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ettlers of Pictou from the 82nd Regiment Land Grants

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Men from 82nd Regiment who settled in Pictou County
NAMEDate of GrantSituationAcresOrigin or Rank
Addams, William1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Allardice, Archibald1784Pictou500Naval Lieutenant
Anderson, Andrew1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Arbuckles, Charles1785Merigumish200Corporal, 82nd Reg.
Arthur, James1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Baillie, John1785Merigumish150Private, 82nd Reg.
Bannaytine, David1785Merigumish200Corporal, 82nd Reg.
Bilboa, (Bilboe), Wm1785Merigumish100Drummer, 82nd Reg.
Baggey, David1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Bradaw, John1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Brannon, Michael1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Brown, George1785Merigumish200Sergeant, 82nd Reg.
Browne, Charles1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Browne, John1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Cameron, Alexander1785E. River, Pictou100
Cameron, Alexander1797E. River, Pictou100
Cameron, Archibald1785Merigumish150Private, 82nd Reg.
Cameron, Archibald1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Cameron, Donald1785E. River, Pictou150
Cameron, Finlay1785E. River, Pictou400
Cameron, James1797E. River, Pictou300
Cameron, Samuel1785E. River, Pictou300
Cameron, Samuel Jr.1785E. River, Pictou100
Campbell, Alexander1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Campbell, Donald Jr.1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg
Campbell, Donald Sr.1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Campbell, Finlay1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Campbell, Matt1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Campin, William1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Carmichael, James1785Merigumish200Sergeant, 82nd Reg.
Chisholm, Donald1797E. River, Pictou350
Chisholm, Donald Jr1797E. River, Pictou400
Chisholm, John1797E. River, Pictou300
Chisholme, Duncan1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Chisholme, John Jr1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Chisholme, John Jr1785E. River, Pictou200
Chisholme, John Sr.1785E. River, Pictou300
Clark, Robert1785E. River, Pictou100
Clark, Robert1797E. River, Pictou150
Clawson, Robert1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Cochrane, Archibald1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Colly, John1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Conally, Thomas1785Merigumish100Private, 82nd Reg.
Cullen, Gerrad1785Merigumish200Sergeant, 82nd Reg.

Compiled by: Kristen McKay Willard

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