List of Marriages in Pictou County by Rev. James MacGregor

arriages in Pictou County

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List of Marriages in Pictou County by Rev. James McGregor
Patrick FrasertoMiss Douglas
Samuel CamerontoMiss Fraser
Donald MacDonaldtoMiss Cameron
Donald FrasertoMiss Fraser
Archibald ChisholmtoMiss Ross
David MacLeantoMiss Fraser
David BogietoMiss Bridie
Donald MacKaytoMiss Forbes
James CamerontoMiss Falconer
James RobertsontoMiss MacDonald
John JaskitoCharlotte Cameron
Thomas FrasertoMiss MacDonald
John RogertoMiss Matheson
Duncan MacDonaldtoMiss Fraser
John CollytoMiss MacLellan
Hugh FrasertoMiss Bisset
John MacGilltoMiss Mitchell
Thomas MacKenzietoMiss Fraser
Alex MacHattytoMiss MacDonald
David SimpsontoIsabel Smith
James PattersontoMiss Lowden
Lawrence MillertoMiss MacGill
John FrasertoMiss Murray
John BlackietoBarbara MacKay
William UrquarttoEliza MacLean
Robert CultontoHelen Smith
John DawsontoMiss MacKegan
William CampbelltoMiss Henderson
William MacKaytoMiss White
Alexander MacKaytoMiss Cameron
James MacKaytoMiss Chisholm
James FrasertoAnn Robertson
Alexander FrasertoElsie MacInnis

Compiled by: Kristen McKay Willard

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