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Merrill Davis Osmond married Mary Carlson on 17 SEP 1973

They have six children

Merrill made this announcement on 6 November 2011

To All My Dear and Loyal Friends,
For some time I have been pondering when I would make this statement. But after much prayer and consulting with my family, I have decided to call
it quits as to my personal career. You've probably watched with interest why I've canceled concerts or shut the Facebook pages down a few times.
The concern over being able to keep up with the pace and health issues has been on my entire families mind. My grandkids want grandpa around more and they let me know it every day. I will finish up the commitments to my brothers, but then move to another phase of my life. I have loved you all. You've supported me for so many years. I've read your letters, Facebook entries, listened to you words and even shared
your heartaches and tears at times. I've loved it all. All I can say is thanks so much. My Facebook pages and Blog will be shut down permanently. My website will remain active. I will be spending the bulk of my time working on large stadium shows and keeping active in the health industry. But more importantly, Iím going to dedicate the rest of my life to Mary. She has sacrificed a lot and itís hers and my time to enjoy the final years ahead.
Stay happy, don't let anything get you down and above all, know your Savior.
He is coming soon. Let's get ready for his return.

I love you all!

The Bear, Merrill.

Name Date of Birth Any other information
Travis Merrill Osmond 7 OCT 1975 Married Maggon Palmer in 1998
Justin Alan Osmond 1 MAR 1977 Married Kristi Kindred on 11 OCT 2013
Shane George Osmond 25 MAY 1979 Married Brittney Harkness in 2001
Heather Osmond 10 SEP 1982 Married Kade Hallows in 2002
Troy Dean Osmond 26 NOV 1984 Passed away on 9 NOV 2018
Sheila Osmond 13 JUL 1986 Married Brennen Frischknecht in 2008

Troy Dean Osmond RIP 1984 - 2018

Justin Alan Osmond married Kristi Kindred on 11 OCT 2013


They have two daughters

Name Date of Birth Any other information
Emma Osmond OCT 2016 None
Eve Osmond OCT 2016 None