MartinJanet Walker
James StevensonJane MartinAnne Walker
Janet StevensonJoseph MartinAndrew Walker
Helen StevensonRobert Walker
James HoustonGeorge Walker
John BlueJane HoustonMary Jane Walker
TOTALS:70 adults67 children

ED. NOTES: The list above is set up as found in The Pictou Book by Geo. McLaren. The ***In Cabin reference above may refer to the Walker family listed below it as Cabin Passengers.

Coming next -- Hope Passengers bound for the States.

Compiled by: Morgan Robertson

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