East River Up. Settlement -- 1789

ast River Up. Settlement

A List of the Inhabitants of the East River Up. Settlement etc., with the Quantity of Land, Cattle -- Year 1789

Alexander MacKay, Senior25002
Anthony Culton15003
Robert Culton11002
Donald McKay, Senior145011
Colin McKay145010 1/2
William Fraser Alair Ogg13503
Thomas Fraser, Senior34001
William Robertson21501
Thomas Fraser, Junior14003
Farquhar Falconer11001
Robert Dunbar11001
Donald McKay, Junior1803
Andrew Chisholm12002
Kenneth Forbes14002
Alexander Fraser12501
Hugh Fraser14009
John Fraser his Son12001
William McLeod13504
John McLennan14508
Thomas Turnbul24006
Alexander M'Lean14008
Colin M'Kenzie13505
Alexander Fraser Brook14002
Kenneth McLeod11002
Lydia Fraser12001
Peter Fraser14001
James McLennan13001
John Robertson14002
James Robertson11002
Finlay McMillan2500--
Donald McLean1100--
Donald Fraser12002
Thomas McKenzie12001
Alexander Falconer13003
Henry Munro13002
Henry Burnside1100--
David M'Lean12001
John McLeod1100--
Alexander Cameron12002
Alexander Dunbar12001
William Dunbar11001
James Cameron13002
Donald Chisholm12502
Hector McLean12502
Alexander M'Donald12502
James McDonald13002
Peter Grant23004 1/2
James Fraser13504 1/2
Robert Clark11003
John Cameron14004 1/2
Samuel Cameron Junior11004
Donald Cameron11503 1/2
James Fraser Junior1100--
Duncan M'Donald12002
John M'Donald1--1
Hugh McDonald12002
Samuel Cameron Senior13005 1/2
John Cameron1----
James Anderson1----
Archd. Chisholm1--3
John Forbes12504
John Fraser11502
Thomas Fraser1--2

Compiled by: Morgan Robertson

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