Freehold Inhabitants of Pictou, Merigomish and the River John, March 2, 1790

reehold Inhabitants of Pictou, Merigomish and the River John, March 2, 1790

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Memorial and Petition of the subscribers seeking the establishment of a Court of Common Pleas for the District of Pictou instead of the present Court at Onslow which necessitated the petitioners much labor and expense in attending it at that place.

Freehold Inhabitants of Pictou, Merigomish, and the River John, March 2, 1790
Robert PattersonAlexander RossAlexander McQueen
John FraserWilliam SharpAngus McDonald
John RossThomas BrownJohn McDonald
William LowdenNehemiah PalmerAlexander Robertson
Thomas FraserRobert StewartAlexander Gordon
Robert MarshallWilliam ClarkJohn Paton
Daniel RossWilliam SmithAlex Cameron
James McDonaldRobert StewartAndrew Anderson
Robert PaganJohn McGillArchibald Allardice
William McKayJames McLellandSimon Fraser Jr.
Kenneth ForbesEdward McLeanJames Dunn
Alexander McKayJoseph RichardsThomas Ryens
Alexander FraserHugh DenoonLawrence Miller
John FraserWilliam FraserJohn Patterson Sr.
William RobertsonJames PeacockDavid Stewart
Alexander FraserJames McCaraCharles Blackie
William GordonRobert SmithFerdinan Hardin
James ChisholmGeorge MorrisonCharles Brown
Edward MortimerWalter MurraySamuel Arthur
James PattersonJohn BaillieCharles Robertson
David PattersonAlexander McDonaldJohn Small
Robert Patterson, Jr.Robert McDonaldJoseph McDonald
John BrownfieldDavid SimpsonOwen McEwing
John McNeilDonald McDonald 3rdJohn Gault
Donald McNeilJoseph RoyJames Gillies
Malcolm McNeilDonald McLeanAngus McDonald
Charles McKinnonJohn RobertsonGregory McGregor
Duncan ChisholmSamuel CopelandJohn Sutherland
Murdoch McNeilSimon FraserWilliam Hattie
William TaylorJames ScottAlexander Hattie
Alexander YoungJohn Patterson Jr.Charles Fraser
Thomas CrawDonald McDonaldJohn McCabe
Zephaniah WilliamsNeil McCallum
Patrick McKanWilliam Forbes
John McNeilJames Ried
Archibald McGarvaAlexander Ried
Robert MillerDaniel McLean
John WrightDonald McDonald 2d
George BrownDavid Bogie

Compiled by: Kristen McKay Willard

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