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As I am sure a lot of yours did, my ancestors sailed the mighty seas and rode across many miles of roads to America for various reasons, including political, social, and economic. Some of my ancestors started their journey from various parts of Germany and some from Canada and France. Some of them eventually ended up in the United States. America truly has become a melting pot!

My search for ancestors began "innocently" in March of 1998 as a result of my mother doing some Spring cleaning. She found, way up on a closet shelf, boxes of photographs that she had gotten from her mother's house when she passed away on Thanksgiving Day of 1992. I didn't realize at the time what a passion, and sometimes even an "obsession", this project would become! At times frustrating, nerve-racking, puzzling -- but always rewarding in the end!

I have been researching my ancestors since that time and started this website to both share the results of my family research with anyone who is interested (just ask my family), to share my research data and the extraneous data that came with it, as well as to find as many "cousins" out there as possible.

Please take some time to pass through the portals of my family website and explore the many places it will take you. Listed below are some of the highlights of what you will find as you sail through these pages and explain what is available in these areas for you to explore just out of curiosity...or to perhaps find a lead in locating one of your own ancestors in these areas.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy!


See the LINKS below!

button Welcome to the links that will take you to locations of my research in the United States (primarily the Metropolitan St. Louis area [including Illinois]), the provinces of Canada (primarily Quebec), and Germany (primarily Prussia, Alsace-Lorraine, and Hessen). (Canada and Germany links under construction)

button My primary focus on the research of my ancestors in Missouri is in the area now known as Wildwood, Missouri. I have created a special section dedicated to this beautiful and historic area of West St. Louis County (near Babler State Park for those of you familiar with the area). (link under construction)

button Here you will find my Missouri Civil War information. I will have some excerpts from my ancestors' Civil War pension papers and some information about some of the other residents of the areas and unit information that I have been able to find. I also have some miscellaneous Civil War information from Illinois and Mississippi. (link under construction)

button Take a look at my family pages to see if you are one of the long-lost "cousins" we are all hoping to find. There you will find my surnames - direct line families are JACOB, KOEPPE, KRAMER, HEIGELE, BRANDES, COX, MARCOUX dit ST. ONGE and ARPIN (see Rootsweb MARCOUX and MARCUE Resource pages), PAUBEL (see RootsWeb PAUBEL Resource Page), TILLEWEIN, GRUPP, PRENTISS, MEID, and JÄGER/JAEGER (mostly in Missouri and Illinois). (these links under construction)

button I have posted my Metropolitan St. Louis area (Missouri and Illinois) and other area vital statistics information and they can be found through these links (these can also be accessed through the individual state pages). The information you will find on these pages is a result of my research for my ancestors, such as old newspaper advertisements; census pages; birth announcements; death certificate information; marriage licenses and announcements; and obituaries, funeral notices, and burial permits. Here you will also find some links that I have found useful in my research for the individual states and counties. Please check back often because I have lots of info and will be adding new items weekly. (these links under construction)

button Have a look through some of our family photographs at this link...there are some great old photos of my ancestors. [Please be patient, they may take a little longer to load] (this link under construction)

button There are also some real "old-tyme" wedding photographs of my ancestors here...these are really great! There are also wedding photographs from more "modern" times as well....if you call the '70s modern! [Please be patient, they may also take a little longer to load] (this link under construction)


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After you've looked around, please take the time to come back and sign my guestbook. Then, please leave your suggestions and/or comments. If you have some more time, please visit the link to the Gateway St. Louis History and Heritage Webring, which is located at the bottom of the page. Also, please view my guestbook and see what others have to say.

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If you find a connection, have any questions or comments, find any broken links or erroneous information that need correction, or just need additional information on anything you have seen on this site, please get in touch via the email link below.

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