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ECTOR --- 1773


Kristen McKay Willard from Seattle, Washington is actively researching Christopher McKay from the passenger list of the Hector. She very graciously donated the list to this site. The source material she drew this from is listed on the bottom of page 4. If you are also researching this line please use the link connected to her name to drop her a line -- or if you just want to thank her for making this information available. If your browser does not support forms please drop her an email at mcnerthney@msn.com.

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This list is attributed to Squire William McKay or to one of his sons. McKay and his wife and four sons were passengers on the Hector on the voyage to Pictou in 1773. The only previously known list was made by William McKenzie, the school teacher of the party, which now cannot be found. The Hector left Greenock about July 1, 1773. There were ten shipped aboard at Greenock (from The Clyde) and 179 at Loch Broom. Eighteen children died on the passage and one child, afterwards Mrs. Page of Truro, was born aboard the ship on the voyage.

Full Passengers Above Eight Years
Alex Cameron
Donald Cameron
Sarah Campbell
Archibald Chisholm
Colin Douglas
Alex Falconer
Mary Forbes
Helen Fraser
Hugh Fraser
Thomas Fraser
Ann Fraser
Alex Fraser
Hugh Fraser
William Fraser
Mrs. Fraser
Kenneth Fraser
Janet Fraser
Alex Fraser
Donald Graham
Christopher Grant
Donald Grant
John Grant
James Grant
Alex Grant
Robert Innis
Robert Lyon
Donald McDonald
James McDonald
John McDonald
Alex McDonald
Mary McDonald
William McDonald
James McDonald
John McGregor
Colin McKay
Roderick McKay
Donald McKay
Donald McKay
William McKay
Margaret McKay
Christopher McKay
Catherine McKine
Margaret McKay
John McKay
Mary McKay
William McKay
Donald McKay
William McKay (piper)
Magdalene McKenzie
John McKenzie
Colin McKenzie
Isabel McKenzie
William McKenzie
Angus McKenzie
Alex McKenzie
Donald McKenzie
Elspa McKenzie
William McKenzie
Alex McKenzie
Kenneth McKritchie
Margaret McKritchie
Catherine McLean
Alex McLean
Mary McLean
Margaret McLean
John McLennan
William McLennan
James McLeod
Elsbeth McLeod
Janet McLeod
Hugh McLeod
David McLeod
Mary McLeod
Finlay McLeod
Marion McLeod
William McLeod
Alex McLeod
Charles Matheson
William Mathewson
Mary Mathewson
Janet Munroe
Donald Munroe
John Munroe
James Murray
Margaret Murray
Adam Murray
Abigail Marray
Christopher Murray
Walter Murray
Ann Patterson
Rebecca Paterson
Janet Ross
Alex Ross
Donald Ross
Alex Ross
William Ross
Alex Ross
Marion Ross
William Ross
Ann Smith
Lily Sutherland
John Sutherland
Mary Sutherland
Betty Sutherland
John Sutherland
David Urquhart
Christian Urquhart

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